The Best Paper for Copic Markers in 2024

Are you disappointed that your Copic markers made a mess on your table or bled through your sketchbook? Though Copic markers are of high quality, they bleed through the paper that’s too thin. Get Life You Desire is experienced in finding high-quality paper for fun writing utensils because we are passionate about planners and related items.

What’s the paper for your Copic markers? We searched and analyzed Copic-friendly paper based on paper weight, surface smoothness, and reviews from Copic marker users to find the top 10 choices in Copic-friendly paper.

It’s important to have the paper for Copic markers and not the mediocre because your artwork will turn out as intended and it will save you frustration. We have provided all of the necessary information to help you make a good decision.

Best Paper for Copic Markers:

1. Hammermill Premium Paper For Copic Markers Color  Cover


With a cover weight of 80 pounds, Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover is a heavy paper suitable for Copic markers. Cover paper is thicker than text paper, which helps prevent bleed-through of markers.

The Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover paper also has an extra smooth surface that’s comfortable to draw on. If you want to print a design for writing or coloring on it with Copic markers, this is the paper for you. It can safely feed through your printer.

The colors display well on this cover paper. You can use it for creating design proposals, color photographs, brochures, flyers, and full-color presentations. Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover paper is acid-free, so it won’t yellow over time. This paper is a high-quality option if you want your artwork to last a long time.

Many customers consider this the paper for Copic markers. It’s high-quality paper at a low price. The ink from their Copic markers applies smoothly and stays vibrant.

When using dark colors, you may have to apply another layer to achieve the look you want. Copic marker ink dries fast and is absorbed well into the paper. The downside is you’ll need to apply more layers for quality blending.

Choose the Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover for an affordable, high-quality option in a paper suitable for Copic markers. The ink doesn’t bleed through, and the paper stays bright white for a long time.


  • 80-lb paper
  • 250 sheets
  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 100 Bright
  • Acid-free
  • Made in the USA
  • 99.99% jam-free guarantee
  • FSC certified


  • The paper is thick to prevent markers from bleeding through
  • Colors apply vibrantly
  • Copic markers glide smoothly across the paper
  • The paper doesn’t yellow over time


  • You need to apply more layers when blending or using dark colors

2. X-Press It Blending Paper For Copic Markers Card

As archival paper, the X-Press It Blending Card paper is ideal for projects you intend to last many generations. Archival paper is used for invaluable historical and legal publications. It’s also used when people want their personal photographs, text, and drawings to stand the test of time.

X-Press It Blending Card features an ultra-smooth surface and bright white color. Drawing on this paper with Copic markers is a comfortable writing experience. You can also effectively blend markers on this paper and run it through a printer.

The X-Press It Blending Card is considered by many people the paper to use with Copic markers. It’s one of the most popular choices among those who use Copic markers. Consumers praise this paper for its superb blend-ability.

X-Press It Blending Card is a reliable paper for Copic markers. You don’t need to worry about bleed-through or problems with quality blending.


  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 125 sheets
  • 250 gsm
  • Bright white
  • Archival
  • Acid-free
  • High surface saturation
  • Non-pilling
  • Compatible with laser and inkjet printers


  • Copic markers blend well on this paper
  • The paper lasts a long time without degrading because its archival quality
  • You can use the paper in your printer
  • The paper is thick
  • Smooth surface for an enjoyable drawing experience


  • Expensive

3. Canson XL Bristol Paper For Copic Markers Pad

If you’re looking for a pad, the Canson XL Bristol Pad has the paper for alcohol-based markers. Each pad has 25 sheets of 260 gsm paper. The paper is acid-free, so it doesn’t yellow over time.

Copic markers glide smoothly across this high-quality paper. You can scan the pages with ease if you want to transfer your drawings in a digital format. Blending with Copic markers turns out beautifully on the Canson XL Bristol Pad as well.

You can use pens, colored pencils, and pencils on this paper with ease. It has a smooth finish that’s comfortable for using Copic markers.

According to customers, the Canson XL Bristol Pad is perfect for illustration. They like that their Copic markers are absorbed by the paper just right. It neither absorbs too little nor too much ink.

Choose the Canson XL Bristol Pad if you want a high-quality drawing pad for your Copic markers that can be scanned well. It has one of the heaviest paper weights among marker paper.


