The Best Airbrush Kits for Beginners in 2024

A typical paintbrush doesn’t require being plugged into something, but airbrushing deviates from this norm by using air power to shoot paint onto a surface. Getting started with it is extremely easy with a guide like this, for important things to watch out for in the beginning are covered.

The airbrush kits for beginners are reviewed, and they are examined in how they offer a good value to consumers, are built from good materials, and excel in particular styles of airbrushing. Let’s get started in covering the best-selling modules to determine the kit that comes out on top.

Best Airbrush Kits for Beginners:

1. Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrush Kit

This might be the starter airbrush kit if you’re just breaking into the scene. It retails for a very affordable price, and you get a lot of value with your purchase. The best part about this kit is the components: You have all of the major accessories to begin airbrushing in this bundle.

It is very lightweight, so new airbrush artists can have a lot of versatility in setting up an ideal painting environment. If one is only mildly interested in learning how to airbrush, then this kit may set them off on the right road without breaking the bank.

Beginners were extremely satisfied with this product. Some buyers experienced receiving faulty airbrush pens, but these reviews contrasted starkly with positive ones.

If you’re trying to save money starting, then this set is the way to go.


  • Portable compressor for students
  • All equipment included starting painting right away
  • Long hose to have space while airbrushing


  • Fantastic value for the price
  • A lightweight compressor means that you can travel with it often


  • No included paint
  • Geared mostly for detailed work

2. Master Airbrush Master Performance Airbrush Kit


What if you already have a compressor from an artist friend or just need a new airbrush pen? This kit has various tip sizes for detailed and non-detailed work, and it is gravity-fed to let beginners control the grain more easily.

Beginners who don’t have a whole set might not want to buy a compressor separately, but this pen by itself is a good purchase to make.

If you already have some parts lying around, then this airbrush pen can let you build your kit from the ground up by starting off with an excellent painting tool. It is an excellent airbrush pen to begin with, and its relative affordability may let you spend more to get better paint or paper.

Buyers found that this was the airbrush kit for the money. One buyer pointed out that the pen tips were almost worth the price of the bundle! A good-quality airbrush gun sealed the deal to make this a fan favorite.

Beginners could benefit from building their kit from the ground up with this airbrush pen, or they might add this item to their already-existing collection.


  • Separate tips to have higher precision
  • A gravity-fed design for detailed work
  • Dual-action build to make it a great investment


  • The most affordable airbrush pen
  • Supports detailed and non-detailed work


  • An air compressor must be purchased to use the airbrush
  • More powerful airbrushes might be desired once the fundamentals are mastered

3. Master Airbrush Professional Airbrushing System Kit


If your interest in airbrushing is serious, then you’ll need a likewise-serious kit to get you started well. This bundle from Master Airbrush is the airbrush kit with a compressor for consumers who need a full-value package.

Almost everything is included in this bundle to let beginners dive deep into airbrushing, for buyers will only need to purchase painting canvases.

Multiple paint bottles are included to let you get a feel for different styles of airbrushing, and a full-sized compressor can let you get used to the wide range of airpower that makes airbrushing fun.

Buyers loved that this kit got them up and running to start airbrushing right away. All of the included parts worked to satisfy expectations in the vast majority of purchases.

Brand-new airbrush users may find this set ideal for them. Everything is included to start painting.


  • Full-home kit for maximum performance
  • Three airbrushes were included to try out new styles of airbrushing
  • Comes with paint to save costs


  • Full-sized set that will let beginners start airbrushing immediately like professionals
  • Multiple airbrush pens are included to paint in unique ways


  • Kit’s price is higher due to the number of tools in the bundle
  • More air hoses will need to be acquired to use airbrushes concurrently

4. PointZero Complete Airbrush Kit

If you already have paint but need a bundle that can do it all, then this set might be for you. It features a powerful compressor that can work for beginners and a good selection of airbrush pens. Gravity-fed pens are excellent for detailed work, and siphon-fed pens excel for washing a background with color.

Both types of airbrush pens are included in this set, so new airbrush users might find this bundle to be the airbrush kit for painting if they already have paint on hand from another source. It is very affordable, so it is highly recommended.

Customers found that the items in this set had an amazing build quality, so reviews were overwhelmingly positive. It was easily recommended as the airbrush kit for painting.

Not having tangible experience in airbrushing won’t keep you from starting badly, for this set has almost everything that you need. Buying extra paint with your order will set you off on the right path.


