The Best Colored Pens for Journaling in 2024

Anyone with a bullet journal understands the importance of a variety of pens. The key to an organized and aesthetically pleasing bullet journal is quality colored pens. We researched and analyzed various pens on the market to find colored pens for journaling.

When we analyzed the best pens for bullet journaling, we looked at features such as the size and style of the pen tip, the quality of the ink, and the variety of colors available to help you best organize and personalize your planner.

Whether you’re new to bullet journaling and looking to start, or you are a seasoned journaler who wants more variety for your creativity, this list is sure to help you find what you need.

Best Colored Pens for Journaling:

1. Sakura Pigma 30068 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set

The Sakura Pigma set is the best if you are looking for bullet journal pens that don’t bleed. The ultra-fine tip is perfect for drawing straight, crisp lines to make your journal look clean.

Pigma uses pigmented as opposed to dye ink. This means that the ink is far less likely to bleed into the paper or smear while you write. The eight different colors allow you to make your journal personalized and cheerful.

People have described these as their favorite pens ever and that they are even great for beginners. They have been around for so long for a reason: people love these classic pens.

For an affordable price, you can have a set of pens that keeps your lines straight and your journal organized.


  • The various colors keep your journal bright and the bleed-free pigmented dye ensures crisp lines.


  • Because the tips are thinner you will want to be sure that you write a little softer to prevent bending or breaking.

2. Tombow Pen Dual Brush Markers


Another set of dual-brush pens that make good brush pens for bullet journaling is the Tombow 10-pack.

These flexible brush-tip pens come with nine vibrant colors and one blending pen for extra creativity. The ink is water-based and non-toxic and does not bleed on the paper. Perfect pens for writing lists and titles in your bullet journal.

Though these pens are a bit more expensive, regular users of this set say that it is well worth the investment. People who have bought these pens say they are the best pens for brush calligraphy.

The dual-tip pens make this set perfect for personalizing your bullet journal.


  • The brush tip is great for calligraphy and the fine point is good for smaller writing and fine lines.


  • This set is a little pricier than other pen sets.
  • Lefties may have trouble doing calligraphy with these pens as they may skip on the upstroke.

3. iBayam Journal Planner Pens Colored Pens


This affordable set includes the best-colored pens for writing to-do lists and goals in your planner or bullet planner.

These fine-tip marker pens come in 18 different colors that are water-based and dry quickly to prevent smearing. They are great for drawing fine lines, journaling, and sketching in sketchbooks for markers.

Users of these pens enjoy minimal bleeding and say they are perfect for bullet journaling. People love how slim and easy to hold these pens are.

At such an affordable price for a variety of colors and a satisfaction guarantee, this pen set is well worth adding to your collection.


  • This set comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • The pens are affordable choices in 18 different colors.


  • Because the pens are so fine point you should be cautious about writing with too much pressure to prevent them from splitting.

4. MyLifeUNIT Fineliner Color Pen Set

MyLifeUNIT offers an extremely affordable pack of 10 different colored fine-point pens that are excellent for bullet journaling. This set comes in a convenient vinyl bag for ease of travel.

Each fine-line pen has acid-free, water-based ink that provides minimal bleeding on the page. Each slim pen has an ergonomic shape for ease of writing and they can be left uncapped for days without drying up.

Customers boast that these pens write clean and do not bleed through paper. Left-handed writers say that the ink dries quickly to prevent smearing on the paper.

For the price, this is one of the best starter kits of pens for bullet journaling.


  • Those pens are a great affordable set for beginner bullet journalers.


  • The tips are known to damage easily because of the ultra-fine point.

5. Tanmit Gel Pens Set Colored Pen Fine Point Art Marker


Tanmit makes the best-colored pens for journaling. This set of 36 unique colors will make your bullet journal pop. The colors include metallic, glitter, neon, and pastel hues. Each pen is non-toxic and comes with a rubberized comfort grip to keep your hand comfortable for hours of journaling.

People have said that they’ve purchased this particular set of pens multiple times. They enjoy the variety of colors for coloring and journaling alike.

An affordable set of gel pens is essential for bullet journaling and this Tanmit pack will not disappoint.


