The Best Manual Pencil Sharpeners in 2024

Artists, mathematicians, and students all understand the importance of a sharpened pencil. Whether you are taking notes or sketching a properly sharpened pencil can make your work easier. That is why it is so important to have an efficient pencil sharpener in your pencil bag.

We searched the net to find the pencil sharpeners available today. The following list contains manual pencil sharpeners of various price points, materials, sizes, and shapes.

By the end of this list, you will have a variety of excellent options to choose from.

Best Manual Pencil Sharpeners:

1. STAEDTLER Manual Pencil Sharpener

One of the handheld pencil sharpeners available is the Staedtler pencil sharpener. This handheld pencil sharpener is made of durable plastic with a lid that screws onto a cup that holds all your shavings. They are 2.2 inches tall and come in a variety of colors.

Users say that they are surprised by how well this sharpener works to get a fine tip on their pencils. They say that not only does this sharpener give you a perfect point every time, but it also conveniently collects the pencil shavings.


  • The plastic cup keeps pencil shavings collected for easy disposal.
  • A sharp blade provides a perfectly fine point every time.
  • This sharpener is a great deal for the money.


  • Because this is made out of plastic, there is the possibility of it chipping or breaking if dropped or mishandled.

2. X-ACTO Ranger 1031 Wall Mount Manual Pencil Sharpener


This commercial-grade sharpener is a manual pencil sharpener for teachers. Because this sharpener was designed for high-volume use it is perfect for classroom environments where many pencils need sharpening. This sharpener includes an adjustable dial to sharpen pencils in a variety of widths and the hand crank makes sharpening quick and easy.

People who use this sharpener said that it exceeded their expectations as to how well it would work. They love how efficiently and fast this sharpener works.

This sharpener has a classic classroom look and feel and is perfect for any creative person who needs to sharpen pencils often.


  • This device is mountable to walls, desks, or tables with included screws.
  • Hand crank makes for easy and quick operation.
  • Unlike other sharpeners on this list, this one allows you to sharpen a variety of pencil sizes.
  • The device catches all pencil shavings for easy disposal.


  • This sharpener has been known to grind through pencils fairly quickly so you want to be gentle when sharpening your favorite pencils.
  • The device has been known to occasionally sharpen off-center.

3. Bostitch Office Twist-N-Sharp Manual Pencil Sharpener

Another of the hand pencil sharpeners is by Bostitch. This sharpener is unique in two ways: it uses ratchet technology, and the sharpener allows you to adjust the angle of the blade. This is a set of three that come in various colors.

People who use this pencil sharpener say that it is their new favorite sharpener for being so versatile and easy to use.

This sharpener offers a variety of options in a portable size. For the price, you can get a pack of three of these excellent sharpeners.


  • The blade angle adjusts to sharpen to your preferred tip size.
  • Ratchet technology allows you to turn the sharpen the pencil faster without having to rotate the pencil or sharpener a full turn.
  • The built-in tray holds the pencil shavings for easy disposal.
  • The sharpener uses tip-saving technology so that the tip of your lead does not break off in the sharpener.


  • Because it is made of plastic it can crack or break with frequent and heavy use.

4. Bostitch Metal Antimicrobial Manual Pencil Sharpener


Bostitch also makes the manual pencil sharpener for classroom use. This pencil sharpener is antimicrobial and great for use in classroom and office environments.

Many people love that this commercial-grade pencil sharpener is available for personal use. They love that this sharpener works quickly and efficiently.

When you want a sharp pencil quickly and often, this high-quality classroom-style pencil sharpener will get the job done.


  • The hand crank allows you to sharpen your pencils easily and quickly.
  • The adjustable dial lets you sharpen various pencil sizes.
  • The device holds your pencil shavings until you are ready to dump them.
  • Can be mounted to a wall, desk, table, or more.


  • This sharpener is known to grind pencils down fast.

5. Wekoil Pencil Sharpeners Manual Twin Metal Dual Sharpening Blade


Next on our list of manual pencil sharpener reviews is a simple pencil sharpener by WEKOIL. This small but powerful sharpener is made of aluminum alloy and has dual holes let you sharpen pencils up to 11mm in diameter.

People love the size and durability of this pencil sharpener. They like that this can easily fit into any backpack or pencil case and that the blade works efficiently.

This is easily one of the most portable pencil sharpeners on our list without compromising on durability. If you want an efficient sharpener that will travel anywhere with you, this is the sharpener to add to your collection.


  • The small design of this sharpener fits easily into any pocket or pencil case.
  • The sharp blade and dual holes are perfect for sharpening graphite and colored pencils up to 1mm in diameter.


  • This pencil sharpener does not have a container to hold the shavings so it must be used over a trash bin to discard shavings.
  • The blade on this sharpener is exposed and may dull quickly as a result.

6. Staedtler 512 001 ST Double-hole Tub Pencil Sharpener

One of the manual pencil sharpeners for colored pencils is made by Staedtler. This sharpener has a tub design to hold pencil shavings and two sizes of holes to sharpen various widths of pencils.

Customers appreciate the flip-top cover which prevents debris from falling out into your backpack or pencil case. They say that the various angles that the razors sharpen at help get the proper pencil tip for whatever you are writing or drawing.

