The Best Bible Journaling Pens in 2024

Faith and religion play an important role in the lives of millions of people. The Bible provides inspiration, knowledge, and other pertinent information. When you are studying your Bible, having the right pens makes it easier to take notes and mark important information.

Having the best pens and markers for Bible journaling ensures that you can study your Bible your way.

We have examined multiple of the best non-bleed pens for Bible journaling to find those that are superior. After deeply evaluating their features and specifications, we have compiled a list of the ones that are sure to meet your needs.

Best Bible Journaling Pens:

1. Tombow Fudenosuke Bible Journaling Pens


The Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen has a flexible brush tip, allowing you to accomplish multiple drawing and lettering techniques. They make it possible to draw a variety of lines, from extra-fine to medium. Simply alter the brush pressure to make changes to the lines.

Several customers said that these pens work well for basic writing and decorative lettering. The ink flows freely, so there are no empty spots when you are using them. Other people said that it takes no effort to get hard and fine strokes. The pen moves easily no matter what you are using it for.

These Bible journaling pens are very versatile, allowing you to get a variety of points depending on the level of pressure you use. The ink is a dark black color that does not fade quickly.


  • Black ink
  • Two pens


  • You can use these for multiple lettering tasks
  • The ink is high in quality
  • It glides across paper with ease


  • The tips may become dry prematurely

2. Pigma Micron Inductive Bible Journaling Pens

The Pigma Micron Inductive Bible Study Kit includes pens in various colors designed specifically for use with a Bible. You get two pens with a fine point and six with a medium point. The ink is very pigmented, but it does not smear, fade, or bleed through the paper.

As you are writing or creating lines, the ink is smooth and consistent. They do not skip or leave blank areas in your lines or letters.

The pens will not cause damage to the pages of your Bible, according to several customers. They were able to use them for a variety of tasks without a problem.

Several people talked about the variety of colors. They liked the fact that they could use a different color for different information.

These are pens that won’t bleed through Bible pages. They come in an array of colors and are easy to use on thin Bible paper.


  • Eight pens
  • Multiple colors, including blue, orange, violet, black, light green, red, pink, and yellow


  • The colors are vibrant
  • You can get very fine lines
  • They glide across the paper


  • Some of the pens may leak prematurely

3. Sakura Gel Ink Ballpoint Bible Journaling Pens

The Sakura Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen is easy to use on Bible paper. They feature gel ink and a 0.6 mm point so that you can take notes on the edges of the pages without a problem.

The ink does not smear or fade. You can write precisely without the letters blurring together. These colors are relatively light, but they show up well on paper.

Customers often talk about how well these pens glide when they are using them. They do not start and stop when you are writing or making lines.

Several people said that even the white color shows up well on black lettering. This lets you add white notes within your Bible.

These are the best gel pens for Bible journaling. They glide smoothly and the ink that they put down is high quality and pigmented.


  • Five pens
  • Several colors, including pastel yellow, lavender, white, peach, and aqua


  • The colors are easy to see
  • They do not streak
  • These pens do not bleed


  • They may become unreliable prematurely

4. Paper Mate Gel Bible Journaling Pens


The Paper Mate Gel Pens do not smear due to how quickly they dry. Compared to similar gel pens, they dry up to three times faster. This means that you can write or create lines and then close your Bible without the ink attaching to another page.

These pens have a comfortable, ergonomic grip. It goes all around the lower part of the pen so that your hands do not get tired when you are writing. The points on these pens measure 0.7 mm. This is the ideal size for writing small and creating thin lines to organize information in your Bible.

Many customers talked about a wide variety of colors. Due to the colors, you can create an ombre effect, letting you use specific colors for similar information without repeating the same color.

The ink goes down smoothly. There are no stops and starts when you are writing.

These gel pens write smoothly on Bible paper. The deep pigment of the ink ensures that you can see what you are writing even with the lighter colors.


  • 14 pens
  • Multiple colors


  • The variety of colors lets you organize your thoughts
  • The ink in the pens dries fast


  • Some colors dry out faster than others

5. Tombow Dual Brush Art Bible Journaling Marker Pens


The Tombow Dual Brush Art Marker Pens are ideal for a variety of writing and drawing in your Bible. You can use them to set off certain information and take notes during Bible study.

There are 9 different colors with a colorless blender pen. You can tell the difference between each color so that you can organize your thoughts according to color. The ink is water-based, so you can clean it up if it gets on clothing. It also does not have an odor so it is comfortable to work with.

Several customers remarked that these Bible journaling markers make it easy to separate thoughts in your Bible. They glide across the pages without starts and stops.

The variety of colors is something other customers commonly talk about. They like pastel hues because they are light but easy to see.

