The Best Graffiti Markers in 2024

Graffiti-style art is popping up everywhere these days. It’s no longer just the passion of urban street artists. These days, everyone from soccer moms to kids is experimenting with adding graffiti to garments, canvases, walls, and more.

While there are many graffiti markers out there, they are not all created equal. Some dispense ink while others rely on paint. Some have applicators that are only suitable for smooth surfaces, but others can be used on rough materials.

To sort it all out, we conducted a series of tests to find the graffiti markers. Read on to discover our intriguing results.

Best Graffiti Markers:

1. Crafts 4 ALL Fabric Markers Pens Permanent 12 Pack Dual Tip Minimal Bleed Graffiti Pens


Designed for use on fabric, these pens work on everything from clothing, purses, sneakers, and bibs to wall hangings, canvas, and placemats. This box contains 12 markers filled with vibrant colors. Deeply pigmented, these are the tag markers if you want to add graffiti-style art to any fabric.

Each of these markers is dual-tipped so that you can create thin or bold lines. This means that you can outline, underline, draw or sketch to your heart’s content. Dispensing non-toxic ink, these pens make marks that resist fading, are lightfast, and are weatherproof. You can even put garments through the washer.

This set of pens is affordable, which means that you can experiment with them as much as you like. The manufacturer even provides a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Fans of these markers appreciate that the colors usually don’t bleed after being applied. They also like that the colors easily can be set into the fabric with an iron or a tumble in the dryer.

Nonetheless, critics say that you must follow the instructions to prevent bleeding.

For adding graffiti-style art to fabric, there’s no better selection than this one.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Dual-tipped
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Colors may bleed if you don’t follow the instructions

2. Sakura Solidified Paint Solid Marker

Available in white as well as many vibrant colors, these graffiti paint markers make a bold statement. These markers are ultra-tough and able to stand up to almost any use.

Containing a solidified paint in a marker stick, these pens are an excellent choice when you need to create artwork that must withstand the elements or needs to cut through tough materials like rust, mud, snow, grease, and oil. Even if these markers are used in places where the paint is exposed to rain and sunlight, it doesn’t wash off or fade.

The solid paint in these markers can adhere to surfaces that include wood, fiberglass, cloth, glass, cardboard, rubber, metal, plastic, and more. These markers have a broad tip, but you can trim them with a knife for finer lines.

Users love that these markers dry fast and work on any surface. Critics wish that it wasn’t necessary to go over some spots several times.

Anyone who is looking to make an indelible mark will love these paint pens.


  • Works on any surface
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Can draw broad or fine lines


  • If covering a large area, it may be necessary to go over it several times

3. Molotow ONE4ALL Acrylic Paint Marker Set, 6 Basic Colors

While this set may seem expensive for six pens, it’s a good deal considering that the “ink” that’s dispensed by these markers is acrylic paint. Accordingly, this graffiti marker set is a top choice for anyone who is creating permanent artwork, even if it will be displayed outdoors.

This six-marker set covers all the basics with yellow, orange, red, blue, white, and black. The acrylic paint is capable of providing dense coverage with little effort.

Each marker is equipped with the manufacturer’s proprietary Flowmaster pump marker system. This keeps the paint flowing nicely and easily. The paint itself is solvent-free and may be diluted with water. Switch out the tips on the markers if one gets worn down or if you want to make a finer line.

UV and weather-resistant, the acrylic paint is great for outdoor applications. People love that the paint dries fast and that the pens are easy to use.

The few complaints associated with this product say that the set should include brown and green markers.

As a basic set, it’s hard to beat these paint-dispensing markers.


  • Dispense durable acrylic paint
  • Vibrant colors
  • Nice paint flow


  • No brown or green in this set

4. Beric Premium Paint Markers 12 pack

Each of these 12 water-based markers has an extra-fine tip, making this collection an excellent choice for anyone who likes to concentrate on the tiny details. Weather-resistant ink means that the works you create will do pretty well outdoors, though it’s probably best to protect what you make.

While these are the pens for graffiti on paper, they function well on just about any surface including wood, canvas, glass, rubber, metal, and plastic. This set contains a great mix of colors that covers the basics like black, white, and blue as well as more novel shades such as violet and pink.

The manufacturer offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on each of these vividly-hued pens.

People seem to find many reasons to enjoy these markers. Most of the praise relates to the bright, opaque colors and the excellent coverage. Overall, users seem pleased with how quickly the paint dries.

One of the few complaints associated with this product is that the pens are prone to blobs when they are first uncapped and placed on a surface. It might be smart to wipe the pen’s tip on a paper towel before beginning work.

