The Best Gouache Paints in 2024

Which are the gouache paints on the market? That’s the question that we set out to answer a few weeks ago.

After much experimentation, we’ve arrived at a list of outstanding products. These paints are notable for their vibrant colors and their ability to mix with other paints to achieve unique effects.

We also looked at lightfastness, viscosity, and the array of colors offered to determine which gouache collections belonged on this list. If you’re interested in enjoying the world of opaque watercolor painting, then this is the list you need.

Best Gouache Paints:

1. Winsor & Newton Designers’ Gouache Primary Color 6-Tube Paint Set

Winsor & Newton is recognized as one of the gouache paint brands. Containing six colors and being budget-friendly, this primary set is an excellent choice for beginners. The 0.47-oz tubes are the perfect size for playing and experimentation.

Each painting in the collection features brilliant color and a matte finish. Winsor & Newton has been manufacturing their Designer’s Gouache paint since 1935. While some things, such as the outstanding quality of the product, have remained the same, improvements have been made in other areas.

These gouache paints are now more opaque, brilliant, and smoother than they were in earlier decades.

Used by fine artists, designers, and calligraphers, fans of these paints say that they are incredibly bright and cover extremely well since they are so full of pigment. Moreover, the paint doesn’t lift off when adding layers. Some people do say that they feel the set is too expensive.

Many people swear by Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache paints because of their outstanding quality.


  • Suitable for numerous applications
  • Layers well
  • Bright, saturated colors


  • More expensive than alternatives

2. ARTEZA Metallic Gouache Paint, Set of 12 Colors

Containing 12 tubes filled with opaque paint, this set from ARTEZA is great for the price. Many consider it the gouache for beginners thanks to its affordable price and the variety of colors.

Having so many colors means that novice artists have to do less mixing, which can help to quickly move things along. The individual tubes each contain 12 ml of paint.

Considered the affordable gouache paint, this collection comes with a convenient storage box that keeps everything neat and organized. This set is ACMI-certified as safe, and it can be used with watercolors.

Some reviewers remark that they are surprised by just how well these paints perform. They comment on the saturated colors and the fact that these paints are lightfast. However, some artists note that they have difficulty layering with this paint.

ARTEZA has created an excellent gouache kit for aspiring artists.


  • 12 vibrant colors
  • Comes in a storage box
  • Affordable


  • Layering can be troublesome

3. Caran d’Ache Gouache Studio 15 Assorted Colors Set in Metal Tin


When experienced artists give gouache recommendations, they frequently refer to products from Caran d’Ache. This particular collection features 15 pans of gouache paint. Made in Switzerland, this paint feels like velvet on the brush and relies on all-natural binders. Accordingly, it’s capable of resisting cracking.

This gouache artist’s paint includes a paintbrush and an extra tube of white. The white paint is an especially welcome extra since it is indispensable for blending colors. With this collection, artists receive cool and warm versions of red, blue, and yellow as well as numerous colors that are among the most commonly used.

Each painting is saturated with pigment to make it brilliant safe and non-toxic to use. The fact that this collection comes with a tube of white paint is a huge draw for many artists. People also like that the interior of the box includes five areas for mixing.

The rich, creamy colors are highly recommended as is the convenience of the removable pans. Nonetheless, others remark that the box itself is a little too large and clunky for true portability.

Caran d’Ache has created a dry gouache paint set with which artists can travel.


  • Brilliant colors
  • Contains extra white
  • A good balance of warm and cool tones


  • The box is too large for convenient portability

4. Pelikan Opaque Watercolor Paint Set, 24 Colors Plus Chinese White Tube

Pelikan is known for producing artist-grade gouache. This particular collection contains 24 colors plus a bonus tube of Chinese White. This affordable set is a tremendous bargain.

The paints are stored within a box that is opened with a push button. Each painting is in the form of a hollowed tablet to ensure fast solubility.

Users may remove the lid to use it for mixing. These high-end paints are an incredible value at this price. That’s especially true considering that they are lightfast and non-toxic.

Fans remark that these are the gouache paints thanks to their bright, vibrant hues. Although the price may be ultra-affordable, the paint quality is unmistakable.

Occasionally, critics say that they must use much more of this paint than other brands to achieve the same effect.

Pelikan is a trustworthy brand when it comes to paints and brushes.


  • Lightfast
  • Non-toxic
  • Affordable


  • You may go through these quickly

5. Royal & Langnickel GOU24 Gouache Color Artist Tube Paint


This 24-pack of 12-mL paint quality gouache paints sells for a good price, making it an outstanding value. With medium viscosity, these paints are formulated for excellent mixing characteristics and improved coverage.

When reading a gouache review, it may be helpful to know more about the manufacturer of the paint. This product is made by Royal & Langnickel, a firm with more than 60 years of experience in the art world.

These paints reactivate well with the addition of a bit of water. It’s also nice that the collection includes two different whites to allow for more mixing options.

Users praise this paint for having all of the advantages of watercolors mixed with acrylics. These paints go on thick, but the artist can make them thinner if they choose. Critics remark that these paints are not as opaque as others.

This Royal & Langnickel set may be a great place to start for novice artists.


  • A great choice for beginners
  • Inexpensive
  • Good viscosity


  • Not as opaque as other gouache products

6. Holbein Acryla Gouache Mixing Set of 5


Holbein Acryla Gouache is an acrylic polymer paint. When it is dry, it achieves a velvet matte finish, and the colors don’t shift. Holbein paints are manufactured in Japan. This is considered the brand of gouache paint by many experienced artists.

Made using water-soluble acrylic resin, each of these paints is highly pigmented. This gives the set of five primary colors a brilliant range.

While it blends, feels, reacts, and moves like a gouache paint made with gum Arabic, it is nowhere near as fragile on the surface level.

