The Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners in 2024

Students will always need access to a pencil sharpener. Not just for their No. 2 pencils, but to be able to sharpen their colored pencils as well. Providing an electrical sharpener that will offer an easy-to-use and reliable sharpening result is important for the least disruption to the school day.

We compared not only the prices and the features but also how large the sharpener is. A sleek, compact sharpener will fit easily on the desk and be more appealing to the eye. Getting an electric pencil sharpener is necessary for a classroom that relies on pencils to complete work.

Don’t waste money buying a new sharpener every school year. Get a sharpener that is economical and durable. Being a teacher can already be stressful. Let us help you take away some of the stress by providing you with pencil sharpeners for the classroom.

Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners:

1. Ruyia Electric Classroom Pencil Sharpener

Great quality and performance that will keep students safe from mishaps. This sharpener features an automatic shut-off on the side and an LED light that turns on when the sharpener is in use. A powerful motor will keep pencils sharp and ready for class.

Backed with a lifetime replacement policy the pencil sharpener will not “eat” pencils and will stop once the pencil is sharpened. Easy to operate and clean, even toddlers can use it safely. The steel blade is stronger and more resistant than typical sharpener blades.

Customers love the ease of use. The sharpener works well and lasts a long time. One of the nicest features is its ability to travel. It can be used with batteries or a power cord without losing its high function. This is a nice sharpener that will give you a lot of features at a lower price.

For a pencil sharpener that is above the rest and will last, this is the heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener for the classroom.


  • Great price
  • Won’t “eat” pencils
  • Auto shut off


  • Works best with a power cord
  • Won’t sharpen primary pencils

2. School Smart Electric Pencil Sharpener

This is one of the top school pencil sharpeners. It is easy to use and includes a convenient auto-stop safety feature. Designed for the classroom it is high quality and durable for students to use.

The sharpener features outlet power with a 5-foot cord and a large shaving receptacle that makes cleanup easy. An auto shut-off feature is also included, and the pencil sharpener will stop when the pencil is sharpened, and ready for use.

Customers prefer this sharpener because it is designed with the classroom in mind. It works well with all typical No. 2 pencils and colored pencils. The sharpener is durable and reliable in the classroom.

As one of the top school pencil sharpeners, it can withstand the use students will provide. It is also very easy to care for and will not be disappointing within a few months. Designed for the heavy use a classroom requires, it will continue to put in the work for students.


  • Includes a power cord
  • Large shaving receptacle
  • Designed with teachers in mind


  • Won’t sharpen primary pencils
  • Must use cord

3. AFMAT Long Point Pencil Sharpener Electric Artist Pencil Sharpener

For the price, this is one of the great electrical pencil sharpeners for teachers. It can handle daily use in the classroom and is kid-friendly. The compact design can hold plenty of shavings and doesn’t break the lead while sharpening.

It features a fast and durable steel blade. It will automatically stop at the perfect point and will not break the lead. Power can be supplied by batteries, a USB cable, or an AC power adapter. Should the sharpener get warm or the shaving container becomes open it will automatically shut off for safety. The bottom has a non-slip rubber base for added safety.

Customers enjoy the design and ease of use. It has top access, so it takes up less space on a desk and is round. Most customers say to use the cord for better results.

For the price and its abilities, this is one of the great electric pencil sharpeners for teachers. Though the battery function is not the best, the majority of teachers would not be using that function when in the general classroom.


  • Ease of use
  • Good Price
  • Quickly sharpens


  • Must use cord
  • Will not sharpen primary pencils

4. School Smart Vertical Electric Pencil Sharpener


Contemporary design that offers a top opening for sharpening pencils. The design not only looks good on the desk, but it offers ease of use also. It’s a highly effective sharpener with a modernized design.

An extra large and transparent shaving receptacle makes it easier to dump shavings without the mess. It features an auto pencil stop for a perfect point each time. Also included are rubber pads on the bottom of the unit for safety.

Customers prefer this heavy-duty sharpener because of its sleek design and ease of use. It is highly effective and sharpens pencils quickly. The sharpener will last a long time and though it is cheaper than many, it still gives a great pencil-sharpening experience. Never disappointed with this sharpener.

This is one of the heavy-duty pencil sharpeners for the classroom. The sleek design makes for an eye-pleasing site and durable use for the classroom. IT will fit nicely on a desk and will not require a lot of unnecessary space.


  • Affordable price point
  • Durability
  • Heavy-duty


  • Will not sharpen primary pencils
  • Noisy

5. X-Acto School Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener

This is one of the top-rated electric pencil sharpeners for classroom use. It provides six different sizes of pencils. It has a rugged construction that will provide dependable performance day after day.

Features a helical cutter so that pencils are not over-sharpened. The electrical motor is powerful and quiet so it will not disturb other students when in use. Designed to fit all the different needs in the classroom.

Customers prefer this sharpener because of the performance of its sharpener. It is great for classrooms that use primary pencils and can sharpen colored pencils as well. The sharpener does have some shaving dust that will escape, but it is minimal and is not a deal breaker for the cost and features that are available with this sharpener.

This is one of the top-rated electric pencil sharpeners for classroom use and for the price it can’t be beaten. It will continue to give good results for the lifetime of the product.

