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The Best Number 2 Pencils in 2023

by Sarah Jones
8 minutes read
Best Number 2 Pencils

Teachers and students rely on #2 pencils for note-taking, homework, and exams. Not every #2 pencil is the same, even though they’re all similar. This article lists a few high-quality options and examines their features in detail.

We’ve used #2 pencils for a long period of time and remember them fondly after years of school. Some of us are artists and writers, so the quality of a pencil means a lot to us.

Using the right pencil is essential for performing admirably, so let’s take a look at some of the best number 2 pencils out on the market.

Best Number 2 Pencils:

1. AmazonBasics #2 Pencils

AmazonBasics Pre-sharpened Wood Cased #2 HB Pencils, 30 Pack

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AmazonBasics #2 pencils are exactly what you’d expect from a very basic and standard wooden pencil.

Tiny errors were noted by both fans and opponents of this pencil brand, but those who enjoyed these pencils still recommended and praised them. No standard wooden pencil is completely immune from breaking, so a few consumers felt that the quality didn’t meet their high expectations.

When you think of a pencil that’s commonly used in school, you probably think of the standard yellow #2 pencil. That’s why AmazonBasics #2 pencils are some of the best #2 pencils for school.

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2. Ticonderoga Pencils

TICONDEROGA Pencils, Wood-Cased #2 HB Soft, Pre-Sharpened with Eraser, Yellow, 72-Pack (13972)

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Ticonderoga pencils are also a golden standard when you are searching for basic #2 pencils to use in school.

Ticonderoga pencils are not completely resistant to damage, so there were buyers who felt the need to point that out. A few buyers denied Ticonderoga’s claim that their pencils are the “best around.” However, some pickier buyers actually appreciated these pencils and considered them a reliable standard to use in their daily life.

Regardless of how much Ticonderoga speaks about how they make the best pencils, the pencils they create are an undeniably useful tool to have in any classroom or office.

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3. ARTEZA #2 Graphite Pencils

ARTEZA #2 HB Wood Cased Graphite Pencils, Pack of 12, Bulk, Pre-Sharpened with Latex Free Erasers, Bulk pack, Smooth write for Exams, School, Office, Drawing and Sketching

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Getting pencils from a trustworthy company will ensure you have the best experience possible, like ARTEZA. Their pencils should satisfy teachers, artists, and other professionals.

Parents purchasing pencils for their kids to use at school were sufficiently pleased with ARTEZA’s line of #2 HB pencils. The reliability of the pencil’s structure and graphite made customers praise the product. Customers on a budget were glad to say that these pencils performed tremendously well for the price they were sold at.

Professionals may want the most basic pencils available but still, stick to high-quality ones at reasonable prices. ARTEZA #2 graphite pencils will support any individual with their writing and drawing needs.

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4. Dixon Golf Pencils

Dixon Golf Pencils, #2 HB Soft, Pre-Sharpened, Yellow, 144 Count (14998)

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Pencils don’t just need to be used for schoolwork or artwork. Dixon makes pencils that are perfect for golfers.

Despite the fact that these pencils are made for activities besides school, many teachers praise this product and use it as a backup. Not all consumers were happy with their product and demanded refunds. Despite this, these pencils are well-appreciated by the community that relies on them.

Pencils of good quality don’t have to take up a lot of space. For anyone who’s always using writing tools on the go, small pencils like Dixon Golf pencils may be ideal.

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5. Scentco Graphite Smencils

Scentco Graphite Smencils - HB #2 Scented Pencils, 5 Count

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If you want to make writing and drawing a more enticing and unique experience, go for Scentco Graphite Smencils, which may significantly please your nose.

This item is extremely loved by a wide number of consumers. The pleasant aromas emitted by Scentco’s scented graphite pencils are precious and cherished. A few individuals were a bit sickened by the smell and felt that they were more of a distraction than a helpful classroom tool. Still, many consumers felt the opposite of that.

Standard #2 pencils don’t have to be dull and boring. You can mix things up and still get the graphite quality you want. Smencils may make schoolwork more exciting.

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6. BIC Xtra-Fun Stripes Graphite Pencils

BIC Xtra-Fun Stripes Graphite Pencil, 2 HB, 18-Count

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BIC Xtra-Fun Stripes graphite pencils are also a unique product to use in a classroom or art studio.

The attractiveness of these pencils made them an interesting buy for customers. The durability of the graphite was impressive even to overly critical teachers. Some customers noted that the pencil’s structure was prone to bending or that the graphite wasn’t smooth and easy to write with. Overall, the positive reviews outweighed the negative ones.

If you’re looking for some good number 2 pencils that have a bit of a charming flair to them, the alluring colors of BIC Xtra-Fun graphite pencils can satisfy you.

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7. Paper Mate Mirado Black Warrior Pencils

Paper Mate Mirado Black Warrior Woodcase Pencil Nontoxic , HB #2, Black Matte Barrel, Dozen, Sold as 2 Packs of 12, Total of 24 Each (PAP2254)

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To be more serious about your writing pencils and highly appreciate their quality, seek #2 pencils like Paper Mate Mirado Black Warrior pencils.

Some people feel that the Mirado Black Warrior Woodcase pencils are disappointing. The fancieness of the package still brought customers in. The quality was good enough for them, so they praised this product. For most people, it was reliable and durable.

If you want to use standard #2 pencils and don’t need them in bulk, Paper Mate Mirado Black Warrior pencils can serve you well.

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8. Madisi #2 Pencils

Wood-Cased #2 HB Pencils, Yellow, Pre-sharpened, 16 Packs of 12-Count, 192 pencils in box by Madisi

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A standard yellow pencil is easily identifiable, and Madisi’s #2 pencils represent standard pencils very well.

Critical pencil buyers were adequately satisfied by this product. A small handful of consumers were displeased with the durability and experienced breakages too easily. These pencils were deemed perfect by teachers and performed reliably in many situations.

If you’re looking for high-quality #2 pencils to use in a classroom or office, the pencils offered by Madisi are a great option.

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Making the Decision

Artists, teachers, and students benefit immensely from standard #2 pencils. The pencils listed in this article provide every feature that a standard #2 pencil should have.

If you want a very unique and exciting experience to ramp up the fun of whatever you’re doing, Scentco’s Smencils will work great for you. Serious pencil users and teachers will likely benefit from high-quality and basic pencils like the ones from Madisi.

Pay more attention to your writing utensil, and you’ll notice a difference in your performance. Not all pencils are identical, so it helps to question their strengths and weaknesses


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