The Best Smart Notebooks in 2024

Keep track of everything important without ever wasting paper with a smart notebook. These notebooks also allow you to share the content with different cloud services so that you can access them on a computer or your mobile device.

After comparing the features of several smart notebooks and exploring numerous reusable smart notebook reviews, we compiled a list of nine of the best on the market. Here you will get all of the information you need to choose the smart notebooks.

Best Smart Notebooks:

1. Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook

The Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook lets you handwrite and then transfer the information to a digital storage service so that it is easy to refer back to. This notebook uses AI technology so that you can do things like transcribe emails and perform a smart search.

It has dotted grid pages. Compared with others not only can you write notes, but these pages are also ideal for drawing and creating graphs and charts.

Several people said that they liked the choice of sizes. The smaller one fits into a purse, making it easy to carry around. Other people said that transferring information is very easy. This allows you to quickly save what you write so that it is ready for future use.

This is the smart notebook for students. It is easy to carry in a backpack and has plenty of pages so that they can take notes for all of their classes.


  • 36 pages for plenty of writing space
  • It has a free app to use on your Android or iOS phone


  • It is very easy to use
  • There are two sizes to choose from
  • It works with multiple virtual storage options


  • The ink may disappear in the heat

2. EVO Daily Planner and Journal

The EVO Daily Planner and Journal were created based on cognitive psychology. There are pages to create monthly, daily, and weekly goals. This makes it easier to organize your thoughts. The gratitude section helps you to remember what you are thankful for.

You can use this along with the mobile app. This gives you information on things like your productivity.

This is a planner they will use, according to several consumers. The sections are easy to fill out to ensure that you make using this notebook a habit. Other people are saying that it is simple to use. It will not take long to learn how to use the different sections.

This is a reusable notebook. It is easy to transfer what you write and erase the ink so that it is ready for more writing.


  • It is a 90-day planner so that you can make long-term goals
  • There is a mobile app with it for easier tracking of your progress


  • You can easily organize your thoughts
  • The associated app is easy to use
  • It has a gratitude section


  • The video tutorials could be more effective

3. Livescribe Three-Subject Notebook

The Livescribe Three-Subject Notebook gives you a lot of space to take notes for classes. You can also use it for things like journaling.

Each of the pages has three holes that fit into any standard binder. The pages are college-ruled, allowing you a lot of space to write as you do in any standard notebook. Its pages are standard 8.5 by 11, so you can fit this notebook into a backpack easily.

Several people said that it is easy to use a smartpen with this notebook. The Livescribe pen is easy to use and can be used frequently.

Other people liked the pages. It is standard-sized, allowing plenty of space to take notes without filling up the pages prematurely.

Notebooks like Livescribe are simple to use but packed with features. They also transfer to a binder or other storage device.


  • There is space for three subjects at a time
  • You get 150 sheets so you have a lot of room to write


  • The pages fit a three-ring binder
  • There is a lot of space on each page
  • It fits into a backpack easily


  • The pages could be more durable

4. Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook


The Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook features 48 pages for a lot of writing surface. Its AI technology lets you do a lot of things like use the smart search to find the notes that you are looking for.

You can upload your notes to multiple cloud services, as well as use the free Rocketbook app. When you are ready to reuse the pages, a damp cloth is all it takes to wipe them clean.

Multiple people said that this is the perfect notebook for taking fast notes. You can hold it in one hand and write with the other with ease. Other people said that it is easy to wipe away the ink. It comes with a cloth that allows you to remove the ink within seconds.

This erasable digital notepad is easy to use. It will fit into a backpack or a handbag, making it easy for you to carry around.


  • It measures 3.5 by 5.5 so that it fits into your pocket
  • You get a microfiber cloth with it for easy cleaning


  • You can wipe it clean fast
  • It is compatible with multiple cloud services
  • You can learn how to use it quickly


  • Certain smart pens are not compatible

5. Moleskine Hardcover Paper Tablet

The Moleskine Hard Cover Paper Tablet lets you share what you write on digital services. This allows you to store your information or even send it to other people. An app comes with this notebook that allows for these actions.

