The Best Calligraphy Papers in 2024

Paper quality, material, and thickness play a significant role in your calligraphy practice. Paper not only helps calligraphy ink from bleeding or ghosting through the other side but can also help with how you control your pen while writing.

We searched the web to find the paper for calligraphy practice. During our research, we focused on the paper’s weight, measured in pounds, grams per square meter, or gsm, the size of the paper, the material used in the paper, and more. The result is our list of the papers to use for calligraphy available.

Best Calligraphy Papers:

1. Strathmore STR- 50 Sheet Tape Bound Calligraphy Pad


One of the papers for calligraphy ink is from Strathmore. This letter-sized pad of paper is 20-pound stock and the pages are tape-bound and tear out easily. This paper has a texture that holds ink well though a finer point tip may catch on the fibers of this paper.

People who use this paper love the texture which leaves little bleeding or feathering. They say that this paper is great for beginners as well as experts and that this is a good quality paper. One user even said that this paper is so thick and bleed-proof that they can write on both sides of the paper without ghosting.

Whether you are just beginning calligraphy or you’re a seasoned writer looking for a practice pad of paper, this Strathmore letter-sized calligraphy pad will be perfect for you.

2. HP Paper Printer Paper

If you are looking for printer paper for calligraphy, HP has what is right for you. This letter-sized paper is 32 pounds weight with a smooth finish that is easy to write on. This naturally white paper works easily in printers but is also great for writing letters in calligraphy.

Customers of this paper love how smooth it is and that it is fountain pen friendly. They say that while this paper is not great for printers because of its weight, it is great for fountain pen use without bleeding through.

Loose-leaf paper is great for writing letters or practicing calligraphy. Whether you are looking to send a handwritten letter to your pen pal or you are just looking for some smooth paper to practice with this thick HP printer paper will provide just what you are looking for.

With little to no bleeding or feathering, this paper is perfect for calligraphy.

3. Studio Series Calligraphy Paper Pad


If you prefer brush calligraphy the paper for brush calligraphy is the Studio Series calligraphy paper. This pad of paper is lined to perfectly guide your pen as you practice your calligraphy. Each thick sheet of paper is 140 gsm with a smooth finish to make writing easier.

People say that this paper is of great quality for the price and that it doesn’t bleed or ghost through the pages. Some say that the slanted lines on the page aren’t tilted to everyone’s preference, but that they are great for beginners just starting to learn calligraphy.

Studio Series provides a great practice pad for anyone who is beginning to learn calligraphy. With the slanted lines to provide a guide for writing to the smooth writing paper, this paper is perfect for practicing and honing your calligraphy skills. This affordable paper will make a great addition to your calligraphy supplies.

4. Canson XL Series Marker Calligraphy Paper Pad


This oversized pad of writing paper is a good paper for calligraphy. The paper is semi-translucent so you cannot necessarily easily write on both sides of the paper, but the 100 sheets of smooth acid-free paper will give you plenty of space to practice your handwriting.

The paper is 70 gsm which makes it lighter than most other papers on this list. Those who use this paper say that it is a great deal for the price. They say that the paper is smooth and works great with various types of calligraphy pens from metal nibs and glass tips to brush calligraphy pens.

This is a great paper that works well if you want to practice tracing calligraphy letters. The semi-translucent paper and lightweight of this paper make it great to trace letters and the smooth finish makes this paper easy to write on. This is a great pad of paper for beginners!

5. Rhodia Calligraphy Paper Notepad

One of the notebooks for calligraphy on the go is the Rhodia notepad. This paper is 6 x 8.25 inches which means that it is perfect for practicing handwriting on the go. The dot grid paper is 80 gsm and gives you a guide to practice writing in different sizes.

Frequent users of this paper love how smooth it is and say that the dots are light enough to provide a non-intrusive guide for practicing handwriting. People say that this pad of 80 sheets of paper is a great deal for the cheap price. They say that Rhodia makes the best paper they have ever used and many are loyal customers.

For a great pad of paper with dot grid lines for practicing calligraphy, the Rhodia staple-bound notepad is a great investment. This paper is a great deal for the price and perfect for beginners or experienced calligraphers.