  • Free instructional disc for professional tips on getting started with airbrushing
  • Siphon and gravity-fed airbrushes to learn different styles quickly
  • Lightweight compressor included working with more mobility


  • The bundle supports various painting styles
  • More affordable than other full-sized kits


  • No included paint
  • Siphon-loading airbrushes could be unneeded for some beginners

5. NEO CN Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush


Spending more money on an airbrush pen, in the beginning, has its benefits and drawbacks. While you might enjoy airbrushing with a higher-quality device, it could end up being a waste of money if you don’t like using it.

Buyers who are new to airbrushing and willing to spend more on a superb product should check out this airbrush pen from Neo. It is made from high-quality material to give airbrush users more control and ease of use while painting.

A great airbrush pen, in the beginning, can make a big difference to how someone likes airbrushing, so spending more on this key airbrushing part can lead to more involvement down the road.

Experienced airbrush painters were satisfied with how this product performed, so beginners will fare well by getting this module. Long-time veterans of airbrushing commented that their results on this pen were unable to be replicated with other top airbrushing pens.

Experienced users loved it, so new users will have the peace of mind of knowing that they are starting with a good product.


  • beginner-friendly airbrush pen
  • Customized cups on the airbrush make it easy to clean
  • Ideal for lightweight compressors to output detailed work


  • A compressor will need to be bought to use the airbrush
  • Airbrush tip supports detailed and non-detailed work


  • The external compressor needs to be acquired
  • No paint comes with the airbrush

6. Paasche H-Airbrush Set

Beginners who need the airbrush gun for non-detailed work should check out this kit from Paasche.

Paasche is known as a great manufacturer of airbrushing parts, so buyers can be assured of being from a solid source. The bundle includes a single-action pen that is siphon-fed, and this build will let you quickly output a lot of paint onto surfaces.

A single-action pen results in a consistent spray. Having one for non-detailed work can be recommendable.

It is relatively affordable and comes with many accessories, so buyers will find a lot of value in this bundle. Yet brand-new airbrush users might want more support for detailed work, however. This kit is recommended for beginners who would like a pen to create backgrounds with.

Customers have left overwhelmingly positive reviews about this pen, for the build quality impressed almost everyone who purchased the bundle. New and experienced painters alike loved the kit.

Beginners looking to branch out with specialty pens may benefit from this module for their background work.


  • Siphon design to cover a large amount of area quickly with paint
  • Two painting glasses are included switching between colors easily
  • Single-action airbrush for beginners to learn rapidly fundamentals


  • The affordable price makes this kit a great purchase
  • Multiple tip sizes for working with fine and broad painting styles


  • New airbrush users might want to work with gravity-fed airbrush pens first
  • No included paint or external compressor

7. Badger 105 Patriot Airbrush Set


This unique art airbrush kit from Badger is excellent for performance-seeking buyers. The pen is built for painting with medium lines, so beginners can use it for almost all of their needs. Except for making very fine or broad lines, this pen can do it all.

It costs more than entry-level pens, but buyers will get a device recognized for its quality. Users who love airbrushing will find an investment will this particular pen, for its quality is good enough to let them use it throughout their career in airbrushing.

Serious newcomers may benefit from investing in a pen like this as well, for they will have a good airbrushing device to learn on and use for years to come.

Buyers thought that the pen worked great, but there is a specific type of compressor that Badger recommends for use with this pen. Buyers who didn’t encounter issues from this felt that the kit offered excellent value.

A beginner airbrush kit can benefit from having a top-tier airbrush pen, so new airbrush users may find that this kit accelerates their learning.


  • Designed by a top company to make it simple to clean
  • Tip size of .5 mm for medium-detailed artwork
  • A bonus tip is included to save money on repairs


  • High-grade airbrush pen to make it a long-term investment
  • Manufactured by a company recognized as a top-tier


  • Airbrush solely supports medium-detailed paintings
  • Higher upfront cost to beginners

8. Design-For-You Portable Airbrush Compressor Kit

Buyers who love to create art with tons of color may find this kit to be ideal for them.

This is the airbrush kit for painting with many kinds of colors and intensities, for a portable compressor is built into the airbrush pen. This means that artists won’t have to paint while moving a long cable under them, so this innovation should help airbrush users to paint for a longer duration and have more control over their work.

