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The Best Pen for Lefties in 2023

by Sarah Jones
12 minutes read
Best Pen for Lefties

Every left-handed writer knows the struggle of writing with an ink pen. Poor-quality pens can easily lead to smears on the page and ink all over your hands. That’s why it is vital for lefties to find the best quality pens available that are designated for left-handed writers.

To help with this, our experts have researched the best pens for lefties to find something that will work well for making any left-handed writer’s life easier. We analyzed each pen for comfort, quality, and drying time of ink, the durability of the pen, ergonomic grip, and cost to bring you options for quality pens for left-handed writers.

The following list includes what we found to be the best pens for left-handers. Whether you are looking for a quality grip or quick-drying ink, you are sure to find something on this list to suit your needs.

Best Pen for Lefties:

1. Pentel EnerGel Deluxe RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pen

Pentel Pink BCA Pentel EnerGel Deluxe RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pen Pack, 0.7mm, Medium Line, Metal Tip, Silver Barrel, Violet Ink, 3 Pack (BL77BP3V-BC)

One of the best ink pens for lefties is the Pentel EnerGel Deluxe. This stylishly designed pen offers smooth writing and quick-drying ink to prevent smudges on the page. Each pen features a comfortable rubberized grip with a metal pocket clip and comes in a variety of colors including violet, black, navy blue, green, and more.

Frequent users of this pen love it for the quick-drying and boldly colored ink.

If you are looking for a simple pen that is comfortable and uses quick-drying ink, the Pentel EnerGel Deluxe is right for you. Many of its features make it perfect for left-handed writers.

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2. Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable Ball Point Pens for Lefties

Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable Ball Point Pens,0.7mm, Black Ink, 3-Count

Another great pen for left-handed writers is the Uni-Ball Jetstream. It features a minimalistic design with ink that protects against fading or water damage. This retractable pen has a slim body and pocket clip for ease of carrying. The fast-drying ink prevents smudges, which makes it one of the best ballpoint pens for lefties.

People love this for its smooth writing and quick-drying ink. Left-handers say that they don’t have any problems with smudging or smearing the ink when writing with this pen.

For a simple pen with quality ink, is a great pen for left-handed writers.

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3. Maped Visio Left-Handed Pens

Maped Visio Left Handed Pens, Assorted Colors, Pack of 3 (224324)

The Maped Visio is one of the first pens designed specifically with lefties in mind. The unique design of this pen allows for more comfortable writing for left-handers. Each Maped Visio has a curved barrel with a comfortable grip to allow left-handed writers better see what they are writing, which can eliminate uncomfortable writing at an angle. The pack features red, black, and blue ink.

Left-handed users of these pens boast that they are superior to other pens with regard to specific comfort for lefties.

The unique shape and design, combined with its quick-drying ink, make this one of the best writing pens for lefties.

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4. Fisher 400B Space Bullet Space Pen

Fisher 400B Space Bullet Space Pen - Matte Black

Fisher Space is well known for writing in extreme environments like large fluctuations in temperature, at any angle, and even in zero gravity, and Fisher is the first design for this type of pen.

This modern and minimalist design features an all-brass barrel with a chrome finish. The pen is known to write at every angle, which makes it great for left-handed writers who are known to write at various different angles.

Users love its slender design, which makes it comfortable to hold while writing and most people are impressed with the extreme environments.

If you are looking for a durable pen that is guaranteed to write in nearly any situation, the Fisher Space is perfect for you.

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5. Dryden Designs Fountain Pen – Medium and Fine Nibs

Dryden Designs Fountain Pen - Medium and Fine Nibs

There is a common misconception that fountain pens don’t work well for left-handed writers. However, the Dryden was designed to be lefty-friendly. It is definitely the best fountain pen for lefties. This classically designed features a metal barrel that comes in a variety of colors as well as a screw-on cap with a metal pocket clip.

Many love this for its elegance and ease of writing. You can use whichever fountain pen ink you’d like so the option to choose a fast-drying ink for left-handed writers is ideal.

With an elegant and modern design and a money-back guarantee, there is no risk in trying this fountain pen that works well for left-handed writers.

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6. Zebra Pen Sarasa Gel Medium Point Retractable Pens

Zebra Sarasa Retractable Gel Ink Pens, Medium Point 0.7mm, Assorted Color Rapid Dry Ink, 14-Count

Zebra is a well-known brand for delivering quality pens and these gel pens with rapid-dry ink are no exception. The back of fourteen different retractable gel ink pens features comfort grips and rapid-dry ink, which makes for pens that don’t smudge for left-handers.

Left-handed people who use these pens love the quick-drying ink for preventing smearing on the page and say that the rubberized grip greatly helps with reducing strain and pain from long-term writing.

