The Best Easels for Painting in 2024

Are you tired of having a crick in your neck because you have to hunch over your canvas as it lies on the kitchen table? If so, then it’s time to invest in a quality easel.

Easels are among the most crucial artistic tools. They not only make it more comfortable for you to work but also they can improve your technique.

Using an easel even lets you take better advantage of the available light. With so many options available, it isn’t easy to find art easels for artists. The options presented here were chosen based on their price, quality, value, sturdiness, and durability after rigorous testing.

The right easel allows your work to shine. You may even find that you enjoy working more whether you are a professional or a hobbyist. Read on to discover some of the easels on the market today.

Best Easels for Painting:

1. T-SIGN 66-Inch Reinforced Artist Easel Stand


Made of extra-thick aluminum metal, this easel is surprisingly sturdy yet light enough to take with you anywhere you go. It’s a lightweight portable easel, and because it won’t break the bank, it’s highly recommended for novice and seasoned artists alike.

Because it folds down to a mere 21″, this is the perfect easel to take on the road. It can easily fit into most backpacks and tote bags. If you need to adjust the height or angle of the easel while it’s in use, just use the handy adjustment knobs.

Surprisingly strong, this easel can hold a canvas that weighs as much as 25 pounds. Canvases of up to 33″ inches high and 1.2″ deep can easily be accommodated thanks to the spring-loaded clamp at the top that holds your work in place.

Each of the tripod’s legs can be individually adjusted for uneven terrain, and with a two-year warranty, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

Fans of this product say that it is well-designed and built to stand the test of time. However, some critics wish that the easel could be locked into place once it’s been adjusted.

This excellent easel is perfectly portable and endlessly adjustable.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Holds good-sized canvases


  • Doesn’t lock into place

2. US Art Supply Easy-Folding Easel

This affordable and well-constructed model is an outstanding selection for people who are seeking inexpensive easels. It’s made of steel and features a powder-coated finish in gloss black. With non-slip rubber feet as well, this easel is built for sturdiness and durability.

Despite being made of steel, this is a lightweight easel. Its maximum height is 63″ inches yet it folds down to just 15″ for easier storage and transport.

This affordable easel can hold work that is at most five pounds, so this is something to keep in mind.

Equipped with moveable plastic clips, it’s possible to display artwork of varying sizes on this easel. The three legs are fully adjustable and have an elastic cord running down their hollow centers for an incredibly fast set-up.

People love these easels, but they do caution that they won’t hold anything heavy.

If you want to display or paint small works of art, this may be the ideal easel.


  • Inexpensive
  • Steel construction
  • Non-slip rubber tips on feet


  • The five-pound weight limit is restrictive

3. Quartet Easel


With its ability to support five pounds, this easel isn’t appropriate for your heaviest pieces. However, lightweight works can be displayed and worked on with ease.

The maximum height on this adjustable easel is 63″. If you’re looking for a drawing easel for adults, then this one is a good bet with its adjustable display.

It’s built to travel with you as it collapses to a length of just 15″. You can adjust the height of your display by moving the display holders.

However, it is not possible to adjust the length of the legs. This means that this easel is not suitable for tabletop use, and it may not have stability on uneven terrain.

A one-year warranty assures that you’ll be able to get your money back if things go wrong within 12 months. People appreciate how easy it is to set up, and they like the legs that collapse like tent poles.

This affordable option may be just what the artist needs for their drawing sessions.


  • Easy set-up
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Legs cannot be adjusted to varying heights

4. Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Adjustable Desk Box Easel


If you are looking for the tabletop easel for painting, then you’ve probably found it. This natural wood easel comes at a bargain price and features a handle for easy portability.

You can work on a canvas of up to 11″ by 14″. Beneath the work surface is a handy drawer that’s divided into three compartments where you can store brushes and other necessities.

Essentially a miniature, portable desk, this easel can be adjusted to four different angles to accommodate your style and medium. This all-in-one product is perfectly lightweight yet sturdy enough for regular use.

Artists say that this little convertible desk makes their lives easier. The handle and drawer are universally praised. Artists use this desk and easel for a wide range of projects in addition to painting.

Nonetheless, some say that they wish the easel had a less drastic angle setting for watercolors.

If you are looking for an easel that you can take with you to work on projects, then you will love this model with its storage drawer.


  • Ingenious design
  • Helpful storage
  • Perfectly portable


  • No angle that’s particularly well-suited for watercolors

5. Artify Double Tier Easel Stand

The extra-tall height of these professional artist easels makes them a spectacular choice for larger pieces of art. Its maximum height is 73″, which also makes it ideal for taller painters.

