Stencils for Bullet Journaling

Stencils are what take your bullet journaling from ordinary to extraordinary. Not only that but also the right stencils can make your journaling more efficient and creative at the same time.

Bullet journaling, or bujo as it’s sometimes called, is incredibly popular, and this means that there’s an astounding variety of stencil options out there. How can you possibly test them all to find the right one for you?

After extensively testing dozens of options, these eight were determined to offer the best in terms of variety, performance, and durability.

Whether you want to keep your bujo pages straightforward or let your imagination run wild, one of these stencils will be a perfect choice.

Best Stencils for Bullet Journaling:

1. 20 PCS Journal

Nonetheless, there’s plenty of variety. Made of translucent plastic, it’s easy to see through them. They’re also easy to clean.

Each of the 20 pieces measures four by seven inches, making them perfect for A5 journals. Suitable for any pen, your creativity won’t be restricted. Include basic shapes, frames, numbers, letters, symbols, banners, and more.

Most users praise this set for its variety. However, they wish more attention had been paid to consistently organizing them. One reviewer mentions having to search through several pieces to find all of the arrows.

If you’re new to bujo, these are a great place to start as they let you hit the ground running.


  • Great variety
  • Perfect size for A5 journals
  • Individually packaged for improved storage


  • The categorization of templates is disorganized

2. 36 Pieces Letter and Number

This set is for letter art enthusiasts. With these alphabet bujo stencils, it’s a snap. You also get shapes and symbols. The soft plastic is easy to use, and you get a zippered storage bag.

While this kit contains 12 pages of symbols, the highlight here is the 24 pieces of alphabet in various fonts. Anyone who wants to make their words leap off the page will love it. Each piece is four by seven.

Let them create letter art and be the right thickness. Critics mention that some of the more detailed letters are cut too small to make a crisp presentation on the page.

Creating word art is a breeze with these well-designed.


  • Great variety of fonts
  • It also includes basic shapes
  • Zippered pouch for storage


  • Some tiny details get lost

3. BULLET Journaling Starter Set

With 12 pieces, this is a more expensive option. However, it’s perfect because it includes headings for a habit tracker, meal plan, and other bujo-specific items. Along with days of the week, months, and shapes, this is a fantastic value.

The word templates are ideal for bujo as are the pie charts and lines. You can track everything and decorate pages with creative designs. The five-by-eight size is a little larger for convenience. Each piece is made of mylar and is laser cut.

Reviewers recommend this set as containing everything the beginning bujo artist needs. The quality is great. However, users caution that a fine-tipped pen is recommended. Created a fantastic product that no dedicated bujo artist will want to be without.


  • Bujo word templates
  • Fantastic designs
  • Excellent quality


  • Can only be used with the finest tip pens

4. Journal Planner Stencils 12 Pack


Here’s another option that contains many ready-made headers like “Challenges,” “Saving Log” and “Books.” Made of mylar, these four-by-seven stencils are enhanced by a money-back guarantee.

The days of the week, the months, and the headers are fantastic additions. Moreover, you get all sorts of symbols for pets, exercise, meditation, water, finances, and more. The material seems ideal, being sturdy enough for durability, but flexible enough for easy use.

Most reviewers praise this set for its versatility. However, some of them would like to see an alphabet that isn’t so blocky and basic.

Overall, this is a solid choice for the bujo enthusiast who wants to take their pages to the next level.


  • Good quality
  • A large variety of symbols
  • Lines, shapes, and banners included


  • A less blocky alphabet would be welcome

5. Metal Bookmark

Although its options are limited, there are many reasons to love this sturdy stencil for bullet journaling. It’s the ideal choice for people who want to take stencils everywhere because it’s made of metal. At about seven by two-and-a-half inches, it is bookmark-sized.

This is an economical choice that contains basic shapes and symbols. No letters or numbers are included, but you may find the ruler useful.

Stencils are made of metal for durability, others say that the metal edges are hard on pens. If you’re using felt-tip pens, proceed with caution.

If you want an on-the-go stencil option that slips easily between the pages of your journal, you may love this product.


  • Made of metal
  • Includes a ruler and basic shapes


  • Can be destructive for pens

6. Stainless Steel Ruler Circle

Designed for the minimalist bujo enthusiast, this straightforward set has much to recommend it. Made of high-grade stainless steel, it’s undoubtedly a quality stencil that will last for years.

Arriving in a velvet pouch, this set of two pieces includes a rectangular sheet with symbols for bullets, weather, flags, symbols, and lines. Also included is a circle template that may be used as a habit tracker, calendar, and much more. The manufacturer notes that are suitable for use only with fine-tipped pens.

These straightforward stencils are just what they need to craft clear, concise layouts. However, they do caution against using delicate pens. High-quality craftsmanship makes these a solid choice for the no-fuss bujo enthusiast.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • A velvet pouch for storage
  • Covers all of the basics for minimalist bujo


  • May cause damage to delicate pens

7. 5ARTH Set – 30 Pieces

If you insist upon tremendous variety in your bujo, these have what you need. They are made of environmentally friendly PET. With numerous unique designs, this is a creative option.

This kit contains 30 pieces, including six square mandala templates. The other 24 pieces are four-by-seven rectangles containing a variety of symbols, icons, letters, and numbers. Categories included are travel, nature, sports, seasons, cooking, and much more.

Reviewers love that these for flexible yet sturdy. Plus, the variety is amazing, though one critic notes that some weren’t fully cut.

Overall, this is an inexpensive kit that boasts an incredible variety for the bujo artist.


  • Incredible variety
  • Good durability
  • Affordable and unique


  • May not be fully cut

8. Dotted Journal Stencil Set

This set contains four sheets made of mylar. With numbers and basic shapes and frames, this set may be all you need to transform your bujo. If you prefer a variety of bullet symbols as well as arrows and banners, this set is for you. Each page is five by seven for A5 journal compatibility. Fine-tip pens offer the best performance.

Users say that they like to use these for callouts or highlighting. However, critics say that a bigger variety is needed for enhanced visual interest.

If you want to keep things basic and you favor fine-tip pens, these may be all you need.


  • Basic contains
  • Can create highly readable bujo pages


  • Can only be used with fine-tip pens
  • You may need another set for more variety

Making the Decision

This handful of selections represents the best of the best. Whether you want to create highly detailed layouts using a variety of fonts and symbols or are seeking a more minimalist approach, you will find a helpful solution on this list.

While the metal options are more expensive than the plastic ones, it also is likely that they will prove to be more durable over time. However, with care, even the plastic versions can be quite durable. Regular cleaning and proper storage help to ensure that any stencils will stand the test of time.

When making a selection regarding the best bujo stencils for you, consider the types of pens that you prefer. Success in your bullet journaling will largely depend on this vital choice.

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