The Best Rulers in 2023

Whether you’re into bullet journaling or need a basic measuring tool, it’s no easy task to find the best rulers in history. Nonetheless, the right ruler makes a difference.

A good ruler features an accurate scale. It’s easy to read, and it might have some flexibility for measuring curved surfaces.

Some rulers are built to last a lifetime while others have a limited lifespan. Perhaps you need to find the best t-square ruler or one that fits in your pocket.

Read on to discover the 10 best rulers that we discovered based on our extensive research.

Best Rulers:

Mr. Pen Steel Rulers

Mr. Pen- Steel Rulers, 4 Pieces (6, 8, 12, 14 inch) Rulers, Metal Ruler, Stainless Steel Ruler, School Ruler, Ruler Inches and Centimeters, Drawing Ruler, Measuring Ruler, 6 inch Ruler, 12 inch Ruler

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If you’re looking for the best steel ruler, you’ll be pleased with this offering. It’s a set of four rulers in different sizes including 14 inches, 12 inches, eight inches, and six inches. The rulers are otherwise identical with inch measurements going down to 1/64 of an inch and the metric measurements going down to 1/20 of a centimeter.

Each ruler is made from high-impact stainless steel that measures 1/32 of an inch thick. The markings on the rulers are etched to exact specifications. On the back of each ruler, you’ll find a conversion chart for changing inches to millimeters.

These rulers feature sturdy construction and excellent visibility. Having the conversion chart on the back of each ruler is immensely helpful.

Many people love these rulers. However, they remark that the edges are sharp, making them unsuitable for use by small children.

These Mr. Pen steel rulers are an outstanding value for students and professionals.

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Westcott Stainless Steel Office Ruler with Non Slip Cork Base, 6-Inch

Westcott Stainless Steel Office Ruler with Non Slip Cork Base, 6-Inch

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A six-inch ruler may be just what you need. This one is made with stainless steel so you know that it’s durable.

However, this ruler also features a non-slip cork base on the back. This can be useful if you work on surfaces that are slippery. Guaranteed to be warp-free, this ruler also resists bending. Nonetheless, it’s flexible enough to measure curved surfaces.

Each numeral and gradation is clearly delineated for easy reading. Etching ensures accuracy.

Many people consider this the best bullet journal ruler thanks its six-inch size and non-slip backing. Nonetheless, several comments suggest that a sticker on the cork leaves an annoying residue.

If you’re a bullet journalist or just like a smaller ruler, then this is an excellent choice.

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SZLFSX Wooden Rulers

Wooden Ruler 12 Inch Rulers Bulk Wood Measuring Ruler Office Ruler 2 Scale

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Do you feel like you’re always losing rulers? Or, do you need enough rulers to equip a classroom or office? If so, then these durable wooden rulers are perfect.

Wooden rulers may not be as durable as ones made from steel. Nonetheless, these can be incredibly long-lived when used correctly. They have an inch scale along one edge and centimeters on the other.

A clear, accurate scale makes these rulers easy to use. With 25 of them, you’ll stock up your classroom or office. Each 12-inch ruler measures down to 1/16 of an inch, and the straightedge with double bevel is easy to use.

People love these rulers for nostalgic reasons. They also are economical and trustworthy. Unfortunately, some people are dissatisfied with how inflexible these rulers are.

If you’re looking for a package of classic wooden rulers, you’ll love this selection.

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ETA hand2mind 12″ Safe-T Ruler

hand2mind Safe-T 12 Inch Clear Plastic Rainbow Rulers, Straight Shatter-Resistant Rulers In 6 Different Colors (Bulk Pack of 24)

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This 24-pack of rulers is an outstanding value. It includes four sets of rulers in six colors. For the creative individual, this is perfect.

These good plastic rulers are pretty and functional. Both long edges are beveled to keep the ruler flat. The material is a flexible and durable plastic that is shatter-resistant. With a variety of colors, it’s possible for numerous users to have their “own” ruler.

The scales on these rulers are embossed to make measuring a snap. Users love the pretty colors. However, some remark that when used and abused in classrooms, these rulers may not last.

If you’re looking for rulers that are pretty, attractive, and sturdy enough for intended use, then these are an excellent choice.

