The Best Pencil Erasers in 2024

An eraser can make or break your note-taking. If your erases leave smudges or rip your paper, your notes may be hard to read, which can lead to poor studying. Fortunately, eraser technology has advanced from the hard pink erasers of the past.

What used to take a few minutes and a lot of elbow grease to achieve only to leave behind a handful of eraser dust can now be achieved with a fraction of the energy and much easier clean-up.

This list features the modern erasers on the market. We analyzed eraser types, uses, ability to erase cleanly, and whether or not the eraser damages the paper when used. We also analyzed costs and which erasers might be the best value.

This list will provide you with all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision on which will be the eraser for you, as well as advice on what to focus on when shopping for erasers.

Best Pencil Erasers:

1. Paper Mate White Pearl Pencil Eraser


This white eraser is made of rubber and is one of the erasers for colored pencils. This eraser is latex-free and smudge-resistant. Where old pink erasers used to leave pink smudges on your paper, this eraser is white so any smudges will not show.

Users of the Paper Mate White Pearl eraser love that there are no smudges or marks left on the page after using this eraser. They like that the material of the White Pearl is softer than the Pink Pearl eraser, and many say this is their favorite eraser.

If you are looking for an affordable set of erasers that will work with colored pencils and won’t smudge your notes or writings, the Paper Mate White Pearl is the perfect eraser for you.


  • The white color of this eraser leaves no marks on your page after you use it.
  • This pack of erasers is affordable.


  • This is still a hard rubber eraser compared to soft vinyl or kneaded eraser so it will still leave eraser dust on your paper, but the dust will be white so it won’t be as intrusive.
  • Because this eraser is made of a softer material than the Pink Pearl eraser by Paper Mate, this eraser gets used up faster than traditional erasers.

2. Staedtler Mars Plastic, Vinyl Eraser


One of the erasers for graphite pencils is the Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser. This pack of vinyl erasers comes individually packaged for convenient traveling.

These erasers work smoothly and don’t smudge the page or create a lot of eraser dust to clean up. Each eraser has sharp corners for erasing fine, small lines and the eraser itself is self-cleaning.

Frequent users of this eraser agree that this is the only eraser they will ever use. This eraser will work smoothly every time with little clean-up required.

If you want a soft vinyl eraser that will work cleanly and have little clean-up when you’re done, the Staedtler Mars plastic eraser is the perfect eraser for the job.


  • Each eraser has its cardboard cover to keep it clean and safe when in your bag.
  • The soft Mars plastic design of this vinyl eraser will gently erase graphite markings with no residue left behind.
  • These erasers clump together when in use so there is less to clean up when you are done.


  • If you don’t keep these erasers in their wrapper until you use them, there is a chance that they could fall apart in your bag.

3. Tombow 67304 Mono Sand Eraser

Among good eraser brands and good office supplies, in general, is Tombow. The reason this is called a sand eraser is the silica grit particles added to the latex rubber of this eraser, giving it a sandy feel.

The silica grit provides the extra friction to remove the toughest markings. This eraser can remove colored pencils, ballpoint and rollerball ink, and in some cases, certain markers.

People say that this eraser works better than expected on the first try and can even erase watercolor mistakes and Sakura Micron pen markings.

If you need to erase mistakes made with colored pencils, this rubber eraser combined with silica grit is what you need. At an affordable price, you can have an eraser that even works with a black ballpoint pen.


  • Can erase most mistakes in a variety of mediums including colored pencils, ink, watercolor, and more.
  • For the price, you get a two-pack of these erasers.


  • Because the silica grit in this eraser is so tough, there is the possibility of wearing down or tearing the paper you are working on so you want to use this eraser with caution.
  • These erasers get used up pretty fast if you are using them regularly.

4. Pentel Clic Retractable Eraser


Pentel Clic Erasers are good erasers for drawing. These retractable and refillable erasers are shaped like pens for easy use. The pocket clip clicks to advance the long eraser as much or as little as needed.

This latex-free rubber eraser removes mistakes cleanly without smearing or wearing down your paper.

Many people who use this eraser love that it is easy to use and does not leave any marks behind. They appreciate the retractable design to click out as many erasers as needed at a time.

