The Best Blue Fountain Pen Inks in 2024

Writing with a fountain pen is like creating art. It should be a significant experience, and this means that you must choose blue-black ink for fountain pens.

We reviewed dozens of products to determine which were the finest available. The result is this list of 10 finalists, all of which promise excellent flow, saturated color, and reliable performance. You can use these inks to take your fountain pen writing to the next level.

Keep reading to discover the blue fountain pen inks that are available. One of them is perfect for you!

Best Blue Fountain Pen Inks:

1. Waterman Fountain Pen Ink, Serenity Blue


Manufactured by Waterman, this gorgeous blue ink will make any writing or drawing stand out on the page. This liquid ink is particularly vibrant, yet this hue also evokes a restful atmosphere, making it perfect for journaling or gratitude practice.

Waterman has been producing elegant fountain pens and inks since 1883. The company has a strong commitment to making writing an unforgettable and sophisticated experience, and this ink demonstrates this dedication.

Considered among the blue fountain pen ink for cheap paper choices, this offering from Waterman looks fantastic regardless of the writing surface.

It behaves predictably on the page with a moderately wet flow. Thanks to these qualities, you won’t see much in the way of feathering or bleeding.

This is a dependable, affordable option that won’t let you down when it counts. While it is by no means a premium ink, it’s a great choice for everyday writing like notes and lists. Critics say that it works best with fine nibs.

Waterman makes excellent products, and this beautiful blue ink is no exception.


  • Beautiful blue color
  • Predictable, even flow
  • Quick-drying


  • May not work well with nibs that aren’t fine

2. Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink, Blue Black


This line of beautiful fountain pen inks draws its name from the natural plants and landscapes of Japan. In particular, this ink is known as “shin-kai,” which translates to Deep Sea.

The color inside the bottle is as serene and mysterious as the name. You can expect excellent performance thanks to Pilot’s considerable experience with making pens and inks.

This particular line of inks from Pilot is called “Iroshizuku.” This word combines two Japanese words: “iro,” which refers to coloring, and “Shizuku,” which translates to a droplet. Accordingly, you can expect this ink to flow naturally and to capture colors that reflect the natural world.

People love the elegant look of the 50-ml bottle and the quality of the ink that’s found inside. It produces a dark, intense mark on the page, making it fun to work with.

Nonetheless, some people note that the bottles are incredibly difficult to open.

Whether using them for everyday tasks or works of art, these Iroshizuku inks deserve to be called the dark blue fountain pen ink.


  • Gorgeous, saturated color
  • Looks elegant on the page
  • Beautiful packaging


  • The bottle may be hard to open

3. J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Inks – Gold Sheen, Blue Ocean


Admittedly, this ink is a bit more expensive than others, but a 50-ml bottle of this fantastic ink is worth the extra cost. The box and glass bottle are elegant and understated, and the hand-dipped wax-sealed cap is a timeless and sophisticated touch. This ink makes the perfect gift.

Each ink in the J. Herbin Anniversary collection is intense thanks to the deep-dye process. Infused with gold specks, this ink looks particularly noteworthy on the page. The subtle glow is just what you need to make your work stand out from the crowd.

This particular Blue Ocean hue is a deep, blue ink that makes a dramatic statement on the page. Users love how their writing glows on the page, and they say that the color is mesmerizing. The deep, strong color is almost universally admired.

However, some people did have trouble with the gold flecks clogging their pens. Your work will always be memorable when it’s highlighted by ink that features gold specks.


  • A gorgeous, subtle sheen
  • Incredibly saturated color
  • Ink behaves well as it flows from the pen


  • The gold flecks may clog some pens

4. Montblanc Ink Bottle Royal Blue – Premium-Quality Refill Ink

Montblanc is one of the best-known names in fountain pens and inks, so it comes as no surprise that this is a good blue fountain pen ink. It’s a perennial favorite with many writers.

Whether you’re taking notes, signing certificates, or creating one-of-a-kind works of art, this ink is always a pleasure to work with. The deep blue hue is particularly saturated, and it flows with remarkable smoothness from the pen.

Also worth noting is that this is a 60-ml bottle, making it a bit larger than offerings from the competition.

People love the viscosity of this ink, which makes it almost gel-like. This results in a deeper color and more even flow from the pen to the page. Praise for the unique bottle shape, which makes it easier to fill the pen, is frequent.

A few critics felt that the ink dried out too quickly in their pens. Montblanc makes wonderful writing instruments and inks for the hobbyist and the professional.


  • Deeply saturated color
  • Excellent viscosity for predictable flow
  • Unique bottle shape makes refills a breeze


  • If not used frequently, this ink may dry up in the pen

5. Pelikan 4001 Historical Bottled Ink for Fountain Pens, Royal Blue

At 62.5 ml., this is one of the largest ink bottles on this list. Nonetheless, Pelikan keeps its prices affordable.

The particular formula used in this high-quality blue ink for fountain pens was developed more than 125 years ago. It continues to be manufactured in Germany to exacting standards.

This Pelikan ink has a smooth and even flow and produces incredibly clear and distinct lines. The color is remarkably vibrant, and at this price point, the level of quality is almost unbelievable.

This Royal Blue color has just the right amount of eye-catching interest. It looks beautiful on the page and has a vibrant color, yet it is not fatiguing to the eye.

Regardless of what type of pen or nib you are using, this ink likely will perform well. People love that Pelikan is still relying on the formula that it’s been using for decades. This turns the ink into a familiar old friend.

