The Best Uni-Ball Pens in 2024

Uni-ball pens are known as an affordable choice in quality pens. We have reviewed the uni-ball pens below to help you make a fast decision. We have tried many types of pens to find which works best in our planners and can now give advice to others on choosing the right pens.

Continue reading to find the uni-ball pen that suits your preferences whether you enjoy micro tips, fine tips, medium tips, or bold tips.

Best Uni-Ball Pens:

1. uni-ball 207 Retractable Gel Pens Medium Point, 0.7mm, Assorted

The pens you use on important documents should have fraud-proof ink like these uni-ball pens. They feature Uni Super Ink, which protects your documents from water-fading fraud.

The uni-ball 207 Gel Pens come in several different packs, so you can choose the colors and number count you prefer. We like the 8-count pack because it has fun colors like pink, orange, purple, and green in addition to standard black.

Black pen, so you won’t run out of quality pens for filling out and signing important documents anytime soon.

We consider these some of the gel pens for writing because the pigment-based ink is resistant to fading and water damage and applies smoothly to paper.

Customers describe these uni-ball pens as comfortable to use at work and home. All of the colors in the 8-pack are easy to read except for the pink.


  • Fade and water-resistant ink to protect your documents and notes
  • A subtly textured grip that provides a controlled writing experience
  • 0.7 mm point that delivers bold writing
  • Retractable, so you never lose the cap


  • Comfortable to use
  • Ink is still legible if it gets wet
  • Helps protect against fraud
  • No cap to lose


  • The pink is difficult to read

2. uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball Pens

Some types of pens leak or explode on airplanes because of changing cabin pressure. The uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball Pens are safe to take on planes.

They are filled with Uni Super Ink to help prevent document fraud and smearing from water. You can take them on flights and store them in your shirt pocket without worrying about leaks as well.

Some rollerball pens have problems with leaking when stored upside down, so we consider the uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball Pens.

Aside from black, the pens are available in purple, red, blue, and green. Colors apply to paper vividly and are easy to read. You can monitor how much ink is left via the ink supply window.

Self-certified “pen snobs” have described these pens as the rollerball pens. Consumers like that they not only provide a smooth writing experience but last longer too.


  • Uni Super Ink that resists fading and smearing from water
  • The professional design makes them suitable for use at work
  • Uni-flow system that delivers ink smoothly
  • 0.8 mm bold tip for thick lines


  • Ink doesn’t become illegible from water
  • Protects against document fraud
  • Fade-resistant
  • Doesn’t leak
  • Safe to take on flights


  • Lines may be too thick for your type of handwriting

3. uni-ball 207 Micro Point Gel Pens

It’s difficult to find good micro-point gel pens like the uni-ball 207 Micro Point Gel Pens. These are our favorite uni-ball micropoint pens because they write smoothly and feature refillable Uni Super Ink.

They also have a premium grip to improve your comfort while writing. Colors available include black, blue, light blue, pink, green, and red.

The uni-ball 207 Micro Point Gel Pens are suitable for writing checks, filling out documents, and any other writing need that doesn’t require thick strokes.

Consumers like the reliability and quality of this uni-ball micropoint pen. People who have had their documents become wet confirmed that the ink didn’t run.


  • Uni Super Ink protects you from check and document fraud
  • The premium grip provides a comfortable writing experience
  • Refillable to limit how many pens you’re throwing out
  • 0.5 mm micro point tip perfect for detailed and small writing


  • Resilient to fading and water
  • Smooth writing
  • Less waste
  • Protection against check and document fraud
  • Ability to write small


  • Some customers don’t find the grip comfortable

4. uni-ball Onyx Rollerball Fine Point Pens

Do you prefer products made from recycled materials? The uni-ball Onyx Rollerball Fine Point Pens are made of 80% post-consumer recycled electronics. Just as the previous uni-ball pens on this list, they are filled with Uni Super Ink.

With free-flowing ink and a precise, metal tip, they are excellent fine-point pens for writing. You can safely sign documents with them knowing that Uni Super Ink is resilient to fraud attempts.

Consumers say these fine-point pens are good at writing small with smooth, consistent ink flow. They are suitable for use in business and filling out forms.


  • Uni Super Ink helps prevent check and document fraud
  • Metal tip provides consistent and precise writing
  • 80% post-consumer recycled material to lessen the negative impact on the environment
  • 0.7 mm fine point that’s good for small handwriting


  • Great for writing small
  • Writes smoothly
  • Protects against document fraud
  • An environmentally friendly choice


  • If you prefer thicker lines, you may find the lines too thin

5. uni-ball Vision Elite BLX Infusion Rollerball Pens


uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball Pens are known for enjoyable writing experiences, and the Vision Elite BLX Infusion Roller Pens are no exception.

Featuring Uni Super Ink, they protect against document fraud and water damage.

These pens are of archival quality, so you’ll want to use them for important writing you want to stand the test of time, such as a journal to pass down in the family or information about photographs in a photo album.

You can safely take them on flights too because they don’t leak or explode from cabin pressure changes.

Consumers enjoy the seamless writing experience and quality ink with these uni-ball pens. The black is dark and has a nice contrast.


