The Best Chalk Markers in 2024

Finding the chalk markers for chalkboard paint can seem overwhelming since there are so many options. It is important to explore the different available ones and analyze their features to make the best choice.

We have taken the time to look at a wide variety of chalk markers for you. After exploring their features and reading countless reviews, we have determined which ones are the most versatile and high in quality.

This ensures that the chalk markers that you choose will best meet your needs so that you can tackle artwork and other projects exactly to your specifications.

Best Chalkboard Markers:

1. Neon Liquid Chalk Markers by VersaChalk

The VersaChalk Liquid Chalk Markers are ideal for a variety of non-porous surfaces. The tips are extra durable, allowing you to get a lot of use out of them without premature wear. These markers provide smooth writing so that you get easy lines without smudging.

The ink produces no dust or odor. It is also non-toxic. Because of this, you can use it indoors comfortably and it is also safe for kids.

Many people talked about how bright the colors are. This ensures that you get a deep and vibrant color without having to go over your work multiple times.

Other people said that they work on several surfaces. This lets you get more use out of them so that you can complete many projects.

These are among the liquid chalk markers. They are also the best brand of chalk markers because the company has a reputation for superior customer service and high-quality products.


  • Five-millimeter tip
  • Eight markers


  • The ink is long-lasting
  • You can reverse the tips
  • Use them on several surfaces


  • Some colors are hard to erase

2. Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers

The Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers are perfect for artwork that needs muted colors. While the pigment level is high, these markers are earth tones, allowing for a more subtle level of color.

The tips are reversible, allowing you to use the rounded or the chiseled side. This makes it easy to get lines in the exact size and style that you need.

Many people talked about reversible tips. They feel that these make it easy to get bolder lines and colors.

Other people said that the markers are very versatile. This allows you to do everything from writing to drawing.

These are the chalk markers for chalkboards because they write smoothly. You get a good deposit of color so that your work looks exactly as you need it to.


  • Six-millimeter tip
  • 12 colors


  • They are ideal for multiple surfaces
  • The colors are vibrant
  • These markers last for a long time


  • They may become watery with time

3. Chalkola White Chalkboard Chalk Markers


The White Chalkboard Chalk Markers come in five sizes, allowing you to get everything from bold to very fine lines. All of the markers are easy to hold, even when you are doing a long-term draw.

The ink is non-toxic, ensuring safety when you are using these markers. Since these are water-based and dust-free, cleanup is quick and easy. You can also get the ink off of your skin with minimal effort.

You get five different sizes. This ensures that you can get the exact line size that you need for your project.


  • Five markers
  • Multiple sizes


  • They are non-toxic
  • You can erase when the ink is still wet
  • They allow for multiple line sizes


  • The chalk may be hard to remove once it dries

4. Chalkola Metallic Chalk Markers

The Metallic Chalk Markers have a sparkle to them. Use them on everything from contact paper to mirrors to create a variety of signs and other works of art. You can also combine them with stencils due to the size of their tips.

The formula is non-toxic, and it does not cause any dust. This ensures safety when you are using these markers. The ink flows freely, preventing blank spots in your drawings or words when you are using these markers. You simply get opaque colors that will not start to fade prematurely.

According to several commenters, the colors sparkle. They have a glitter-like look to them, making them versatile.

Other people said that they write smoothly. You will not have starts and stops in your lettering and drawings.

These are the chalk markers for hand lettering. They write very smoothly and only need a single swipe, allowing you to write letters and words quickly.


  • Six-millimeter bullet
  • 10 colors


  • The bullets are reversible
  • They have a good tip size
  • The color is vibrant


  • If you use them on a porous surface, the color stains

5. Positive Art Liquid Chalk Markers 30 Colors

The Positive Art Liquid Chalk Markers come in every hue you need to create art and signage. All of the colors are bright and opaque, making it easy to get the exact look that you are seeking.

Once you put down the color, it remains in place until you remove it. You do not have to worry about premature fading or the colors running until you use water to start removing them.

You get a wide range of colors, allowing you to create many works of art, according to several reviewers. The colors even allow for the shading of human skin tones.

Other people mentioned that these markers last for a long time. Even with frequent use, they will not run out of ink fast.

Since you get 30 colors, you can create everything from words to human form. The colors are bright, and you can also shade them when they are wet.


