The Best Gel Pens for Coloring in 2023

Skipping and smudging are common problems people experience with gel pens.

We set out to find the best gel pen set for coloring, and we have found plenty of great options. None of these gel pen sets have issues with skipping, smudging, or bleeding through paper.

The gel pen sets were analyzed based on quality, reliability, and ease of use. Using good gel pens for coloring is important for a relaxing experience. You don’t want to feel annoyed by a pen that’s not comfortable in your hand or one that doesn’t have reliable ink flow.

Best Gel Pens for Coloring:

1. Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

Paper Mate Gel Pens | InkJoy Pens, Medium Point, Assorted, 14 Count

Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens feature quick-dry ink to help minimize smearing. They are known to dry three times faster than regular gel pens.

The pens come with a small ball of wax covering the tip to keep them fresh longer. Just remove the wax and they should write smoothly and easily. The 14-count Paper Mate InkJoy set has every color of the rainbow plus brown, black and pink.

Customers love the vibrant colors and smooth writing these gel pens provide. They don’t have problems with scratching or skipping and confirm that the ink does dry fast.

These pens are good gel pens for coloring because they write smoothly and dry fast. Add them to your collection if you’re looking for standard colors.

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2. Pentel EnerGel Gel Pens for Coloring 8-Pack

Pentel EnerGel RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pen, Medium Line, Metal Tip, Assorted Ink, 8-Pack (BL77BP8M)

The Pentel Energel RTX Liquid Gel Pens are some of the best quality gel pens. They work well for coloring, providing smooth lines that dry fast.

The assorted 8-pack comes in all colors of the rainbow except for yellow. It includes a pink and a black pen as well. If you already have a yellow gel pen or you don’t use this color, then the missing yellow won’t matter to you.

Many customers praise these pens for their fast-drying ink and comfortable writing experience. They also enjoy how smoothly the pens write.

These liquid gel pens are great for coloring because they are smooth and resistant to smudging. They are good pens to add to your assortment of gel pens as long as you’re not in need of a yellow color.

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3. Arteza Gel Pens Art Supplies for Journaling

Arteza Gel Pens 60-Individual-Colors Acid-Free & Non-Toxic (0.8-1.0 mm Tips, Set of 60)

The Arteza 60 Gel Pens set consists of classic, metallic, pastel, rainbow, fluorescent, and glitter gel pens. Their triangular-shaped barrel is designed to improve accuracy when drawing, making them one of the best gel pens for art.

Many customers are happy using these gel pens for coloring. The ink dries quickly, so they don’t have smudges often. This gel pen set also has a good brown, which is hard to find.

The Arteza 60 Gel Pens set is ideal for those who often color accurate designs and want a wide variety of beautiful colors to use.

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4. Shuttle Art 120 Gel Pen Set for Adult Coloring Books

Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors (No Duplicates) Gel Pens Gel Pen Set for Adult Coloring Books Art Markers

For a good price, the Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors Gel Pens Set is a great deal. These fine-point gel pens for coloring feature high-quality ink and bullet tip points. They provide excellent coverage while coloring.

You can create beautiful artwork with these pens or colorful pages in coloring books. It has all the color types you could need, including glitter, neon glitter, pastel, metallic, swirl, neon, standard, unique and magical.

These gel pens have positive customer reviews even from professional artists. A freelance artist who reviewed the pens said they spice up their art. Customers love the beautiful assortment of colors and the smooth coloring experience.

Don’t have a collection of gel pens yet? The Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors Gel Pens Set is a great choice for those who want all of the gel pens they need in one set. They are high-quality pens perfect for coloring.

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5. Sakura Glaze Glossy 3D Colors 10-Pack Bright Set

Sakura 38370 Glaze Gelly Roll (Set of 10), Multicolor

Some people consider Sakura the best brand of gel pens for coloring. Sakura developed innovative pens in the 80s that could dispense lightfast ink through narrow nibs.

The Sakura Glaze Glossy 3D Colors 10-Pack Bright Set lives up to its name as a creative type of pen. You can add shine and texture to your artwork with these gel pens. They provide an easy way to create 3D effects.

