The Best Smart Pens in 2024

Do you or someone you know like to write? When I say write I’m not talking about typing on the computer or writing on a tablet or smartphone, I’m talking about the old-fashioned pen-and-paper style of writing.

If you are the kind of person who still really enjoys the thought of sitting down and writing in your journal then let me ask you something. Have you ever thought of using something known as a Smartpen for your writing?

If so, then you have come to the right place! Let’s talk about the smart pens that you can use every single day.

Best Smart Pens

1. Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen

If you are a college student then this is the smart pen for you. With this pen, you are able to record every single thing you say. It is also able to record everything that you can hear so you will never miss a word.

This pen makes it so you can replay your lectures or meetings by simply tapping on your notes. It comes with the Echo Desktop software for both Mac and Windows already downloaded. How great is that?

It automatically saves your audio recordings and notes to your computer without you having to do any additional steps. Since there are a lot of Livescribe pens out there which one do you think is the best?


  • It looks like a normal pen.
  • It can take up to 50 pages worth of notes.
  • One pen has 2 ink cartridges and it comes with a smart pen cap.


  • If you buy the pen and then try to buy the MyScript software it might not be available.
  • If you try to move your recorded notes to an editable document it can be more difficult than it is worth.
  • If you are trying to set the pen up with a Mac computer, then there are extra steps that you will have to take.

2. Neo Smartpen N2 Bluetooth Digital Pen Compatible

This is the perfect pen for college students and here is why. This pen has an internal camera that not only captures your handwritten messages but also converts them to digital documents. The pen is armed with a Dual-Core ARM9 Processor. This makes it to that it can record more than 120 frames per second.

With this pen, you are able to export your lectures, meetings, and even your artwork to several different social media platforms. To make things even better, the company offers replacement ink cartridges when they are needed. That defiantly helps out.


  • It can work with just about any media platform.
  • With this pen, you are able to store all of your recorded lectures and messages.
  • You can use either the company’s ink cartridges or you can go to the store and buy your own.


  • After being used for a few months the pen might stop recording things.
  • The weight of the pen is unbalanced and is at the opposite end of the writing point.
  • If you buy the notebooks to go with the pen, most of the time you can only get it to work one at a time.

3. Moleskine Pen + Ellipse Smart Pen

This is one of the top digital pens on the market today. This smart pen seamlessly transfers what you write in the notebook to the device. The pen comes with a USB recharging cable and 1 ink refill.

Since you are able to sync your recorded notes with your device you are able to make sure that nothing gets lost. This pen and notebook set is loved by students, writers, travel lovers, and even professional artists. It sounds like this pen can not be beaten!


  • When you audio record your notes the pen makes sure that nothing is missed and that everything is clear.
  • You are able to save your notes to Google or PDF.
  • The company offers several different accessories to go with its smart pen.


  • While it is compatible with several different software, it works best with Evernote.
  • The app itself does not take well to handwriting transcription.
  • The supplies for the pen are really difficult to find and when you do find them, they are very limited in options.

4. Livescribe Aegir Smartpen

This is a really good digital smart pen and here is why. You are able to capture everything that you hear, draw, and write with this pen. With this pen Livescribe app you are able to write and record at the same time.

This pen also makes it to that you are able to take your notes everywhere you go. With the app, you are able to turn your handwritten notes into something searchable. This is because the pen saves everything automatically. How great is that?


  • You can easily convert your handwritten notes to digital text.
  • You are able to find your digital notes with ease by using tabs.
  • You are also able to share your notes and drawings directly with others.


  • The pen tends to stop recording at a random time which can make playback really difficult.
  • The battery life needs some work.
  • You have to keep the pen plugged into the charger to get the best quality.

5. Livescribe 3 smartpen


This pen is able to connect to both iOS and Android devices by Bluetooth. This pen offers the quickest and simplest way to bring valuable information straight from a piece of paper to your tablet or phone.

You are also able to use your phone or tablet’s microphone to record audio that is synchronized with everything else that you have written.

After your notes are saved in the Pens Livescribe app, you are then able to search them by using tabs. That makes keeping up with all of your notes and drawings very easy compared to keeping them in several different books.


  • You can share your audio notes with other users.
  • 2 hours of full charge will let you keep writing for 14 hours
  • It comes with built-in memory to store all your notes and drawings.


  • After the system updates the screen has some problems working right.
  • There are times when the pen will have a really hard time charging.
  • If you are trying to sync the pen with an Android, the app tends to have problems with uploads.

6. Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner.


This is a digital pen that converts handwriting to digital text with ease. That makes it to that you can make summaries faster than ever. Along with being faster, it is also really accurate.

You can use your scanner to scan editable text directly into the computer of your choice. It also reads aloud in real-time and even translates on computers, phones, and even tablets. How awesome is that?


  • It is compatible with all Mac and Windows desktops as well as Android and iOS products.
  • Since it is super fast and accurate it is the perfect thing for students of all kinds.
  • It is extremely lightweight. That makes it super easy to move from one place to another.


  • While yes, it is a scanner, it does not scan pictures.
  • The software that is on the product feels like it is outdated.
  • The dashboard on the home screen is much smaller than one expected.

7. Wacom Bamboo Folio Smartpad Digital Notebook

With this pen and pad set, you can start your notes or drawings simply with your pen and a piece of paper in hand. After you are done writing or drawing you are then able to turn your notes into digital, shareable files. With this set, you are able to use the next-generation Wacom Inkspace app for free.

This app is used to help convert your handwritten notes to editable text. You are also able to register for Inkspace for free. This is a place where all your converted notes can be saved for a later date.


  • You are able to edit and export your digital notes to several different media platforms.
  • You have the option to leave your ideas on paper or to export them.
  • It can be paired with any kind of Bluetooth.


  • When it comes to converting the paper written notes to digital, the quality and execution need work.
  • Getting everything to work like it is supposed to take a lot of work from the user.
  • The app that is used to store the notes tends to crash at random times.

8. NEO SMARTPEN M1 Wireless Digital Pen

This is by far, one of the smart pens for note-taking. That is because it has a built-in camera to capture your handwriting and convert it to digitized text. You can increase your productivity with NEO Notes.

It can store your doodles with its app. The grip of the pen is insanely comfortable compared to other smart pens. This also makes it to that you are able to write as smoothly as possible. This pen is not easily penetrated by water! That is because the cover is coated in a water-resistant substance.


  • It has a slim cylindrical body that is easier to grip compared to other smart pens.
  • The notebook has up to 256 pages with unique symbols printed on each page.
  • It is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS.


  • N/A

9. NEWYES Smart Pen

No products found.

This pen has been known to have some really interesting reviews. This pen has a camera that is built in to help capture exactly where you are writing and drawing. The NEWYES NOTE app comes with handwriting recognition. This means that the pen will be able to recognize when you or someone else is using it.

The pen even allows the user to add voice memos while writing. If you do use the voice recording, it will automatically be linked to your notes for playback later on. The app also lets you share your ideas and notes quickly and easily with fellow users. This makes it ideal for students.


  • The pen supports Android 5.0 or newer and iOS 9 or newer.
  • The entire package includes a pen, a notebook, a pen refill, a quick start guide, and a USB charger.
  • The pen automatically saves your notes and keeps them for a really long time.


  • While the pen is made of really good quality, there are some problems with transferring everything to your phone.
  • There are some problems with the recording mechanism not always being clear or consistent.
  • The recording pen also has problems saving the notes after they have been recorded.

10. Bamboo Spark Sleeve for Tablet

With this pen, you are able to capture your own handwritten notes on any kind of paper you like. People who like to draw and write on your traditional paper have said that this is a really good alternative and most of them do not think they will be going back.

The Spark writing app that goes with this pen works really well when it comes to storing all your handwritten creations. To make things even better this pen is very lightweight, so you can take it anywhere!


  • The pen is able to be used by professional artists and non-professionals alike.
  • Since it is a ballpoint it tends to work really well with any style of writing.
  • It works great with Evernote to help the user make sure they do not miss anything.


  • After a few months of being used constantly the edges of the notebook will start to wear away.
  • Sometimes there are problems with the software that allows you to take your handwritten notes and make them digital.
  • The device does not auto-sync. You have to do it manually every time.


Let’s be honest, all of these products are pretty great, right? If I had to pick I would probably go with the NEWYES Smartpen.

My reason for going with the NEWYES Smartpen is simply because it has a built-in camera. This would help me not only know exactly where my hand is when I’m redoing a drawing, but it would also help me remember exactly what I wrote down.

Now mind you, just because I said this would be my choice does not mean that you have to go with it too. If you need something different then go for it. There are also many smart notebooks too, that are reusable and work with your smartphone.

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