  • Reversible tips
  • 30 colors


  • The colors have great pigment
  • It is easy to clean up when you are done
  • The ink flows smoothly


  • There is no agitator in the markers

6. Chalkola Window Markers – 15mm Jumbo


The Chalk Ola Window Markers come in vibrant neon colors, giving you a lot of versatility regarding what you create with them. Each pen holds 28 grams of ink, making it easy to get a lot of writing or drawing done before you need to replace them.

Use these markers on glass or chalkboards to create art or for writing. The nibs are a three-in-one style, allowing you to create a variety of bold lines, wide lines, and fine lines.

These markers are perfect for creating signs and window displays, according to several people. This is due to their large tip size.

Other people said that the ink does not lose its vibrancy with use. This means that you will have them for a long time.

These are the chalk markers because they are easy to hold. Due to their size, they are even a good choice for small children who are learning how to draw.


  • 15-millimeter tip
  • Eight colors


  • You can use them on glass
  • The thick tips allow for larger writing
  • These markers are easy to hold for long periods


  • If you use them outside, the rain may wash away the ink

7. Uchida 480-4B 4-Piece Bistro Chalk Marker Set


The Uchida Bistro Chalk Markers are water-based, making it easy to clean them up. They have a strong pigment so that you always get an opaque color no matter the hue of the background surface.

You can use these on everything from your vehicle’s windshield to a dry-erase board. All you need is a damp cloth to remove your drawings or writing when you are ready to start fresh.

Even though some of the colors are light, they show up very well, according to many reviewers. This is true on several surface types.

Other people said that the pigment is strong. However, you can still wash them away easily with a damp cloth.

The tip size allows you to create everything from small drawings to letters of all sizes. Because of this, use these markers to create menus and memos, for drawing, or to allow your kids to create art.


  • Six-millimeter tip
  • Four colors


  • They are a good size for long-term writing and drawing
  • These markers look similar to traditional chalk
  • You can use them on contact paper


  • The markers may dry out faster than similar markers

8. DRAYCO Art 10pc Liquid Chalk Markers Set

The DRAYCO Liquid Chalkboard Chalk is of professional quality. Because of this, you can use it for everything from creating art to writing down important information in the workplace. Since the markers are water-based, they are easy to clean up, making them a good choice for kids.

The writing is smooth and silky. You will not have empty spots in the ink that you need to touch up. The ink is non-toxic. It only has three ingredients, including resin, water, and pigment. This ensures that it is safe for all people to use.

You can use these on several surface types. This includes glass and other surfaces that are not porous, giving you great flexibility regarding how you choose to use this chalk.

Since the colors are water-based, you can clean them up easily, according to several consumers. This makes them a good choice for kids.

Other people said that they do not put off dust. This makes them cleaner to use.

Due to the variety of colors and reversible tips, you can use these chalk markers for just about everything. Use them to create menus, draw murals, or even jot down notes on a small home chalkboard.


  • Five-millimeter tips
  • 10 colors


  • They are non-toxic
  • You can clean them up easily
  • The tips are reversible


  • The darker colors may leave stains

9. Chalk Ink 6 mm Chalk Marker

The Chalk Ink Chalk Marker is non-toxic, making it safe for all people to use. The white ink is pigmented so that you only need to do one stroke to get a strong color payoff. When you are using the marker, you use it similar to a paintbrush, making it easy to do detail work.

You can use this marker on any surface that is not porous. When you are ready to remove your work and start over, just use a cleaner with an ammonia base to wash it away without leaving residue behind.

Many consumers said that these are chalkboard pens for people of all ages. This is because they are easy to handle, and you can wipe the marker from your skin easily.

Other people said that the color remains in place. This means that you do not have to do frequent touchups.

This is the perfect chalk marker when you need something simple. The white color shows up well on several background colors, making it easy to see what you have written.


  • White color
  • Six-millimeter point


  • You can use it on any surface that is not porous
  • It is easy to hold
  • The ink does not dry out


  • The ink may eventually start to flake

10. OfficeMarket Superchalks Colour Liquid Chalk Marker Pens

No products found.

The SuperChalks Liquid Chalk Markers are easy to use because they glide across non-porous surfaces with ease. This allows you to draw or write quickly and accurately. The tips are small, so you can create things in a variety of sizes, including small details on your work.

