The Best Glues for Ceramic in 2024

How many times have you accidentally broken a favorite mug or a beloved knickknack? The heartbreak is immediate, but then you wonder if you can’t fix that ceramic piece.

With the glue for ceramic, you may be able to do just that. The trouble is that there are so many options. How do you know which one is right?

We decided to make it our quest to find the glues and epoxies for repairing ceramics. Dozens of options were tested, and these were the absolute best.

Let’s kick things off with a favorite:

Best Glues for Ceramic:

1. Gorilla Super Glue

Gorilla Super Glue may be the glue for broken ceramic because it bonds so well. Use it on wood, paper, leather, rubber, and more. It bonds in 10 seconds.

Even better, it incorporates the brand’s proprietary Impact-Tough technology. Thanks to the inclusion of rubber particles, this glue can stand up to heavy use and have harder impacts than most ceramics are likely to be subjected to.

Also of note with this product is the anti-clog cap. You won’t have to worry about getting the glue out of the bottle, and because of the cap, you can rest assured that the glue won’t dry out between uses.

Calling it a smart, tough, and economical choice, many DIYers are fans of this glue. Some consumers feel like the bottle isn’t full enough. Just keep in mind that this product is sold by weight, not volume.

If you need a tough glue to keep a ceramic repair together, choose Gorilla Super Glue


  • Dries fast
  • Works on a variety of materials
  • Stands up to impacts


  • Sold by weight not volume, so the bottle looks empty

2. The Original Super Glue


This pack of 12 tubes is a great choice when you need ceramic glue frequently. Effective on non-porous materials, Super Glue is the ideal choice for broken ceramics.

Within 10 to 30 seconds, Super Glue is bonded. It can be sanded or painted. Thanks to the precision applicator, it’s easy to repair even the smallest breaks.

People love that there are no drips or spills from these tubes, and they remark on how strongly Super Glue bonds.

Nonetheless, some critics are troubled by how difficult it is to open the plastic box that encloses the 12 tubes. The packaging is designed to be extra sturdy so that accidents can’t occur. Just slice the labels on the box to pull the clamshell apart.

This classic choice is ideal for people who are looking for quick, reliable ways to fix broken ceramics.


  • Precision applicator
  • Quick, strong bonds
  • Can be painted or sanded


  • Packaging is hard for some to open

3. Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

This gel control formula makes for the perfect pottery glue when you want your repairs to go unnoticed. With rubber included in the formula, Loctite forms incredibly strong bonds. Accordingly, ceramics that you repair with this product may be able to withstand shocks, vibrations, impacts, water, and other common hazards.

Thanks to a proprietary formula, you don’t have to clamp two ceramic pieces together to get a bond to form.

People praise this product for not being too runny while also appreciating the convenient squeeze tabs on the bottle. Some users wish that this glue dried a little faster.

Loctite is a respected name in the glue industry, and this product doesn’t disappoint.


  • Convenient bottle
  • Precision applicator
  • Extra-strong bonds


  • Relatively long dry time

4. Glue Masters Instant Glue


The 56-gram size of this product is generous, and thanks to its thick viscosity, you’ll never have trouble with drips or runs. As a ceramic repair glue, this is an excellent choice because of its professional-grade quality.

This formula is based on a cyanoacrylate resin, which guarantees a strong and lasting bond. In about 60 seconds, it’s dry. Plus, the manufacturer provides a 60-day guarantee to back up your purchase.

Because it dries clear and invisible, it’s perfect for ceramics. People love how easy it is to control the flow thanks to the extra-thick viscosity.

Critics say that you have to carefully clean the applicator after each use. Otherwise, the bottle will get clogged and be impossible to use.

When only the strongest glue will do, try this product from Glue Masters.


  • Industrial-strength formula
  • Dries clear and invisible
  • Easy-to-control flow


  • Must clean the applicator carefully to prevent clogging

5. J-B Weld ClearWeld Quick-Setting Epoxy Syringe

This product wins high marks for creating an unbreakable bond on ceramics. An epoxy formula, its strength is measured at an impressive 3,900 PSI. It’s set within five minutes and cured within one hour. Best of all, it dries clearly so that you can’t see repairs.

This is the glue for pottery repair because of its two-part epoxy formula. It’s hard to find a formulation that’s stronger or more durable than this one. The syringe dispensers are easy to use too. Thanks to the resealable cap, you won’t waste any epoxy, nor will the product dry out.

Fans love how clear the dried epoxy is and how strong the bonds that it creates. The relatively few complaints mention an unpleasant odor that disappears upon drying.

Use this epoxy in a well-ventilated area to ensure a tough and unbreakable bond.


  • Convenient syringe applicator
  • Incredibly strong two-part epoxy
  • Dries clear


  • Has a strong odor while wet

6. Starbond EM-02 Super Fast Thin Cyanoacrylate Adhesive


This industrial-grade adhesive is perfect for repairing delicate ceramics. Its consistency is about the same as water, which means that it may be too runny for some applications.

However, this product is designed to “infiltrate and stabilize,” which means that its thin consistency serves a specific purpose. When it comes to superglue ceramic repairs may benefit from this type of adsorption.

Along with the adhesive, this package comes with two applicator caps, a clog-free stopper, and several micro-tips that are designed to facilitate the most precise applications.

The way this adhesive seeps into all the cracks is a plus. However, there’s a learning curve associated with using this product because it’s runny and dries incredibly fast.

Nonetheless, many consumers swear this is the glue for many applications.

If you can handle the thin consistency, this is a great glue for repairing ceramics.


  • Gets into tiny cracks
  • Forms solid bonds
  • Dries fast


  • New users are advised to practice before doing any repairs

7. Scotch Super Glue Liquid

When you need glue for ceramic mug repairs, it’s hard to go wrong with this one. It comes in a package that contains four single-use tubes. Accordingly, you don’t have to worry about the cap getting stuck to the tube or the product drying out before you can use the rest of it.

