The Best Drafting Tables in 2024

In this blog, we will be looking at the ten art and drafting tables. We will also be sharing a few tips on how to choose the best work desk. We used these very tips to choose our drafting table, and it has served us well for years.

To come up with this list, we conducted a lot of research. We used different parameters to gauge different tables. Some of the top factors that we considered include the durability of the table, comfort when using it, and extra features that make it handy.

It is vital to choose the drafting table because of the sheer number of hours you will spend on it. If you pick a mediocre table, you will hurt your back, and this can prove to be quite disastrous over the long haul.

Without further ado, let’s delve right into in-depth reviews of the ten drafting tables in the market.

Best Drawing Tables:

1. Comet Art Table

This table is a superior quality product that any artistic soul will appreciate. It is quite large, which makes it convenient for adults and kids alike. The exact dimensions are 50″ (W) *24″ (D) * 29.5(H). When fully tilted, the table has a height of 44.25″.

You can adjust the incline of the table up to 400. This flexibility allows you to see all aspects of your art project without straining your back or neck. It also makes it easier to reach parts of the table that would otherwise be too far away.

This is the table for drawing as it comes with three storage drawers, each measuring 12.75*12.75 inches. This is quite a lot of storage room. With this table, you can never misplace your brushes and pencils. Moreover, the product comes with an under-desktop storage shelf. You can use this for additional storage, or even as a footrest.

The table also comes with a padded stool, which is excellent for helping you adopt the right posture as you work on your art project. It also has a 24″ pencil ledge that ensures you do not drop your stationery repeatedly as you work.

Most consumers love this table, especially the fact that it has a lot of storage space and comes with numerous handy accessories. The only complaint is the complicated assembly, which is caused by poor instructions.

Overall, this is a decent artist drafting table that is worth your attention. It might be difficult to put together, but as soon as you do, you will love the final look.


  • It has a lot of storage room for your pencil, brushes, and paints
  • It looks great once assembled
  • Smooth edges


  • The assembly instructions are difficult to follow
  • The top is made of a cheap plastic cover that can quickly come off

2. Zeny Glass Top Drafting Table

One of the best things about this professional drafting table is its durability. The working surface is made of tempered glass, which is one of the most durable construction materials in the market. This is a table that you can expect to own for decades.

The glass top is also easy to clean, which can come in handy in case you spill paint as it won’t happen when you are drawing.

The art drawing table has a large working surface measuring 41.25″ (L) x 24 “(W) x 31.5 “(H). At full tilt, the table has a height of 49.5,” which is remarkably high.

The table has a maximum tilt of 62.50. This is outstanding, considering that the average drafting table tilts up to 450. The upshot of this is that you can view your entire project without craning your neck, and make necessary adjustments with ease. Additionally, this flexibility makes the table versatile. You can use it for drawing, as a workstation, or even for working on your architecture project.

One of our favorite things about this table is its mobility. It comes with four rolling casters, which make moving it a bliss.

The tempered glass top is as eye-catching as it is a practical choice, which endears the product to many consumers. Many also love the hardiness of the table since it can last for years.

This is our top pick from the list due to its professional design, durable make, and wide tilting angle. It is a drafting table you are bound to love.


  • The table is easy to clean since it is made of glass
  • The 62.50 tilt allows you to use the table for drawing, as a computer table, and as a study area
  • The table is portable thanks to rolling casters


  • Little legroom since shelves are placed beneath the working surface
  • Trays are attached to the side of the table, so tilting the table fully would send brushes and paints crashing down

3. Zeny Height Adjustable Drafting Desk


If you have an eye for design and love sleek-looking products, you will love this adjustable drafting desk. Its woody appearance is beautiful, as are the powder-coated iron legs.

The outstanding feature of this art and drafting table is its adjustable height. You can vary the height of the table from 28″ to 35.8″. The adjustable height means that you never have to strain to work on your project.