However, this easel is fully adjustable. It can be shortened to fit on a tabletop or to accommodate a smaller artist. A self-tightening clamp holds your work in place while non-slip feet ensure that the legs don’t slide away.

The easel is made from an aluminum alloy, ensuring that it is lightweight and durable. It comes with spare parts and a carrying bag for easy transport.

This double-tier model provides you with plenty of options for holding or displaying your artwork.

Fans of this easel say that it’s easy to assemble and adjust. They love how it folds up for travel and can hold as much as 11 pounds. However, a few critics are upset that there is no locking mechanism on the legs.

This Artify easel is a great selection for tall artists or for those who are working on larger pieces.


  • Extra-tall, 73″ height
  • Fully adjustable
  • Holds as much as 11 pounds


  • No locking mechanism on the legs

6. Audio-Visual Direct Lightweight Aluminum Telescoping Display Easel

Painting easel reviews suggest that this black, 70″ easel is strong and sturdy. It’s rated to support as much as 25 pounds. Accordingly, this may be the most heavy-duty entry on this list.

Made with lightweight but strong aluminum, this easel features a satin anodized finish. It’s attractive enough to have on permanent display.

The telescoping legs may adjust anywhere from 37″ to 70″. Set-up and take-down require just seconds.

Special rubber grips hold your work in place at the bottom while non-slip rubber feet prevent the easel from sliding across the floor.

Thanks to extra-strength clamps on the legs, you can trust this easel to stay at whatever height you set it to.

Fans of this easel love that it arrives fully assembled and ready to go. The item’s sturdiness also is widely praised. However, some people wish that there was a clamp at the top of the easel to provide the artwork with better stability.

When a sturdy easel is called for, this is the one to use.


  • Extra sturdy
  • Holds up to 25 pounds
  • 70″ height


  • No top clamp to secure the artwork

7. Quartet Easel, Instant Easel Stand, Heavy-Duty


Standing 64″ tall and supporting 10 pounds, this tripod is perfect for many art projects. These might be the easels for painting if you’re looking for a product that’s built to stand the test of time.

With a folded size of 25″, this may not be the smallest or most portable easel. Still, it’s not huge, and it weighs in at just over three-and-a-half pounds.

This means that it could fit into many totes and backpacks with ease. Storage also is no problem.

One of the nicest features of this easel is how adjustable the clasps are for holding your work. Clasps are only available for the bottom of your work, but they can be placed at any height along the legs. Accordingly, this easel can accommodate quite large canvasses.

Set-up and take-down require only seconds, and you probably don’t even need instructions, at least according to most users. Nonetheless, some people wish that there was a top clamp to better hold artwork in place so that it doesn’t rebound with heavier paint strokes.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Holds up to 10 pounds
  • Fully adjustable bottom clamps


  • No top clamp to hold artwork in place

8. AmazonBasics Presentation Display Easel Stand

This painting easel for beginners is equipped with a telescoping tripod base so that the height is adjustable. At the top is a pad holder that can hold a flip chart or easel pad.

Thanks to its adjustable height, this easel can be used on a tabletop or the floor. Users may either sit or stand in comfort.

With helpful support, this easel is sturdy, and it comes with a one-year warranty. The easel is constructed from lightweight aluminum and folds down to support portability.

It’s easy to put this easel together according to people who have used it. They also appreciate how sturdy this model is. Some people would be happier if it came with a carry bag for easier portability.

This AmazonBasics easel works well for art projects and business presentations.


  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable height
  • Extra supports for legs


  • No carry case

9. T-SIGN Two-pack of 66″ Reinforced Artist Easel Stands

Constructed using extra-thick aluminum, this heavy-duty painting easel is prepared to support as much as 25 pounds. A two-pack of these easels is the perfect gift idea for the prolific artist. It’s also a great option for the artist who wants an established easel in their studio and another easel that they can take on the go.

These easels feature excellent wind resistance thanks to their thicker metal. Nonetheless, they each weigh just over three pounds.

This means that they are well-suited to being transported. A spring-loaded top clamp keeps your work in place. Each leg may be independently adjusted to accommodate uneven terrain.

Each leg is equipped with a non-slip base for added stability. With so many options for adjusting the height, these easels may be used on tables or the floor.

They also can be adjusted to work with artists who prefer sitting as opposed to standing.

Artists love how adjustable these easels are, and the fact that they are incredibly portable is a huge plus. Some artists buy several sets of these easels so that they can take them to shows. However, some users were disappointed by the lack of assembly instructions.

With two easels for an affordable price, this is an outstanding value. With the ability to hold 25 pounds and heavy-duty construction, this easel is built for long-term use.