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eBoot Two Pack of 12-Inch Clear Plastic Rulers

2 Pack 12 Inches Clear Plastic Ruler Straight Ruler Plastic Measuring Tool for Student School Office

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Transparent rulers can be useful in a variety of applications. If it’s essential that you be able to see more of the media that you’re measuring as you measure, then this is the ideal solution.

With this set of two 12-inch rulers, you always have a backup available. Each ruler has both inch and centimeter scales. They feature the right amount of flexibility for measuring curved surfaces, and the clear plastic is perfect for precise placement.

People love how sturdy and flexible these rulers are. However, some don’t like that the scales don’t start at the precise edge of the ruler.

If you need to be able to see guidelines or other indicators on the item being measured, these rulers are perfect.

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Midori Way Multi Aluminium Ruler

Midori Multi Aluminium Ruler 30cm Black (42254006)

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This cool aluminum ruler only measures in centimeters, but it still has plenty going for it. That’s because this also may be the best angle ruler on this list. At its full extended length, it measures 30 centimeters. However, a hinge allows it to be folded in half for easier transport or for measuring along with corners and angles.

The hinge itself is labeled with degree measurements from zero to 180 so that you can achieve the perfect angle.

People love that the hinge is loose enough for folding and unfolding while still being stiff enough to stay an asset. The etched and painted scale is another definite plus.

Nonetheless, some people are put off by the lack of an inch scale.

If you’re content with using metric units, then this ruler with angle capabilities is a sure winner.

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Fairgate Fashion Designer Rule Kit

Fairgate Fashion Designer Rule Kit in Cm (15-202) by Fairgate

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If you love to make clothing, then this fashion design ruler set is a must-have. It is expensive, but people who are passionate about sewing will see how useful this set is.

All of the scales are in centimeters in this four-piece set. Included are three aluminum tools as well as a clear plastic scale. Also in the set is a book about making patterns. With tools for measuring along curved and straight lines, including angles, people interested in sewing and making patterns will be in love.

Many users praise this set for the quality of the aluminum tools. However, some people have discovered that the L-square ruler may have a bit of a deviation.

Anyone who is into sewing or patternmaking is bound to enjoy this set.

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Alvin Clear Acrylic Triangle

Alvin, LX810G, Clear Acrylic Triangle 2-Piece Set, Angle 30/60 and 45/90

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The best multi-angle measuring ruler is the trusty triangular ruler. Though this set of two such rulers has no frills, you’ll find that it has everything you need for measuring angles. These are so accurate that you might consider them a machinist ruler when accuracy really matters.

These acrylic triangles come in two sizes. One measures eight inches and has 45- and 90-degree angles. The other measures 10 inches and features 30- and 60-degree angles. The two edges on each ruler measure 16ths of an inch.

The center cutout finger lifts are convenient, and the raised inking edge makes for smudge-free work. Most users find these rulers rugged and accurate. Nonetheless, a few mention that they don’t fit perfectly in the included case.

These triangle-shaped rulers solve numerous problems.

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EatFishinSea Six-Inch Brass Ruler

6 Inch Brass Ruler - Etched Markings - Durable Tiny Ruler, Ideal for Bullet Journals, Notebooks, Planners, Diaries And As a Bookmark. Fits in Inner Pocket - Marked with IN and CM/MM (Rose Brass)

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This rose brass ruler is attractive and fashionable. At six inches, it’s ideal for bullet journaling. The weight is excellent, yet it can easily fit into the inner pocket of many journals.

This precise and durable ruler has both inches and centimeters. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Users love the vintage look of this ruler and its small size. Nonetheless, some mention that the patina it acquires makes it difficult to read. Regular polishing may be necessary.

If you’re looking for a small, stylish ruler, this is an outstanding choice.

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Making the Decision

If your main purpose is bullet journaling, then the Westcott Stainless Steel six-inch ruler is perfect. It’s totally versatile, functional, and portable.

However, people who need a ruler for larger applications may be drawn to Mr. Pen’s steel rulers. Because they come in multiple sizes, there’s a perfect ruler for every use.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind having only a centimeter scale and you want to draw lines at angles, then the Midori Way Multi Aluminium Ruler just makes sense.

Start experimenting today to find the best ruler for you!

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