The Best Mat Cutters in 2024

Every artist and craft enthusiast needs the mat cutters. If you often create art, frame photos, and craft pieces, or cut cards and coupons at the office, there is only so much you can do with scissors or paper cutters.

Have you struggled to get straight cuts or tight corners on a paper? It is frustrating, but with a mat cutter, you cut with accuracy and speed.

We’ve reviewed the ten mat cutters based on their cutting capacity, safety, size, quality of construction, and price-to-quality ratio. Continue reading and learn how to pick a mat cutter that meets your cutting needs.

Best Mat Cutters:

1. Logan Graphics 301-1 Compact Classic Portable Mat Cutter

The Logan Graphics 301-1 Mat Cutter is tough enough to cut thick papers, long enough to cut papers up to 2.5 feet, and compact enough not to take up your entire work table. It cuts wrapping paper with the same precision it does thick papers. In the package, you get a cutting board, a bevel cutter, a mat guide, a straight-cut knife, and a user guide.

According to consumers, this mat cutter is ideal for home use as it is for professional use. You can use it to cut standard-sized photos and custom shapes. The cutter is easy to use and highly portable when you need a unit you can carry from home to your studio.

If you are starting in business and need professional mat cutters, this might be a great choice.


  • Handles papers up to 2.5 feet long to meet all your personal and professional cutting needs
  • Open-ended construction to cut any length of paper when you cut and slide
  • Beveled cutting head with a mat knife for straight cuts
  • Parallel mat guide to enable you to cut better and increase cutting options
  • Uses Logan 270 blades and only works with a 4-play mat board for sharpness and stability


  • Offers large capacity cutting
  • Infinite cutting length
  • Highly portable and durable
  • Easy to use for beginners and intermediates
  • Versatile use


  • Only uses Logan 270 blades

2. Fiskars SureCut Portable Trimmer


If you need the best paper trimmer for your office, the Fiskat SureCut Portable Trimmer might fill that gap. The trimmer cuts office paper, coupons, photos, and much more. Its rugged construction lengthens its productive life even in a busy office.

Consumers love the fact that this paper trimmer comes with a lifetime warranty, has a lightweight construction for portability, and has so many features that enhance its accuracy.

The Fiskars paper trimmer works perfectly in an office setting and framing studio. If you need to cut shapes, this might not be ideal for you.


  • Sports a wire cut line that indicates where the trimmer will cut for added accuracy
  • Triple track system for straight cuts whether used by a beginner or a pro
  • 12-inch cut length to meet all your office paper-cutting needs
  • Cuts up to seven sheets of paper at once
  • The triple coating of titanium carbide on blades reduces friction and blade wear
  • Integrated paper clamp holds papers in place for stability


  • Sustainable recycled material construction
  • Gives accurate straight cuts
  • Coated blades do not require regular sharpening
  • Cuts up to 7 sheets at once
  • Durable construction


  • Does not cut shapes, suitable for straight cuts only

3. Fiskars Classic Loop Rotary Cutter


The Fiskars Classic Loop Rotary Cutter can easily pass as the rotary cutting mat cutter, thanks to its ergonomic construction and ease of use. It is ideal for cutting layers of fabric, felt, vinyl, and paper. This makes it a perfect cutter for artists, DIY crafts enthusiasts, and office users.

Some of the things that consumers love about this cutter include its lifetime warranty, the ability to cut different shapes, and its ergonomic use.

The Fiskars Classic Loop Rotary Cutter is for a studio that cuts so many other items besides paper. It also cuts different shapes.


  • 45 mm steel rotary blade lasts many years and retains its edge for long
  • The sliding button extends the blade, locks it in position, and retracts it when you are using the cutter for safety
  • The curved loop handle gives you control for comfortable cutting
  • Differed designs to cut light or thick layers, straight, and curved patterns
  • Versatile design for right and left-handed users


  • Gives you so much control during the use
  • Cuts different shapes
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use for beginners and intermediates
  • Cuts a wide range of materials besides paper


  • The blade is not coated, making it relatively less durable

4. Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter


The Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter cuts through different materials, including paper, vinyl, upholstery, tarp, felt, and fleece. It comes in handy in an office setting as it does in a framing studio. If you are looking for portability, this is a handheld device that fits in your bag.

The ergonomic build of this mat cutter for framing, its ability to switch blades, and its lightweight impress consumers.

If you need an affordable rotary cutter, the Olfa Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter might be right for you.


  • Dual-action safety lock that releases the blade holds it in position and retracts it for safety
  • 60 mm tungsten steel blade for durability and lasting edge retention
  • The ergonomic handle gives you control of the cutter for accurate cuts
  • Fits pinking, scallop, and wave blades to provide you with decorative edging
  • Anti-slip rubber grip reduces hand fatigue


  • Lightweight construction
  • Ergonomic build that gives accurate cuts
  • Easy-to-use safety lock
  • Small size for portability
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • Too small for large hands

5. WorkLion Portable Paper Trimmer

If you need an office paper cutter or a framing studio cutter, the WorkLion Portable Paper Trimmer might be the right choice. It cuts labels, cards, photos, cardstock, origami, coupons, and craft project papers.