  • Fold-over pad
  • 260 gsm
  • 25 sheets
  • 9″ x 12″
  • Bright white
  • Smooth finish
  • Scannable


  • The paper has the right level of absorption for an easy drawing experience
  • Colors apply accurately to the paper
  • Scans turn out beautiful due to the paper’s smooth finish
  • The paper doesn’t yellow with age
  • Inexpensive
  • You can use pencils, colored pencils, and pens on this paper too


  • Fineliners are slow to dry on this paper

4. Strathmore 400 Series Paper For Copic Markers Toned Gray Sketch Pad


The Strathmore 400 Series Toned Gray Sketch Pad has Copic-friendly paper intoned gray. It’s great to use for experimenting with light and dark media techniques.

You won’t have any problems with bleeding because the paperweight is 80 pounds. This sketch pad has a double wire binding along the left side for the convenient turning of the pages and sketching without worrying about bending pages.

For an affordable price, 50 sheets come in the sketch pad, making it a good value. Gel pens, pens, colored pencils, charcoal, sketching sticks, chalk, and graphite also work well on this paper. You can create beautiful work with a mixture of media.

The sheets are micro-perforation or trimmed, so you can remove them cleanly from the sketch pad if needed. They are also true to size. When you remove them from the sketch pad, the size will still be a perfect 9″ x 12″.

The Strathmore 400 Series Toned Gray Sketch Pad has high customer ratings. Consumers say that their drawings pop on this gray-toned sketch pad. Layers are easy to apply, and bleeding usually isn’t a problem. If you’re heavy-handed, then you may want to place a scrap sheet of paper underneath.

Customers have no trouble with tearing sheets out along the perforated marks. They also say the sketch pad works well for mixed media.

Not only is the Strathmore 400 Series Toned Gray Sketch Pad an affordable, high-quality option for Copic markers, but it’s also environmentally-friendly too. The sketch pad is made of recycled materials.


  • Sketch pad with double wire binding
  • Heavy chipboard backing
  • 80-lb paper
  • 9″ x 12″ paper
  • 50 sheets
  • Toned gray
  • Medium surface
  • Acid-free
  • Recycled
  • 30% post-consumer fiber
  • Made in the USA


  • The gray tone is perfect for making colors pop
  • Copic markers blend well on this paper
  • Sturdy backing
  • Made of recycled materials
  • You can cleanly tear out pages from the sketchpad
  • Inexpensive


  • You may need to place scrap paper underneath if you draw heavily

5. Crescent Rendr No Show Thru Paper For Copic Markers Wirebound Sketchbook

This sketchbook is designed to prevent any show-through on the other side of the sheet. Its paperweight is 110 pounds (180 gsm).

Featuring a double wire binding, the sketchbook is durable and will stay together longer than notebooks that only have single binding. The paper is acid-free to prevent yellowing with age.

Some customers say this is the sketchbook for alcohol markers. They haven’t experienced bleed-through or show-through while using Copic markers on this paper.

Other markers like Sharpie and Prismacolor don’t show through the paper either.

You can use a wide variety of media in the Crescent Rendr No Show Thru Paper Wirebound Sketchbook without the common problem of show-through.

One customer said that colors have a gray tone upon initial application but to not worry about it because the markers dry to their true colors.

They have had trouble finding good sketchbooks that don’t show Copic marker ink through the other side, so they view this sketchbook as worth buying.

If you enjoy the 8″ x 8″ format, then the Crescent Rendr No Show Thru Paper Wirebound Sketchbook is a must-have for Copic marker art. The sketchbook’s thick, smooth paper prevents show-through and displays colors true to color once they have dried.


  • Wirebound sketchbook
  • Double wire binding
  • 8″ x 8″
  • 110-lb paper
  • 32 sheets
  • Acid-free
  • Lignin-free
  • Made in the USA


  • No bleed-through or show-through
  • Plenty of other media can be safely used on paper
  • Doesn’t yellow with age
  • Durable


  • You may not like the 8″ x 8″ format

6. Arches Watercolor Cold Press Paper For Copic Markers Pad

The Arches Watercolor Cold Press Paper Pad features a light texture and fine grain. This type of paper reflects light well and allows for detailed strokes. You can achieve realistic drawings on this pad’s paper.

This brand’s paper is cylinder mold-made, resulting in long fibers that improve durability and resiliency. It’s also air-dried for additional strength and durability. You could easily consider it the paper for Copic sketch markers.