  • 0.8 mm point for bold writing
  • Uni Super Ink to prevent check washing and document fraud
  • Archival quality for record-keeping
  • Ink supply window to view how much ink is left


  • Ink is archival quality, so it’s suitable for long-lasting writing
  • Protects against check washing and document fraud
  • Bold, dark color
  • Smooth writing
  • Doesn’t leak or explode


  • Bleeds through thin paper

6. uni-ball Vision Needle Fine Point Rollerball Pens


These uni-ball Vision Needle Pens deliver a sharp yet smooth writing experience. You can write precisely with them. They are suitable for writing checks and other important documents because they feature Uni Super Ink for fraud protection.

This 8-count pack comes with beautiful vibrant colors that you can use in your planner or for color-coding your notes. Colors included black, navy, purple, blue, green, magenta, red, and orange rollerball pens.

Overall, customers are happy with the smooth-flowing ink and longevity of these pens. Some consumers thought the lines were too thick for a fine-point pen. Others warned they’re not suitable for art. If you have small handwriting but also enjoy lines on the thicker side, this is a good choice for you.


  • A durable needlepoint tip delivers reliable and precise writing
  • Uni-flow ink system creates fluidity
  • Uni Super Ink improves check and document security
  • 0.7 mm fine point for small handwriting


  • Reliable ink flow
  • Protects against check and document fraud
  • Good for precise writing
  • Beautiful colors are easy to read


  • Lines are thick for a fine point pen

7. uni-ball Vision Fine Point Pens

uni-ball Vision Fine Point Pens are known for smooth writing and color intensity. These fine point pens have Uni Super Ink and a Uni ink-flow system. You can check how much ink is left in the pen through the ink supply window.

They are also archival quality, making them suitable for record keeping. People who write a lot love these pens. The ink lasts long and writes reliably. Consumers also find these pens comfortable to use.


  • Uni Super Ink to protect against fading and water damage
  • Uni ink-flow system that maintains steady ink flow
  • The ink supply window shows you how much ink is left
  • 0.7 mm fine point for small handwriting


  • The ink goes a long way
  • Comfortable to use
  • Ink doesn’t fade or run
  • Protects against fraud
  • Enjoyable writing experience


  • Some consumers say the ink doesn’t flow consistently

8. uni-ball Gel Impact Bold Point Pens


If you’re looking for a 1.0 mm bold point pen, the uni-ball Gel Impact Bold Point Pens are a top-rated option. They deliver bold, clear writing and are suitable for large handwriting. When you clip this pen in your shirt pocket, the tip automatically retracts.

Like the other uni-ball pens on this list, the uni-ball Gel Impact Bold Point Pens use Uni Super Ink for documenting and checking security.

These pens have a smooth padded grip for an ergonomic writing experience. They are also of archival quality, so you can use them for labeling photographs and other types of writing you want to last for generations.

Consumers love that they don’t have to apply a lot of pressure when using these bold-point pens. These pens are good for block writing, cursive writing, and sketching. As you would expect from a bold-point pen, they are also excellent for creating graphs.


  • A spring-loaded clip that retracts the tip when you place the pen inside your pocket
  • Uni Super Ink protects from water, fading, and fraud
  • 1.0 mm bold point that’s easy for people with large handwriting to use
  • Smooth padded grip to avoid discomfort when writing


  • Thick, bold lines
  • Ergonomic
  • Protects against check and document-washing fraud
  • Helps prevent accidental ink stains in your shirt pocket
  • Applied ink lasts a long


  • Not suitable for tiny, detailed writing

9. uni-ball Deluxe Fine Point Rollerball Pens


This 12-uni-ball Deluxe Fine Point Rollerball Pens gives you a good stash of black pens to last you a while.

They are made with Uni Super Ink just like the other pens on this list. Teachers who use red pens for grading papers can choose the 12-pack in red.

The uni-ball Deluxe Rollerball Pens have a beautiful, elegant design. Their barrel is colored gold and pearl. They are suitable for use in professional settings and favored by those who find aesthetics important.

Consumers who prefer lightweight pens that allow them to write fast without hand cramps love these pens. Left-handed users, who struggle to find pens that don’t smear, are happy that they don’t smudge.


  • Uni Super Ink for protection against fraud, water, and fading
  • Archival quality for your writing to last generations
  • 0.7 mm tip for sharp writing


  • Lefties can use them without smudges
  • Document security
  • Good for fast writers
  • Steady ink flow
  • Writing can last for generations


  • Bleeds through the thin paper if you write slow

10. uni-ball 207 Needle Retractable Medium Point Pens


Do you wish you had a needlepoint pen with a medium point rather than a fine point? You’ll love these uni-ball 207 Needle Retractable Gel Pens.

They have a soft textured grip and Uni Super Ink. The needlepoint tip is made of stainless steel for quality construction. It delivers a responsive, precise writing experience.

People who write a lot praise these pens for being comfortable to use and having smooth, vivid writing you can easily read. Many people have stated it’s their favorite pen.


  • Needlepoint medium tip for precise lines on the thicker side
  • Retractable to avoid losing caps
  • Stainless steel tip that’s unlikely to break
  • Uni Super Ink to maintain an unbreakable bond in paper


  • Protects against document and checks fraud
  • Comfortable to use
  • Smooth, precise writing


  • Some people had ink flow problems

Making the Decision

We consider the uni-ball 207 Medium Point Gel Pen the uni-ball pen because it provides a happy medium between thin and thick lines. Many different types of writers will find it comfortable to use with a steady ink flow.

If you don’t like medium point pens, try the uni-ball Onyx Rollerball Fine Point Pens, the uni-ball Gel Impact Bold Point Pens, or the uni-ball 207 Micro Point Gel Pens. All of the pens on this list protect against fraud, making them great all-purpose pens.

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