The Best Paint Markers in 2023

Rocks, shoes, and wooden doors are seemingly boring objects until you coat them with dazzling artwork.

Paint pens and markers are often the best tools to use when you’re decorating everyday objects that have any type of surface. We’ve been using markers and pens for as long as we can remember. We searched through many paint pens and markers to help you discover the best ones as fast as possible.

The most important features we compared were the toxicity of the paint, the marker tips, and the types of surfaces compatible with each marker. This helped us find some of the best paint markers to use on any surface.

Best Paint Markers:

Artistro Paint Pens – Special Colors Edition

Paint pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Canvas. Set of 12 Acrylic Paint Markers Extra-fine tip

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Give your creations a special flair of color with Artistro’s Special Colors Edition of paint pens.

This set of paint pens was significantly enjoyed by consumers. The pens were successful in many unique projects. Some criticisms involved the available tip size or the way paint flows from the pens.

When you’re trying to find the paint markers for canvas work, look towards pen sets like Artistro’s Special Colour Edition. It’ll give you a dash of uniqueness and a load of reliability.

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Crafts 4 All Fabric Markers – 24 Color Set

Fabric Markers Pens Permanent 24 Colors Fabric Paint Art Markers Set Child Safe & Non-Toxic. Graffiti Fine Tip Minimal Bleed by Crafts 4 ALL

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Enjoys arts and crafts time with your children by using fabric markers from Crafts 4 All.

Buyers enjoyed using these markers with their kids. The washable and non-toxic formula was particularly enticing. Some buyers expected more from the markers and were unimpressed by the ink consistency of available colors.

The fabric markers made by Crafts 4 All are excellent to have when you’re doing arts and crafts with children or casually drawing by yourself. These markers may not be good for professionals, but they’re a worthy option when searching for the best paint markers to use on paper.

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Uni-Posca Best for Signs Marker Pens

Uni-Posca Paint Marker Pen - Medium Point - Set of 15 (PC-5M15C)

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Paint on rough surfaces like wood and rock with paint marker pens by Uni-Posca.

Customers were satisfied with every feature these pens had to offer. They praised the colors, ink flow, and pumping technology. Customers with the most complaints struggled to use these paint pens because they require a bit of mechanical skill.

Because the paint in these markers is permanent on porous surfaces, they’re some of the best paint pens for wood. You can create attractive wooden signs easily with these markers. Uni-Posca’s paint marker pens require some skill to use, but they’ll produce durable pieces of artwork.

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Jr. White Acrylic Paint Pens

Acrylic Paint Pens for Rocks Painting, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Fabric, Canvas, Mugs, DIY Craft Making Supplies, Scrapbooking Craft, Card Making. Acrylic Paint Marker Pens Set of 12 Colors

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Shoes, balls, Christmas ornaments, cards, and rocks can be painted with Jr. White’s set of acrylic paint pens.

Many buyers had a good time using these paint pens with kids. Some buyers appreciated the artistic value of these pens. Many found the color variety and vibrancy to be quite alluring. One common complaint was that the ink washed off in situations where it shouldn’t have.

The paint contained in Jr. White’s acrylic paint pens is safe and trustworthy. Because the paint isn’t immediately permanent, using them is non-stressful. Thanks to their formula and design, these are some of the best markers on the market.

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Flymax Best White Pens

White Paint Pen, 6 Pack 0.7mm Acrylic White Permanent Marker White Paint Pens for Wood Rock Plastic Leather Glass Stone Metal Canvas Ceramic Marker Extra Very Fine Point Opaque Ink

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Take a unique approach to artwork with white paint pens by Flymax.

Buyers were pleased with the price of these pens. They were easily usable, requiring no extra skill or effort. A few buyers wished the paint in these pens lasted longer.

Flymax White Paint Pens are perfect for many surfaces. They are some of the acrylic paint pens available for black canvases. White paint can be quite gorgeous on dark surfaces, especially when it’s properly made.