Customers have found these 3D gel pens great for creating accents and outlines. They love the beautiful shine and 3D effect they have. The pens are known to write smoothly and perform well in crafts as well as coloring.

Add the Sakura Glaze Glossy 3D Colors 10-Pack Bright Set to your supplies if the idea of creating glazed and 3D effects excites you. They are fun pens to play with.

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6. Aen Art Glitter Gel Marker for Adult Coloring Books

100 Color Glitter Gel Pen Set, 30% More Ink Neon Glitter Coloring Pens Art Marker for Adult Coloring Books Bullet Journal Crafting Doodling Drawing

Manufactured with 30 percent more ink than other gel pens, the Alen Art glitter gel pens last long. This 100-pack has vibrant colors in various styles. You can use them for different types of art whether you’re coloring a landscape or a mandala. The pack has several shades of browns, blues, and pinks as well as other colors of the rainbow.

Customers find these glitter gel pens comfortable to hold and excellent for use in adult coloring books. The pens are also good for journaling and drawing.

This 100-pack of Alen Art fine point pens are excellent glitter gel pens for coloring, journaling, and drawing. They are budget-friendly choices and can reduce fine lines.

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7. Reaeon Gel Pen with Case for Adult Coloring Books

Reaeon Gel Pens for Coloring Books, 100 Color Gel Markers Plus 100 Refills for Drawing Painting Writing, Art & School Supplies

This pack comes with 100 unique colors and 100 refills. It includes glitter, neon, rainbow, pastel, metallic, fluorescent, and standard gel pens. Finding the right refill is easy because the pens are labeled with short color numbers. These Reaeon gel pens also have 20 percent more ink.

Many customers consider these gel pens for coloring. They like the way the rainbow pens have an interesting blend during coloring. Those who use different brands of gel pens say these last a little longer than promised.

The Reaeon 200-Pack Gel Pens is a good pack to choose from if you don’t currently have gel pens and you want a mixture of glitter, pastel, and other types of pens.

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8. PILOT G2 Metallics Refillable & Retractable Rolling Ball Gel Pens

PILOT G2 Metallics Refillable & Retractable Rolling Ball Gel Pens, Fine Point, Assorted Color Inks, 8-Pack Pouch (34405)

Looking for the best metallic gel pens? You’ll love the Pilot G2 Metallics. The 8-pack comes with blue, purple, green, pink, gold, silver, black, and white pens. You can use them on black paper, but the blue and purple are hard to see on black. The pens are refillable and feature a premium comfort grip.

Customers who have purchased these metallic gel pens for adult coloring have been happy with the results. The pens color smoothly and work well for balancing out the use of bright colors in your coloring. One customer said he bought them to color the backdrops and miscellaneous items in his adult coloring books.

The Pilot G2 Metallics 8-Pack is an excellent addition to your gel pens for coloring. Metallic colors add variety and balance to your coloring pages.

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9. Smart Color Art Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books

Smart Color Art 160 Colors Gel Pens Set 80 Gel Pen with 80 Refills for Adult Coloring Books Drawing Painting Writing Doodling

This pack comes with 80 unique colors and 80 refills. Color types included in the set are pastel, metallic, standard, neon, and glitter. You have well-rounded options for bringing your coloring book alive. The gel pens are also suitable for hand lettering and journaling.

Consumers say these gel pens are a great product for the price. The pens provide great coverage and work well coloring in small spaces.

These Smart Color Art pens are gel pens for coloring if you’re looking for a balanced assortment of standard, metallic, pastel, and glitter colors.

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10. Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point Gel Impact Pen White Ink

Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point Gel Impact Pen White Ink, 6 pens per Pack (japan import) Komainu-Dou Original Package (2, DESIGN 1)

Like a pen that doesn’t fade or smudge, the Uni-ball Signo Broad Point White Gel Pen is the best white gel pen for artists. You’ll have no trouble drawing on black paper with this white gel pen.

Six pens come in each pack, so they will last a while. The white ink these pens lay down is bright and opaque.

Consumers are ecstatic with the quality of these pens because they have trouble finding a good bright, opaque white. They have successfully used these gel pens in adding accents to adult coloring books, drawings, and paintings.

