The Best Multicolor Pens in 2024

There are many reasons to add multicolor pens to your office supply collection. You can use different colors to denote specific categories in your bullet journal or keep more organized notes in class or at the office.

In our search to find the multicolor pens to help get your life in order, we analyzed the variety of colors, the durability of the pens, the ink type, and the quality, and comfort aspects of each pen.

Whether you are looking to add more color to your art or want to better organize your bullet journal, this list of the top multicolor pens will help you find just what you need.

Best Multicolor Pens:

1. Hicarer 16 Pack Multicolor Pens


The Hicarer brand may not be well known, but this beautiful set of multicolor pens offers 8 different colors to keep your work organized and colorful.

This clear, plastic barreled pen allows you to see each of the six different colors available. Each retractable pen features a plastic pocket clip and ink cartridges including black, blue, red, orange, yellow, pink, green, and purple ink colors.

Users love this pen for organizing their planners and for smooth-flowing ink. They say that the price is extremely reasonable for the product and they would purchase it again.

With the clear plastic barrel making it easy to choose which color to use and a pen that writes smoothly each time, this set of 16 pens is among the great multicolored pens available.


  • The clear barrel makes it easy to see which colors are available to you and the retractable buttons allow you to switch between colors quickly and easily.
  • This economical pack comes with 16 multicolor pens.
  • Each pack comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Occasionally the fine tip of these pens is known to skip while writing.

2. BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point


Bic is a well-known and trusted brand of writing and office supplies. This traditional multicolor pen offers green, blue, black, and red ink.

One of the oldest and top multicolor ballpoint pens available today, the BIC 4-Color offers a plastic body and pocket clip and four distinct colors to write with. The 1.0mm medium point allows for bold lines with smooth-flowing ink.

This pen is a classic among note-takers and bullet journalists. They love the pen for its durability thick, comfortable barrel, and ease with which they can switch between colors.

One of the first widely available multicolor pens on the market, the Bic brand still provides the same great quality with this pen.


  • The pens have a hole to attach a lanyard to for easy travel to organize on the go.
  • Each ink color is refillable so you can use the pen over and over for years.


  • There is no rubberized grip on this pen which can make it uncomfortable for long-term use.
  • These pens have been known to leak from time to time, so they should be stored properly to avoid messes.

3. uni JETSTREAM 4&1 Ballpoint Multi Pen

This is one of the most versatile multicolor pens available today. The Uni Jetstream allows you to sketch your plans in pencil before putting ink to page, allowing for excellent planning and organization.

Not only does this stylish pen offer four medium-point pen colors, but this unique design also integrates a fine-point mechanical pencil as well.

These pens are loved by many for their comfort and versatility. Frequent users of this pen are repeat buyers and love how one pen can help with so much organization.

If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish pen with a variety of barrel color choices, this is the pen for you.


  • The width of the barrel and rubberized grip allow for hours of comfortable writing or sketching.
  • The integrated pencil allows you to plan and erase if need be, before putting your ideas down in ink.
  • Each color is replaceable, and the durable body will ensure that you can use this pen for years.


  • Some ink colors may run out more quickly than others so you may want to keep a supply of ink refills on hand.

4. Paper Mate InkJoy Quatro Retractable Ballpoint Pens


This pack of three pens includes two with standard black, red, blue, and green ink. There is also a third pen with pink, purple, green, and teal ink as well.

Each pen has a plastic barrel with four distinct ink colors and a plastic pocket clip. The medium tip is great for bold and colorful lines and the rubberized grip enhances the comfort of writing with this pen.

With a choice of eight different colors, these affordable pens would make a great contribution to your journal or note-taking supplies.


  • The easy-to-click buttons allow you to switch between ink colors quickly and with ease.
  • For the price, you get a pack of three pens with eight different ink color options.


  • The pen is known to leave blob marks, so take care to clean the tip of each color before or after use.

5. Favourde 6-in-1 Multicolor Ballpoint Pen


This colorful pack of pens offers six unique colors to help organize your notes or planners.

The classic design of this multicolor pen offers a clear barrel to see which ink color you may want to write with. Each pen has a plastic pocket clip and delivers smooth, clear lines in black, blue, red, orange, green, and purple.

Many love these pens for organizing notes and bullet journals. For an affordable price, you get 22 pens with six different colors to choose from. People love the smooth writing and the option to quickly choose a new color to write with.

This affordable set of multicolor pens is perfect for organizing your bullet journal, and the affordable price will ensure you have supplies for a while.


  • The clear barrel shows a colorful array of pens to choose from and each color button can be switched easily.
  • The fine point tip gives you extra precision whether you are taking notes or organizing categories into different colors.