This is a transparent formula so that you won’t see repairs once they are dry. A liquid rather than a gel, this product may be too runny for some users. However, it dries quickly, which may help to prevent drips.

Fans love the convenient, single-use packaging and the precision applicators. Others find it difficult to use liquid glue without drips.

The Scotch brand is reliable for adhesives, and this product is no exception.


  • Convenient, single-use tubes
  • Dries fast
  • Forms strong bonds


  • Thin consistency may be difficult to work with

8. Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy


If you need waterproof glue that can repair a ceramic item that sees daily use, then you’ve found the perfect solution. This product is an epoxy glue for porcelain. Inside the packaging, you’ll find two bottles. When you mix the two, a strong adhesive forms.

Within five minutes of application, the epoxy is dry. It forms a super-strong bond that’s rated up to 1,500 PSI.

Many people have relied on this product for decades to handle all sorts of repairs around the house. Still, some users don’t care for the rather strong odor that this product has before drying.

Anyone who wants a transparent bond in minutes will be pleased with this selection.


  • Waterproof
  • Super-strong bonding
  • Dries within five minutes


  • The smell is too much for some users

9. Pratley Epoxy Glue

A clear, two-part epoxy, this product deserves to be on any list of the glue for porcelain. The manufacturer recommends waiting up to 48 hours to ensure a complete bond and cure, but this epoxy is effective enough to make the wait worthwhile.

As with other epoxies, the most common complaint associated with this product is its smell. Fortunately, the odor dissipates once the product is dry. The praise is nearly universal for the strong bonds that this epoxy creates.

A low-cost but highly effective product, this epoxy is great for a range of repairs.


  • Dries transparent
  • Forms a strong bond
  • Easy to use


  • A bad odor before the epoxy dries

10. The Last Glue

This heat-resistant glue comes with a one-year guarantee that it won’t get hard in the bottle. Plus, it’s capable of maintaining a bond within a temperature range that begins at -65° and extends up to 650°. If you need glue that stands up to any temperature extreme, this is the one for you.

The strength of this adhesive’s bond is rated at an impressive 5,000 PSI, and that bond forms in seconds. According to the bottle, “just one drop” is all that’s needed to handle most repair jobs.

FDA-approved for use on items from which people eat and drink, many users love this adhesive for a variety of uses. However, it is an expensive option.

If you can afford it, this product is well worth its price.


  • FDA approved
  • One drop is all that’s necessary
  • Bond strength 5,000 PSI


  • Expensive

Factors to Consider

When it comes to ceramic repair, most experts agree that the best options are either epoxies or superglues that are based on cyanoacrylate.

Ceramic epoxy is effective because it creates a strong bond and is good at filling voids. Epoxies come in two separate parts. These are a hardener and a resin. To use them, you must dispense equal amounts of each component onto a mixing surface such as a paper plate.

The two components are mixed with a stir stick or a toothpick before being applied to the surface that needs to be adhered to the other surface. From there, the bond forms quickly, often requiring only seconds or minutes.

While some epoxies are geared toward filling, which can be useful if you have missing chips in the piece that’s being repaired, others are aimed at mending. If you simply need to put two pieces of ceramic back together, then the mending epoxy is perfect.

Choose an epoxy if the finished ceramic piece needs to be more temperature-resistant or withstand pressures. The repair lines typically are larger and more visible than they are with super glue.

Ceramic glue that contains cyanoacrylate doesn’t require the mixing

of two components, which simplifies the application process. These adhesives dry more quickly than epoxies, but they cannot fill voids. Nonetheless, they are the ideal choice when delicate, seamless repairs are required.


What is the glue for repairing ceramics?

The answer to this question depends upon what is being repaired and what the break looks like. When you’re fixing something like a mug that you use every day, goes into the dishwasher, and gets heated up in the microwave, then epoxy is advisable. This adhesive is more heat resistant and better able to withstand pressure.

When you’re working on something small and delicate, that doesn’t get handled every day and doesn’t have to stand up to pressure and extreme temperatures, then super glue can be ideal.

Will super glue work on ceramic?

Super glue can be the perfect adhesive for making repairs to ceramic. Many formulas are transparent when they dry, and they excel at joining together two pieces so that no crack or joint is visible. Follow the instructions on the packaging to ensure that you allow the proper drying and bonding time for the best results.

How long does Gorilla Glue take to dry?

The superglue variety of Gorilla Glue can dry in fewer than 10 seconds. This means that you have to be prepared to work pretty fast once this adhesive is applied to one side of the piece to be repaired.

How can I ensure that my ceramics repair is a success?

Aside from using the right kind of adhesive for the repair that you want to do, perhaps the most important thing that you can do is to carefully clean the items that you will be gluing.

Surfaces that are not pristine will not achieve the strongest possible bond. Moreover, impurities on the surface may cause the glue or epoxy to be cloudy rather than transparent. Always begin with clean surfaces before applying any adhesive.

Making The Decision

When a beloved ceramic piece breaks, this does not necessarily mean that it has to be discarded. Instead, it’s advisable to try to repair it.

Of course, this means finding the glue for ceramic repairs. After our testing, we are particularly partial to Glue Masters Instant Glue. It’s an economical choice that works like a charm. The thick viscosity is perfect for avoiding drips.

If you can afford it, then try The Last Glue. There’s simply no better option for heat resistance, and it’s FDA-approved.

If epoxy is the better choice for your project, then we suggest that you try J-B Weld ClearWeld. Its 3,900 PSI bond strength is fantastic, and we’re impressed with just how easy it is to use.

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