Every part of the table is designed with usefulness in mind. The legs of the table and stool are padded to protect your floors.

The table also comes with a sheet stopper to prevent papers from falling. Unless you like to disrupt your work so you can pick dropping papers, you will certainly appreciate this feature. This is the drafting table for architecture students.

That this is a durable product is beyond any doubt. The top surface is made of MDF wood, which is a top-grade type of timber. The powder-coated iron legs, more than just being beautiful, are also rust-resistant. This is a table that you can own for ages.

A vast majority of consumers love this product. This is unsurprising, given the numerous cool features and accessories the table has.


  • Adjustable height so you can be more comfortable while working at the table
  • A 450 maximum tilt angle which allows you to draw and work at the table
  • Clear assembling instructions make it easy to put the table together


  • The non-woven drawers are wobbly and may need frequent replacing
  • The stool that comes with the table is poorly made and is difficult to assemble

4. Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station

If you think a 600 tilt is outstanding, then this Studio Designs table will blow your mind. You can adjust the work surface up to 700. This fantastic flexibility will come in handy when you need to see your project in its entirety.

The table comes with holding trays that are attached to the sides. If you want to tilt the table to the maximum angle, you can easily remove the trays to avoid dropping all your supplies.

The table has ample working space for the artist or engineer. Its dimensions are 40.75″W x 25.75″D x 30″H. At a 700 tilt, the table measures 49″ in height. Rest assured that you will have enough room to draw or craft.

You also get a lot of storage space with this drafting table for artists thanks to the three plastic drawers that come with it. Fix the drawers on the right or left side of the table, depending on your preference.

This Studio Designs table gets a lot of great reviews thanks to its versatility and durability. Buyers like it, mainly due to its hardiness and elegant design.

With its outstanding tilt angle of 700, this is a table that will prove to be immensely versatile. You can use it for drawing, as a workstation, or as a hobby table.


  • The table has plenty of storage space for your painting supplies
  • The manual has clear assembly instructions that allow you to put the table together in a short while
  • You can easily move the table, thanks to the smooth sliding casters


  • N/A.

5. Glass Futura Craft Station

No products found.

The Futura Craft station stands out thanks to its big size. If you often run out of space while drawing or working on your architecture project, this 38 by 24 inches work surface will provide you with more than enough room.

The professional art table is made of tempered blue glass. In addition to making it long-lasting, this material makes this a great light table as well. You can use it for tracing or other projects that require light play.

The maximum tilt on this craft station is dismal at 350. You might have to stand a lot while working on your project, or you could even hurt your back from straining to reach far-off parts of the table.

This table comes with three plastic slide-out drawers that provide extra storage space. It also comes with a 24″ pencil ledge, which helps keep all your pencils in place.

Most buyers are content with this product. Some, however, complain about injuring their knees on the hanging shelves, while others are disappointed with the 350 maximum tilt angle.

If you often run out of space at your drafting table, then this is just the table for you, thanks to its ample drawing space


  • The glass surface is easy to clean
  • The table has ample working space
  • You get a lot of storage space thanks to drawers and side trays


  • A dismal maximum tilt angle of 350 can make working at the table uncomfortable
  • The hanging shelves reduce legroom significantly

6. OneSpace Craft Station


OneSpace Craft Station is one of the designed drafting tables on this list. It has a large glass top working surface. Not only will you have a lot of space for your projects, but you also won’t have to deal with an irritatingly grainy surface. The glass top guarantees absolute smoothness.

You can tilt the top surface to a maximum angle of 62.5. This means that you can draw at the table, and then later use it as an ordinary work surface.

What’s more, even at the highest tilt, you do not have to worry about your supplies falling off the trays. This is because you have the option of removing the trays when you turn the top.

This is a sturdy drafting table desk, and it can support a weight of up to 130 lbs. It is a suitable craft station for kids and adults alike.

The product also has a highly durable stainless steel frame. You don’t have to worry about replacing this table any time soon.