  • For a budget-friendly price, you get a set of 36 individual colors.


  • Because these pens are gel ink they may run out quicker than other types of ink.

6. Kaco Retractable Gel Pens


KACO offers a beautiful set of modern-looking retractable pens in a pack of 20 various colors. These gel ink pens in a plastic barrel will make a great addition to your collection.

Each pen has a soft-touch plastic barrel with an ergonomic design for comfort during long bouts of planning and writing. The pens are great for both drawing and note-taking, which makes them perfect for bullet journaling.

Customers who have used these pens love the colors and the quality of the non-skipping ink.

These retractable gel pens are beautiful, well-constructed, and easy to use. They will make your journaling experience much more enjoyable.


  • The fact that these pens are retractable makes them quick and easy to use.


  • The white pen has brown colored ink so don’t expect it to write well on dark colors.

7. BIC Cristal Xtra Bold Fashion Ballpoint Pen


A classic in the industry, the Bic Cristal ballpoint pens have been a favorite for journals for many years.

The vibrant colors available in this 24-pack come with a bold tip that is perfect for drawing lines and writing lists. Cristal pens are known for gliding easily across the page and writing smoothly.

Regular users of these pens love the classic use of the Bic Cristal brand in new and bold colors for their journaling.

The new colors of this classic brand of pen make them a great addition to your office supply collection.


  • The extra bold 1.6mm lines of these pens make the colors easy to see.
  • For the price, you get 24 different colors.


  • With no comfortable grip, these pens can become uncomfortable to use after long periods.

8. Paper Mate Gel Pens InkJoy Pens

Paper Mate is another industry standard for pens and the InkJoy gel pens are no exception.

The plastic barrel has a rubberized comfort grip and the medium point makes bold lines. The 14 different colors are sure to add variety and personalization to your bullet journal.

For a cheap price, you can get this set of retractable pens to add to your collection.


  • The fact that these pens are retractable makes them fast and easy to use and switch between colors.
  • The ink dries three times faster than other leading gel ink pens.


  • Without properly cleaning and maintaining the pen tips the ink can become dry and skip on the page.

9. Nylea Calligraphy Brush Marker Pens

No products found.

These gorgeous dual-tipped pens are among the best-colored pens for bullet journaling. This modern-looking set of pens is perfect for fine lines as well as brush calligraphy.

This set of 15 pens offers a variety of colors and the dual felt tips make these great for drawing straight lines, large titles, and small notes, to make your bullet journal detailed and organized. The various colors and fine tips also make these the best pens for bible journaling.

Frequent users of this set of pens say that they are great quality for the price and make a great gift for any creative person in your life.

For the price, these pens are a great investment for making your bullet journal more personalized and creative. And because they come with a money-back guarantee, you can try them without worry.


  • These long-lasting dual-tip pens are durable and easy to carry around for journaling on the go.


  • The tip of the brush has been known to split if too much pressure is applied so if you are a firm writer you want to consider that.

10. Huhuhero Fineliner Color Pen Set

No products found.

This set of 10 pens of vibrant colors is affordable and of excellent quality. Each fiber-tipped pen is designed for fine lines perfect for organizing your bullet journal.

The thin, modern design of these pens has a 0.38mm tip for drawing detailed lines.

Experienced bullet journalists say that this set beats out Sharpie fine point markers for an extremely affordable price point. Frequent users of the Huhuhero pens love the quality and the color selection.

With a reasonable price and a satisfaction guarantee, these pens are great for beginners and seasoned journalers alike.


  • This pen set would make a great gift for a journaler in your life.
  • The cap colors perfectly match the ink color of each pen.


  • These pens have been known to bleed through many types of paper.

Making The Decision

If you are looking for some colored pens for journaling, this list is sure to help you find what you need. Whether you are considering quantity, quality, or price, there is something here for everyone.

From beginning bullet journalers to long-time users of the bullet journal system, all the pens available in this list will help improve your organization. If you are looking for ballpoint, brush-tip, or gel ink there is something here for you. With so many varieties to choose from you can start improving your bullet journaling today.

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