It is also able to work great in a primary or special education classroom that uses larger pencils for writing.


  • Sharpens 6 different sizes
  • Durable, helical blade
  • Large shaving receptacle


  • Shavings can escape
  • The pin can break off the shaving receptacle

6. Tihoo Electric Pencil Sharpener, Fully Automatic Rechargeable Large Pencil Sharpener

This pencil sharpener can run on batteries or a power cord. It is fast and powerful with an auto-stop feature for safety.

Designed for the classroom this pencil sharpener works quickly to get pencils to the perfect point. It automatically stops with the pencil is sharpened and will deposit any broken lead to the shavings. A large capacity shavings container makes it easy to clean and lasts throughout the day.

Customers prefer this sharpener because of its ease of use and the quality of its design. It works hard so that you don’t have to. It works well with batteries or the provided USB plug.

This is one of the pencil sharpeners for the classroom and works well. Teachers prefer it because students can use it easily and it is durable.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Large shavings container


  • Do not sharpen primary pencils
  • Not very quiet

7. LD Electric Pencil Sharpener

A heavy-duty pencil sharpener that is kid-friendly. It is durable enough to survive kids sharpening and can be used for years without issues. Perfect for traveling, it can be used with batteries or the included AC adapter.

Features an auto stop function for safety and to provide the perfect pencil point. Use any average-sized pencils. Features a lifetime warranty that will give you a new sharpener should anything ever happen to the original.

Customers choose this sharpener because it comes with a warranty, it is easy to use and is safe for children. The sharpener has been durable and will last year after year.

Should for some reason it begins to have problems it is easy to contact the company and use the lifetime warranty. The multiple sharpening points are also a great feature that is great for colored pencils or those using the sharpener in an art classroom.

This is a great pencil sharpener at a great price. It will provide excellent experiences throughout the school year.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Safety shut off
  • Multiple sharpness settings


  • Will not sharpen primary pencils
  • Can go through batteries quickly

8. Zmol Electric Pencil Sharpener


A panda-shaped pencil sharpener that will sharpen colored pencils and No. 2 pencils. Also available in a cat shape. It can sharpen over 6000 times before the blade will wear out. Provides a customized sharpening experience.

Features a button that will customize the sharpness of the lead point. It is fast and stable for classroom use. Featuring non-skid pads for added safety. The sharpener will auto-start when you stick the pencil in and will shut off when the pencil is done.

Customers enjoy this sharpener because it provides a unique and customizable experience. A lifetime satisfaction guarantee is also included. The sound is minimal and will not overheat. Pencils are sharpened fast and accurately.

It is a whimsical sharpener that will last.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Works quickly and quietly
  • Can choose sharpness


  • Large sharpener
  • Stab a panda in the eye to sharpen

9. CNASA Electric Pencil Sharpener

This is an electric sharpener that can work on any No. 2 pencil or similar-sized pencils. Perfect for the classroom or at home it comes with a USB cable for added convenience. It is perfect for school-aged children and will take care of any sharpening needs.

A compact design makes it fit well on a desk or writing center. Pencils must be held tightly for the sharpening mechanism to work and it will sharpen to a fine point. Works well with batteries or the USB cable.

Customers enjoy this sharpener because of its price and its ability to get the job done. It will sharpen pencils and provide a good experience for all who use them. The battery door is not as sturdy as some would expect, but for the price and the way it works, this is not a deal breaker to customers.

For the price, this pencil sharpener will get the job done. Depending on what you are looking for there are other options to consider.


  • Quick and efficient sharpening
  • Easy to empty container


  • The battery door is not sturdy
  • Must grip pencil tightly to sharpen
  • Only sharpen one size

10. X-ACTO Mighty Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener


Designed for high-volume environments that require a lot of pencils to be sharpened. It has some of the best capabilities available to a pencil sharpener and is dependable year after year.

Keep your pencils safe and minimize waste with the auto sharpen feature that will not allow the machine to over-sharpen a pencil.

Features a dial that allows 6 different sizes of pencils to be sharpened. It also includes a dual helical cutter that will sharpen pencils to precision. Features an auto-reset and SafeStart functions to protect the sharpener and people before, during, and after use.

Customers prefer this sharpener because of its precision and ability to perform. Designed for high-volume use this sharpener will stand up to continuous use. It even includes an internal fan to make sure that it will not overheat. While it is being used.

Performance design is flawless and will protect expensive artist pencils from waste. Compact design that offers high output.

It offers the ability to work at a high capacity and can stand up to the constant use a classroom may require. Though loud it can get the job done consistently and efficiently.


  • Dual helical blades to sharpen
  • Six different sizes of pencils can be sharpened
  • Auto-shut off to minimize waste


  • Cost
  • Loud

Choose Your Classroom Sharpener Today

Pencil sharpeners are a necessary item in the classroom. Manual sharpeners are not as efficient or effective and will not hold up to the constant use of sharpening.

Getting an electric pencil sharpener for the classroom is important. Not only because you do not want to waste money on buying a sharpener every other year or month, but because it will be used often by students. Get a sharpener that will work and provide excellent results every time.

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