Because these erasers are shaped like a pen, it is easy to switch between your drawing utensil and your erasing utensil. This set of three erasers will keep your paper smudge-free for clean notes and drawings every time.


  • The pocket clip allows you to easily carry around this eraser while also clicking out the eraser as needed.
  • The comfort grip keeps your hand comfortable while erasing large portions at a time.
  • You get three erasers and three barrels in red, black, and blue.


  • Accidentally scratching your paper with the plastic barrel could damage the paper more than any eraser could.
  • If you click out too much of the eraser at a time, there is a chance you can damage or break the eraser.

5. Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser


A great set of quality erasers is the Pentel Hi-Polymer erasers. These soft vinyl erasers work cleanly without smudging, ghosting, or tearing your paper. This set comes with 10 erasers that each come individually wrapped and have their protective layer of cardboard.

The reason so many people love this eraser is that it erases so easily without smearing or damaging the paper. Many people say that this pack of 10 erasers is the best deal currently available, especially if you go through a lot of erasing in your work.

This 10-pack of Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Erasers is a great deal for people who use erasers a lot in their professional or private work. These erasers work easily and cleanly without smearing or damaging your pages.


  • Unlike other similar erasers, these erasers don’t crack or harden with age and stay soft and ready to use.
  • The block style of these erasers makes it easier to erase small, detailed areas of your work.
  • This set is a great deal.
  • These erasers work at removing graphite from other surfaces too like wood, stone, and canvas.


  • These erasers do leave a residue of powder, more than other latex erasers, to clean up after you finish using them.

6. Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit with 20 Eraser Refills

An interesting option on this list is the electric eraser by Ohuhu. This battery-operated machine uses a strong motor to target circular motions to erase unwanted markings on your work. This is the electric eraser for colored pencil markings.

Each device comes with 20 refills with the option to buy more as needed. The electric eraser functions on two AAA batteries that are sold separately. You will appreciate the convenience of erasing large areas with minimal effort. People have said that this eraser is a huge help with even the boldest colored pencils.

If you have a lot of erasing to do, you can take the stress off your wrists using this device that helps do the erasing for you.


  • This device allows you to erase large areas of a document without the physical effort necessary.
  • It runs easily on two AAA batteries.
  • The device comes with 20 eraser refills that are easy to install.


  • This device can run through the battery quickly, especially if you are erasing large areas at a time.
  • The device does not use the entire eraser refill before needing to be replaced.
  • Because the device is motorized, it does produce a buzzing noise when in use.

7. Kokuyo Campus Student Eraser

In your search for good erasers, check out the Kokuyo Campus Student Eraser. This soft vinyl eraser is one of the best in its class and is used worldwide. The individually wrapped eraser is smudge-free and erases cleanly without much to clean up.

This eraser has nothing but excellent reviews from its users. Users are saying that this eraser works cleanly without leaving bits of eraser residue behind. Many say this instantly became their new favorite eraser and that this is the best eraser they have ever used.

With rave reviews from previous customers worldwide, the Kokuyo Campus Student Eraser is one of the most popular erasers available today. Though it may be more expensive than some of the erasers on this list, it is well worth the investment.


  • The high-quality polymers of this soft vinyl eraser wrap around the graphite and wipe it off the page without smearing or leaving any residue.
  • The eraser comes with a cardboard cover to keep it protected when in travel in your bag.


  • If you plan to go a while without regularly using this eraser, there is a possibility that it could dry out.
  • This eraser is more expensive than most others.

8. Mr. Pen Pencil Top Erasers, 100 Pieces


Mr. Pen makes pencil eraser caps to extend the eraser life of your pencils. Too often we reach the end of our eraser well before the pencil runs out of graphite. These rubber erasers go on top of your pencil and can be replaced as needed. Each one erases cleanly without smudging or staining the page.

People love the value of these erasers. Teachers say that this set of pencil top erasers is essential for the classroom.

Anyone who goes through a lot of erasers would greatly benefit from this deal. Whether you are a teacher who needs erasers for your students or an artist who erases often in your work, this set of 100-pencil cap erasers will work for you.


  • Great for teachers, artists, and anyone who uses a lot of erasers.
  • For the price you get 100 pencil top erasers, making this one of the best deals on our list.


