The Best Glitter Gel Pens in 2024

Are you looking for a way to make your planner or coloring projects stand out? If so, you need to find the glitter gel pens.

Not only do these pens have the smooth flow and excellent coverage of gel pens, but also they boast the sparkle of glitter in the ink. Your work will leap off the page!

Let’s get started with our list of glitter gel pens. One of these sets is perfect for you.

Best Glitter Gel Pens:

1. Scentco Glitter Gel Smens – Gourmet Scented Pens

These budget glitter gel pens have a unique feature. Each one has a delicious sweet smell. The manufacturer says that the scents are guaranteed for two years, so you have time to enjoy them.

The “gourmet scented grip” on each pen is only the beginning of its appeal. They all are filled with glitter gel in vibrant hues.

While these pens seem like they might just be a gimmick, they perform well, gliding smoothly across the page.

The ink is saturated with color and has plenty of glitter. With four colors, it’s easy to color code.

Before using, be aware that this is not quick-drying ink!

These Smens are a great tool for color-coding, drawing, or just because.


  • Love the unique scents
  • Bright, vibrant colors
  • Just the right amount of glitter


  • The ink dries slowly

2. Sakura 57913 16-Piece Gelly Roll Stardust

These rollerball pens are comfortable to hold, providing you with hours of use. With archival-quality ink, your writing is fade-resistant, waterproof, and chemically stable.

Little feathering, smearing, or bleed-through is noticeable with these pens, which means that the ink dries fast.

Within the 16 pens is glittery ink. The glitter is cosmetic-grade and finely ground to produce incredible brilliance.

Packed in a cube-shaped holder, the set contains two of Sakura’s most popular colors and one each of the others. You can color-code to your heart’s content.

People say they love the way that the colors pop on the page though some remark on having to occasionally wipe the tip to remove gumminess.

Sakura is a trusted name in gel pens, so you can trust them to work.


  • Good assortment of colors
  • Beautiful, glittery ink
  • Excellent longevity


  • The tips may get gummy

3. 100-Color Glitter Gel Pen Set


With 100 colors and no duplicates, this is the set you need when you crave variety. Each pen has a comfortable grip so you can work for hours.

The pens have fine tips to allow you to make delicate lines. This is advantageous when you’re writing in small spaces. With ink that is acid-free and non-toxic, your work lasts.

In addition to glitter, the pens in this set have a neon or metallic finish to give you plenty of options. The writing action with these pens is incredibly smooth.

Users praise the unique colors of these neon glitter pens. However, some wish they were organized better in the holder to make a specific color easier to find.

If variety is the spice of life, then you’ve got to have this set.


  • So many colors
  • A variety of finishes
  • Smooth writing action


  • Not very well organized in the holder

4. Uni Posca Glitter Marker


These may be the glitter gel pens for coloring thanks to their ability to overwrite. The seven colors in this package contain everything you need if you want to color-coordinate too.

These pens are capable of writing on everything from mirrors to bags. That’s because the water-based pigment ink is incredibly vivid.

All lines drawn with these pens are sticky enough to cling to any surface. Plus, the ink flows well, which means better coverage. The tips hold their shape so these pens last and last.

While people love the colors and the glitter in the ink, some note that the ink can get runny if you’re not careful.

Trust Uni’s Posca glitter pens to take your work to the next level.


  • Excellent coverage for large areas
  • Vivid colors filled with glitter
  • Pen tips hold their shape


  • The ink can get runny

5. Chromatek Glitter Pens

This is an exceptional set because it contains 30 pens and 30 refills. This means that you get twice the ink.

Additionally, these are flat-out good glitter markers. They are non-toxic and free of acid and lead. The colors are bright and vibrant.

Thanks to tight lids, your ink won’t dry out. These pens also have comfort grips to allow you to work for hours without feeling fatigued.

Distributing generous amounts of color and shine, these pens have quick-drying ink that’s unlikely to smear or blur. They glide across the page with wonderful ease, too.

Nonetheless, some users say that they just go through the ink too quickly.

With Chromatic, you’ll get plenty of value for your hard-earned dollar.


  • Lovely, saturated colors
  • Comes with refills for every pen
  • Incredibly smooth action across the page


  • These pens use a lot of ink

6. Ooly Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens


With twelve colors, this glitter gel pens set has a variety of hues. Each color coordinates with a fruity scent. A sticker on the lid of each pen tells you what it smells like.

