The Best Everyday Carry Pens in 2024

The essential items that we keep with us regularly are known as our everyday carry. Everyday carry, also known as EDC, can include keys, multitools, smartphones, and notebooks among other things. Pens regularly show up in many people’s EDC.

Whether you want to journal, write a check, or take notes, a pen is essential. This is why we compiled a list of the everyday carry writing pens. We reviewed and analyzed the everyday carry pens for size, durability, and cost among other factors. This list will show you the everyday carry pens available today.

Best EDC Pens:

1. Zebra F-701 Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen, Fine Point


One of the everyday pens is the Zebra F-701. The slim design and metal body of this pen make it durable and easy to carry around in a pencil case or even a pocket. The minimal design is sleek and will add style to your look.

This retractable ballpoint pen is made from smooth stainless steel with a patterned stainless steel grip. The fine-point tip writes smoothly with black ink and the slim design makes it perfect for carrying around. Refills for this pen come in different tip widths as well.

Frequent users of this pen said they are glad they made the switch to this pen. It is perfect for even heavy everyday use like journaling and sketching. Many people are loyal to the Zebra brand for its exceptional quality.

The Zebra F-701 is a budget EDC pen. With its stylish design and durability, this is sure to be one of your favorite pens that you will want to carry with you everywhere.


  • A full stainless steel body makes this pen extremely durable and safe from cracking or breaking.
  • This pen is refillable so you can carry it with you every day for years. The refills come in different tip widths if you prefer something other than a 0.8mm fine point.
  • The plunger retracts the pen silently.


  • The ballpoint can occasionally skip ink so you want to be sure to keep the tip of the pen clean to help prevent that.
  • Some versions of this pen come with plastic on the inside. Be sure to look for the new version with the metal ink refills and all-metal interior.

2. Sharpie Stainless Steel Grip Pen, Fine Point


The next everyday pen on our list is the Sharpie Stainless Steel Grip Pen. This minimalist pen looks stunning and writes boldly for sketching or taking notes.

The stainless steel body protects a powerful Sharpie pen with bold ink that won’t bleed through your paper. The quick-drying ink is water-based and fade-resistant and won’t smudge. This fine-point pen has a soft comfortable grip for hours of comfortable writing and sketching.

People who use this pen-like brushed steel body and rubberized soft grip. The pocket clip allows you to store your pen safely in your pocket or bag so you always have it on hand. They say that the larger width of this pen makes it comfortable to hold while writing and the ink is quick-drying to prevent smears on the page.

While this pen is larger than other EDC pens on this list, the stainless steel body makes it ultra-durable, and the fact that it is refillable means this can be your everyday carry pen for a long time.


  • The rubberized grip on this pen and its width make this pen comfortable to write and sketch with for long periods.
  • This pen is refillable with ink cartridges that are sold separately.


  • At a good price, this pen is more expensive than other EDC pens on this list.
  • This pen is longer and wider around than other pens on this list which may make it harder to carry around in your pocket but would still be fine in a bag or pencil case.

3. Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen – 400 Series – Matte Black

The EDC ballpoint pen on our list is the Fisher Space Pen. This small metal pen fits easily into any bag or pocket and the benefits of this pen give it a distinct advantage over other EDC pens on this list.

The body of this ballpoint pen is made of solid brass with a chrome finish and a removable pocket clip. The pen itself is less than 5.25 inches long which makes it compact enough to easily carry anywhere, and the pressurized ink cartridge lets you write at any angle including upside down.

This pen can even be written underwater or in extreme cold and heat.

Users of this pen love the size and how easy this pen is to carry around. They say that the brass body of this pen is heavy-duty and able to stand up to even harsh everyday use.

If you are looking for a space pen, this Fisher Space Pen writes at any angle, in any temperature, and is small enough to fit in your pocket. This is one of the EDC pens that you can get today.


  • The compact design of this pen makes it great for carrying in your pocket or a small pencil case.
  • This pen comes with a gift box for storage or if you want to gift this pen to an everyday writer in your life.
  • The removable pocket clip allows you to carry this pen clipped to your shirt pocket or remove the pocket clip to fit this pen into your pants pocket.


