The Best Beginner Fountain Pens in 2024

With a vast community of fountain pen users around the world, you may be asking yourself, “What is the big deal?”

You may think that a pen is just a writing utensil with no other function or purpose, but there are many benefits to using a fountain pen over, say, a regular ballpoint pen that can make all the difference.

Of course, when making the switch to a fountain pen there are many factors to consider, and not all fountain pens work best for beginners. Because of this, we researched the best beginner fountain pens for anyone wanting to take up this new writing utensil.

We analyzed each fountain pen according to:

  • Nib size and flexibility
  • Ink color and ease of refilling
  • Size, and shape of nibs
  • Price and quality

And whether the pens were disposable or reusable to find the beginner fountain pen for you.

Best Beginner Fountain Pens:

1. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

The Pilot Metropolitan Collection is a simple fountain pen that comes in a variety of colors with silver being the standard color.

It is designed specifically for those who appreciate an exceptional writing experience. The sleek design is made from a matte brass barrel which makes it easy to hold and the magnetic cap makes it easy to cap and uncap for ease of use.

The pen can be used with the preloaded cartridge but also comes with a converter cartridge that can be filled with your preferred brand and color of ink. The converter cartridge also makes this pen easy to reuse and the durable metal casing will ensure that you can reuse this pen for years to come.

This pen is affordable for someone new to writing with fountain pens and previous customers have said that this is arguably the best entry-level fountain pen you can buy.

When you take into account the durability of this pen as well as its ease of use, this is one of our favorite choices for the best starter fountain pen.


  • The pen comes stored in a nice case which can be used to keep it stored in your bag or can be put loosely into a drawer as well.


  • This pen, the converter cartridge can be tricky to use at first and may take a couple of tries to properly fill it with ink.

2. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set

The classic design of this fountain pen is reminiscent of the era of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The satin black against the chrome trim will add luxury and style to your collection of writing tools.

This pen features a medium etched nib which is designed to prevent spotting or skipping and a snap-on cap to prevent any unwanted leaks. It is ergonomically designed and comes in a variety of colors to suit your preference and you can change the color of ink with ease.

For recent converters to fountain pen use, this is easy and comfortable and is considered one of the best first fountain pens.

If you are looking for an inexpensive starter pen with all the durability and writing power of a more expensive fountain pen this one will be perfect for you.


  • Along with its elegant design, this pen comes with a gift pouch so you can gift it to that special writer in your life, or keep it safely tucked in your collection.


  • While the ink comes out quite wet, you can buy quick-drying ink for this pen to prevent smears or smudges.

3. Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

The modern design of this fountain pen gives a contemporary feel to a classic writing utensil. This affordable beginner fountain pen is one of the best inexpensive fountain pens on the market for anyone wanting to try their hand at writing with elegance.

The pen features a fine tip nib for those with smaller handwriting and the clip-on cap and short length make for quick and easy writing on the go. The ergonomic curved triangle shape of the grip allows for comfortable writing.

This is a favorite among beginner fountain pen users and the plastic casing makes the pen lightweight for an easier transition from a ballpoint pen.

Because of its plastic casing and extremely affordable price point, this pen would be a great fountain pen to start with when beginning your new writing journey.


  • This pen comes in a variety of colors and the ink cartridges are interchangeable so you can use whichever ink you prefer.


  • The pen may occasionally leak and there is no pocket clip, however, with proper care and maintenance, this can be a great pen for beginners.

4. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen


The Lamy Safari fountain pen is jam-packed with design and functionality. This is a good beginner fountain pen and the go-to writing instrument for beginners and advanced fountain pen users alike.

This pen features a clip-on cap and pocket clip as well. It has a reliable fine-point nib that can be changed if you prefer a different-sized nib for your writing. Changing ink is extremely easy with this pen as the barrel screws easily off from the tip of the pen to add your preferred ink cartridge.

Many users boast the ease with which this fountain pen glides over the paper as well as its sturdy and comfortable weight. The black-coated nib matches well with the lightweight plastic charcoal-colored body of the pen.

The Lamy Safari is easily one of the best beginner fountain pens if you are looking for style and ease of use.


  • With all the benefits of this fountain pen, it is difficult to find any cons. If you prefer a different-sized nib that can easily be changed.


  • If you prefer a more classic-looking fountain pen then this may not be the pen for you.
  • This pen is a little more pricey than other beginner fountain pens.

5. Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens

By far the best budget fountain pen on the market right now is the Pilot Varsity. These disposable fountain pens come in packs of three and are the perfect starter pens for someone wanting to try the switch to fountain pen writing.

The modern design of these pens features a medium nib with a sturdy plastic body and clip-on cap.

Regular users of the Pilot Varsity enjoy the convenience of having a fountain pen that they can carry with them on the go which isn’t too expensive to worry over if lost or borrowed. The pack of three assures that you will have a fountain pen wherever you go, whether it is work, school, home office, or travel.

If you want to start your fountain pen journey without spending a great deal of money then these disposable Pilot Varsity pens are just the thing.


  • The Pilot Varsity is inexpensive and perfect for a beginning user.
  • Because these pens are disposable, they require no special maintenance or care.


  • The ink of this pen has been known to feather on paper, which may make it unsuitable for certain writing or drawing situations.
  • The pen is not refillable and must be disposed of when the ink runs out.