This water-resistant paint is suitable for use with any other water-soluble media.

Consisting of five 20-mL tubes, this set includes magenta, yellow, cyan, white, and black. From these primary colors, it is possible to mix just about any hue.

Many fans consider this product the acrylic gouache. Comments suggest that the paints dry quickly and are relatively easy to use.

The bright colors are praised as the easy way in which the colors can be blended. People love that this painting also has great staying power. Some users remark that this may not be the paint for beginners because it dries so fast.

For intermediate- and professional-level artists, this primary-color collection from Holbein is a highly recommended choice.


  • Contains five primary colors
  • These paints mix extremely well
  • Excellent coverage


7. Reeves Gouache Paint 10-ml Tubes, Set of 12

This set of 12 10-mL tubes is an outstanding beginner gouache set with its vibrant colors and easy mixing. An opaque, matte finish ensures that artists get the effect they’re seeking. This collection includes all essential hues for use or mixing.

These Reeves gouache paints don’t crack, and they provide decent coverage. With a broad palette of colors, artists can experiment with blending multiple tones so that they can express themselves like never before.

Many reviewers swear by these paints as being the perfect collection for beginners. They don’t cost a fortune, yet they boast good quality. This provides the novice with an opportunity to learn without investing a ton of money.

Some critics complain that the pigments are not as dense as those present in other products. Considering the affordable price, this is not a surprise.

For the beginner, this is an excellent collection that doesn’t empty the bank account.


  • Good coverage
  • No cracking when dry
  • Easy to blend


  • Pigments aren’t as intense as those in other gouache paints

8. Royal & Langnickel Gouache Color Artist Tube Paint

This offering from Royal & Langnickel is a safe bet whether you are new to watercolors or not. This is one of the good gouache brands that’s been in business for a long time.

If you’ve been painting for a while, you’re probably already familiar with them. This set contains 12 paint colors that have outstanding reflective characteristics as well as admirable opacity.

Artists will find that this gouache paint is workable, blendable, and applies smoothly. In addition, it provides excellent coverage. Fans say that this paint is a good value. Comments regarding how well they dry and their creamy consistency when wet are frequent.

People sometimes note that this collection includes two shades of white, a welcome feature. Nonetheless, some people comment that these paints are only suitable quality for student or hobbyist painters.

For the student or hobbyist, it is difficult to beat the value of this set from Royal & Langnickel.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Includes two shades of white


  • It May not be high enough quality for professional artists

9. Reeves 24-Pack Gouache Color Tube Set

This 24-pack of paint is pricey, and the manufacturer notes that it is the gouache paint for teaching color mixing theory. Reeves is a popular name brand that offers affordable products that perform well and have a strong, opaque presence.

The collection contains a variety of colors that can be used alone or mixed. This enables artists to express themselves in unique ways. Though these tubes are small, the paint seems to last a long time.

People who have tried these paints say that they appreciate having so many ready-mixed colors. It makes the painting experience more efficient when it isn’t necessary to blend colors. Users also say that these paints reactivate well. Unfortunately, some people mention that a strong odor is sometimes detected in these paints.

This Reeves 24-pack of gouache paints provides color variety and consistent quality for the new artist.


  • A collection of 24 useful colors
  • Easy blending for color mixing
  • Great for beginners with little color-mixing experience


  • Some of the paints may have a strange odor

10. U.S. Art Supply Professional 36 Color Set of Gouache Paint

Containing 36 vivid colors, this U.S. Art Supply product also includes a color-mixing wheel. It’s a good gouache paint collection for beginners as well as professional artists.

Each color is packaged in an 18-mL tube. With extra-smooth consistency, they blend like a dream. All the paints are water-based and non-toxic. Additionally, they are acid-free.

These paints are easy to use. They are frequently recommended for children. The manufacturer provides a lifetime money-back guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied, you can request a refund. The included double-sided color mixing wheel promises confident mixing, and it offers valuable information concerning technical color terminology.

Users praise these paints for the vibrancy of the colors and their consistency. Complaints suggest that the color samples provided on the exterior of the tubes are not exact matches for the contents. After choosing the right gouache paint you will need to get some pallets to use with.

This 36-color set from U.S. Art Supply gives artists plenty of latitude to express themselves.


  • 36 colors for an affordable price
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee
  • Highly pigmented colors


  • Color samples on tubes are not a precise match for the contents

11. M. Graham Half-Ounce Tube 5-Color Gouache Paint Primary Set


Well-priced and featuring five half-ounce tubes of the most popular colors, this is the gouache paint set because the paints are made with honey.

This ensures rich color and prevents the paint from hardening. With yellow, red, blue, black, and white, the painter has everything they need to start working on basic gouache projects.

Each of these paints is packed with pigment to provide deep, intense color regardless of the media used. A reflective matte finish is suitable for use alone or in a mixed-media application.

No chalk or opacifying adulterants are used in the formula, and each paint is manufactured in the USA.

Each lightfast pigment boasts extraordinary tinting strength and is incredibly opaque. Natural ingredients like gum Arabic and honey ensure perfect flow and moistness as well as resistance to cracking.

People who have tried several brands of gouache paint frequently say that this product from M. Graham is their favorite. The honey binder is universally praised as is the consistency of the paints. However, a few consumers complain that some of the paint tubes are prone to bursting.

M. Graham manufactures some of the gouache paints available. Try them on your next project.


  • Rich, opaque colors
  • Honey binder
  • Intense pigments


  • Some tubes may burst

Making the Decision

If you’re looking for a beginner gouache set, most of the one dozen products presented here will be ideal for you. While some of them dry a bit more quickly than novice artists prefer, each product on this list is likely to perform as expected without breaking the bank.

Choose one or more of these collections to figure out which are the gouache paints for your next project.

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