  • Depending on the size of the pencil you use, these eraser tops may be too big and wobble when you use them.
  • Because these are rubber erasers, they will leave a lot of eraser dust behind after you use them.

9. Tombow MONO Zero Pen-Style Eraser

These pen-style erasers are great pencil erasers for drawing. Tombow makes the MONO Zero erasers soft vinyl erasers that are dispensed through a click top. You can control the number of erasers you need at any given time and easily click more erasers out if you are running low.

The quality of these erasers and their elegant and modern design make these erasers a favorite among artists, writers, and mathematicians. They love how easy this eraser is to store and access easily. And the two separate sizes work on small and large scales.

If you are an artist or mathematician, these pen-style erasers are quick and easy to use in so many situations. The different sizes help whether you are making precise and small erase marks or if you are erasing large amounts at a time.


  • You get two barrels, one with a round eraser and one with a square-tip eraser for larger-scale erasing.
  • Easily store and access your eraser at any time with the convenient pen-like design.
  • The soft vinyl erases thoroughly without smudging or damaging the paper.


  • This eraser does produce more eraser dust than other erasers like it.
  • This set of two pen-style erasers is more expensive.

10. PRISMACOLOR 1224 Kneaded Rubber Eraser

If you work with colored pencils the eraser for Prismacolor pencils is the Kneaded Rubber eraser by Prismacolor. Kneaded rubber erasers work when the graphite or waxy color adheres to the rubber by touch. Because of this, there is no eraser dust or residue left behind.

Previous customers of this eraser love that it leaves no marks behind on the page. Many argue that this is one of the erasers on the market today and that what you are getting for the price is a great deal.

While this eraser was designed to work with Prismacolor pencils, it works with graphite as well. These easy-to-use erasers come in a 3-pack and are well worth the investment.


  • Each eraser comes individually wrapped in plastic for ease of travel.
  • Kneaded rubber erasers do not leave any eraser dust behind.


  • Because these erasers are soft and moldable you should have a separate plastic case to carry them in so they don’t melt in your bag or pick up debris.
  • Kneaded erasers have been known to get stuck or smeared if they are kept too warm while in use.

Tips on Choosing

When shopping for erasers for pencils, it’s good to know what to look for to meet your needs. Knowing the different aspects to look for in an eraser will help you narrow down which erasers would work best for you. Whether you are looking for a quality eraser to produce precise clean work or would prefer to buy your erasers more in bulk, there are a few things to consider when choosing the erasers:

Types of erasers:

There are several different types of erasers created to serve different purposes. Some erasers, like kneaded erasers, are meant to work well for blending graphite while other erasers give clean precise erase lines, and some erasers are even meant to be used on pen and marker.

Uses for eraser:

Erasers that can be used on pen and marker are much different than erasers specifically designed to erase only graphite. And if you need to erase large areas, you might consider a motorized eraser to help you with your work.


If you are an artist looking for a very specific type of eraser, perhaps cost is less of a factor for you than a school teacher buying erasers in bulk for their classroom. Fortunately, this list offers erasers of every type and price range.

Smudges or paper damage:

Rubber erasers tend to leave smudges on the page more often and also cause the most damage to paper, often tearing the paper. While rubber erasers may be less expensive, the quality and precision you get with them are not as good as you would get with a soft vinyl eraser, which leaves very few smudges and rarely damages paper.

The number of erasers per package:

If you go through a lot of erasers regularly, you will want to look into the erasers on this list that come in multi-packs. The more erasers you can buy, the better the price is likely to be.

It is important to know the difference between erasers and which works best for what projects. It might also be helpful to try out a few styles of erasers to get a feel for what you like personally. Sometimes the decision between a rubber eraser or a soft vinyl eraser comes down to personal preference.


When taking notes or drawing, you want the eraser to be able to erase cleanly and move on quickly back to the task at hand. You want to invest in the erasers for pencils. A lesser eraser will leave smudges and may damage your paper, making your notes hard to read or ruining a drawing you spent a long time on.

This list of erasers offers a variety of options for various eraser needs. If you are looking for top-of-the-line erasers this list has a number of the erasers available today. If you want to buy your erasers in bulk, many erasers on this list come in bulk.

Be sure to determine your needs using the tips above and find something on this list that works for you.

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