6. MONAGGIO Gorgeous Bamboo Fountain Pen

This more classic version of a fountain pen features a medium nib and a gorgeous redwood casing. The flat nib allows for calligraphy for the beginner hoping to practice their handwriting.

Aside from the beautiful wood casing, this pen includes a pocket clip and a matching wood case to protect it as you carry it around. It is lightweight and easy to write with. The cartridges are easy to replace so you can use your preferred ink.

The look is reminiscent of leather-bound journals as time went by. It is the perfect special pen to give your writing a serious feel.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for any journalist then the style and elegance of this pen are sure to please.


  • The classic style of this fountain pen and its matching wooden case make it a perfect gift for the writer in your family.
  • The cartridges are internationally refillable so you can use whichever ink cartridge you wish.


  • This is a less affordable fountain pen.

7. Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen Black M

When considering the best beginner fountain pens, the Kaweco Sport is a simple design that packs a punch. Easy to assemble and disassemble, this minimalistic pen is perfect for someone who wants to get into writing with a fountain pen.

This fountain pen comes with a medium nib in a simple plastic body with a screw-on cap. The cartridges are easily refillable in various colors and the lightweight body makes for easy writing.

Many fountain pen users wonder why they did not get this pen sooner. The smaller size is easy to carry around for writing on the go.

Because this pen is easy to use and affordable, it is great for a first-time user who wants the fountain pen experience.


  • The simple design of the Kaweco makes it easy to use as well as change the ink cartridge.


  • Because the case is plastic it could be prone to cracking so it is best to store this pen in a safe place when traveling with it.

8. Regal Prince Commemoration Collection Fountain Pen

The Regal Prince is among the most awesome fountain pens. It combines a classic look with a contemporary feel. The pen comes with a gift box set making it a perfect present for a friend, or family member, or to treat yourself.

The box set comes with the commemoration collection fountain pen with a medium nib and an ink refill converter as well so you can fill the pen with any ink that you prefer.

Many people have touted that they would easily purchase this pen again and even own multiples of the same pen.

The gorgeous look of this pen and its ease of use make it an elegant pen to start your fountain pen journey.


  • The elegant style of the pen and the included gift box make this the perfect gift.
  • The pen comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


  • It may take a couple of tries before you get the hang of getting the ink flowing properly.
  • This pen is slightly on the more expensive side.

9. LAMY ABC Beginner Nib Fountain Pen

This unique fountain pen has a design unlike any other. Initially designed to help children learn to practice handwriting, this pen is perfect for a beginner.

The barrel of the pen is made of light-colored maple with a plastic red cap and cube at the top of the pen. When uncapped the pen has a red rubberized grip for ease of use.

LAMY beginner fountain pens are said to be better than many adult fountain pens on the market today and are great for first-time users and experienced users alike.

Because this fountain pen is specifically designed for practicing handwriting it is a great option for first-time fountain pen users.


  • A large, rubberized grip is perfect for first-time fountain pen users.
  • The colorful design is sure to be a conversation starter.


  • This comes with a medium nib, so if you are looking for a finer tip you will have to buy it separately.
  • The pen only comes in one style.

10. Jinhao X750 Fountain Pen

Another of the best beginner fountain pens that combines classic style with a modern look is the Jinhao X750. This sleek, gloss-finished pen would be a beautiful addition to any writer’s pen collection.

The Jinhao has a rubberized grip for ease of writing and a pocket clip for on-the-go carrying. It is made of recycled material and fits any international standard cartridge.

Because the pen has an all-metal casing it has a decent weight to it if that is what you would prefer. The writing is smooth throughout and the quality of this pen is well worth the affordable price.

At such a reasonable price and with many customizable features like nib width and ink color, this pen would make a great first fountain pen.


  • For a cheap price, this gorgeous pen is an excellent investment for beginners.
  • The metal casing makes for a comfortable weight when writing.


  • The size is a bit larger so if you are looking for a pen that is easier to travel with this may not be the pen for you.

Tips on Choosing

Choosing the right fountain pen for a beginner may seem like an overwhelming task. With so many different options to choose from, where should you start? What matters most is personal preference, so here are a few things to consider when looking for your first fountain pen


If you are not sure whether you will be a fan of fountain pens, but would still like to give it a try.

If you are ready to take the full leap into writing with a fountain pen full-time, you may want to go with something a little pricier and better constructed.


Fountain pens come in a variety of designs including modern, minimalist, classic, or a combination of styles. Decide which style you like best and go for that!


If you aren’t sure whether you will like writing with a fountain pen possibly consider starting with a disposable one like the Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pen.


Whether you want to use an ink pot of your favorite fountain pen ink to fill the pen or use a specific nib, make sure that you find a pen that allows for customization.

Of course, different users have different preferences and there are many options that users might find useful. Figure out your personal preferences to decide accordingly.

Bonus Tips

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Whether you wish to practice your handwriting, want a special pen to make journaling more personal, or would just like to try a new everyday writing instrument, fountain pens can make a huge difference in your writing experience.

Fountain pens offer a variety of writing options from the width of nibs, the color of ink, and the style and look of the pen itself.

Many people have collections of fountain pens for their unique variety but do not forget to pick the right notebook for your fountain pen or the best calligraphy paper to exclude issues with bleeding or ghosting through the paper.

This list of beginner fountain pens is sure to get you started on your journey so decide your preferences and try one today!

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