While the colors are pastel, they show up well on Bible paper. They do not bleed through, protecting the pages of your Bible.


  • Set of 9 colors with a colorless blender pen
  • Multiple pastel colors


  • The ink is high in quality
  • These markers write smoothly
  • You can use them for writing and drawing


  • Some colors dry out too quickly

6. OHTO Fude Bible Journaling Pens


The OHTO Fude Ballpoint Pen allows for smooth writing on Bible paper. You can jot down notes or create lines of varying sizes to organize your thoughts and other information.

The ink is resistant to light and water. This means that you do not have to worry about what you write down fading. It also does not smudge or smear easily.

Many customers said that the ink is very high in quality. It is dark and it shows up well on Bible paper. Other people talked about how easy it was to control the thickness of their lines or writing when using these pens.

These pens are easy to work with. You can smooth writing and the ink is relatively consistent when you are creating letters or short lines in your Bible.


  • Black ink
  • Five pens


  • The lines are clean and bold
  • The ink color is strong
  • You can write smoothly


  • The pens may cut out when creating longer lines

7. Faber-Castel Pitt Bible Journaling Pens

The Faber-Castel Pitt Artist Pen is easy to hold onto and work with. The ink is India ink and free from acid. You do not have to worry about it fading. It is also highly pigmented.

The ink in the pen is waterproof. It typically does not bleed through the paper, including thin Bible paper.

According to several customers, this pen is very versatile. You can use it for a variety of letter and line sizes. The quality of the ink is another thing several people mentioned. They said that the ink lasts and does not appear to fade.

This pen is larger than a traditional pen. It allows you to create a variety of lines and letters more easily compared to pens with a smaller point.


  • Black ink
  • One pen


  • This pen is ideal for working on Bible paper
  • Its size gives you a lot of flexibility


  • If you use too much pressure, minor bleeding is possible

8. Crayola Twistables Colored Bible Journaling Pens


The Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils do not require any peeling or sharpening. You just twist them down to have a fine point when you are ready to use them.

Numerous colors are vibrant and easy to see on Bible pages. Lead is nontoxic, so people of all ages can use it safely.

Several customers said that these colored pencils appear more pigmented compared to similar brands. They liked that you could see the color well without having to use too much pressure.

Other people said that they are easy to work with. It does not take much effort to put color down.

These pencils come in a wide array of colors. They are ideal for both children and adults.


  • 30 colored pencils
  • Multiple colors


  • The colors are very vibrant
  • You can work with these pencils easily


  • The points may be too thick for smaller Bibles

9. MTN Water-Based Paint Bible Journaling Pens

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The MTN Water-Based Paint Markers are ideal for everything from fine art to jotting down quick notes in your Bible. You can also use them to create lines or boxes around important information.

The coverage they provide is steady and complete. All of the ink colors have complete adhesion and dry quickly. You can replace the nibs and refill the ink as necessary.

Most customers talked about how easily these markers move when you are using them. They deposit color without blank areas in your writing or lines.

These markers put down pigmented color without bleeding through. You can use them on Bible pages without causing damage.


  • Eight markers
  • Multiple colors


  • The ink flows freely
  • These markers allow you to draw and write
  • There are numerous colors


  • Other markers are a little more vivid

10. Sharpie Fine Point for Bible Journaling

The Sharpie Fine Point Art Pens use ink that will not bleed through the paper. You can use these pens for various handwriting styles, line creation, and hand lettering.

The fine point of the pens ensures that you have full control over the width of your lines and writing. This ink dries fast. It is free from acid and will not fade or smear. The ink is also water-resistant.

These pens come in a hard case that stands up. This ensures that you can organize your pens in the way that you prefer.

Multiple customers talked about how easily these pens glide when you are using them. They do not get hung up on the paper.

Other people said that the case they came up with was good. They state that it makes organizing your pens and keeping them nearby easy.

These pens are versatile and come in a variety of bright colors. You can use them on traditional Bible paper without worrying about damage.


  • 12 pens
  • Multiple colors, including black, turquoise, clover, orange, hot pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, coral, red, and brown


  • They make it easy to color-code your Bible
  • The color variety makes organization simple
  • These pens are easy to use


  • Some colors may dry out faster than others

Making the Decision

After seeing some of the best pens for Bible journaling, you now have a viable list of options that you can use when you are studying your Bible.

Having a variety of pens is a good idea because it means that you have different colors and ink styles to make notes and separate your information.

With the best Bible journaling supplies, it is easier to study and maintain the information that you learn. This also helps to ensure that the time that you spend working with your Bible is a fun and personalized experience.

The next step is picking out the pens that best meet your needs. Do not be afraid to try out several different options to find the pens that are perfect for you.

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