Arches have top-notch quality control. Each sheet of paper is inspected to ensure quality. It’s unlikely you would receive a defective sheet.

The Arches Watercolor Cold Press Paper Pad has a gsm of 300. Inks don’t penetrate the paper. You can erase without the paper linting or tearing as well.

The Arches Watercolor Paper Pad has excellent absorbency. Although it’s more expensive than other options on this list, many consumers say it provides value for money. Customers say they can effectively add layers and create realistic pieces.

Keep the Arches Watercolor Cold Press Paper Pad on hand when you want to create artwork designed to be displayed, last a long time, be sold, or be given as a gift. This high-quality paper delivers professional results. If you’re new to drawing, you may want to practice on other Copic-friendly paper to save money.


  • Pad
  • 10″ x 14″
  • Cold press
  • 140-lb (300 gsm) paper
  • 12 sheets
  • 100% Cotton
  • No brightening agents
  • Gelatin sized to the core


  • Each sheet undergoes quality control during the manufacturing process
  • The paper doesn’t warp
  • No bleed-through
  • Strong, resilient, and long-lasting


  • Expensive
  • Only 12 sheets in the pad

7. Borden & Riley #234 Paris Paper For Copic Markers Pad

This pad’s paper has a smooth, hard surface that’s comfortable to draw on and allows for high-quality artwork. Several professional artists use the Borden & Riley #234 Paris Paper for Pens Pad.

As an archive-quality paper, it is designed to last a long time without degrading. The Borden & Riley #234 Paris Paper for Pens Pad features a high paperweight to handle all markers and pens. Fountain pen artists have been just as pleased as Copic marker artists with the quality of this paper.

The Borden & Riley #234 Paris Paper for Pens Pad is excellent for calligraphy, manga illustrations, technical illustrations, comics, and other fine-line pen and ink artwork. Markers and pens don’t feather, bleed, wick, or break up on this quality paper.

Customers say Copic markers work well on this paper. They don’t have trouble with the ink bleeding. Customers also like the smoothness of the paper. It barely has any texture. A pet portrait artist who uses Copic markers loves using this paper in their work.

Other artists say this paper is their paper of choice for marker and pen work.

Choose the Borden & Riley #234 Paris Paper for Pens Pad if you enjoy drawing manga, comics, or other fine-lined artwork with Copic markers. The archival paper is of great quality and lasts for many years without degradation.


  • 9″ x 12″
  • 108-lb paper
  • 40 sheets
  • White
  • Smooth surface
  • Acid-free
  • Archive-quality
  • Bleed-proof
  • Non-wicking


  • Can be used with all markers and pens
  • Isn’t too absorbent
  • Smooth surface
  • No bleed-through, feathering, wicking, or breaking up
  • As archival paper, it lasts a long time


  • Marker ink may show through on the other side of the sheet during heavy layering

8. Bee Paper Artist Paper For Copic Markers Pad

Bee Paper Artist Marker Paper Pads are good sketchbooks for Copics because they have thick paper and an ultra-smooth surface.

The paper also works well with other types of markers, crow quill pens, and pen and ink. Copic markers can be blended on this paper and don’t bleed through.

The Bee Paper Artist Marker Paper Pad doesn’t have as high absorbency as other options, which can be a pro or a con depending on your preferences. Marker ink won’t be used up as quickly, but you lose quality in bendability and heavy layering.

Customers who use Copic markers on this sketch pad’s paper say they can add numerous thick layers without problems. Their markers tend to last longer when drawing on this paper compared to other Copic-friendly papers as well.

The paper isn’t overly absorbent, which lets their marker ink last longer. People have found the Bee Paper Artist Marker Paper Pad great for calligraphy, sketching, card making, and drawing.

The Bee Paper Artist Marker Paper Pad is a good choice if you need Copic-friendly paper for calligraphy or sketching. It doesn’t absorb a lot of ink and produces beautiful scans when you want to transfer your artwork onto the computer.


  • Pad
  • 11″ x 17″
  • 110-lb paper
  • 50 sheets
  • White
  • Ultra smooth surface
  • Acid-free
  • Made in the USA


  • Looks good when scanned
  • Doesn’t yellow over time
  • The paper doesn’t have very high absorbency, so your marker ink isn’t used up as quickly
  • Thick paper
  • Great for calligraphy, sketching, and card-making


  • It May show through if you draw heavily and add a lot of layers

9. Deleter Comic Book Paper Markers

No products found.