Add the Uni-ball Signo Broad Point White Gel Pen to your pen collection if you want to get more creative in your coloring by adding accents and detailing.

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11. BIC Gelocity Quick Dry Retractable Fashion Gel Pen

BIC Gelocity Quick Dry Retractable Fashion Gel Pen, Medium Point (0.7 mm), Assorted Colors, 12-Count

These cute gel pens for coloring books feature 12 vibrant colors and a smooth writing experience. Their ink dries up to three times faster than the BiC Gelocity Original pens. These gel pens also have a full grip barrel that’s comfortable in your hand.

According to customers, these pens dry fast and last long. Although they are pricey, the pens are worth the money.

These gel pens are great to choose from if you’re in need of standard colors. The ink dries fast for a more enjoyable coloring experience.

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12. Tanmit Gel Pens Set 36 Unique Colors for Adult Coloring Books

Tanmit Gel Pens Set Colored Pen Fine Point Art Marker Pen 36 Unique Colors for Adult Coloring Books Kid Doodling Scrapbooking Drawing Writing Sketching Highlighter Pens


Featuring beautiful vivid colors and large-capacity ink, these Tanmit pens are some of the gel pens for coloring books. The color types in this 36-piece set include classic, pastel, metallic, glitter, and neon.

Many customers use these gel pens for coloring and drawing without any problems. They love the vibrant colors and quality of ink application.

This 36-piece set is a good pack of gel pens to buy if you’re looking for a happy medium between sets of 10 and 100 pens.

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13. Lineon 100 Pack Gel Pens Set for Drawing Doodling Art Markers

Lineon 100 Pack Gel Pens Set, 50 Colors Gel Pens with 50 Refills Gel Pen Set for Adult Coloring Books Drawing Doodling Art Markers

These cheap gel pens for coloring have high-quality ink and bullet tip points. 50 unique colors and 50 refills come in the pack. Color types in this pack of gel pens are standard, neon, pastel, glitter, neon glitter, metallic, and swirl. Black, white, brown, silver, and gold colors are included in the set.

Consumers find these pens a great value for the price. The pens provide good coverage, smooth application, and consistent flow. Many customers use them for coloring books and arts and crafts.

If you’re looking for a cheap medium-size pack of gel pens that have quality ink, the Lineon 100-Pack Premium Gel Pens is a good choice. Its 50 refills allow you to get more use out of the pens.

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14. Pilot Juice Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen

Pilot Juice Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen, 0.5mm, 12 Color Set (LJU120EF-12C)

The gel pens for coloring with 0.5-millimeter fine tips are the Pilot Juice Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens. This pack comes in 12 colors, including black and pink. The gel ink ballpoint pens write smoothly and are perfect for intricate adult coloring books.

Consumers are pleased with the beautiful, vivid colors in this pack. It includes a unique shade of pink and a gorgeous light blue. The pens write smoothly and don’t have problems with skipping.

The Pilot Juice Gel Ink Ballpoint pens are one of your best options in standard colors. Because of their fine tips, you’ll have an easy time using them for coloring small spaces and adding intricate details.

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15. Crayola Colored Gel Pens for Kids and Adult Coloring

Crayola Washable Gel Pens, School Supplies, 14 Count, Gift

The Crayola Washable Gel Pens feature a comfortable grip and washable, quick-dry ink. Colors in the 14-count pack include black, pink, various shades of blue, purple, green, orange, and red.

Most customers like that the pens write smoothly and are comfortable to use. Some customers said they have problems with the pens leaking. Crayola recommends storing the pens in an upright position.

The Crayola Washable Gel Pens are the best gel pens for adult coloring books that consist of standard colors and quick-dry ink. As long as you store them in an upright position, you shouldn’t have problems.

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16. Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens 3-Pack

Muji Gel Ink Ball Point Pen, Black, 0.5mm, Pack of 3 (Japan Import)

Do you need a fine-point black gel pen? Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint pens are good artist-quality gel pens. They have 0.5-millimeter tips and excellent fluidity. You can color in spaces and sketch with ease.

