The Best Washi Tape in 2024

Washi tape is an easy way to decorate planners, organizers, laptops, and other items. Some people even use it on their walls because it can be peeled off later without damaging the paint. Mediocre washi tape may peel at the corners or fail to adhere well to surfaces.

The washi tape is durable and sticks to surfaces without starting to come off.

As experts in planning and organization, we have used washi tape to personalize planners and other items. Our top choice is the Knaid Washi Masking Tape Set because it’s made of high-quality paper and has beautiful designs.

Best Washi Tape:

1. Knaid Floral Washi Tape Set

The Knaid Washi Masking Tape Set comes with 12 rolls of tape and a tape dispenser. Each roll of tape features a different design, so you have a lot of variety.

Three sets you can choose from are floral, Van Gogh, and Kyoto. The floral washi masking tape set has beautiful flower and leaf designs, including colors like orange, blue, yellow, green, and pink. The Kyoto set includes a mixture of animal and pattern designs in blue, pink, and orange colors.

The Knaid Washi Masking Tape Set is made of high-quality paper and doesn’t leave behind residue after removing it. This tape is easy to pull off and reposition without damaging the surface or ripping the tape.

You can fit washi tape up to 0.59″ wide in the washi tape dispenser. This set of washi tapes can be used in planners, bullet journals, scrapbooks, embellishments, and more.

Customers love the beautiful designs in this washi tape set. They find the tape easy to reposition and versatile. Some customers who weren’t satisfied said the tape didn’t stick very well.

The Knaid Washi Masking Tape Set is the washi tape for planners because it’s slightly transparent, easy to peel, and made of quality paper.


  • 12 unique rolls of washi tape in floral and Kyoto set
  • 8 unique rolls in the Van Gogh set
  • One washi tape dispenser
  • Three design sets to choose from
  • 0.59″ wide


  • Easy to reposition
  • No harsh odors
  • Each roll of tape has a different design
  • Made of premium paper


  • Some customers thought it wasn’t sticky enough

2. Agutape 48 Rolls Washi Tape Set

The Agutape Washi Tape Set comes with 48 rolls of washi tape in unique patterns. 16 of the rolls are foiled. Some of the patterns include stars, hearts, lightning bolts, diamonds, and polka dots.

As a thin tape, the Agutape Washi Tape Set is the washi tape for bullet journals. Each roll is 3 mm wide.

The Agutape Washi Tape Set comes in a clear plastic container for storage. You can use the tape to highlight important dates in your planner, wrap pencils, and frame computer monitors. It sticks immediately and cleanly peels off of surfaces.

Customers loved the variety of cute and geometric designs in this washi tape set. They found them cut and centered well and easy to reposition. A few customers said the tape didn’t stick securely.

The Agutape Washi Tape Set is a good choice for those who need thin tape for their purposes. It’s a high-quality tape that doesn’t easily tear or rip when you reposition.


  • 48 total rolls of washi tape
  • 16 of the rolls are foiled
  • Colorful patterns
  • 3 mm wide
  • Each roll is 5 m long


  • Works well for decorating smaller spaces
  • Plenty of colorful patterns are included in the set
  • Easy to reposition


  • Not for those who are looking for thicker washi tape

3. Ieebee 21 Rolls Washi Tape Set

The Ieebee Foil Washi Tape is the washi tape brand for foiled tape. Most of the tape has shiny gold colors in the designs for decorative options. Other colors include purple, black, pink, and blue.

21 unique rolls of washi tape come in this set. Each roll is 15 mm wide and 4 m long. You can use the tape to decorate picture frames, glass jars, laptops, furniture, and journals.

The washi tape has an adhesive that’s easy to remove from surfaces without damage. It is strong and long-lasting as well.

Many customers liked how vibrant the colors were and found the tape easy to use. They thought it was a good value for their money. Some customers who weren’t happy thought the tape was of poor quality.

If you want to add some metallic design features to your journal or another item, the Ieebee Foil Washi Tape Set provides beautiful options.


