The Best Felt Tip Pens in 2024

We like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to felt tip pens. We love everything about them, from the way they feel to the intensity of the colors they produce.

But like any product, there is a lot to keep in mind. Mediocre felt tip pens can be frustrating, prone to accidents, and ineffective. That’s why you want to do everything you can to find a stellar set of pens. As such, we took it upon ourselves to create this list of the felt tip pens on the market.

We looked at all the essential factors, like tip size, accident prevention features, and ink quality to help you make an actionable decision. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Best Felt Tip Pens:

1. Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

These are a great all-around option for those who want a set of pens that is solid in every area. Their medium point makes them wonderful for a range of uses, either professional or artistic, and the different colors are a nice bonus.

Paper Mate uses intuitively designed anti-fraying technology to keep your writing clean and sharp. This feature makes this set ideal for students and professionals who want clean and highly legible writing. The different colors mean that the set can be wonderful for note-taking and outlining complex projects as well.

Aside from the anti-fraying technology we mentioned above, we also love the fade resistance included with these pens’ ink supply. It keeps your writing looking clear and legible for far longer than it would otherwise, and it’s also stellar for avoiding the distortion effects brought on by impacts and friction.

And the range of colors means this set is in the running to be one of the felt-tip pens for coloring.

Ultimately, this is a great option for students and professionals who want a set of good-quality felt tip pens.


  • Anti-fraying technology
  • Clean, slick lines
  • Versatile point size


  • Flimsy construction
  • Plastic is prone to gathering fingerprints
  • Colors could be more vivid

2. Amazon Basics Felt Tip Marker Pens

They’re from AmazonBasics, who excel in providing reliable and consistent products, especially when it comes to pens. This set, in particular, is designed to be a great daily driver for writers and artists who want a varied set to keep going back to each day.

This set uses medium-sized tips, which means it’s varied and suitable for a range of different activities. The tips are thick enough for art projects and corrections while still being sharp enough for writing and more precision-based projects. All in all, it’s an excellent package.

The range of colors included with this set is spectacular. You will have access to 24 different colors, which is excellent by any margin.

We also love the sturdy construction of these pens. They use eye-catching, impact-resistant plastic that makes the pens a joy to use.

We would have liked to see more ink-focused features, however. Anti-bleeding technology, in particular, is sorely missed.

We recommend this set for students or professionals who plan on using felt tip pens daily at work or school.


  • Excellent color selection
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Versatile


  • Barebones ink
  • No storage case
  • Metal clips could be of higher quality

3. Pentel Sign Pen, Fiber-Tipped


This set is designed for use in art and design studios. As a result, they will be ideal for artists and designers who want sharp, clean lines for their different projects.

One feature that sets these pens apart is their fiber-tipped points. Rather than conventional felt, these pens employ a more professional-grade material to give your work a sharper and more eye-catching look.

Likewise, the ink is also heavily resistant to things like fraying, bleeding, and feathering, which means the pens are ideal for high-profile projects that need to stay clean for a long time.

We love the fiber-tipped points. They take the already awesome feeling of standard felt tip pens and take the writing experience to the next level.

Likewise, the build quality of these pens is second to none. They’re sturdy, reliable, and rarely have ink-related accidents, like spills.

We would’ve liked to see a set with more color, however. For a set that is marketed towards artists, the set is surprisingly lackluster when it comes to color variety.

We strongly feel that this set is in the running to be some of the felt tip pens for writing.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Fiber tips are incredible
  • The ink is wonderfully sharp and clean


  • Color selection is limited
  • Plastic clips aren’t very flexible

4. Pentel Color Pen


This option from Pentel is focused on artists and hobbyists who bright, vivid colors from their felt tip pens. These high-quality felt tip pens will be wonderful for artists who want their pieces to pop.

The pens use water-based ink, which enhances image quality in a few ways. To start, it makes the colors more lifelike and accurate, which is ideal for drawings and art projects.

The included ink supply is extremely generous. This fact translates to you being able to draw for hours on end without worrying about needing to replace your pen. It also drastically increases the pen’s long-term value.

Lastly, the pens use a useful snap-cap design that prevents them from drying out quickly. The result is the pen’s lifespan is significantly longer than that of other options.

The water-based ink is an improvement in comparison to more conventional options. Colors are more vivid, making this idea for artists.

Likewise, we love all the different colors included in the set. There are multiple, high-quality hues included for each color.

We feel this is one of the best options on the list for artists and creatives.


  • Fantastic color variety
  • Large ink supply
  • Snap-fit caps are awesome


  • Shoddy plastic shells
  • Low-quality carrying pouch

5. BIC Color Collection by Conte Felt Pen

The BIC Color Collection is fantastic. It includes some spectacular and intuitive features that greatly enhance the writing and drawing experiences.

The pens have a 0.7mm, fine-point tip, which makes them great for precision drawings, outlines, writing, and note-taking. They won’t be ideal for projects that call for thicker lines, like corrections, however.

These are another water-based option, which means you can expect brighter, more intense colors. This united with other art-focused offerings, like the included carrying case and wide color selection, make the BIC Color Collection stellar in every regard.

The tips on these pens are fantastic. To say they glide across the page would be an understatement: the high-quality felt combined with the water-based ink means that the writing experience is both satisfying and consistent.

The case is also one of the most durable and high-quality on the entire list. All in all, we feel comfortable giving these pens the nod as some of the felt tip pens for artists.