Although fluidity is fast, customers haven’t had problems with leaking or smudging. The ink dries fast. Customers have used these pens for coloring, drawing, sketching, and other artistic projects.

If you need a good black fine-point gel pen for coloring, the Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens 3-Pack is one of your best options.

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17. Fiskars 48-Piece Gel Pen Set

Fiskars 12-27457097J Gel Pen 48-Piece-Set

With free-flowing ink, these gel pens deliver a smooth, crisp application. There are 48 pens in the set with two of them being black. Glitter gel pens are included in this set as well as metallic, neon, and swirl for a fun coloring experience.

Some consumers consider the Fiskars 48-Piece Gel Pen Set the best gel pen set for coloring. The pens are great for coloring in small details in intricate coloring books.

The Fiskars 48-Piece Gel Pen Set has a good mixture of color types and draws smoothly, making it suitable for coloring.

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18. Caliart 32 Gel Pen Set for Kids Adult Coloring Books

Gel Pens, Caliart 32 Colors Gel Pen Set, 40% More Ink Colored Gel Markers Fine Point Pens for Adult Coloring Books, Drawing, Doodling, Crafting, Journaling, Scrapbooking, Painting

Are you looking for the biggest gel pen set that’s of good quality? The Caliart 32 Gel Pens Set is a good choice. 11 Glitter colors, 5 Metal colors, 5 Pastel colors, 9 Neon colors, and 2 Classic colors with 40% more ink for Long Lasting.

Whereas many gel pen sets are lacking when it comes to yellow, this set has a good selection of yellows as well as all other colors of the rainbow. Black, pink, brown, and gray gel pens are also included.

Many customers like that these pens have good color variety and smooth application. They especially like the shades of brown, green, and gray that aren’t commonly found in gel pen sets.

Caliart 32 Gel Pens Set has a well-balanced selection of colors, including those that aren’t common in gel pen sets.

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19. ParKoo Retractable Erasable Gel Pens Clicker

ParKoo Retractable Erasable Gel Pens Clicker, Fine Point, No Need for White Out, Assorted Color Inks for Planners and Crossword Puzzles, 7-Pack

These colored gel pens for coloring are comfortable to use and feature fine points for precision drawing. The eraser is a convenient feature when you accidentally color out of the lines.

Perhaps you need a pen for regular use? Especially for you we have researched all pens from the most popular brands and reviewed the 10 best pens that you can find on the market.

Consumers find that these erasable gel pens glide smoothly and erase easily. The colors aren’t as vibrant as other gel pens, but most customers were still satisfied.

If you make mistakes more often than you like while coloring, then it may be helpful to add these erasable gel pens to your coloring supplies.

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20. ColorIt 96 Pack Glitter Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books

ColorIt 48 Glitter Gel Pens For Adult Coloring Books - New Glitter Colors Metallics Neons, Gel Pens with Case and 48 Matching Ink Refills For 96 Total Glitter Pack

This set of glitter gel pens has a balanced assortment of purples, earth tones, warm colors, and cool colors. You can use them for a wide variety of themes.

In a sense, you’re receiving 96 pens because this set comes with 48 refills. It will last a long time before you need to buy a replacement pen.

They come in a cute glittery travel case, making them easy to bring with you when you leave the house.

Customers love the unique colors like champagne, crystal, bronze, and copper that come in this ColorIt set. They also like that the pens are affordable and of excellent quality.

The ColorIt 48 Glitter Gel Pens is the best gel pen set for coloring that’s affordable and made of just glitter gel pens. Those who love glitter ink will enjoy having a wide range of color options.

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Making the Decision

The right gel pens for you depend on how patient you are for the ink to dry, what colors you plan on using, and how smoothly they write. For quick-dry gel pens, choose the Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens, BIC Gelocity Quick-Dry Gel Pens, or Crayola Washable Gel Pens.

The packs with the most colors are the Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors Gel Pens Set and Caliart 240 Gel Pens Set. Choose one of these sets if you want a high-volume pack for color variety.

All of the gel pens on this list have high customer ratings and are considered gel pens for coloring.

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