The Best Planners for Men in 2024

When you’re driving toward success, you need a planner that goes the extra mile. For all the guys out there who want to boost their productivity so that they can become the best version of themselves, only the planners for men will do.

Since we understand what it’s like to feel compelled to do more, we conducted a review of dozens of planners so that we could identify the best of the best. Using our research-driven knowledge, we looked at each of these planners for their goal-setting, productivity, and planning tools. The following planners are the absolute best.

Best Planners for Men:

1. Lemome Store Weekly & Monthly Planner with Calendar Stickers


This A5-size planner features a faux leather cover and 88 pages for notes. With 12 months of weekly and monthly pages, you’ll be ready for a productive year.

Each monthly layout includes a calendar and space for notes. The weekly spread has enough room for a full daily schedule and detailed notes. Calendar stickers make it easy to see important dates and events while the included reference information provides useful data.

An elastic strap closure, two ribbon bookmarks, and an interior pocket make this planner a solid choice. Critics complain that the paper is too thin and that they don’t have enough space for writing their schedule. Plus, the ribbon bookmarks tend to fray.

Overall, this is a simple, straightforward planner that looks elegant yet masculine. It covers all of the basics. However, if you have large handwriting and like to use a pen with a healthy ink flow, this may not be the best choice for you.


  • Simple, elegant design
  • Straightforward, readable layouts


  • Thin paper
  • Bookmarks fray

2. Gazelle Planner – Guided Daily Planning to Improve Organization

This hardcover planner is designed to help you prioritize goals over the short and long term. This helps to make it the best daily planner for men.

Each day is given one page. The Gazelle Planner features the Guided Focus System, which is a three-step program that keeps you on track toward your goals.

In the Project Planning section, you get dialed in on the details of your goals. The Vision Board helps you to clarify what your ideal life looks like.

This is an undated, six-month planner. Twelve monthly calendars are included so that you can plan for the upcoming year. Features include an elastic closure and three bookmarks. Critics mention that there may not be enough room for note-taking.

This planner looks great and has some useful planning and goal-setting features. If you take copious notes, you may not have enough blank pages.


  • Each day gave a full-page
  • Bookmarks
  • Elastic closure
  • Expandable pocket


  • Not enough room for note-taking

3. Clever Fox Planner PRO – Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

This one-year, undated planner has numerous tools for planning and organization. Inside the covers, you will find monthly and weekly layouts that help you maximize your focus and productivity.

This planner starts things on the right foot with stickers, goal-setting exercises, and a vision board. It’s never been easier to define what you’re striving toward. With a habit tracker and plenty of room for setting daily, weekly, and longer-term goals, this is an excellent tool for putting your life into high gear.

Features of this A4-size planner include an elastic strap, three bookmarks, an expandable pocket, and sheets of planner stickers. Unfortunately, the bookmarks tend to fray at the ends and the elastic strap may snap off.

This planner is filled with useful tools that boost productivity and maximize time management. Seal the ends of the bookmarks, and you have a perfect planner.


  • Innovative layouts
  • Thought-provoking tools
  • High-quality paper
  • Useful features


  • Bookmarks may fray at the ends

4. Legend Planner – Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

This A5-size, hardcover planner is extremely affordable. Nonetheless, there’s enough here to make the Legend a cool planner for men. Choose the masculine black cover to help you “create a legendary life.” The three bookmarks, pen holder, and elastic closure make this an organized choice.

If you’re goal-oriented or are trying to become so, then the Legend Planner is great. You’ll find tools for getting familiar with what you want. By reflecting on this and the steps that are necessary to get there, you’ll have a head start on achieving them.

Use the exercises in the planner to drill into what matters to you. Are you going for that promotion? Hoping to complete your first triathlon? Finally determined to find “the one?” If so, then the Legend Planner can help.

The Legend Planner is undated so you can begin anytime. With heavy paper, you’ll be able to use almost any pen and ink without seeing any bleed-through. The monthly calendars are on a two-page spread so that your overall schedule is always at your fingertips. Plus, there is plenty of room for notes, goals, and to-dos.

Weekly pages get even more detailed with a separate space for each day in addition to a habit tracker, personal and professional to-do lists, priorities, and notes. Reflecting on your performance at the end of the week will help you to make the next week even better.

With the Legend Planner, you might find that you are focused and motivated enough to lead your best life ever.


  • Convenient size
  • Three bookmarks
  • Thick paper
  • Tools for setting goals
  • Understated, masculine cover


  • The spaces for each day are not large enough to track an hourly schedule

5. Panda Planner Pro – Best Daily Planner for Happiness & Productivity

This daily planner uses science to make it one of the best planners for men. Accordingly, you’ll find many useful tools for organization and planning in addition to ideas for cultivating a positive outlook.

The daily layouts include spaces for gratitude practice, a schedule, and notes. List your priorities in the morning, then conduct an evening review.

With the weekly layouts, you review the prior week and plan the one. The monthly layouts feature a calendar and room for notes.

This planner features enough daily pages for six months. That’s a bit steep. However, some people find that the Panda Planner works for them.

This undated planner does require the user to put in significant time. However, that’s an excellent way to define what you’re working toward. Although it only includes six months, you may find that this planner is perfect.


  • Daily layouts have thoughtful spaces
  • Helps users cultivate a more positive outlook


  • Expensive for six months of use

6. Simple Elephant Undated Planner


At an affordable price, this one-year planner features a mind map, a gratitude journal, and a vision board. Purchasers gain access to various ebooks, and the calendar stickers provide helpful visual reminders.

