The Best Graphite Pencils in 2024

Professional artists use different types of graphite to achieve extra depth and form in their artwork. The graphite pencils they use greatly impact the final results of their work. This post lists many high-quality graphite pencils to help artists figure out which pencils will most likely please them.

Some of us are artists who have been using graphite pencils for a long time. We’ve learned a lot from our early artistic experiences and discovered what to look for in a graphite pencil.

That’s why we compared different graphite pencils and compiled a list to help people search for pencils that increase their artistic growth. It’s time to look at this list and reflect on the many options available for artists.

Best Graphite Pencils:

1. Prismacolor Premier Graphite Drawing Pencil Set

Artists who use graphite pencils will probably rely on a specific set of standards. Prismacolor makes a graphite drawing pencil set that meets most artists’ expectations.

Consumers greatly appreciated Prismacolor’s set of graphite drawing pencils. The pencils served their artistic needs very well.

Some consumers complained about the effectiveness of the manual sharpener that comes with the set. They struggled with breakages, but most other consumers had only positive things to say.

The Prismacolor Premier graphite drawing pencil set will provide every feature that an artist usually looks for in graphite pencil sets. This is a reliable and trustworthy option for professionals.


  • This pencil set offers many different values and shades of graphite
  • The graphite is designed to resist breakage
  • Graphite is water-soluble, so water can be used to enhance artwork
  • Some of these pencils contain no wood
  • The set comes with a sanding board and steel sharpener
  • Two different kinds of erasers are provided in this set


  • Offers varying shades and tones of graphite
  • Comes with two different erasers


  • No form of graphite is immune to breaking

2. Faber-Castell 9000 Graphite Pencil Set


If you’re searching for some high-quality graphite pencils to use as a professional, the Faber-Castell 9000 graphite pencil set will probably fill your needs.

Dedicated artists felt that Faber-Castell graphite pencils were high-end and perfect for professional use. Buyers saw these pencils as a superior option when comparing them to other brands. The quality of the graphite was praised for being smooth and effective for drawing and sketching.

Even though this set could probably include more tools and accessories, the quality of the pencils significantly makes up for that. Seek Faber-Castell graphite pencils for a consistently reliable and professional drawing or sketching experience.


  • The lead cores consist of graphite and clay that’s been finely ground
  • The graphite always draws smoothly
  • This set provides over 12 different levels of graphite hardness
  • Designed for easy and break-free sharpening


  • Provides a wide range of graphite hardness


  • This art pencil set doesn’t include erasers or sharpeners
  • These pencils could technically break if you are too rough with them

3. Caran d’Ache Grafwood Round Tube Set


Caran d’Ache packages their graphite pencils in a unique tube. Their pencil quality is perfect for professional artists.

Despite the high price of this product, buyers found it to be very worth the money. These pencils are praised as a high-quality tool for artists. Buyers found noticeable strengths in this pencil set when comparing it to other brands. Caran d’Ache Grafwood pencils are highly revered and have been given excellent reviews.

Though they’re a bit on the pricey side, Caran d’Ache Grafwood pencils satisfy the artists who purchase them. This set of graphite pencils will serve as an excellent supplement to artists interested in sketching and drawing.


  • Contains 15 graphite pencils
  • This pencil set is encased in a tin tube
  • Different types of graphite are included with this pencil set


  • Provides a wide range of graphite hardness
  • The supreme quality of artists


  • Not immune to damage
  • This pencil set is notably expensive

4. STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph Graphite Pencil Set


STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph graphite pencils provide ample and professional quality. They’re yet another great option for professional artists seeking high-quality pencils.

Most customers were very pleased with STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph pencils and found them to be an excellent tool to use for their artistic projects.

The consistency and quality were heavily praised. Some customers were picky and disliked some irrelevant details about the pencils, such as the smell of the graphite. However, a majority of customers were big fans of these pencils.

High-quality graphite drawing pencils will come in a variety of shades, tones, and degrees of hardness. The STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph graphite pencil set provides these options, making it perfect for professional artists.


  • The lead is designed to be extremely break-resistant
  • Designed for a wide variety of artistic activities
  • The graphite is compatible with unique types of paper
  • Contains more than 12 different degrees of graphite hardness
  • The graphite is easy to sharpen and erase
  • The pencils are environmentally friendly


  • Provide many degrees of graphite hardness
  • Environmentally friendly


  • This pencil set doesn’t come with sharpeners or erasers
  • No pencil is completely immune to damage

5. Derwent Graphitint Pencils


If you want the quality and consistency of traditional graphite pencils but also wish to include a bit of color into your sketches, Derwent Graphitint pencils are probably a great option for you.

Many consumers were happy with the fact that these pencils worked like regular graphite pencils, rather than an average set of colored pencils.

Some struggled to erase the graphite, and some did not feel like these pencils were any different from watercolor pencils.