While these pens are suited to art projects, they also work well in planners. The variety of shades allows you to easily color-coordinate.

Sparkling, bright ink ensures that your work will stand out from the crowd. That’s especially true because it’s not the pen that’s scented, it’s the ink. This lets you leave a memorable note or greeting card inscription.

People praise these pens for being easy to write with. However, many mention that the scents are incredibly faint.

Even with little scent, these are fun, functional glitter gel pens.


  • Fun colors
  • Good variety without being overwhelming
  • Bright, sparkling ink


  • The ink scents are faint

7. Artistro Glitter Paint Pens


Suitable for planners, scrapbooking, painting rocks, and more, this set of 12 glitter gel markers is really fun. These pens have extra-fine tips. At just 0.70 mm, they are perfect for getting into tiny spaces.

Guaranteeing smooth ink flow and excellent coverage, these water-based paint pens work on any surface. The collection features a good selection of hues, covering every part of the rainbow.

These non-toxic pens don’t have an unpleasant odor, and they are easy to prime.

Users praise these pens for their bright and glittery ink, but they say that you have to be careful to follow use instructions. If you don’t, you’ll encounter performance issues.

These Artistro Glitter Paint Pens have an enchanting, subtle glow.


  • Extra-fine tips for small spaces and small writing
  • Excellent coverage
  • A subtle hint of glitter that doesn’t overpower


  • Must use as directed to avoid issues

8. Copic Markers GL 12ASET Glitter Set

Manufactured by Copic, these glitter ink pens are an excellent value. This company is one of the best-known in the art world, making its price worthwhile.

Filled with non-toxic, acid-free ink, these pens give you archival-level quality. The tips are designed not to clog, and each pen is guaranteed to write for more than 360 yards.

The glitter in the ink is micro glass flakes. Other brands use glass beads, and Copic boasts that the flakes are far more reflective.

Fans say that the ink does “twinkle like stars.” However, critics do say that these pens don’t excel at filling large spaces because the ink doesn’t flow so quickly.

Copic is a reliable brand that produces excellent glitter gel pens.


  • Excellent quality of craftsmanship
  • Super-bright glitter
  • Good selection of colors


  • Not good for covering large areas

9. Crayola Glitter Markers


With six colors at an affordable price, there’s no reason not to love this set. Everyone is familiar with Crayola, and although the quality may not be on par with some of the top-of-the-line gel pens that cost a lot more, many people swear by this reliable brand.

These glitter markers promise plenty of sparkles. With red, gold, purple, green, blue, and silver, you’ve got most of the bases covered.

It’s important to note that the glitter in all of the pens is silver. This likely won’t detract from your overall finished product, but it’s worth knowing as this adds another dimension to the ink on the page.

Critics say that you must follow the instructions to occasionally press the pen tip against the paper to keep the flow consistent.

You can rely on Crayola to deliver a glitter gel pen with plenty of shine. And if you want to expand your creativity, then check out our paint pens for rocks.


  • A solid choice of colors
  • Good sparkle on the page
  • Reliable Crayola quality


  • Must remember to occasionally press the pen tip against the page

10. ColorIt 48 Glitter Gel Pens


If you’re looking for a nice glittery effect, you can’t go wrong with this collection. It features 48 pens and 48 ink refills and also comes with a convenient travel case. You’ll be able to take your pens everywhere.

These gel glitter pens last a long time, and their ink flow is smooth. The pens and refills are numbered to make refilling easy. With everything from skin-tone colors to the brightest hues, you’ll have everything you need.

With 1.0 mm tips, these pens are capable of writing fine lines. They are warranted not to skip across the page, and they don’t fade.

People love the glittery travel case and the refills. A few critics lament the lack of a black pen.

Despite lacking a black pen, this is an outstanding collection.


  • Handy traveling case
  • Lots of glittery colors
  • Smooth-flowing ink


  • No black pen

Making the Decision

For our money, the Chromatek Glitter Pens offer the best overall value. The 30 pens strike the perfect balance of not too few, and not too many colors, and we love the idea of having ink refills on hand for every one of those pens. The price also is pretty good for such a high-quality set.

Also of note is the way the ink flows from these pens and the beauty of the colors. We think anyone will be pleased with the performance of these pens

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