The Best Pregnancy Journals in 2024

If you’ve just found out you’re expecting, then you need the pregnancy journal book. It’s a fantastic way to keep a record of all of your dreams and experiences during your pregnancy. Fortunately, we’ve reviewed many selections so that we can reveal the best options to you.

Read on to discover which one of the following pregnancy journals is the right one for your family’s journey.

Best Pregnancy Journals:

1. Pearhead My Pregnancy Journal

This pregnancy journal keepsake book is fun because you can personalize the cover with your baby’s sonogram. Inside the faux-leather cover, which features black and gold lettering and designs, you’ll find 74 pages.

Each page is designed to help you document your pregnancy journey with guided journal prompts. They begin from the moment you find out that you’re expecting your baby’s arrival.

With several sections, spiral binding, and elastic strap closure, this is a beautiful keepsake that’s convenient to use. The sections are divided into headers such as the first doctor visit, planning, and the big arrival.

While many people love this journal, others wish there was more space to write.

2. My 9 Month Journey Pregnancy Journal and Baby Memory Book

This pregnancy journal comes with fun, colorful extras that let you add a personal touch. It features 40 pages on which you’ll find all sorts of writing prompts that will help you track your baby’s progress and size as well as how you’re feeling.

One page out of each month is dedicated to writing a letter to your baby. Another fun feature is the fruit and veggie comparison that tells you approximately how big your little one is.

With stickers and many places to add pictures, this book is fully customizable. It’s also spiral bound and printed on 140 gsm paper so you can use any pens you like.

3. Pearhead Pregnancy Journal

This hidden spiral-bound book is a stylish accessory to add to your pregnancy. It contains 30 pages that are divided into sections so that you can record observations and memories from every stage of the journey.

You can put your baby’s sonogram in the holder on the cover, and 20 pages are included for photographs. Also inside are seven pocket pages where you can store keepsakes and mementos.

Writing prompts are included throughout. Some people find that the writing spaces are too small. If you like to journal, you may want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, this is a cute, stylish selection with useful features, especially for the mom-to-be without a lot of time to write and reflect.

4. Pregnancy Journal, Black and White: A nine-month journal to document every important pregnancy milestone

If you’re drawn to a minimalist design, then this weekly pregnancy journal is for you. Printed in basic black and white, this also is an excellent choice if you plan to add your stickers and embellishments.

You’ll have plenty of room to journal about events and milestones in this book. There’s even lots of space for photos. One nice feature is a lack of references to mom and dad, which makes this the ideal pregnancy journal no matter what your family looks like.

Thirty-six pages take you from “We’re Pregnant” to “Your Birthday Details.” If you love the design and format of this journal, check out the publisher’s matching baby book.

5. Unconditional Rosie’s My Belly Book Pregnancy Journal

Cute and colorful, this is one baby pregnancy journal that’s loaded with personality. You will find pages with spaces for photos of you each month as well as prompts about how you’re feeling and all of the milestones along the way.

The spiral binding is perfectly convenient and durable. Three pages of stickers enhance the already colorful pages. There is even room for you to write a letter to your baby.

People love that this journal is gender-neutral, does not mention a partner, and does not assume that the parent is straight. This makes it a suitable choice for just about anyone who is expecting an addition to their family.

6. Baby Memory Book Pregnancy Journal

This made-in-the-USA book takes you from the moment you find out you’re pregnant through your child’s first year. Accordingly, you’ll find that this journal is a priceless memento of your family’s journey.

Start by adding your ultrasound photo and notes about who you told about your pregnancy. This book is designed for use by busy adults who may not have a lot of time for journaling but still want to remember the little details that made pregnancy and their child’s first year so magical.

With an imaginative design and colorful artwork, this is a stylish selection that won’t break the bank. Additionally, parents seem to love having plenty of writing prompts and sufficient room for photographs.

7. The Belly Book: A Nine-month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly

The Belly Book lives up to its name thanks to its unusual shape. While the three sides are straight lines, the fourth bows out like a pregnant belly. This pregnancy journal book provides a fun way to document your family’s nine-month journey.

Inside the book are three tabs, one for each trimester of pregnancy. You follow along week by week, adding pictures of your belly as it grows. With plenty of writing prompts and room to record your thoughts and feelings, this is a fantastic keepsake that you and your little one will look back at the time and again.

The spiral-bound version is affordable, durable, and convenient.

8. Expecting You – A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal


For the mom who appreciates an elegant look, this is the ideal pregnancy diary journal. Muted colors and fanciful illustrations have a calm, contemplative feel, just what you need to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

This cloth hardcover book has a ribbon bookmark and places to record all of the thoughts and feelings that you experience as your pregnancy progresses. Numerous quotations and drawings enhance the experience.