A few consumers stated that the available colors left much to be desired. Overall, the uniqueness and effectiveness of these colored graphite pencils were a major pull for artists.

For some good drawing pencils with a slight flair of color to them, Derwent Graphitint pencils are great. They’ll add extra detail and vibrancy to a work of art.


  • These pencils are slightly colored
  • The graphite is smooth and creates a wide array of shades and tones
  • Can be used with water to create vibrant tones
  • Pencil marks can be easily removed with soft erasers or water


  • The colored graphite is a great enhancement for artwork


  • The color availability is limited
  • The consistency of the graphite may not be suitable for all art forms

6. Kasimir Drawing Pencils 14pcs/set

The Kasimir Artist Pencil Collection is another great option for professionals. For a very reasonable price, this pencil set contains many forms of graphite.

Artists found Kasimir’s pencil collection to fit their needs perfectly. The quality of the set was considered superb and there were practically no complaints made by consumers. There were no reasons for anyone to heavily criticize these pencils.

There isn’t anything too special about the Kasimir Artist Pencil Collection, but it provides professional artists with every bit of quality they seek in graphite pencils. Though it could contain more in its package, the set is admirable.


  • Includes many degrees of graphite hardness
  • The pencils are designed to prevent breakages
  • The graphite is designed to prevent fractures
  • These pencils enable artists to create lines of any thickness and saturation


  • Contains a very wide array of graphite options
  • Sold at a very fair price


  • This set doesn’t come with erasers or a sharpener
  • There’s no such thing as a pencil that can’t be damaged

7. Castle Art Supplies Graphite Pencils

It helps to rely on a brand that takes quality very seriously. Because Castle Art Supplies is particularly strict about their pencil quality, their products are guaranteed to be satisfying for customers.

Consumers were very happy with the pencils sold by Castle Art Supplies. The quality was professional and reliable.

Both beginner and professional artists were served very well by these pencils. No complaints were made because the quality control on these pencils was extremely effective.

For a graphite drawing pencil set with guaranteed high quality, go for the graphite pencils by Castle Art Supplies. You’ll receive all forms of graphite, and you’ll be able to add a load of variability and detail to your artwork.


  • Castle Art Supplies uses all types of graphite for their pencils
  • These pencils don’t cause any scratching
  • These pencils include strong tips that resist breaking
  • The wood is splinter-free and comfortable to hold


  • This brand pays high attention to quality


  • No pencils are immune to breaking

8. Sprout Plantable Graphite Pencils

Sprout Plantable Graphite Pencils are extremely unique because they can turn into plants once they’re used up. These pencils offer a unique approach to art supplies.

Sprout Plantable Graphite Pencils were heavily adored by customers. Their unique and environmentally friendly qualities made them an awesome purchase.

Some customers complained about the sturdiness of the seed capsule or the fact that the seeds have an expiration date. Other than that, these pencils received a lot of love.

In case you’ve never planted a pencil before, Sprout Plantable Graphite Pencils will give you that experience. Their standard #2 pencils are useful in classrooms, art studios, and gardens.


  • Consist of eco-friendly wood
  • These pencils contain seeds that can be planted
  • Nine different seed types are available for these pencils
  • These pencils are non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Come with #2 HB graphite


  • They’re very environmentally friendly
  • Come with a fun and unique twist


  • Only one type of graphite is available for this pencil brand

9. AmazonBasics Sketch and Drawing Art Pencil Kit

Beginner artists will benefit from a pencil set that contains many professional options at a very low price, such as the AmazonBasics Sketch and Drawing Art Pencil Kit.

Buyers recommended the sketching and drawing art pencil kit by AmazonBasics. It’s considered an excellent and handy tool for beginners.

This pencil kit satisfied nearly all its customers, aside from a few who ended up purchasing a damaged version of the product.

Being at a reasonably low price, the pencils by AmazonBasics are some of the graphite pencils for beginners. The AmazonBasics pencil kit will provide beginners with a multitude of professional options without creating a hole in their wallets.


  • This pencil set includes a variety of useful drawing tools
  • Perfect for experimentation and learning
  • Comes with erasers and a sharpener
  • Includes charcoal sticks
  • Includes a paper blending tool
  • Certified to be non-toxic


  • This kit will give you everything you need for drawing and sketching
  • It’s perfect for beginners because it’s set at a reasonable price


  • Doesn’t include many forms and shades of graphite

Making the Decision

Ideal graphite pencil sets will come with all types of graphite. They’ll also include sharpeners and erasers for added convenience. The Prismacolor Premier graphite drawing pencil set includes all these features.

If you’re just a beginner looking to save some money while you dip your feet into the graphite pencil world, the pencil kit by AmazonBasics is an excellent option.

The more serious you are about your drawing tools, the more serious you’ll be about your artwork. The quality of your drawing tools can often impact the quality of your work, so it’s best to reflect and research before purchasing anything.

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