Many artists and crafters swear by these outstanding markers from Beric.


  • Great selection of colors
  • Extra-fine tips for details
  • Bright, opaque colors


  • Ink may “blob”

5. Krink K-60 Paint Marker


These paint markers are the graffiti mops on our list. Available in 15 vivid colors, you have to buy each one individually. This can get pretty expensive. If you only need a couple of colors or are working on a big project, the expense is probably worthwhile.

Each paint marker is filled with two ounces of paint. This paint is alcohol-based and suitable for use on surfaces such as paper, metal, glass, and items that have already been painted.

On top of the marker is a 15-millimeter soft, rounded tip. It’s ideally suited to working on smooth surfaces. Rough surfaces probably won’t deliver the results you want.

Controlling the flow of paint requires the application of pressure to the body of the bottle. This can be tricky for novices to master.

Nonetheless, many people love these paint markers because of the quality of the paint and how quickly it dries.

Ideal for larger pieces, these paint markers are a dream come true.


  • Dispenses bright, alcohol-based paint
  • Easy applicator tip
  • Quick-drying


  • Novices may have a hard time precisely controlling the paint flow

6. Krink K-55 Acrylic Paint Marker

Here’s another offering from Krink that delivers on its promises. These big paint markers are a wonder for those larger-than-life pieces.

These markers are available in eight bright colors. Dispensing acrylic paint, you can trust these markers to help you create work that stands the test of time.

The square, double-edged 15-millimeter tip is just what you need for creating bold strokes. Even better, these fluorescent colors glow under black light, adding another dimension of interest to your work.

This opaque paint can be used on many surfaces. Its 30-milliliter capacity is enough to keep you creating for quite some time.

Most artists who use these paint markers admire the brilliant colors and the robust tip for creating big pieces.

Nonetheless, critics caution that you may get some drips if you aren’t super careful.

Artists who are looking for a marker that dispenses acrylic paint and is designed for over-the-top pieces will love this selection.


  • Bright, opaque paint glows under black light
  • Oversized tip for bold strokes
  • Nice selection of colors


  • It’s necessary to be watchful for drips when using these paint markers

7. Montana Acrylic Paint Marker 15Mm

These waterproof artist acrylic paint pens are equipped with 15-millimeter tips for those bold, outstanding strokes. Each painting contains lightfast pigments for a truly vibrant color that doesn’t fade over time.

Thanks to these paints being abrasive proof, they can be applied to almost any surface, even surfaces that have rough or coarse finishes. These paint markers have transparent barrels so that you can see exactly how much paint is left. Even better, you can get refills!

That’s great news because these are kind of expensive. You buy them separately, so collecting the whole set of 17 or so colors will set you back a pretty penny. Still, if this is your chosen medium, then the cost is probably worth it.

If you like to combine your marker work with spray paint, then you’re in luck with this line. Each color is designed to coordinate with one of Montana Gold’s spray paints.

Praising the flow and coverage, many artists love these pens. However, some say that the colors are too shiny upon drying.

These lightfast, waterproof paint pens are excellent choices for many reasons, including the line of coordinating spray paints.


  • Excellent flow and consistency
  • Matches a line of spray paint
  • Refillable!


  • May dry shinier than you would like

8. Markal B Paintstik Solid Paint Hobo Marker

In general, urban street artists love this set of six vibrant “Paintstiks.” Weatherproof and winter-proof, you can rely on anything that you create with these markers to stand up to the elements.

These street art markers effectively are solid paint crayons. Accordingly, they don’t need to be refilled or sharpened, and no priming is necessary.

Combining the durability of paint with the convenience and ease of use of a crayon, these are not your standard markers. Still, this paint offers remarkably good performance in conditions and on surfaces that may be cold, wet, oily, and exposed to the sun.

Use these paint pens on surfaces that are rough, smooth, rusty, dirty, or clean. They will work equally well.

Artists say that these markers are an incredible value because they cover so well and have such vivid colors. Critics complain that these markers too often break in shipping.

These old-school, super-reliable solid paint markers are an excellent deal.


  • Durable
  • Can be used in any conditions
  • Marks any surface with vibrant color


  • Breakage in shipping is too common

9. Tulip Graffiti Fabric Markers, 30 Pack, Rainbow Bullet 30 Count

This one is for the artist who demands an outstanding selection of colors. That’s because this collection includes 30 markers.

It’s hard to imagine needing any other colors than those that are included with this graffiti marker set. Although these pens are designed specifically for use on fabric, they work pretty well on paper, stone, glass, metal, and other smooth surfaces.