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12 Pack Liquid Chalkboard Markers by Cedar Markers

Cedar Markers Liquid Chalk Markers - 12 Pack With Free 40 Chalkboard Labels - Neon Color Pens Including Gold And Silver Ink. Reversible Bullet And Chisel Tip And A Brand New Revolutionary Cap.

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If you’re tired of using chalk, spice things up with liquid chalk. The liquid chalk markers by Cedar Markers are excellent for that.

Most customers absolutely adored the liquid chalk markers by Cedar Markers. However, some were displeased that the markers didn’t work well on every type of chalkboard. A few customers claimed the marker ink faded quickly.

While these markers are perfect for most chalkboards, they’re some of the paint pens for surfaces such as plastic. Cedar Marker’s liquid chalk set may not be for everyone, but it will undoubtedly make your chalkboard look awesome.

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Sharpie Best Oil Based Markers

Sharpie Oil Based Paint Marker, Assorted Fashion Colors, Pack of 5

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Sharpie is trusted for producing excellent markers. Their oil-based markers are an option if anyone’s looking for oil-based paint pens.

Consumers happily used Sharpie’s oil-based markers for their projects. The vibrant ink was loveable for its many uses. A few consumers had ink leakages, and some had faulty markers.

Sharpie markers are a classic choice for any creative project. Sharpie’s oil-based paint markers are important to have on your side, especially if you’re creative. They’re usually reliable and perform as they’re intended to.

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Molotow ONE4ALL Best Overall Acrylic Marker Set

Molotow ONE4ALL Acrylic Paint Marker Set, 10 Basic Colors #1, 2mm (200.450)

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Paint detailed images on Christmas ornaments, guitars, and sneakers with the Molotow ONE4ALL acrylic paint markers.

Most consumers enjoyed these markers. The few colors available were visually pleasing to them. Some were displeased by the paint’s consistency. Other consumers claimed the pump system wasn’t very durable.

Thanks to their durable paint, these are some of the best markers to use for glass. They’re an extremely handy decoration tool. With so many tip sizes, a variety of art pieces can be generated with Molotow’s acrylic marker set.

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Sakura 5-Piece Pentouch Paint Marker Set

Sakura 42591 5-Piece 2.0mm Pentouch Paint Marker, Medium, Gold, Silver, Copper, White and Black

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The 5-Piece Pentouch Paint Marker Set by Sakura contains excellently-produced markers with an appealing metallic shine.

Customers happily used this product without experiencing any leakages, running, or splattering blobs of paint. Sakura’s paint markers weren’t incredibly easy to use for some customers. There were a few complaints of faulty markers in the package.

This marker set is a great option when looking for paint pens to use on surfaces like wood and porcelain. Attention can be grabbed with paint that’s extra vivid on dark surfaces. This makes Sakura’s Pentouch Marker Set perfect for sign-making.

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Uchida 6-Piece Decocolor Paint Marker Set

Uchida 300-6B 6-Piece Decocolor Broad Point Paint Marker Set

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Uchida’s paint markers are relatively reliable. Their ingredients are questionable, but their performance is satisfactory.

While some consumers were pleased with this marker set, many of them were displeased. A few positive statements were made about the colors of paint provided by the manufacturer. Negative statements revolved around each pen’s structure, shape, and paint flow.

Markers by Uchida may not be the paint pens to use on a canvas. There are better and safer products on the market, but these pens still do their job well enough.

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Morfone Metallic Marker Pens – Set of 10

Metallic Marker Pens, Morfone Set of 10 Colors Paint Markers for Card Making, Rock Painting, DIY Photo Album, Scrapbook Crafts, Metal, Wood, Ceramic, Glass (Medium tip)

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Achieve an awesome, shiny, and metallic look in your artwork by using Morfone’s Metallic Marker Pens.

Customers use these markers primarily on dark surfaces because the ink stands out well. The bright colors are particularly attractive to customers. A few were displeased with the medium tip size, and some disliked the quality of the nibs.

Morfone has produced some of the best metallic paint markers on the market. Using these markers on dark surfaces usually results in something very captivating. Most people are attracted to gold and silver ink lines.