  • 21 unique rolls
  • Foiled
  • 15 mm wide
  • 4 m long
  • Geometric shapes and patterns


  • Beautiful designs
  • Metallic
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy to use


  • Some thought the quality was poor

4. MPOPUUL 60 Rolls Glitter Washi Tape Set

This glitter washi tape set consists of 10 solid color rolls and 50 patterned rolls. The colors are bright and vibrant. You can use glitter washi tape for planners, pencils, computers, walls, scrapbooks, and more.

The washi tape can be safely removed from surfaces without damaging them. This washi tape set is also suitable for both children and adults.

Customers liked having a wide selection of designs in the set. Most customers thought the tape stuck well to surfaces but others didn’t think it was adhesive enough.

The NINICO Glitter Washi Tape Set is a good choice for those who like glittery decorations.


  • 60 total rolls
  • Glitter
  • 15 mm wide
  • 3 m long
  • Unique designs
  • No residue


  • A wide variety of patterns
  • Some solid colors
  • Each roll has glitter


  • Some customers say it doesn’t stick as well to paper as other surfaces

5. Candygirl Washi Tape Set

This cute washi tape set comes with 30 unique rolls of washi tape in various colors and patterns. The rolls have glitter surfaces and are semi-transparent. You can use the tape to highlight important dates in your planner or for other decorative purposes.

10 of the rolls are solid colors, and the remaining 20 are patterned. The tape peels easily without damaging the surface it was on. You can also write on the tape with permanent pens.

Most customers were satisfied with this tape. They described it as sparkly, easy to use, and good at staying in place. Some customers thought it wasn’t sticky enough.

CandyGirl Washi Tape is a good set of tape to have on hand for adding sparkle to your planners and other items.


  • 10 solid color rolls
  • 20 patterned rolls
  • Glitter surface
  • 0.59 inch wide
  • 9.84ft long


  • Sparkly
  • Easy to write on with metallic pens
  • Stays in place, but is easy to reposition if necessary


  • Some customers said it wasn’t adhesive enough

6. Mudder Washi Masking Tape Collection

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The Mudder Washi Masking Tape comes with six unique rolls of washi tape. Five rolls have a gold and white color scheme and the last is solid gold. This decorative tape is great for invitations and planners.

Each roll is 15 mm wide and 10 m long. You can write on the tape with a permanent marker if you want to use it as a label.

Customers say this washi tape sticks well on paper surfaces but not very well on other types of materials.

Add the Mudder Washi Masking Tape Set to your supplies if you need high-quality gold and white washi tape.


  • Five gold and white patterned rolls
  • One solid gold roll
  • 15 mm wide
  • 10 m long


  • Sticks well to paper
  • Decorative designs
  • Durable


  • May not adhere well to materials besides paper

Tips on Choosing

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing washi tape is the size. If you plan on using it in a planner or journal, then you should measure the spaces you would like to apply wash tape. This will give you an idea of how thick the washi tape needs to be.

A concern some people have when considering glitter washi tape is whether or not the glitter will come off of the tape. Quality glitter washi tape like those outlined above doesn’t make a mess.

Another style variation in washi tape is transparency. Some rolls of tape are semi-transparent, which can be nice for layering. Many people love how semi-transparent washi tape looks in their planners.

Also, consider the size of the space you plan on decorating with the tape. Some people like using a mixture of thick and thin washi tape when decorating, which is an idea you may want to use.

Although people have differing opinions on products, you can find insight into the quality of the washi tape and what purposes it’s good for when you check customer reviews.

Washi tape is designed to be just sticky enough to stay on a surface. It’s not supposed to peel or damage the surface when the tape is removed. Quality washi tape has the right amount of adhesiveness.

Making the Decision

There are many different fun designs and colors to choose from. Washi tape can be foiled or glitter as well for additional options in decoration.

Foiled designs often have certain parts of the tape metallic, such as stars or hearts. There is another way to personalize your planner or bujo (bullet journal).

The Agutape Washi Tape Set and Ieebee Foil Washi Tape are excellent choices for foiled washi tape. For the glitter, the NINICO Glitter Washi Tape Set and CandyGirl Washi Tape Set are quality packages that won’t make a mess of glitter.

Look for washi tape that is easy to use as well. It shouldn’t be difficult to peel it off of surfaces when you’re ready to remove the tape. Keeping all of these factors into consideration, you can make the right decision.

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