Some people remark that this is more like a journal than a means of tracking each stage of pregnancy. However, there’s plenty of flexibility with the writing prompts and lined pages. People who are inclined toward journaling will probably love how much space is provided.

9. Nora’s Nursery Unisex Pregnancy Journal Planner

The luxe look of the grey linen cover on this pregnancy tracker book makes it an elegant option. Even the silver embossed title “Expecting Baby” on the front cover has a sophisticated air.

Equipped with several stickers that you can add to photos of your pregnant belly, this is a lovely pregnancy tracker. Each week, you’ll have writing prompts and checklists to fill in as well as a journaling page that you can use however you wish.

This provides you with a nice balance between quick and easy fill-in-the-blank responses and a bit of more reflective writing. Accordingly, you can capture as much or as little information as you have time for.

10. LovelySprouts Letters to My Child Pregnancy Journal

This hardcover, linen-bound bump pregnancy journal gives you room to write about all of your most treasured hopes. Letters to My Child allows you to record the precious moments that occur throughout your pregnancy.

This journal is filled with inspirational quotes on its 160 pages. It’s designed to take you through your pregnancy and your child’s first year. On the pages, you’ll find a family tree, spaces to record each trimester, your child’s birthday, and hand and footprints.

Other sections include spots for your child’s first 12 months, the first family photo, a visitor log, and family memories. This gender-neutral book is beautifully crafted to become a family heirloom that your child will adore.

How to Choose a Pregnancy Journal

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or your fifth, you’re anticipating many magical moments. It can be hard to remember them all, and you may find that your memories grow confused with subsequent pregnancies.

That’s why keeping a pregnancy journal is such a great idea. It helps you to remember all of the milestones and the moments along the way. The journal also becomes a treasured keepsake for your child.

You want to find the pregnancy planner journal for you. What constitutes the best to you may not be the same as it is for other parents-to-be. This means that it’s smart to keep a few tips in mind.

Consider how much time you want to devote to your pregnancy journal. If you’re already super-busy with other kids running around, then you may want something that’s filled with easy prompts. This way, you can record what’s happening and what you’re thinking and feeling in just a few minutes.

This also is the ideal style of the journal for someone who doesn’t like to write.

People who feel intimidated by a page full of blank lines that need to be filled will probably prefer a journal in which a great deal of the work has been done for them.

On the other hand, moms-to-be who want to pause, reflect, and journal about every moment will find journals that have plenty of blank spaces where they can pour their hearts out with a pen.

It’s a great stress reliever, and many people do their best to plan when they write.

It’s also worth thinking about your personality as you choose a pregnancy journal. Are you drawn to things that are cute and colorful or is elegant and understated more your style? There are plenty of options out there, and at least one of the selections here is bound to appeal to you.

Do I Need a Pregnancy Journal?

A pregnancy journal may not be a necessity the way that a great doctor is, but it’s still an excellent idea.

That’s because changes are going to start happening at a furious pace. You’re going to want to remember as many of them as you can.

After the birth of your child, the memory of your pregnancy will start to fade. You may forget some of the hopes, wishes, and feelings you had while you were expecting.

Someday, when your child asks about your experiences when you were pregnant, you may have difficulty recalling many of them in detail.

When you choose the pregnancy journal for first-time moms, all of those tiny details will always be at your fingertips. Best of all, they’ll be available for your child too, providing a priceless keepsake that they’ll treasure for a lifetime.


What should I write in my pregnancy journal book?

You can write anything helpful, meaningful, or memorable. Some journals have many prompts and a small space in which you can write. Others are more free-form and let you express yourself. Go with the style that’s most in line with your affinity for writing.

Can I get a pregnancy journal for twins?

While it may seem like twice the work, it’s a great idea to get two pregnancy journals when you’re expecting twins.

Someday, those journals will become keepsakes for your children, and they each may want to keep their journals.

That said, twin pregnancy journals are out there. Some of them are super cute.

They are filled with many of the same writing prompts and trackers as other pregnancy journals are, enabling you to document every step.

Why should I keep a pregnancy journal?

Throughout your pregnancy, you’ll have all sorts of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that you’ve never had before. Remembering them is important to you and your child. A journal stands as a record of each unique pregnancy and the joys and tribulations that were encountered along the way.

If you get pregnant again later, you may want to look back at your previous pregnancy journal to remind yourself of how you felt and the steps you took to help alleviate any discomfort or difficulties.

Making the Decision

In our view, Nora’s Nursery Unisex Pregnancy Journal Planner is the top pregnancy journal because it balances quick prompts with more free-form journaling opportunities. The luxe look is a big plus too.

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