The table has a simple yet elegant design, which is something that most buyers appreciate about it. Some, however, dislike the fact that it does not come with a stool.

If you are looking for a well-designed but sturdy table, be sure to look at this workstation.


  • An elegantly designed product that will fit in with most of your furniture and décor
  • The product has excellent storage space thanks to the two slide-out drawers it comes with
  • The side trays can be removed to prevent supplies from falling out when you tilt the table.


  • The table is not high enough; hence you may have limited legroom
  • Some pieces of the table could fall off after assembly

7. Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

It is often said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This table is proof of the truth in that statement. The table has a simple yet incredibly attractive rustic design. What it lacks in pomposity it more than makes up for in practicality.

The whole table is made of hardy Oak, which is an incredibly sturdy material. You can expect this table to last for decades.

The draft station does not have a lot of features. It does, however, come with a built-in pencil groove, which is excellent for storing your stationery. It also has a 24″ pencil ledge that can hold your pencils as you draw.

Another outstanding feature of this table is its maximum tilt angle of 900. This vast flexibility range is excellent for seeing your entire project without having to stand or crane your neck.

Most buyers are blown away by the fascinating rustic design of the wood drafting table, while others love its wide tilt angle of up to 900.

This table is best suited to those with a penchant for style since its simple yet elegant design is impressive.


  • An incredible vintage design that will add a touch of class to any space
  • The excellent tilt angle of up to 900, makes working at the table more comfortable.


  • The table does not have a lot of helpful features such as side trays, drawers, and a drawing stool.

8. Studio Designs Graphix II Workstation – White/Gray 10211


This white/gray draft table is one of the best in terms of quality. The whole table is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, which protects it from rust and damage.

The table affords you plenty of space to paint or draw. Its dimensions are 53.75″W x 31.25″D x 27″ H. When it is at full tilt, the table has a height of 38.75″.

You can tilt the top surface to a 300 angle. This is lower than average. You should be prepared to stand as you paint and draw on this professional drafting table.

When you are not crafting or drawing at the table, you can lay it flat and use it for studying or as a computer stand. Its versatility is one of the best things about it.

Many people like the sturdy feel of the table as it means that it can handle a lot of weight. Others, however, are less than impressed by the 300 tilt, which is quite mediocre.

This table can handle a lot of weight, which makes it great for adults and kids alike. It is also quite high, which will provide you with plenty of legroom as you work.


  • Ample working space on the top surface
  • Plenty of legroom since there is nothing underneath the work surface
  • Has a deep pencil ledge for holding your stationery


  • Has a small tilt angle of 300, so you may find it hard to reach some parts of the work surface
  • Assembly may be too difficult for one person

9. Studio Designs Futura LS WorkCenter


This clear-glass table is one of the most versatile craft stations on the market. Thanks to the even work surface, you can use the table for your art projects, as a light table, and as an ordinary workstation.

The table has a maximum tilt angle of 450, which is quite average. You can, however, comfortably reach all parts of the table without straining too much.

The table comes with a 24″ pencil ledge that slides up. This is quite convenient and can make your work significantly more manageable.

This workstation is unique because it comes with a handy corner connector. In addition to extending your work surface by 20*20 inches, it can also serve as a side shelf for your work supplies.

Many buyers are more than satisfied with this product. The corner connector and pencil pledge are especially handy features that many users love. However, some dislike the minimal storage space, and many feel that this can be easily rectified with shelves.

If you want an extra-large drafting table, consider buying this product. The corner connector increases your workspace significantly.


  • A lot of working space, improved by the handy corner connector
  • A beautiful and simple design that can blend well in any room


  • Less than adequate storage space since there are no drawers
  • A small tilt angle of 450 can make it hard to see the entire work surface as you draw

10. Studio Designs 10057 Futura Tower


The most outstanding feature of this workstation is its numerous handy accessories. In addition to a sliding pencil ledge, a drawer for holding all your supplies, and four trays, it also has two cup holders where you can put your water bottles as you work.