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Montana 6-Color Fluorescent Acrylic Marker Set

Montana 6-Color Fluorescent Acrylic Marker Set, Fine (053219)

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Add an extra level of interest to your crafts with Montana’s set of 6 fluorescent acrylic markers.

This product was loved a lot by consumers. They had fun being creative with these unique markers. The most common negative statement made was that some markers would randomly fall apart when consumers used them.

This set of 6 fluorescent acrylic markers by Montana has an awesome glow-in-the-dark aesthetic. This adds value to any piece of artwork. These waterproof paint markers will make a lasting impression on those who use them.

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Iris & Olivia Acrylic Paint Markers Set

Acrylic Paint Markers Set - Permanent Paint Pens for Plastic, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, Cloth, Rubber, Rock and any surface. 12 Water based. Water resistent (Original Version)

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The Iris & Olivia Acrylic Paint Markers Set is reliable and affordable. It’s an excellent marker set to have if you’re a crafty hobbyist.

Some buyers noticed that the ink in these pens would flake easily after drying. They also noticed that the paint wasn’t always waterproof and didn’t work well on certain surfaces. Some buyers felt the product delivered what it promised.

This marker set by Iris & Olivia is a good option to consider when looking for the best paint pens to use on wood or glass. The product seems to have a few negligible limitations. Each of these paint pens serves its purpose efficiently.

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Liquitex Professional Fine Paint Marker

Liquitex Professional Fine Paint Marker, Titanium White

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You don’t need a huge set of markers to get creative. Purchase just one pen, like the Liquitex Professional Fine Paint Marker.

Many consumers used this marker in home repairs or vehicle adjustments. The markers by Liquitex have been considered an easy method of using paint. A few consumers had difficulty getting the paint to flow, and some ended up with damaged markers.

The Liquitex Professional Fine Paint Marker comes in many colors, but its white paint version is one of the white markers available. Thanks to optimized paint flow and high permanence, the light-colored versions of this marker are perfect for dark surfaces.

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Royal Talens Amsterdam Acrylic Paint Marker

Royal Talens - Amsterdam Acrylic Paint Marker - Medium 3-4mm Tip - Full Range of 46 Vibrant Colours Available - Single Marker Pen - King's Blue #517

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The Amsterdam Acrylic Paint Marker by Royal Talens is another single-paint pen with high vibrancy and reliability.

Customers were very satisfied with the performance and structure of this product. No leaking or splattering was reported by anyone. The paint flow was considered consistent and colorful enough. Although the pen is a bit pricey, its quality made up for that.

The best markers are durable, accurate, controllable, and suitable for many surfaces. The Amsterdam Acrylic marker by Royal Talens meets all those descriptions. But for these acrylic markers, a fairly heavy paper may be needed.

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Elmer’s Painters Opaque Paint Markers – Set of 5

Elmer's Painters Opaque Paint Markers, Set of 5 Markers, Bright

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Sometimes it’s better to seek a product from a well-known brand like Elmer’s. Their opaque markers are great for creative projects.

Elmer’s Painters Opaque Paint Markers worked very well for most people. They’re so good that they even turned people away from standard paintbrushes. A few consumers had trouble controlling the paint flow and said the paint faded way too fast.

The paint formula for these markers is safe and strong. If you’re looking for the best paint pens to use on wood, clay, and plastic, Elmer’s Painters Opaque Paint Markers is a great option to consider.

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The best paint pens will have non-toxic ink that’s opaque, permanent, and colorful. They will have advanced pumping systems that prevent leakages. Their paint should also work on a wide variety of surfaces.

Coloring everyday objects is a satisfying hobby that brings a lot of vibrancy to your daily life. Spruce things up by purchasing any of the paint pens and markers listed here. They all have the potential to boost your creativity.

You can create perfect personalized gifts for loved ones or have an enjoyable craft day with your kids with these markers. Buy them as soon as possible for a visually-pleasing life boost.

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