The Simple Elephant Planner guides users through exercises for affirmations, gratitude, and goals. Hectic days may be organized in this undated planner that includes 110 gsm paper to guarantee no ink bleeds through.

A reinforced pen holder, three bookmarks, a leatherette hardcover, and 58 blank pages make this a well-designed planner. The monthly and weekly layouts are crafted to be sensible and straightforward.

Some critics say that they wish the format was a bit larger to make more room for journaling and writing notes.

The Simple Elephant has an elegant design and many useful features. A larger format may suit some users better. However, if you need to jump-start your project planning and goal-setting, this may be an excellent choice.


  • Thoughtful layouts
  • Goal-setting tools
  • Thick paper


  • Slightly too small for some users

7. Moleskine 12 Month 2024 Daily Planner


This large-size Moleskine planner measures 8.25 inches by five inches. It’s one of the best men’s planners and organizers because of its adaptability. Monthly and weekly layouts make it easy to plan.

Each weekly layout is on two pages. The right-hand page has a space for seven days, Monday through Sunday. The left-hand page is lined for notes. Rather annoyingly, each month is only afforded one page, which makes each calendar space small. If you like to see lots of detail in a monthly layout, look elsewhere.

The Moleskine Classic Soft Cover Planner has a ribbon bookmark, elastic closure, and an expandable inner pocket. If you feel that you need guidance when it comes to goal setting and defining priorities, this may not be the best choice for you. Guys looking for simple a planner will be pleased.

Moleskine offers a quality product. However, this one is serviceable, but not perfect.


  • Straightforward layouts
  • Extra room for notes


  • The paper is too thin
  • Each monthly calendar only gets one page

8. Artfan Planner


Bound in Saffiano leather, this 5.75 inches by 8.25 inches planner is available in black or brown for a very small price. This weekly, monthly, and yearly planner is dated for convenience and includes calendar stickers.

Yearly overview pages and lists of holidays are helpful. Monthly layouts are spread over two pages with a column for notes.

Similarly, weekly layouts are on two pages listed Monday through Sunday. Month tabs and two ribbon bookmarks help with easy navigation. Nearly 100 blank pages for note-taking are included.

Critics argue that the paper isn’t thick enough. Moreover, some are not fans of the academic year being used rather than the calendar year.

Overall, this is a solid calendar and weekly agenda. Without a lot of extras, the price is a fair one. Be aware that this is a dated planner that is designed for the academic year. This may not suit everyone.


  • Pre-dated, which some people prefer
  • Clear, concise layouts
  • Useful features


  • Thin paper
  • No goal-setting tools

9. Little More Daily Organizer Planner

This productivity and goal-oriented planner measures 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches. It features a gray soft-cover, and the pages are edged with gold. Designed for minimalists, this planner keeps things simple with straightforward layouts. The publisher says that it only requires five minutes a day.

The Little More Planner is undated so you can start anytime. The daily pages have space for setting priorities, keeping a schedule, and an end-of-day review. Monthly pages provide room for setting priorities and goals.

The 80 gsm paper is thin, especially if you use anything other than the most meager pen. The single bookmark is a nice touch, but it’s better to have at least two or three.

Men who appreciate simplicity will be drawn to this offering from Little More. It features clean, classic lines, and it looks undoubtedly professional. If you’re looking for somewhere to keep a detailed agenda, this could be ideal.


  • Easy to use
  • Clean design
  • Elegant, classic aesthetic


  • The paper is thin
  • Only one bookmark

10. Smart Planner Pro


The 120 gsm paper in this planner truly is impressive. With a leatherette hardcover, this middle-priced planner is durable and looks great. The A5 size features a full year in monthly and weekly layouts.

Features in this planner include three bookmarks, an elastic strap closure, and an expandable pocket. On the pages, you’ll find room to score your week, set goals, and track habits. There’s space for gratitude practices plus 10 blank pages and 10 lined pages for you to use however you wish.

Critics say that this planner is big and heavy. If you’re looking for something that you can carry everywhere you go, you may be disappointed. Despite the size, other critics say that the spaces provided for writing aren’t quite large enough.

This is an attractive planner that makes use of some tools. The thick paper is a nice touch as is the hourly scheduling. However, this is not the most portable planner.


  • Full-year in one book
  • Thick paper
  • Three bookmarks


  • Rather large and heavy
  • Small spaces for writing

11. Mountain Daily Planner Pro

This six-month, undated planner is available in tan or black for the price. Maximize your productivity with 184 daily pages, 26 weekly pages, and six-monthly pages. Each daily page occupies a full page with plenty of room for gratitude, anticipation, priorities, tasks, and your schedule.

Weekly layouts are also on one page with space for reflecting on the prior week and planning for the upcoming one. The budget space is rare and may be valuable for money-minded individuals. Monthly pages give you a calendar with room to reflect and take notes.

The faux leather hardcover, three bookmarks, elastic closure, and 100 gsm paper all are excellent features. Users make few complaints about this planner. The most frequent one is a wish for more blank pages for notes.

This is a handsome planner with many desirable features. Excellent durability makes it a reliable choice for a men’s leather planner.


  • Beautiful design
  • Plenty of room for writing all sorts of goals and priorities
  • Three bookmarks


  • Only covers six months
  • Not many blank pages

Making the Decision

Choosing the best planners for men was no small task, but it allowed us to create a list of impressive finalists. Whether you are looking for a planner that provides plenty of guidance concerning goal-setting or more of an old-school agenda with calendars and an hourly schedule, we’ve given you plenty of great options.

Take a closer look at each of the items on our list today. We think that you will find plenty of things to admire in all of them, and there’s enough data here to allow you to make an informed choice.

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