Finally, art isn’t possible with the included pen size, so this product might not be the sole airbrush pen in a project.

By being paired with another airbrush pen, an artist could realize their full potential with this module.

Buyers were in love with this product, for the cordless feature lets the airbrush be used in almost any environment. There were virtually no complaints, so this module is excellent for new users.

A cordless solution to airbrushing might entice beginners to paint more often, so this mobile airbrush pen is especially recommended for new painters.


  • Portable compressor to remove the need to work around an external cord
  • Rechargeable to save money on battery costs
  • Ergonomic design for painting over a long period


  • An All-in-one pen may make airbrushing more accessible to new users
  • Gravity fed to support creating detailed artwork


  • Airbrush artists may want a full-sized compressor in the future
  • No included paint

Factors to Consider

There are three main factors when trying to decide upon an airbrush as a beginner. This section will cover them so that new airbrush users can feel prepared when they try to find a kit that fits their needs.

Long-Term Goal

Firstly, one should determine how seriously one wants to get into airbrushing.

There is a lot of good airbrush equipment for beginners on the market, but serious users might want more high-end equipment to start learning on.

If you end up liking airbrush painting, having a good pen will save you money down the road by keeping you from needing to obtain a replacement.

Yet not all users will be serious. If you’re unsure about your level of interest in airbrushing, starting with a good-performing device will keep your options open for later down the line.

Types of Art That You’ll Create

A good quality airbrush usually won’t be enough to complete an artwork. Airbrush pens are largely broken down by tip sizes, so different pens will give you finer or more broad lines. If you love to draw faces, then you’ll need a kit that has a fine-tip pen to let you craft the details that you’ll need to create.

If your love is in making background scenery, then a broad-sized pen will work better for you. Knowing your intended art style will let you buy a kit that is effective for the types of artwork that you’ll paint.

Painting Over a Variety of Work Stations

Finally, big compressors can be cumbersome to carry around.

Owning an airbrush pen with a small compressor may make it easier to travel with it to your next destination, so buying a full-sized kit might not always be the best option.

You may have a main airbrush kit for home use and a smaller kit for traveling around, but this will require you to front more money in the beginning.

If you’re a student who travels frequently, then buying an airbrush pen with a built-in compressor can make it easier for you to go about your day.


Should I Buy a Set or Individual Pieces First?

A beginner airbrush for models can be purchased by itself or in a set, and beginners won’t usually notice the difference. If you’re just starting, then buying more high-quality pieces may be preferable to make it easier to learn the airbrushing basics.

Higher-quality airbrush pens work much better than entry-level pens, so investing more in better components is always ideal.

But entry-level sets work very well to create beautiful art, so spending more, in the beginning, is not at all necessary. If you know that you’ll be spending a lot of time airbrushing, then buying high-quality airbrushing pieces is advised.

Should I Pay Attention to Brand Names?

The professional airbrush painters will only be using name-brand equipment, but this shouldn’t feel intimidating for new airbrush users. Manufacturers like Paasche and Badger are recognized for creating great products, so it is only natural that many people will turn to them at the highest level of airbrushing.

Beginners should always pick name brands wherever possible, but plenty of non-spotlight manufacturers create great products as well. The airbrush kits reviewed on this list are an example of this, for the global market has created competition among all manufacturers to make excellent airbrushing equipment.

Gravity Loading or Siphon Loading?

Airbrush pens are largely defined by being under one of these two categories.

Gravity-loading pens push the ink down the pen, and siphon-loading pens pull ink out of separate jars. Gravity pens work well for detailed work, and siphon pens excel in general painting.

You’ll want to have a pen that works with your style, for the best siphon pen won’t be ideal for someone trying to paint on small models. Some kits include both types of airbrushes, so these bundles are highly recommended for beginners to let them try out airbrushing and see how they’ll want to develop an art style.


In conclusion, the airbrush kit for beginners will depend entirely upon various factors.

In most cases, the Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose set will work well for a vast majority of new airbrush painters. This bundle was reviewed first on this list, and it is excellent through its affordability and travel-friendly setup.

Particular airbrush pens may be bought to improve a user’s experience while painting, and these pens may pay for themselves in replacements for several years down the road.

Airbrushing is extremely popular and useful for painting on more surfaces than only paper, so many people enjoy it as a supplement to their already-existing hobbies. Consider buying one today to get started in this exciting and cutting-edge form of painting.

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