Consumers observe that this is a paper trimmer that comes with very shaped blades that are easy to replace. It also features an ergonomic build that is easy to use.

This WorkLion Portable Paper Trimmer is ideal when you need a trimmer for kids, offices, or a design studio. Its blades are very sharp, but these blades also need relatively more replacements.


  • 12-inch paper cutting board to cut any size of paper from A4, A5, downwards
  • Gridlines on the board and a transparent ruler to cut straight edges
  • The sharp mini blade is sharp, light, and easy to use
  • The mini blade retracts into the blade holder for safety
  • Round sponge mats at the base of the paper trimmer for stability


  • Very sharp blades
  • The hidden blade is safe for users
  • Grip lines and ruler for accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Durable construction


  • Blades need constant replacement
  • A blade cannot cut multiple papers

6. Olfa RTY-2/G Rotary Cutter

The design of the Olfa RTY-2/G Rotary Cutter makes it popular in the sewing industry. It cuts materials into shapes, pieces, and strips for sewing, quilting, and craft projects. You can use it to cut papers, cardboard, cardstock, fleece, felt, leather, suede, and wool, among others.

The Olfa RTY-2/G Rotary Cutter is a versatile rotary cutting mat cutter as consumers observe. You can use it in the office, at home, framing studio, and in a sewing shop. It is also easy and safe to use.

The Olfa RTY-2/G comes in handy when you need a versatile rotary cutter. It sports a sturdy blade for use in different settings and on different materials.


  • 45 mm special tungsten steel blade for sharpness and quality edge retention
  • Versatile design for right and left-handed users
  • Blade cover protects your hand
  • Accommodates replacement blades to give you any other shapes you need
  • Rounded straight handle to eliminate hand fatigue


  • Versatile design; cuts many materials
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Safe design with a hidden blade
  • Accommodates other blades to give shaped edges
  • Ergonomic handle design to eliminate fatigue


  • Handle not rubberized for a firm grip

7. Dahle 558 Rolling Trimmer

The Dahle 558 is one of the most compact professional rolling trimmers from Dahle. It comes in handy for office and framing studios that need to cut papers, photos, coupons, and cards. Its lightweight construction makes it portable and easy to use.

Consumers love that you can choose different cut lengths for this picture mat cutter as your need dictates. The 51 1/8-inch cutter is the largest and most versatile, but some cut only up to 14 inches.

The Dahle Professional Rolling Trimmer is best suited for professionals, thanks to its relatively high price tag and its high capacity cutting.


  • A self-sharpening grounded steel blade cuts in two directions – you never have to sharpen the blade
  • Protective blade housing keeps your hand safe
  • Automatic paper clamp holds your work in place for accuracy
  • Sturdy metal base with grids to cut any size of paper accurately
  • A durable blade cuts up to 12 sheets of paper once
  • Adjustable alignment guide lets you cut repetitively


  • Choose between different cut lengths
  • Blade requires no sharpening
  • Accurate cutting, thanks to grids and clamp
  • Sturdy construction to last long
  • Blade cuts up to 12 sheets of paper at once


  • Relatively expensive

8. Logan LOG2000 Jn Mat Cutter


If you need a professional paper, photos, and card cutter at an affordable price, you might consider the Logan LOG2000 Jn Mat Cutter. It sports a professional build, but even beginners and DIY craft enthusiasts at home can still use it.

According to consumers, this is an ideal mat-cutting kit for a home picture-framing project or scrapbooking. It is also great for office use, thanks to its accuracy and safety.

The Logan LOG2000 Jn Mat Cutter is an ideal choice for office, home DIY craft projects, and photo-framing studios.


  • A retractable blade makes the cutter safe for all users
  • Has a start and stop indicator that eliminates overcuts
  • Ergonomic blade slot that prevents blade flex to deliver straighter cuts
  • Integrated paper clamp to hold papers in position for accurate cuts
  • Adjustable cutting thickness for versatility
  • Works with Logan 270 blades and can accommodate specialty blades


  • Rugged construction to last long
  • Durable steel blade to cut multiple papers
  • Clamps papers for more accuracy
  • Safe to use
  • Cuts cards of different thicknesses


  • Using the cutter takes practice, thanks to its beveled construction
  • Not ideal for very thick cards

9. Logan 701-1 Straight Matboard and Foamboard Cutter


The Logan 701-1 sports the most rugged construction among all the cutters on this list. It cuts matboards and foamboards for professional and home DIY craft projects. Even in its sturdy build, the cutter is still compact and easy to carry.

According to consumers, the Logan 701-1 takes practice to use, but it works perfectly on matboards and foamboards up to 4.7mm.