The bullet tips on these pens are ideal for creating both fine and bold lines. The fabric ink is fairly remarkable in that it doesn’t require heat setting for permanence. This means that your work will survive several washes in a machine without difficulty.

These markers work on light-colored or white fabrics so that the colors pop. Non-toxic and easy to use, owning these markers guarantees fun for all ages.

Fans of these markers praise just how easy they make it to create fun designs. A limited number of complaints raise an issue with bleeding.

If you want to create endlessly fun wearable art, then spring for this 30-marker set.


  • Perfect tip for fabric
  • No heat-setting required
  • 30 vivid colors


  • Some people had problems with bleeding

10. Fabric Markers Pens Permanent 20 Colors

This set of 20 fabric markers is an excellent choice because each of these pens is dual-tipped. This gives you all sorts of versatility for creating the finest and the boldest of strokes.

Each pen in this set dispenses a unique and eye-catching ink that dries permanently in no time at all. The rich, vibrant pigments resist fading and can be used on almost any fabric.

These completely safe and non-toxic markers are suitable for use by all ages. Making this set even more fun is the inclusion of 43 letter and number stencils so that you can be certain of perfect results every time.

The manufacturer offers a 100 percent, money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Considering how well these markers generally perform, that’s probably not going to be needed.

Calling it inspirational, many people praise this product. Critics wish that a white marker was included.

For fun and easy graffiti projects on fabric, this collection is an excellent choice.


  • Non-toxic, easy-to-use
  • Comes with 43 stencils
  • Dual-tipped


  • No white marker

Factors to Consider

Every artist yearns to create an expression of their unique soul, and the right graffiti markers can help them to achieve this. Many options are available, which can make it pretty hard to decide which markers are right for you.

That’s especially true for artists who are new to this medium. Accordingly, here’s a look at some of the top factors to consider as you buy graffiti markers.

Ink or paint:

Perhaps the most important consideration is how quickly the ink or paint dries and whether or not it’s permanent. A quick-drying ink or paint is preferred by artists who want to avoid drips. However, some artists do like to introduce some dripping into their work. If you’re interested in experimenting with dripping, then you may want to try several markers to find the right consistency.


When it comes to graffiti markers, permanence matters. If your work is outdoors, then it needs to withstand sun, wind, rain, freezing temperatures, and whatever else the elements toss at it. You need makers that will leave an indelible impression behind.

Fabric markers:

The same is true if you’ll be putting your work on t-shirts, jeans, shoes, or other garments. These items will need to go through the wash at some point, making it critical that you choose graffiti fabric markers that are up to this task.

Variety of colors:

You’ll also want to consider the variety of colors that you may want to use. Some stunning graffiti artworks can be created with one, two, or three colors. Other projects need a rainbow of shades.

Keep in mind that some graffiti markers are purchased separately. These can be quite expensive, but if you’re a dedicated artist, the cost is worthwhile.

It may be more convenient and affordable to purchase a set of markers, especially if you’re just starting out. This gives you the freedom to experiment as much as you like.


Should I use ink or paint graffiti markers?

Your choice between ink or paint really comes down to the specific project on which you’re working. If your work will ever be displayed outdoors or is intended to be permanently displayed outdoors, then paint is probably the better option because it tends to be more durable.

Markers that dispense ink may be a better choice when you’re working on something that is smaller and more detailed, especially if those ink markers are dual-tipped.

On which surfaces can I use graffiti markers?

While some graffiti markers are specifically designed for use on certain materials, like fabric, others can be used on a wide variety of surfaces like wood, glass, rocks, plastic, rubber, and metal.

That said, it’s worth considering whether the surface on which you’ll be working is rough or smooth. The applicator on certain graffiti markers may be intended for smooth surfaces alone while others perform well on coarse surfaces.

Are graffiti markers permanent?

Manufacturers of most graffiti markers claim that their products make permanent marks. This is more or less true, but you’ll get the best results when you follow the instructions.

For instance, some markers require heat setting with an iron or a tumble in the dryer. Some require 24 hours or more to completely dry while others only need minutes. If you want to ensure the best outcome, pay particular attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Making the Decision

If you’ll be working on fabric, then we recommend the TULIP Graffiti Fabric Markers. You just can’t go wrong with 30 bright and vibrant colors. The bullet tips on these pens make it possible to draw both fine and bold lines, and because no heat setting is required, these are spectacularly easy to use.

If the piece that you’re working on is large or will be displayed outdoors, then the Montana Acrylic Paint Markers are an excellent choice. Not only are they easy to use and bright but also they are supported by a line of complementary spray paints.

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