The Best Staplers for Teachers in 2024

Some may say it is ridiculous to do an intensive post that waxes poetics about a stapler, but we feel this unassuming device is a critical tool we all need to stay organized. A stapler is even more essential inside the classroom. Imagine an educator getting multiple stacks of test papers that have not been stapled properly.

The result is utter chaos in trying to figure out which page belongs to whom when grading time comes. Deciphering student handwriting is a big headache that wastes a lot of time.

Moreover, teachers are known to staple many pages together, so they need one that won’t jam. Thus, finding the staplers for teachers to use is critical, so you won’t have to worry about something so trivial, but instead, you can focus on more important stuff like your students’ understanding of the lesson plan.

Here are the staplers we’ve reviewed to make your classroom life easy based on the look, ease of use, capacity, and durability:

Best Staplers for Teachers:

1. Swingline Stapler (77701)

This high-capacity stapler is durable, with its metal construction able to withstand the daily rigors of a fast-paced classroom. If you have smaller kids in your domain that frequently drop stuff, this should be able to handle the abuse without falling apart so easily.

The Swingline can hold a full strip of 210 staples, so that’s a lot of sets stacked together before you need to reload.

This is considered a high-performance stapler because it can securely fasten most: 60 sheets of paper with ease. It is truly the stapler for teachers because you don’t have to press too hard or apply undue force to get the job done of stapling thick stacks of test papers together.


  • This ergonomic stapler can work through a thick stack and requires 30% less force when compared with other traditional staplers.
  • Its sleek design can neatly blend with your other desktop gadgets.


  • It can only be used with high-capacity staple wires.

2. Swingline Stapler (74720)

This Swinger with a chrome finish feels very nice to touch. Its rounded edges are a huge plus factor because they remove the sharp corners that can commonly be found in rectangular staplers.

This particular feature makes this stapler model very easy on the hands, not to mention that it is also lightweight.

In addition, it comes with a rubber bottom that grips well to the desk, so your overexcited students won’t be able to easily knock this off your table.

This high-performance gadget can fasten up to 25 sheets of paper with ease, which comes in handy for your multi-paged test papers.


  • You can use this to tack papers to your bulletin board with ease.
  • This model can produce pointing staples for temporary pinning, just reverse the anvil to make it happen.


  • This easily gets jammed, which is very frustrating when you’re in the zone of stapling multiple test papers, only to be distracted.

3. Swingline Stapler, Commercial Desktop Stapler

This particular model has an all-metal body that can hold up for years. Teenage students are rough on the ones made out of plastic, so this will do the job to last until the end of the school year. Its inner rack can hold a full strip of 210 staple wires.

The best part, it comes with a low-staple indicator, so you will be aware of when it is time to get a refill. This stapler can fasten 20 sheets of paper, which is more than for your test papers.

This stapler can unlatch easily, with the staple wires producing pointed staples for temporary pinning, so you can use it to post papers with ease on your bulletin board.


  • This comes with two staplers in a pack, which helps double productivity.
  • The price is one of the cheapest as it costs just the same as a standard stapler, but this again comes with two pieces.


  • These two jam all the time and are a danger to the students. When they use them and staples get stuck, they try to un-jam the unit and risk hurting themselves.
  • The staples don’t sit inside of the track like in most normal staplers. This model uses the staple legs to rest on the track. As a result, when you load separate sets of staple wires, it pushes them together. This won’t let you have more than 2 sets of wires in there.

4. Swingline Stapler (74701)


This is a classic desktop metal stapler that comes in black. Metal can withstand a beating that comes from hyperactive school kids. It comes with an innovative quick-to-load magazine system which allows 210 full strips of staple wires to be loaded easily.

It can accommodate many students before it’s time to get a refill. This makes tacking and pinning announcements to your bulletin board easy because you can unlatch the stapler and twist the anvil.


  • This comes with a limited lifetime warranty because the company stands behind its product.
  • It has a low staple level indicator to warn you when you need to prepare replacements.


  • This jams a lot even if you’re only stapling 2-3 sheets of paper.
  • The staples won’t feed properly.
  • When it jams, it won’t easily pop buck up, so you’re going to have to resort to hitting this on your table or the floor.

5. AmazonBasics Office Stapler

This is a very affordable stapler that comes with one thousand staple wires. You can certainly staple a lot of test papers with these.  If your students use it along with you, it can accommodate a tiny head.

The stapler itself holds up to 200 staples. It can only staple up to 10 sheets of paper, but typical seat works and test papers should not be more than that, so you are good to go with this.

This variant comes with a full rubber base, which keeps it safe on top of your desk even amidst the sticky little fingers that always try to compete with who will get to use the stapler first.


  • It is very lightweight and easy to use, so even younger kids can carry this with ease.
  • It is great for tacking up stuff onto your bulletin board.


  • It does not come with a built-in staple remover, which can be frustrating when you make a mistake.

6. Mr. Pen Stapler

This particular order will come with two black metal staplers, which you can use for two areas of your classroom.

The best part is you get to for the price of one stapler, making it a totally good deal.

This can easily hold 210 pieces of staple wires and can easily staple together 20 sheets of paper. It can open for stapling on walls or bulletin boards.

If you are a teacher, you need to constantly memorize a lot of information. But it’s better to write it down, and you will never forget about your plans.


  • It comes fully loaded with staplers and is ready for you to use.
  • It is indeed jam-free so you won’t have to worry about freeing stuck staple wires


  • Works best with Mr. Pen staples only

7. Clipco Stapler (3-Pack)

This is by far the cheapest brand because you can get three full desk staplers with 6000 staple wires for the price of just one stapler.

Talk about a good deal. This can staple up to twenty sheets of paper with ease. It comes with a sturdy metal body and hard plastic covering on top of its handle, this is pretty lightweight.


  • This opens 180 degrees with its durable spring on the magazine loader, making refills a breeze.
  • It has two strike positions and a reversible crimp for easy tacking.


  • Does not come as advertised and is smaller than a standard desk stapler.

8. Bostitch Ascend 3-in-1 Stapler


This cute functional stapler comes in many different colors. The best part is the built-in staple remover and the hidden staple wire storage area.

This makes it very easy to use because you no longer have to search around for your staple wares.

It comes with an antimicrobial strip, which is perfect for your classroom where it passes through multiple hands. It can staple 20 sheets of paper with ease.


  • It has an ergonomic lightweight design, making it a good fit for little grade school kids.
  • There are 10 colors to choose from for this affordable product.


  • Staples do not disengage from the machine properly.


Finding the right stapler for your classroom use depends on your needs and budget. As most teachers say, the most durable kind is a metal stapler because it can stand the abuse coming from hyperactive students.

If you get a new stapler, be sure to choose the one with the capacity to staple at least 20 pages together. A rubber bottom is also most helpful to keep the stapler from skidding off your table because students like to horse around to see who can get to the stapler first.

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