  • Even though there are 22 pens in this pack, they all have the same six colors.
  • The ink colors do not necessarily match true to the colors showing through the barrel.

6. Hieno Multicolor Pens – 6-in-1 Retractable

The standard design of this 6-in-1 retractable ballpoint pen provides a variety of colors for every type of writing you are hoping to do.

Each fine point pen includes black, blue, red, orange, green, and purple ink colors and the clear barrel lets you see which colors you have to choose from.

People who use these pens love the convenience of a multicolor pen at such an affordable price.

For an affordable price, you can have 12 multicolor pens at your disposal.


  • The availability of colors will keep you organized and happy.
  • The width of the pen makes it easy to write with and the pocket clip makes it conveniently portable.


  • The ink color is different than what you may see through the barrel. The blue may be darker and the orange may be lighter than what you see through the pen.
  • The pen is lightweight so heavy writers may have to put less pressure on the barrel.

7. BIC 4-Color Grip Ballpoint Pen with Stylus

A modern take on the classic Bic 4-Color, this updated design has more to offer than its older version.

This multicolor retractable pen has the traditional black, red, green, and blue ink in a multi-retractable format with the added benefit of a rubberized grip and a stylus at the top of the pen.

Users of this pen like the quality of the classic four-color design with the updated features. Many say they use the multiple colors of the pen to organize their bullet journals and budgets alike.

This new take on a classic adds design, functionality, and comfort for hours of writing, drawing, or organizing.


  • The updated features of a rubberized comfort grip and stylus add extra comfort and functionality to the classic version of this multicolor pen.
  • The medium-point pen assures that you will have clean, bold lines each time you write.


  • Although this version is updated, it still only sticks to the four original colors so there is not much variety.
  • Much like their original counterpart, these pens tend to leak and should be stored carefully.

8. Pilot 4 Colors Ballpoint Pen

The elegant design of this multicolor pen lends style to the more classic versions on the market.

This pen features a clear barrel, plastic pocket clip, and translucent rubberized grip for added comfort. You can still expect the traditional red, blue, green, and black ink colors combined into one easy-to-retract pen.

Users boast about the smooth writing quality of the pen as well as the comfortable grip and various colors.

Because the elegant and slim design of this pen makes it more attractive and comfortable than some of the other pens on this list, the extra cost will be worth it.


  • The thin design of this pen makes it more comfortable to write with than other, thicker pens.
  • The rubberized grip lends comfort to writing for long periods.


  • This pen is on the more expensive end of multicolor pens on this list.
  • The ink tends to pool at the tip and leave blobs on the page. Be sure to clean the pen tips each time before using them.

9. Favide 4-in-1 Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

This pack includes 20 pens with a contemporary design. The black barrel and various neon-colored barrel tips give these pens an updated look.

Each pen features black, red, blue, and green ink with a plastic barrel and different color barrel tips. There are plastic pocket clips and rubberized grips with each pen.

Those who use these pens say that they are well worth the money and write smoothly and comfortably. They appreciate the various colors for organizing checkbooks or bullet journals.

These comfortable multicolor pens are well worth the investment.


  • Rubberized grip and slim design for comfortable writing.
  • The medium point delivers smooth, bold lines every time.


  • Because the pocket clips are made of plastic, they are more likely to break.

10. Jovitec Retractable Ballpoint Pens Multicolor Pens

Jovitec makes another black plastic barreled set of multicolor pens that are attractive and comfortable to use. The pens have the standard four colors to use in this thick retractable pen.

One of the only gel-ink multicolor pens on our list, this pack includes black barreled pens with colorful barrel tips. The rubberized grip adds comfort to writing for long periods.

Many users prefer these pens for their look and comfort. People say that the ink writes smoothly on the page and the price of the pens makes them a great addition to any office supply collection.

If you are looking for a stylish design with classic functionality, the Jovitec retractable ballpoint pen is just right for you.


  • This pen provides a comfortable grip for ease of use.
  • Smooth-flowing ink gives bold lines in various colors for optimum organization.
  • You get a pack of 12 multicolor retractable pens for a budget-friendly price.


  • These pens are built to have a thicker body, so if you are looking for something slenderer these may not be for you.

Making The Decision

The quality, design, and durability of your pens play an important role in keeping yourself organized. This list of multicolor pens takes into account the best and worst qualities available in various multicolor pens today.

We’ve chosen the most durable multicolor pens available today to help you stay organized. Whether you are hoping to organize your budget, keep track of your bullet journal categories, or simply draw in different colors, there is a pen on this list that will work for you.

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