Once you send your notes to the app, you can do things like search and edit information as you need. The app works with Apple and Android.

Several people said that after doing a smart notebook comparison this was the best choice. It has a variety of features and you can reuse it quickly.

The cover is very durable, according to many consumers. It protects the pages inside, especially when you are carrying it around in your bag.

This notebook operates much like a regular notebook. Then, when you are ready to save your information, you can do so quickly.


  • It measures about 5″ by 8.25″, making it easy to carry around
  • The pages are ruled so that they function like a traditional notebook


  • The cover is strong
  • It has durable paper
  • It lies flat


  • The pen does not come with it

6. ParKoo Smart Notebook and Planner

The ParKoo Smart Notebook and Planner make it easy to plan your days and weeks. You can also use this for things like taking notes.

The paper quality is high at 80 gsm. The pen that this notebook comes with is easy to use, allowing you to write without having to use too much pressure.

Multiple people talked about the pen that comes with it. This pen writes well, and it is easy to erase the ink as needed.

Other people mentioned the size. This notebook is easy to carry around with you.

This notebook can help you to be more productive. It also makes it possible to keep track of everything that you write so that you can reference it again in the future.


  • There are 190 pages a lot of writing space
  • It measures about 5 by 8 for easy transport


  • The cover is durable
  • It lays flat so that it is easy to write
  • You can sync it to OneNote


  • The instructions are limited and hard to understand

7. Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook

The Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook is ideal when you want to sync your digital and analog work. It makes it easy to refer back to the information that you have saved.

There are digital tags for easy organization. You can also search for information with ease due to the smart sticker icons.

Several people said that the cover is very durable. This allows you to protect your pages when you are transporting them. Due to the size of the notebook, it is easy to take with you. It will fit into a backpack or even a larger handbag.

This notebook is easy to use. You can use it to sync your digital and analog work with ease.


  • It is largely ruled to make writing easy
  • The smart sticker icons allow you to search for your information with ease


  • You can save your information with ease
  • The smart stickers are easy to use
  • You can scan in information within seconds


  • It could not work with more cloud services

Tips on Choosing

Smart notebooks can make a big difference in how you take notes, journal, and track your schedule. There are several on the market, giving you a lot of choices. Because of this, it is important to know how to evaluate these notebooks so that you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Blasting Your Notes

One of the biggest benefits of a smart notebook is that you can send your notes to various places to keep them stored. Common cloud services that these devices are compatible with include:

There are also applications for certain smart notebooks. For example, for Rocketbooks, there is a Rocketbook app that you can use with Android and iOS.

You can also blast your notes to email. This lets you share them with others or keep a saved email copy for yourself.

Using the Notebook

You will use a special pen with this notebook and not a standard ink pen. It is important to see which pens are compatible so that you can choose a notebook that has the pen that you prefer to use. You can also look at pen colors to find the ones that you prefer.

When you have used these notebooks, you want to pay attention to drying time. The average is 15 to 20 seconds. This means that you can flip pages and transfer your notes almost right away. From here, a damp cloth is all that you need to remove your writing and start over.


These notebooks come in different sizes so that you can choose one that best fits your needs. You can find them in standard notebook sizes which are typically eight by 11 inches. There are also smaller options if you want one that is more portable.

Consider how you take notes and how many you will be taking with your notebook. This will allow you to assess how much room you need. From here, you can decide how much space you need.


After reading these smart notebook reviews and the information about how to choose one, you are now armed with the information that you need to make the best choice. All of these are ideal, but the Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook is the top choice.

It has 36 pages, giving you plenty of space to write. Once you jot something down, it only takes about 15 seconds for it to dry so you do not have to wait long to flip the page. What you write down can be put into a variety of clouds, virtual storage options, and even your emails. This makes it easy to keep track of your notes and keep them for future use.

Now it is time to take the next step and purchase a smart notebook. It can make things easier, such as taking notes for class and work and even just remembering your to-do list.

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