The work surface is made of tempered glass, which is one of the most robust materials. It measures 32. 5″ W x 20. 5″ D, which is quite large. You can tilt this surface to an angle of 400, which allows you to work comfortably on the whole surface.

The workmanship on this product is top-notch. The frame is made of superior-quality stainless steel to ensure that it lasts for a long. It also has levelers that boost stability. This is a table that will not wobble around as you work on your art.

Most buyers love this adjustable drafting table since it has a lot of working space and comes with handy accessories. Some, however, are disappointed with its 400 maximum tilt, which is below standard.

The extra features on this table make your work a lot easier. You will also appreciate the unrivaled stability of the table.


  • It has a lot of great features like cup holders and removable side trays
  • The table is extremely stable which ensures that it does not wobble as you paint
  • Nicely designed which makes it attractive


  • You can only tilt the table up to 400 which is somewhat limiting

Factors to Consider


One of the critical factors to consider before choosing a drafting table is the material used to make it. For the work area, you want a smooth surface like glass or grain-free wood. You don’t want to be making grainy drawings because of an uneven surface.

Other parts of the table should be made of strong, durable materials. Heavy-duty stainless steel is a fantastic choice as it is exceptionally sturdy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. You can expect to use a sturdy table for years without needing to replace it any time soon.

Handy features:

You should also pick a table that has handy features. Ledges, side trays, storage drawers, and cup holders will all prove to be invaluable over the long haul.

An excellent drafting table also has a wide tilt angle. The higher you can tilt your desk, the better it is. A high tilt angle allows you easy access to all parts of the work surface, which in turn helps you to work on them without overworking yourself.


Additionally, it is essential to consider the workmanship of the table. You don’t want to buy a table whose parts come off while you work, do you? Can you imagine how costly it would be to tilt a glass surface top, only for it to come crashing down?


You also want to pick a table that you can quickly assemble yourself. Some tables come with screws that don’t align correctly, while others come with vague assembly instructions. You don’t want to buy such a craft desk.

The best way to know how easy it is to assemble a draft table is by conducting your research. What do reviewers have to say about the ease of assembly? If most people complain about how difficult it is to put a table together, then don’t buy that table.

Drafting Table FAQ

What is a drafting table used for?

A drafting table, also often called an art desk, is an adjustable table that is used for drawing. Most engineers and architects also find these tables to be handy for working on their projects.
Although they are ideal for drawing on, draft tables also make excellent work surfaces. You can use them as a computer station, or as a study area.

Why are drafting tables angled?

Drafting tables are angled for two main reasons. One, an angled work desk is generally more comfortable to draw at than a flat surface. If you spend hours bent over a flat table as you paint, your back will start aching, and this could cause a lot of harm over the long term.

The second reason is for artists to see their projects from the same angle as their audience will. If you draw on a flat surface, you only see the drawing from that perspective.

You will, therefore, create a painting or drawing that is perfect from that angle, although your audience will probably see it from a more tilted angle. This can compromise your artistic work significantly.

How tall are drafting tables?

Drawing tables vary a lot when it comes to height. Some are as low as 27″, while others are as high as 49″. The important thing is to choose an art table whose height is comfortable for you.

Remember that you will probably spend hours working at the table, so choose your drawing table wisely. If you can, pick an architect desk with adjustable height so that you can vary it to the right height.


Choosing a drafting table should not be a difficult task. The most important factors to consider are the quality of materials used and the tilting angle of the table.

You should also pay attention to the height of the table. Additionally, pick a table that has handy features like pencil ledges and side trays.

Of the ten tables reviewed above, the Zeny Glass Top Drafting Table was the drafting table. This is because it has a hardy glass top surface, a wide tilt angle of 62.50, lots of storage space, and is portable. If you are looking for an excellent drafting table, this is an excellent place to start.

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