6. Tomoe River FP Loose Calligraphy Paper Sheet

Tomoe River makes the paper for Tombow dual brush pens. This lightweight 52 gsm paper is half the thickness of copy paper and comes with 100 sheets. The paper is resistant to bleeding and feathering and comes in a variety of sizes either in loose sheets or pads of paper.

People say this paper is great for working with calligraphy pens and fountain pens. They do say that ink takes longer to dry on the paper because of the smooth texture of the paper so you will want to be aware of smearing the ink before it’s dry. They say that the silky texture of the paper is easy to write on and prevents feathering.

If you are looking for thin paper to practice your calligraphy on, Tomoe River makes a great smooth paper that is perfect for tracing calligraphy letters.

7. JapanBargain, Chinese Japanese Brush Calligraphy Rice Paper

This Japanese rice paper is some of the paper for calligraphy. If you prefer brush calligraphy or Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, this is the paper to use. You get 100 sheets of textured paper that are great for picking up brush calligraphy ink without feathering.

People say that this is a great paper for calligraphy and their ink colors show true on this exceptional paper. They appreciate how thin the paper is while still being durable and resistant to tearing. Many people agree that the ink dries quickly and evenly on this paper.

Whether you want to practice brush calligraphy or even fountain pen calligraphy, JapanBargain makes a great rice paper that holds ink nicely and is durable. The texture of the paper works great for holding ink without feathering. For the price, you can get 100 bright white sheets of gorgeous calligraphy paper.

8. Bienfang Calligraphic Practice Paper Pad

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If calligraphy lined paper is what you are looking for, Bienfang makes a great notepad with lined sheets for handwriting practice. For the price, you get 50 sheets of 74 gsm paper with a slanted grid to practice your calligraphy.

This oversized pad of paper is 9 x 12 inches to give you plenty of surface area to practice or write letters.

Customers who have used this paper say that ink does not bleed through the paper and the grid is great for practicing. They say that the quality and thickness of this paper prevent feathering and bleeding through the paper.

Whether you are a beginner in calligraphy and are looking for a guide to keep your letters the same size and evenly slanted then this pad of paper is the best option for you. This paper also works well if you have practiced calligraphy for years and would like slanted grid paper to perfect your handwriting.

9. Clairefontaine Blank Writing Calligraphy Paper


Another great paper on our review of calligraphy writing paper is one of for writing letters. This pad of paper is slightly larger than letter-sized at 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inches and comes with 50 smooth sheets for gorgeous handwritten letters.

This paper is a bit pricier than other papers on this list, but customers say that it is well worth it for the quality of stationery that you receive. People say that this fine notepad is great for practicing hand lettering as well as writing letters to family and friends.

While this pad of paper is a little more expensive, you are getting quality stationery that is perfect for practicing calligraphy. The size of the paper makes it perfect for writing calligraphy written letters to your loved ones. You are sure to love these high-quality papers.

10. Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy Paper Practice Book

The calligraphy practice paper comes in this calligraphy practice book. The book is standard letter-sized and has a slanted graph design to practice your lettering. With this book, you get 100 pages of bright white graph paper that is chlorine and acid-free.

Frequent users of this notepad appreciate the slanted grid to help them keep all their letters face in the same direction. They say that this paper does bleed ink so you may not be able to use both sides of each sheet. They love how well the paper holds ink, though there may be some ink feathering depending on the type of ink used.

This paper is perfect for beginners in calligraphy and will help you practice until you can write easily without a grid. For a budget-friendly price, you get a book with 100 pages of grid paper to practice your handwriting. This paper is a great investment in practicing your craft.

Making The Decision

This list of papers for calligraphy includes a variety of options for beginners and professionals alike. Whether you are looking for thin paper to practice tracing calligraphy letters or you prefer a slanted or dot grid to help guide your practice, there is something on this list for you.

The best way to find your favorite calligraphy paper is to test a few out and see what feels best for you. After you get a feel for the different types of paper available you will be able to decide what to purchase regularly.

There is sure to be something on this list that will exceed your expectations and get you excited about practicing calligraphy!

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