If you are looking for a wide variety of colored pens that will work well for left-handed writers, this pack of Zebra Sarasa gel ink pens is a great investment.

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7. Uni Propus Window Soft Color Highlighter Pen for Lefties

Uni Propus Window Soft Color Double-Sided Highlighter Pen with 4.0 mm/0.6 mm Twin Tip, 5 Color Set (PUS102T5CS)

This double-sided left-handed pen is perfect for highlighting and writing. With a view window inside the highlighter, lefties can see what they are highlighting, making it easier to know when to stop and start writing. Each Propus pen is double-sided with a plastic pocket clip on one side of the pen for ease of carrying.

People love the viewing window of these highlighters to be able to see exactly where they are writing before committing the ink to the page. Left-handed writers and note-takers say this is a superior highlighter for lefties.

The biggest convenience of this pen is the view window to be able to see ahead with your writing. Because it is hard for lefties to see what they are writing as they write it, this advantage is well worth it.

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8. Uni-ball Power Tank Ballpoint Retractable Pen for Lefties

Uni-ball Power Tank Ballpoint Retractable & Fine Ballpoint Pen Rubber Grip Type-0.7mm-black Ink-value Set of 5

Much like the Fisher Space, this Uni-ball Power Tank can be used to write at any angle and under extreme writing environments, making this one of the best writing pens for left-handers.

It is retractable with a pocket clip and ergonomic grip. The ink is pushed out of the pen using air pressure, which means you can write at any angle and under many different circumstances.

People love the benefits of this pen for such a reasonable price. They say that these pens are extremely
durable and great for left-handers writing at various angles.

If you are looking for a durable and comfortable writing device that will keep up with even the most extreme writing environments the Uni-ball Power Tank is perfect for you.

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9. Stabilo EASYoriganl Rollerball Pen Left-Handed

Stabilo EASYoriganl Rollerball Pen (Left-Handed), 0.5 mm - Dark Blue/Light Blue

Another in the list of good pens for left-handers is the Stablio EASY. Uniquely designed specifically for left-handers, this design will fit comfortably in your hand while allowing you to more easily see what you are writing as you go.

It has blue ballpoint ink with a plastic comfort case that comes in a variety of colors. You can get the barrel in blue, pink, green, metallic blue, and metallic pink.

Users say this is their new favorite left-handed pen, and it has even greatly helped improve their handwriting.

Another great pen specifically designed with left-handed writers in mind, the Stablio EASY is sure to make your writing comfortable and free of smudges.

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10. Pelikan Pelikano Jr. Fountain Pen, Left-Handed

Pelikan Pelikano Jr. Fountain Pen, Left-Handed, Medium Nib, Turquoise, 1 Pen (924894)

Another fountain pen on this list that is leftie friendly is the Pelikano Jr. With a magnetic clip-on cap, it has a colored plastic body and a rubberized grip for comfortable writing. People love this pen. Its durability and the gorgeous colors that the barrel is available in.

If you are looking some a fountain pen that was designed to include left-handed writers, the Pelikano Jr. is a great beginner fountain pen!

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Tips on Choosing the Best Pens for Lefties

The pen of your choice is always going to be a personal preference. Some people prefer their pen to be more durable while others specifically prefer smooth-writing ink. There are things you can look at specifically when you are looking at the top pens for left-handed writers:

  • Ink Quality: You may want smooth writing ink, but for left-handed writers, a more important factor may be that you have quick-drying ink to prevent smears and smudges on the page.
  • Comfort: You want to be sure that the pen you are writing with is comfortable to use, especially if you are writing for long periods of time. For left-handed writers, this can mean an ergonomic that is shaped entirely differently to make left-handed writing easier. You may also want a comfortable grip, as well. Take into account what would be most comfortable for you and choose accordingly.
  • Type of Pen: Will you be looking for a ballpoint pen, gel ink pen, or a fountain-style pen? Each of these comes with its own sets of pros and cons so be sure to take that into account when searching for the pen that will work best for you.

Because pens are such a personal preference, you will ultimately have to shop around to make your own decision, but these categories are well worth considering when looking for the best left-handed pen. This article helps you with choosing.

Making the Decision

Left-handed people have always had the burden of trying to find pens that will work for them. Trying to prevent smudges on the page or ink on your hands can be a daunting task, but there are pens out there that are designed with left-handed users in mind.

This list of the best pens for lefties was carefully researched with your comfort in mind. Whether you prefer quick-drying ink to prevent smearing or a comfortable grip and shape to prevent hand fatigue, there is something on this list that will work for you.

It is not always easy to find the best pens for left-handers, but this definitive guide will give you suggestions on what you should look for when purchasing a left-handed pen and help you decide which pen on this list will be the best for you.


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