When you are using the markers or wiping them away, there is no dust produced. This makes these markers safer to use, and easier to clean up. The liquid does not drip or run, allowing you to draw and write with precision.

Multiple people talk about how smoothly these markers write. This allows you to write and draw quickly.

Other people said that the colors are very bright. They show up well with one stroke.

The vibrancy of these markers makes them a good choice for every non-porous surface. You only need to run the marker over a spot one time to deposit a strong pigment of color.


  • Four-millimeter tips
  • Eight colors


  • They wash off with a wet paper towel
  • The colors are very vibrant
  • These markers look similar to regular chalk


  • You cannot use them on all chalkboards

11. Chalky Crown Chalk Markers Fine Tip

The Crafty Crown Chalk Markers have ink that flows easily so that there are no disruptions when you are drawing or writing. The colors are neon and bright, making it easy to see them from a distance.

The formula is eco-friendly and non-toxic, so you can use these markers safely. They do not put off any odor, so you can use them for a long period without the smell making you uncomfortable.

Several people said that these are the chalk markers to use on chalkboard paint. You can wipe them away without ruining the paint.

Many people talked about the size and how easy these markers are to handle. Your hands will not get tired with prolonged handling.

Due to the fine tip, you can draw and write intricate things on chalkboards. You can also use these to fill in the details for more elaborate displays.


  • Fine tip
  • Eight colors


  • The tip is only one millimeter making them ideal for detailed work
  • They do not have any odor
  • These markers do not leave behind dust


  • The tip is too small for big jobs

12. MadCap Markers Liquid Chalk Markers, Liquid Chalk

The Madcap Liquid Chalk Markers are a good choice for many surfaces from glass to chalkboard paint. You can even use them on an LED writing board. The tips are reversible, allowing you to get the exact types of lines that you desire.

The markers have no odor and they are non-toxic, making them a safe choice. When you are ready to clean them up, just wash them away without having to deal with dust as you do with traditional chalk.

You get some labels with these markers. This makes it easy to experiment with the tips and colors so that you can get a feel for the markers.

Since these markers are non-toxic, you can let kids use them safely, according to several reviewers.

The colors are very bright. This makes them a good choice when you need to create something that people can see from a distance, such as a café or a restaurant menu.


  • Reversible tip
  • 12 colors


  • These are excellent if you need bright chalk for chalkboards
  • They write smoothly
  • The colors are very bright


  • They may leave behind stains

Tips on Choosing

There is some information that you want to keep in mind when you are shopping for chalkboard markers. When you make the right choice, you can create things that are exactly as you imagine them.

Ink Quality and Selection

You will find that these markers come in packs, averaging 10 to 12 colors. Think about the things that you want to create and look for brands that carry these colors.

Some options have as many as 30 chalkboard markers in a pack. Those that are this size are a good choice for artists since you can do things like shading and creating more realistic objects.

Reversible Tip

Most of these markers come with reversible tips, making it easy to get the exact look that you desire. For example, you will usually find a chisel side and a rounded point.

This allows you to create fine details and more robust letters and shapes.

Company Reputation

It is a good idea to always look at the company. You want to make sure that they have a reputation for creating products that are high in quality.

This will help to ensure that your chalkboard markers give you the color payoff that you need and that they will last for a long time.

Marker Size

If you are going to do a lot of drawing and writing, a marker with a slightly larger body can be more comfortable to hold for long periods.

Larger bodies are also a good choice for kids who are learning how to hold markers, pens, and pencils.

However, if you need to do a lot of detail work, you want to have thinner markers. These will allow you to create much narrower lines so that you get everything to the proper size.

Point Size

The average chalkboard marker is five to six millimeters at the point. These allow you to do everything from writing words to creating small drawings. However, you can find them as small as one millimeter and upwards of 15 millimeters or more.


With all of these options, it will be easy for you to find at least one that meets all of your needs and specifications. Make sure that you take your time and evaluate all of the options that are presented here. When you make the best choice, all of your projects will quickly start to come to life.

All that is left for you to do is buy the chalkboard markers. Once you have them, you will find that it is much easier to tackle a variety of projects. You will also always get the right colors and depth that you need to get a finished project that you can be proud of.

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