Pelikan makes excellent fountain pen inks that stand the test of time.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent quality
  • A beautiful dark blue


  • Doesn’t perform well for calligraphers

6. Thornton’s Luxury Goods Fountain Pen Ink Bottle – Blue

This 30-ml bottle of blue ink is small and economical. If you’re budget-conscious and not a heavy user, then this could be a fantastic choice.

The blue color of this ink may not be dark and saturated enough for some, but it’s a soothing hue that makes everything easy to read.

These inks are made in Europe to precise quality standards so that you can be certain of an even flow and superior performance.

Thornton’s inks are made with plenty of lubricants, which guarantees that they flow smoothly. Moreover, this ink has a truly even finish. That means a uniform finished product that doesn’t fade in and out in varying shades.

This ink is particularly good for layering if you’ll be drawing with it.

Many people praise the glass jar, secure lid, and wide mouth for easy pen refills. Just keep in mind that this blue ink isn’t as dark as others.

If you’re looking for a lighter blue ink that flows well, this one is an excellent choice.


  • Good packaging
  • An economical choice
  • Nice ink flow


  • The color is not as saturated as other competitors in this category

7. Noodler’s Ink Fountain Pen Bottled Ink

Noodler’s makes popular fountain pen ink. This version is available in a three-ounce bottle. Moreover, it’s an affordable choice for blue fountain pen ink.

This is a true blue color that boasts no hint of black. If you dislike dark pigments but still want a good level of saturation, then this Noodler’s product is ideal.

While this ink dries quickly on paper, you can trust that it won’t dry out in your pen even if you leave the lid off. Whether you’re working on art or a planner, you’re likely to fall in love with this ink.

People praise the superior flow of this product. They love that it makes their pens glide across the page. This makes it possible to lay down even, consistent lines.

If there’s a drawback with this economical ink, the product can stain your skin. Use care when refilling your pens and writing. Otherwise, you may find that your fingers are stained for days.

Noodler’s makes a superior blue ink that’s suitable for everyday and special-occasion use.


  • Beautiful, true blue color
  • Great for making consistent lines
  • Exceptional flow


  • This ink can stain your skin

8. Diamine Ink Bottle Majestic Blue

With a middle-of-the-road price point and a versatile profile, this ink is a great choice for artists. That’s because it’s incredibly easy to blend or dilute.

“Majestic” is a perfect description of this blue color. It’s a rich and consistent hue.

You can achieve a multitude of effects by adding varying amounts of water, and this ink is great for layering because it dries fast.

Of particular note is the fact that this ink “sheens” when dry. Many people love this slightly glossy effect, but it’s not a favorite of others. If you prefer a matte finish, then you may want to look elsewhere.

This ink behaves particularly well, flowing with elegance across the page. Plus, this is an 80-ml bottle, so you’ll have ink to last for ages.

Critics don’t always like the slight red hue that this ink takes on as it dries. Others love it.

If you’re looking for a large, economical supply of blue fountain pen ink, this is ideal.


  • Huge 80-ml bottle
  • Excellent flow
  • Nice sheen from dry ink


  • May take on a slight reddish hue when dry some people don’t like

9. Lamy Bottle Ink Blue/Black


If you’re looking for a selection that straddles the line between black and blue, then this is the blue/black fountain pen ink you can buy. Plus, it’s manufactured by Lamy, a trusted brand name.

Although this ink is affordable, it comes with a helpful extra. The included roll of blotting paper is useful for cleaning your pen whenever you need it.

Thanks to a wide neck and an ink-collecting basin, it’s remarkably easy to fill your pens, even if you’re getting low on ink.

This ink is a great choice for people who are new to using fountain pens because it’s so easy to use. In addition, blue-black is a lovely, heavily saturated color.

It flows well across the page, and it dries fast, making it a good choice for lefties. Critics note that this ink may be too “wet” for some users.

Economical and easy to use, this is an excellent selection for those new to fountain pen use.


  • A good balance of blue and black
  • Comes with a blotting roll
  • Reservoir for using every drop of ink


  • The ink may be too “wet” for some users

10. Parker Quink Fountain Pen Ink Bottle – Black and Blue Combo Pack

In this affordably priced set, you get the best of both worlds. That’s because you receive two 30-ml bottles, one of each in blue and black.

The Parker Quink product line is well-regarded within the industry. Each ink features extra lubricity to help any fountain pen glide smoothly across the page. Additionally, the ink is fade-resistant.

Both the blue and black inks feature deep, saturated colors. They dry quickly, and even the cheapest of paper doesn’t show shines of feathering or bleed-through.

Even if you’re using these inks daily, you’ll probably be surprised by how long they last. This makes them an excellent selection for the budget-conscious fountain pen user.

This is an excellent daily ink with intense color and a smooth flow that pleases many users. Nonetheless, critics suggest that this ink may seem too “dry” for some writers.

These Parker Quink bottles are an excellent choice for everyday tasks.


  • Great price
  • Blue and black ink bottles included
  • Excellent flow and drying time


  • May be too dry for some users

Making the Decision

If you’re looking for the best representation of value and performance, then we heartily recommend Lamy Ink. It’s an economical choice, and we love that it comes with blotting paper. Plus, the curved bottom of the bottle means that you can always use every drop of ink.

However, if you’re looking for something really special for signing certificates, greeting cards, or other special occasions, then we recommend the J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Inks. Their golden sheen is truly beautiful, and it will make your work stand out in any crowd.

Start experimenting with these inks today to choose your favorite

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