  • Can hold up to 25 pounds
  • A set of two
  • Legs are independently adjustable


  • No assembly instructions

10. Ohuhu Artist Easel

This 66″, aluminum easel is fully adjustable so that it can be used on any surface. It can vary from 21″ to its full height for placement on the floor or a tabletop.

The top of the easel is fitted with a spring-loaded clamp to hold your work in place. An adjustable bracket lets you control the display area so that a work of nearly any size may be accommodated.

With completely adjustable legs, this easel is sturdy when placed on uneven ground.

Considered a good-quality easel, this Ohuhu model features a quick-lock system so that you can trust that it will stay in place even during those long work sessions.

The canvas bar that holds the bottom of the work is adjustable to give you even more options.

Because this easel features such outstanding adjustments, it’s a favorite of many artists. The affordable price helps. A few critics do say that this easel doesn’t hold anything heavy.

Artists who are on a budget, but demand an easel with plenty of adjustment and want to be able to lock the legs in place will love this product.


  • Fully adjustable
  • Strong clamp for holding artwork
  • Quick-lock system for stability


  • Won’t hold anything over five pounds

Factors to Consider

Before you buy an easel, it is wise to consider what medium you will be working with. If you work with watercolors or any other medium that might run, then you’ll want an easel either with a very low angle or one that lies flat. On the other hand, an easel for pastel painting needs to be virtually vertical so that the dust falls away from the piece.

Accordingly, one of the most important considerations when purchasing an easel is the angle at which it will hold your work. Some easels are adjustable so that you can choose to what degree your canvas rests. This also may make it more comfortable for you to work for long periods.

Another critical factor to weigh is where you will be working. If you will be in a studio, then you probably want an easel that is quite heavy and sturdy because portability isn’t a concern.

The heavier and sturdier an easel is, the longer it is likely to last. Moreover, it will probably be able to support a much heavier load than a portable easel, which increases your options.

Artists who will be working in the field or who are interested in traveling for their work will want a lighter-weight, portable easel. Many of these can be set up or torn down in seconds, and they weigh less than three pounds. When folded, they can measure less than 15″ in length, which makes them easy to pack up and go.

If you will be working in a variety of settings, then you want your easel to boast plenty of adjustability. Ideally, the height can be adjusted to accommodate larger works or a taller artist.

As these easels usually are tripods, it’s an advantage to be able to adjust each of the legs independently of the others. This means that the easel maintains perfect stability while on uneven terrain.

Don’t forget to take a look at how each easel holds your work. Some simply allow your canvas to rest on a pair of rubberized clamps while others feature clamps at both the top and bottom.

If you paint with a light hand, you may not need the top clamp. However, if you have a heavier hand or prefer broader strokes, you may need the added stability of a top clamp to keep your work in place.


Do I even need an easel?

Depending on which medium you are working with, an easel can make a demonstrable difference. If you’re sitting as you paint, you can angle the canvas toward you so that the top is easier to reach. If you’re standing, you’ll be able to reach every corner of the canvas without straining.

As you work, you can adjust the height and angle of the canvas, allowing you to use broad, confident strokes. The easel also holds your work away from accidental spills and other mishaps that might destroy your efforts.

Are artist’s easels portable?

If you’re relatively new to painting, you may have gotten acquainted with a large, stationary, wooden easel in the classroom. However, that’s just one type of easel. Easels for oil painting may be made of lightweight metal and designed to collapse in seconds.

Weighing less than three pounds, these models can be packed up and taken anywhere. They also are affordable so new artists don’t have to break the bank.

Are easels expensive?

While it is possible to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a deluxe, professional-quality easel, this is not necessary.

The investment may be worthwhile for a professional who spends hours each day working in the studio. For the hobbyist or part-time artist, there’s no need to go to this expense.

Functional, high-quality easels may have a surprising number of features as far as adjustability and portability, making them an excellent value.

If you already have children and you want them to develop creativity, check out our art easels for kids, they can be used not only for entertainment but also for learning.

Making the Decision

If you’re an aspiring artist who is looking to take their work to the next level, then you’ve probably wondered what is the easel for painting. Several reliable and sturdy options have been presented here.

Among the best of these is the Ohuhu Artist Easel because of its superior ability to adjust to working in any conditions. However, if you tend to work with much larger, heavier canvases, then you may be more attracted to an Audio-Visual Direct Lightweight Aluminum Telescoping Display Easel. With its ability to support up to 25 pounds, this may be the ideal option for you.

Among the more budget-friendly options are the T-SIGN 66″ easel and the US Art Supply Easy-Folding Easel. If the price is your primary concern, then one of these choices may be just what you need.

Use this list as your guide to choosing the easel for you. Chances are good that your work will vastly improve with the support of a quality easel.

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