  • Excellent case
  • Wide color selection
  • High-quality, water-based ink


  • A tip could be a bit thicker
  • Plastic attracts dust and fingerprints quickly

6. Paper Mate Flair Porous Felt Tip Pens

These pens from Paper Mate are black, felt tip markers. That means that they use fine, sharp points that are ideal for writing and other professional uses. Likewise, they’re a great fit for blueprints and design documents.

These pens use nylon in the construction of their points, which yields numerous benefits. To start, it means that the ink will be more compact and clean. It will also be less prone to feathering and similar problems.

Next up, the pens include a click-seal cap that is both satisfying and useful. It helps tremendously in preventing obnoxious ink-related mishaps, like spills and explosions.

Quick-dry ink is easily our favorite feature. It makes them ideal for professional uses, like note-taking and editing.

Likewise, the pens are also resistant to ink bleed, which means you can use them for notes without concern for the pages below the one you’re currently writing.

Because these are designed for professional use, the pens aren’t available in different colors. That means their use will be limited for artists and creatives, unfortunately.

These pens are highly recommended for students and professionals who want high-quality felt tip pens for their work. They are some of the best felt tip pens available.


  • Sharp, clean lines
  • Excellent build quality
  • Fantastic accident-prevention features


  • No color options
  • No carrying case

7. Monami Plus 3000 Office Sign Pen Felt Tip

The Monami Plus 3000 Office Pens are strictly for professional purposes. They use a 0.3mm point, which is extremely fine. This means the lines will be sharp and clean, but they won’t be suitable for artistic projects or corrections.

The color selection is limited to red, blue, and black. As such, the pens will be an outstanding choice for note-taking and document creation. Similarly, they can also be useful for more detail-oriented art projects.

The pen’s design is extremely simple, which means they’re easy to use and simple to carry with you. Unfortunately, a carrying case isn’t included.

These pens use non-permanent Fine Liner, which means it’s easier to correct mistakes made with these pens. It also means that the ink is less prone to feathering, fraying, and other negative malfunctions.

Another awesome feature is that they’re refillable. You can refill these pens with ink cartridges after they run out, which is an immensely useful feature for professionals and students.

All in all, these are some good felt tip pens for a variety of different uses.


  • Refillable
  • Sharp, clean lines
  • Simple and reliable


  • Too fine for most art projects and corrections
  • No carrying case
  • Limited color options

How To Pick The Right Set for You

Choosing the right set of Felt Tip Pens for your needs is more complex than you might expect. There are some crucial features and options to keep in mind that can drastically affect your experience.

Below is a brief description of the primary factors you should keep in mind when making your decision. Match the set that is most appealing to you with the list below to guarantee it’s a good fit.

Point Size:

Point size determines the thickness of the line your pen creates.

Size is malleable and subject to change based on how much pressure you apply to your pen while making the stroke.

Generally speaking, the more pressure you place on your pen, the thicker and inkier the line you create will be.

It will also be moist and more prone to improper drying and other imperfections.

As a general guideline, thinner points are more suitable for professionals and students.

They’re wonderful for those who do a lot of writing and feel most comfortable with the tactile and satisfying strokes made by felt tips. Medium points are suitable for these applications as well, though they’re more cumbersome than some might like.

The larger your pen’s point is, the less control you will have over the intricacies of the lines it creates.

Larger points are for special projects, like art projects, design blueprints, and similar undertakings. They’re wonderful for making striking and inky lines for drawings and blueprints, however, and they’re crucial for making the intricacies of these projects easy to discern at a distance.

The point will be too large for standard uses, unfortunately. You should keep a range of felt tip pens with different point sizes on hand so you can be ready for any situation.

Color Options:

If you’re working on an art project or like to color as a hobby, you should find a set of pens that includes many different colors. Typically, sets that include a range of colors will market themselves to artists and creatives, which will make it easy to find a set that is to your liking.

Felt tip pens produce colors that are deeper and more vivid than those made by standard markers, colored pencils, and crayons, making them spectacular options for artists and hobbyists.

Guards and Other Accident Prevention Tools:

These features help you avoid the often catastrophic side effects brought on by ink spills and leaks. Generally speaking, the more of these features a given set includes, the better.

The most common accident-prevention features are things like anti-bleed ink, fade resistance, point guards, and extra-tight caps. Most do precisely what their names imply, which makes it easy to determine how valuable they are to you.


Some pens will include portability options that make carrying them more convenient. Examples include metal cases and cap hooks.

While these features do not affect the quality of the pen’s ink or its usability, they can be lifesavers for artists and professionals who like to take their favorite pens with them on trips, meetings, and lunch breaks.

Ink Style:

Different styles of ink can have drastic effects on the quality of your work. Generally, there are two different types of ink: artistic ink and professional ink.

The former is more vivid and colorful, making it suitable for art projects. Professional inks are black or occasionally blue and are designed to be as clean and dark as possible.

This simplicity enhances the ink’s legibility. Professional ink will be most suitable for professionals and students who want their work to be clean and striking.

Drying Speed:

Drying speed determines how quickly the ink produced by a pen will dry. Art-based pens and those with more vivid colors will dry more slowly. Conversely, black inks will dry as quickly as possible to prevent messes and accidents when contacting another piece of paper.


And that’s that. You now know everything there is to know about buying a stellar set of felt tip pens. With the above information, you’re sure to find a set of pens that are perfect for your trade, hobby, or whatever else.

We have already read tons of reviews on drawing supplies, writing, and convenient use of the planner, for providing you with only the best products available and saving you time.

Take your time, enjoy the shopping process, and happy writing!

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