Founded in 1984, Deleter is a trusted manufacturer of comic supplies. Professional cartoonists use this brand.

Deleter Comic Book Paper can be used for creating comics or manga. The paper has a heavy weight that takes Copic marker and manga ink well. It’s smooth with a fine grain. 40 pages are included in each pack.

Some manga and comic book artists find Deleter Comic Book Paper, a Japanese import, the paper for Copic markers.

Consumers who used Copic markers on this paper said they work well without bleeding through. They also like that the blue photo guidelines don’t show up in the final print.

Deleter Comic Book Paper is an excellent paper to choose if you want to create manga or comic book series using Copic markers.


  • Manga and comic book paper
  • Page boxes
  • Cutting marks
  • A4 size
  • Fine-grained
  • 40 pages per Pad


  • No bleed-through of Copic markers or manga inks
  • Comics and manga look professional on the beautifully smooth, fine-grained paper
  • The photo guidelines aren’t visible in the final print


  • Some customers say wet media damages the paper

Tips on Choosing

Paper Weight

The most important feature to look at when choosing a paper to use with Copic markers is the paperweight. In general, paper that has a higher weight is capable of greater ink absorption. Paper that has a low weight is more susceptible to bleeding.

Paperweight is measured in either pounds or GSM. Typical printer paper is around 20 pounds (74 gsm). For good Copic marker paper, you want a paperweight no lower than 70 pounds (104 gsm).

Printer paper is available at 70 lbs and is often referred to as card stock paper because it’s designed for printing postcards, tickets, paperback book covers, and catalog covers. This type of paper is good for Copic marker practice.


Choose a beginner-friendly paper if you’re new to using Copic markers. Paper that allows ink to sit on the surface longer before drying is good for beginners.

If you prefer thin sheets of paper, then be aware you may have a more difficult time finding the right paper for Copic markers. However, you do have a few great options that were included above. Keep in mind that thinner Copic marker paper may take longer to dry than thick paper.

Alcohol-Based Markers Friendly

Check that the paper you buy can handle alcohol-based markers. Copic markers are alcohol-based markers. For greater assurance, it’s best to check reviews for people who have used Copic markers on that paper. This paper isn’t always bad. Marker paper tends to be on the thin side yet it has greater density to help prevent bleed-through.

Manga and illustration paper are similar to marker paper but are heavier. Copic markers will interact differently with the paper, so you may have to adjust to it at first. Manga and illustration paper, otherwise, are suitable types of paper for Copic markers.

Personal Needs

Each person has their style of inking and blending, which will play a role in determining which paper is best for you. Experiment with the top choices in a paper for Copics to find your favorite.

Texture matters when you choose art paper. The rough paper absorbs ink fast, which means you need to work quickly if you need to blend colors. People who do a lot of blending prefer smooth paper because they can achieve better results with more time to blend.


When it comes to using markers, most artists enjoy the feel of smooth texture as well. Ink lay down via markers is more enjoyable on smooth paper. Rough paper tends to create drag. Some even find it a frustrating drawing experience.

The heavy paper is usually good at preventing feathering, a problem that occurs when ink spreads outside of its initial application area. Feathering happens when the paper has become too saturated.

As you try different papers with Copic markers, take notes on how they performed and whether or not you liked them. This helps you remember which paper to avoid and which to buy.

Making the Decision

For beginners, the paper for Copic markers is Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover and X-Press It Blending Card. The Hammermill paper is a great practice paper for artists of all experiences because you get a lot in the pack at a low cost. X-Press It Blending Card is expensive, so you may want to save it for important pieces.

The X-Press It Blending Card is suitable for more experienced artists as well. It’s one of the most popular papers used for Copic markers.

Affordable choices in sketchbooks and pads that have high-quality paper for Copic markers are the Strathmore 400 Series Toned Gray Sketch Pad, Canson XL Bristol Pad, and Bee Paper Artist Marker Paper Pad.

Choose the toned gray sketch pad if you deal in realistic art or you want your colors to pop. Its mid-toned color enables you to create a greater impact with contrasting light and dark. As a 400 Series sketchbook from the brand, it’s considered the quality for advanced artists.

Which paper you choose for your Copic markers depends mostly on your artistic style. There is something for everyone among this top 10 list of the paper for Copic markers

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