Markers for Bullet Journaling

It is virtually a foregone conclusion that anyone who is a dedicated bullet journalist also is particular about the pens they use. That’s because bullet journaling allows for all sorts of creativity. Drawings, diagrams, intricate lettering, and other techniques are all fundamental parts of the process.

Using the wrong pens can spoil that process with uneven ink flow, less-than-vibrant pigments, and other issues.

Best Markers for Bullet Journaling:

1. Tombow 56185 Dual Brush Pen Art Bullet Journaling Markers, 10-Pack


If you’re looking for the best bullet journal markers that don’t bleed, then this set from Tombow is ideal. Each pen has two tips, one that’s fine and one that is a brush. If you need pens that can easily transition from tiny details to broad strokes, these are perfect.

This set includes nine bright colors and one colorless blender pen. You can use the blender pen to create a watercolor effect. The ink is water-based and acid-free. The colors are vibrant, and the nylon fiber brush tip is durable and has just the right amount of flexibility. After usage, the tip of each pen is self-cleansed so you don’t have to.

Tombow uses translucent ink that you can blend with other colors. Those who are seeking the best no-bleed will probably fall in love with this set from Tombow.

For bullet journaling that doesn’t bleed through and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, this Tombow set is perfect.


  • These pens don’t bleed
  • Little odor
  • Easy to blend
  • Affordable but high quality


  • The ink may look streaky when applied over a large area

2. Crayola 587861A000 Ultra-Clean Washable Broad Line Markers


They may be designed for kids, but these Crayola deserve their place on this list of the best non-bleed. The ink is water-based, so it’s easy to wash it if necessary. However, what’s even better is the 40 vibrant colors.

Each pen has one tip that Crayola says can be used for both fine and broad lines, but getting both out of a single tip requires finesse. Nonetheless, this set comes with many hues, and those colors are saturated. Still, they won’t bleed through when you use them on high-quality paper.

The ink flows easily from these Crayola, and it’s unlikely to bleed through on good-quality paper. Artists and journalists looking for capable of really fine-line drawings or writing in small spaces should look elsewhere.


  • 40 colors
  • The colors are vibrant and saturated
  • Great affordability


  • The conical tip allows for the limited drawing of fine lines
  • Small writing is virtually impossible with the tips on these markers.

3. Copic Marker Gasenfude Nylon Bullet Journal Brush Pen


Copic has a reputation for producing high-end pens and markers, and this item is no exception. Available in black ink, this is a luxury marker priced at a bit less than seven dollars for a single pen.

Copic’s Gasenfude is one of the best bullet journal markers because it dispenses rich, black ink. Skillful artists can produce lifelike shading effects with ease. The nylon brush tip is sensitive, making it possible to draw the most delicate lines or write in the tiniest spaces.

One thing that sets this marker apart from others on this list is that the tip is formed from bristles rather than a marker tip. This makes it easier for people who are skilled artists or are using complex lettering techniques to achieve the look they want. It feels great in the hand, but it is costly.


  • Dark, waterproof black ink
  • Bristle tip
  • Draws and writes fine and bold lines


  • Expensive
  • Only available in black ink

4. Fineliner 10 Colored

This set is a spectacular deal as it includes 10 markers and 4×7 stencils. If you’re interested in taking your bullet journaling to the next level, then this is the right set for you.

Each of the 10 pens has one tip filled with water-based ink. Fine tips are among the best marker pens for writing. If you’re concerned about writing legibly in even the smallest spaces, you’ll succeed with these markers.

The stencils give you a fun and easy way to dress up all of your bullet journal layouts with a minimum of fuss. You don’t have to be a professional artist to make your journal look extraordinary.

However, it’s best to be aware that these are not the highest quality on this list. They are great for practice, but you might want to buy this set for the stencils, and then invest in a better set of pens.


  • Packaged with 12 pages of stencils
  • No duplicates, 10 classic colors felt tip pens.


  • Not the best quality on the list, though they will do in a pinch

5. Fine Tip Markers for Coloring Books Sketching


Manufactured by Reaeon, this is a set of markers that don’t bleed through paper. It contains 24 colors to make your bullet journal sparkle with life.

Reaeon uses water-based ink, and this produces a true watercolor-like effect. The brush tips are soft, giving you great precision and control. Use the fine tips for writing and seriously detailed doodles and drawings.

Some users do report that the brush tips seem to feather too quickly.

These Reaeon have smooth ink flow and great colors. However, they may not be the longest-lasting products on this list.


  • Ink doesn’t bleed through on good paper
  • Dual tips for versatility
  • Fine tips are ideal for writing


  • The brush tips seem to wear out fast

Tips on Choosing


It’s advisable to look for markers that come packaged with an assortment of colors. This lets you personalize your journal and make certain entries pop. Plus, you can designate specific colors for certain activities or events to help with the organization.


Another thing to look for is ink that isn’t likely to bleed through the page. The quality of the paper in your notebook will make a difference here, but you also need ink that doesn’t bleed to get the best effect, the sharpest lines, and the most saturated colors.

Dual Tips

Additionally, dual tips just make sense. Bullet journaling is equal parts writing and art, so you need the ultra-fine tip and the brush tip. Some with a single tip do all right, but to take your journal to the next level, you need dual tips.


Consider cost as well. An expensive pen can look magnificent on the page, but can you afford to replace it as often as you might need to?

With this list to act as your guide, you are prepared to begin your journaling adventure. Choose a product from this list to get started today.

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