If you are always cutting matboards and foamboards, this is the only photo mat cutter on this list that does that. It is ideal for framing, matting, design, and creative DIY projects.


  • Pull-type 90-degree cutter to offer straight cuts all the time
  • Three depth settings including safety, single sheet, and 5mm foam board for versatility
  • 3-inch grooved handle for ease of use and to eliminate hand fatigue
  • Mounts to Logan board-mounted cutters for comfortable use in the workshop
  • Uses a Logan 270 blade for sharpness and superior edge retention
  • Aluminum construction for durability and portability


  • Aluminum construction enhances durability
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Works with other Logan straight edges
  • Handheld design for fast use
  • Affordably priced for a rugged mat cutter


  • Using the device takes practice.

10. Carl Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer

Unlike other paper trimmers that sport a push-style design, the Carl Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer sports a wheel cutter. This makes it strong enough to cut up to 36 sheets of paper at the same time. Although you will pay a little more for this rotary paper trimmer, it is ideal for professionals working in business offices and studios.

The trimmer delivers smooth and clean cuts, according to consumers. Both the trimmer and the replacement blades are affordably priced given their quality and features.

The large cutting capacity of this paper trimmer will work well for you if you work in a busy office or framing studio.


  • Heavy-duty carbide blade cuts up to 36 20-pound sheets at once
  • Adjustable magnetic paper guides and calibrated metal base for enhanced accuracy
  • The patented rocking rail holds the paper firmly in position for accurate cuts
  • Cuts papers up to 15 inches with guides to cut any other smaller-sized paper
  • A storage compartment to hold cutting mats and blades
  • The package comes with a spare cutting mat, a perforating blade, and a straight blade


  • Delivers smooth and clean cuts
  • Replaceable blades are affordable
  • Has handy storage at its bottom
  • Rubberized base for stability
  • Locks paper in place for accurate cuts


  • Relatively expensive
  • Its plastic guards make it challenging to cut papers under 4 inches


Why do you need a mat cutter?

The answer to this question will determine the right type of mat cutter for you. For starters, consider the amount of time you need to spend learning because the learning curve does not reduce with a price. Again, you do not want to break the bank for a cutter you will only use for a few DIY projects at home.

Mat cutters cost between a meager $10 and a whopping $400. For this reason, you need to be careful when shopping for mat-cutting tools.

Factors to Consider

Guided Cutting

These features are great on straight mat cutters. Handheld rotary cutters might lack these features, but they are great when you need to cut shapes.

The Use

Do you need a paper trimmer, fabric cutter, or a mat board cutter?

If you need a mat cutter for office papers, coupons, and cards, a paper trimmer with guides will work best. If you need to cut upholstery, leather, vinyl, felt, fleece, papers, and so many more, a rotary cutter with a large wheel comes in handy.

Rotary mat cutters are also great when you need to cut shapes, with pink, and wavy edges. If you need to cut mat boards and foamboards, choose a heavy-duty metallic mat board cutter.

When picking a device, consider one whose cutting capability matches the speed you need at the office or workshop. For instance, a business office can use a paper trimmer that cuts multiple sheets at once.

Quality Construction

Portable mat cutters sport aluminum or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic construction. Plastic construction is lighter but less durable.

However, ABS plastic is more durable than any other form of plastic. Aluminum is lighter than other metals; it is durable but relatively expensive.

Most cutters have carbide steel blades. These are very sharp and strong, and they retain their edge for a long. A coated blade is better than a non-coated blade as it experiences less friction and consequently, less wear.

Consider the ergonomic construction of the handle. A rubberized handle with grooves or a curved loop is better at eliminating hand fatigue.

Safety Features

Because no one wants to end up with injured fingers, ensure you pick a device with hidden blades or one where the blade retracts after use. The safety features should not compromise the efficiency of the device.


How do you adjust the blade depth on Logan mat cutters?

Different Logan mat cutters present different ways to adjust the blade. On most, you need to loosen the blade holding screw and adjust the blade adjustment knob. On others, such as the Logan Log2000, you only need to move the knob at the bottom of the unit clockwise or counterclockwise.

Should you sharpen or replace the blades?

Heavy-duty blades should be sharpened for a while before replacement. Light blades such as those on the WorkLion Portable Paper Trimmer require replacement. Some blades are self-sharpening and only require replacement after a while.

How does blade coating help?

Coated blades experience less friction and, therefore, less wear. The blades last longer with superior edge retention.


The Logan Graphics 301-1 Compact Classic Portable Mat Cutter is my favorite paper cutter. It is versatile, easy to use, safe, and gives smooth and accurate cuts. You can use it at the office, at home, and matting and framing shop.

If this is out of your budget or you need a more versatile mat cutter, consider the Fiskars Classic Loop Rotary Cutter. It is a simple device, but it cuts many materials with its 45mm blade. You can use it to cut leather, suede, upholstery, papers, wool, and felt, among others. It is also an ideal mat cutter when you need shapes.

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