The Best Refillable Pens in 2023

Imagine finding your favorite pen ever only to run through the ink and find out that it is not refillable. Refillable pens are better for the environment than disposable pens and can add a sense of style to your look. We researched pens to find the best refillable pens available to you today.

While searching through various refillable pens we analyzed them according to the material they are made of, quality of ink, durability, and cost among other things. The resulting list includes the 10 best refillable pens.

Best Refillable Pens:

1. BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen

BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point (1.0mm), Assorted Inks View at Amazon

This pen has been a classic writing implement for decades and the fact that it is refillable means that it can last you for years. The different colored ink in this pen allows you to easily color-code and organize your notes.

This solid plastic pen writes with four different ink colors: black, blue, red, and green. Each ink tip is medium-point for bold lines and can easily be refilled by unscrewing the pen.

Customers of this pen appreciate the smooth writing of various colors for organizing notes. They love that the pens are long-lasting and refillable.

This multicolor pen is great for taking and organizing notes and the ability to refill it means you will be writing with this pen for a long time to come.

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2. GANSSIA Colorful Cats Design 0.38mm Gel Pens

GANSSIA Colorful Cats Design 0.38mm Gel Pens Black Ink Pen Pack of 6 Pcs View at Amazon

These cool refillable pens to add more style to your office supply collection. Each adorable cat pen writes with refillable black ink. Each pen features a different type of cat on the pen cap as well as on the body of the pen. The thin body of the pen makes it easier to hold.

These pens get great reviews from consumers. People love how smoothly the pens write and how easy the pens are to refill with ink when they run low.

These pens make a great gift for school children as well as adults.

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3. Parker Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pen Collection

Parker Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pen Collection, Medium Point, Black Ink, 4 Count

View at Amazon

Parker Jotter pens are well-known in the office supply industry for good reason. These durable pens are elegant as well as long-lasting. Each pen is made of stainless steel with a plastic barrel that comes in four bold colors.

People love Parker Jotter pens for their smooth writing and stylish design. They appreciate that these pens are refillable because with a pen this good looking you’ll want to keep using it.

Parker Jotter pens are classic retractable pens that can be refilled for years to come.

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4. IDEAPOOL Luxury Rosewood Ballpoint Pen

IDEAPOOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen Writing Set - Elegant Fancy Nice Gift Pen Set for Signature Executive Business View at Amazon

This classic-looking ballpoint pen will add a sense of sophistication to your style. This ballpoint pen is made of natural handcrafted rosewood with a fine point tip that writes smoothly. This pen comes with a black box for storing or giving as a gift.

People who use this pen are astounded at how versatile, this pen is. The smooth ink writes cleanly on most types of paper.

This pen has the look of a fountain pen with the ease of use of a ballpoint pen. If you are looking for a refillable pen that is sure to be a talking point among your peers, this is the perfect pen.

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5. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Black Barrel, Classic Design, Medium Nib, Black Ink (91107) View at Amazon

If you are looking for the best refillable calligraphy pens, look no further than the Pilot Metropolitan. This is easily one of the most popular fountain pens and it comes with a number of refill options.

This pen features a full metal body with a plastic grip and a stainless steel medium nib. Frequent users of this pen love the balanced weight and easy-to-change refill cartridges.

The Pilot Metropolitan is the best refillable fountain pen at an affordable price. You will love using this pen.

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6. Pentel Libretto Roller Gel Pen

Pentel Libretto Roller Gel Pen, Rose Gold, Black Ink with Gift Box, Pen 0.7mm, 1 Pack (K600PG-A) View at Amazon

This beautifully simple pen is sure to be a talking point with your peers. This pen has a metal body that is designed to balance evenly in your hand while writing. The refillable gel ink writes smoothly every time. People love the smooth, elegant look of this pen and the high quality of the Pentel rollerball gel ink.

If you want a durable pen that is refillable and will also be a conversation piece in your collection then this is the pen for you.

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7. Smart Color Art Gel Pens Set 20 Colors

Gel Pens Set 20 Colors Medium Point Colored Pens Retractable Gel Ink Pens with Comfort Grip View at Amazon

Another great set on our list of good refillable pens is the Smart Color gel pen set. For a small price, you can have 20 uniquely colored gel pens that can easily be refilled when the ink runs dry.

Each retractable pen has a clear plastic barrel so you can see the level of the ink inside. The fine point delivers bold lines every time.

Frequent users of this pen love the variety of colors that you get for an affordable price and appreciate that each color is refillable in case one color runs out faster than the others.

If you are looking for a variety of pens that are easily refillable and come in an array of colors, the Smart Color gel pens are just right for you!

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8. SOTANIA Ballpoint pen

Free Engraving - Personalized Roller Ballpen, Ballpoint pen, Ball pen, Refillable Pens, Retractable Medium Refill Pen Black Ink, Custom Gifts for Men, Women, Classy Gift Box View at Amazon

The Sotania is one of the best refillable ballpoint pens available. This pen can be personalized to give someone you care about a long-lasting gift that is highly personal.

Each pen twists open to reveal a medium tip that writes smoothly and is easily refillable. The solid brass body is durable and the elegant gift box is great for storing your pen or giving the pen as a gift.

Customers who use this pen say that it makes a great gift for a student or office worker and that it is excellent in every area.

If you are looking for a refillable ballpoint pen that is durable enough to last you a long time, this pen is exactly what you need.

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9. Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens

Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, Fine Point
View at Amazon

The Pilot G2 is a popular brand of the pen for its super smooth writing. It is often referred to as the king of office pens and has been a favorite in many people’s collections for many years. This is by far the best refillable rollerball pen.

This pen has a clear plastic body with a rubberized comfort grip. The pen writes smoothly and the ink is easily refillable.

The Pilot G2 is one of the best refillable pens on the market and the smooth writing and comfortable grip will keep you writing for hours.

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10. Explormate Fountain Pen

Explormate Fountain Pen - Handcrafted Refillable Bamboo Pen Set with Fine Medium Nib, Ink Refill Converter and Designer Desk Holder - Green and Eco-Friendly - Perfect for Journaling and Calligraphy View at Amazon

This handsome bamboo fountain pen with refillable ink would make a great gift for any creative person in your life. This pen has a bamboo barrel and cap with gold accents and is rigorously tested for balance and consistent ink flow.

People say that they couldn’t ask for a better refillable pen. They love the look of the bamboo with the smooth writing of a fountain pen.

This gorgeous refillable pen and accompanying bamboo case will make the perfect gift for a creative person in your life.

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Making The Decision

This list of the best refillable pens features pens of different materials, qualities, and price ranges. If you are looking for a durable, refillable pen to use every day that will stand the test of time, there is something on this list for you.

While the final decision comes down to personal preference there, is a variety of options to choose from for you to start writing today.

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