This simple pencil case is packed with features and will be a great addition to your office supply collection.


  • The two holes sharpen at different angles to give you different tip points to work with.
  • The flip-top cover protects the blades while the sharpener is not in use and keeps pencil shavings neatly in the collection tub.
  • The collection tub keeps pencil shavings neatly stored until you are ready to discard them in the trash.


  • This sharpener is made of plastic and may crack or break as a result of heavy use.
  • This is a little more expensive than other sharpeners on this list.

7. NYX Manual Make-Up Sharpener

When looking for a high-quality pencil sharpener, look no further than the NYX sharpener. While this sharpener was originally designed for cosmetic pencils, its sleek design and small shape make it great for a school supply collection.

Frequent users of this sharpener say that it works great and is easy to keep clean. It works great for many-sized pencils and is easy to carry around while still holding shavings to discard later.

This small sharpener is great for traveling around and keeping your pencils in great shape.


  • The backplate is removable to hold and discard pencil shavings as needed.
  • Two-hole sizes allow you to sharpen various widths of pencils.


  • This sharpener is small and plastic which means it may crack or break more easily than other sharpeners.

8. Alvin, 9866, Brass Bullet Manual Pencil Sharpener

One of the manual pencil sharpeners for artists is the Alvin Brass Bullet sharpener. The solid brass design of this sharpener and the bullet shape make this an extremely portable and durable sharpener.

Many people are amazed at how well this little sharpener works. The size provides a narrower tip than most handheld sharpeners.

If you are looking for an easily portable pencil sharpener with a replaceable blade that will last you a lifetime, this is the sharpener for you.


  • With its small size, this is easily one of the most portable sharpeners on our list.
  • The stainless steel cutting blade is replaceable so you can continue to use these pencil sharpeners for years.


  • The blade is somewhat exposed on this sharpener which may make it dull quicker than other styles that keep the blade more protected.

9. Uni KH-20 Hand Crank Manual Wooden Pencil Sharpener

The next mechanical pencil sharpener review is a desktop hand-crank device. This plastic sharpener uses a helical blade to sharpen pencils to a thin point and there is a drawer underneath the blade to catch the shavings.

People appreciate that this sharpener works quickly and quietly. They say it sharpens well at a long angle to provide a super sharp tip.

While this pencil sharpener is a bit on the expensive side, its efficiency is well worth the investment.


  • The hand crank makes sharpening quick and easy.
  • The drawer underneath the blade catches pencil shavings for easy disposal.


  • This pencil sharpener is not capable of being mounted to a wall or desk and is freestanding only.
  • Because this is made of plastic, it can crack with heavy use.

10. CARL Angel-5 Manual Pencil Sharpener


The retro design of this commercial-style pencil sharpener will add a sense of style to your classroom or home office. The smooth operation of this hand-crank device makes this a good-quality pencil sharpener.

Customers love how smooth this sharpener is and appreciate the receptacle to catch the shavings.

For an affordable price, you can get this steel and aluminum sharpener for your office or classroom.


  • Unique design draws pencil in while sharpening, eliminating the need to apply pressure.
  • Designed to prevent over-sharpening or breaking the lead in the device.
  • This sharpener comes with a limited lifetime warranty for all devices purchased through Amazon.
  • The sharpener has a receptacle to hold pencil shavings until they can be disposed of.


  • There is no way to mount this sharpener to a wall or table.
  • This will not work for wider pencils.

11. AS2M (1053121), Long Point Sharpener

Another good handheld pencil sharpener is this long-point pencil sharpener from Kum. This oval-shaped sharpener is made from polystyrene with carbon steel blades. The compact container is portable and still catches pencil shavings for easy cleanup.

People who use this sharpener say that it is compact and effective. They like that, even though the device is small, it holds your pencil shavings to keep your work area tidy.

For a small pencil sharpener that can still hold pencil shavings and sharpen a variety of pencil widths, the long-point sharpener by Kum is a great investment.


  • Two-hole sizes ensure that you can sharpen pencils of different widths.
  • The lid design holds pencil shavings neatly until you can properly dispose of them.


  • The lid is on a plastic hinge and could potentially break off.

12. Mobius + Ruppert (M+R) Pollux Brass Manual Pencil Sharpener

Another perfect pencil sharpener is the Pollux by Mobius + Ruppert. This bullet-style sharpener is made from the finest German brass.

Those who use this sharpener primarily love it for its size. This sharpener is perfect for someone who wants to pack light while still being able to carry around a sharpener. They say that the quality of this product is well worth the investment.

For a discreet sharpener that can be easily carried around, the Pollux by Mobius + Ruppert is the best around!


  • Small bullet shape is easy to carry around in bags or even pockets.
  • The steel blade is replaceable so you can use this sharpener for years.


  • This can only sharpen up to a certain width of a pencil.
  • Many consumers agree that this sharpener is well worth the price.

Making The Decision

If you are looking for the manual pencil sharpener, this list has everything you might want. If you are looking for something else, then we have already prepared for a review of sharpeners for colored pencils. There are sharpeners in a variety of price points and for a variety of uses.

Keeping a sharp pencil is important in many hobbies and professions and keeping your pencils sharp and in good shape will ensure they work well and last long. After reading this list of pencil sharpener reviews you are ready to pick one out for your office supply collection!

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