  • The nib of this pen tends to dry out and requires regular maintenance and cleaning to continue to function properly.
  • This pen is more expensive than some on our list.

4. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen – Self Defence Pen

If you are in the market for durable pens for your everyday carry, look no further than the Atomic Bear Tactical Pen. This pen comes with many extras that you don’t normally find in a pen.

The durable and rugged body will keep this pen protected for a long time and the extra features provide you with helpful items that you won’t find in most other pens.

This pen is made of military-grade aluminum and uses smooth writing and bleed-proof ink that won’t smear on the page. The pen also works to break glass, ceramic, and certain metals in case of an emergency. This pen is perfect for construction workers or people who need an everyday pen that can stand up to a beating.

People who use this pen love that it is lightweight and easy to carry. They love the smooth writing ink and the included belt loop carrying case and say that this pen is most definitely built to last.

If you are looking for a tactical EDC pen that can stand up to heavy-duty use, the Atomic Bear pen is the one for you!


  • The shape of the body of this pen lends itself to a comfortable grip for hours of necessary writing.
  • This heavy-duty pen is refillable so you can continue to use it for many years.
  • This pen comes with a nylon belt sheath for EDC ease and comfort. Instead of storing this pen in a bag or your pocket, you can easily keep this pen on your belt for quick and easy use.


  • The ink in this pen has been known to skip from time to time.

5. SMOOTHERPRO Bolt Action Pen with Flashlight

One of the pens for EDC is the Tactical Bolt Action pen by SmootherPro. This durable pen has a unique bolt-action design to retract the pen and the simple design is attractive and durable.

This everyday carry pen is made with unbreakable aircraft aluminum metal alloy and is specifically balanced in weight for comfortable writing. The unique design of the body has a matte finish and grooves in the barrel for a comfortable grip. The end of the pen can be used to break glass in an emergency.

Frequent users of this pen appreciate its durability and say that the size is perfect for carrying in your pockets.

Whether you are looking for an EDC pen for yourself or as a gift for a friend, family member, or coworker, this tactical pen will stand the test of time. This long-lasting retractable pen is unique and will make a great addition to your everyday carry items.


  • This EDC pen comes in black or dark grey.
  • This pen is refillable with standard ink pen refills.
  • This heavy-duty pen is a great deal for the money.


  • The clip-on on this pen isn’t as sturdy as the body of the pen and could potentially bend or break.
  • The included ink cartridges are not high-quality ink but can be easily refilled with standard ballpoint pen refills.

6. Parker 1953170 Jotter Ballpoint Pen


The stainless steel pen for your everyday carry is the Parker Jotter. This slender and gorgeous pen is streamlined for ease of carrying. Each pen uses a metal ink cartridge for extra protection against breaks or leaks.

This everyday carry pen is five inches long which makes it great for carrying in a bag or a pocket. The stainless steel barrel is slim and the retractable plunger allows you to quickly and easily access your pen. The signature Parker pocket clip is shaped like an arrow to give the pen a bit of flair.

People who use this pen say that it is solid and stylish. Many agree that this pen is part of their EDC and they appreciate the smooth writing ink and affordable price.

The Parker Jotter is a great pen for your everyday carry. With its short and slim design, it will easily fit into any bag or pocket for easy carrying.


  • This pen uses a quick-flow ballpoint refill for smooth writing. You can also refill this pen with gel ink refills.
  • This gorgeous pen comes in 10 bold colors.
  • This EDC pen is a great investment for an affordable price.
  • The pen comes with a gift box if you want to get this EDC for a friend, family member, or coworker.


  • Because this pen is made of metal there is the possibility that it can be dented or bent.
  • The ballpoint refills tend to skip ink occasionally so it is recommended that you use the gel ink refills for your EDC.

7. Everyman Black Grafton Pen, Writing EDC Pen

The next on our list of everyday carry pens is the Everyman Grafton Pen. This elegant and durable pen makes a great EDC pen for you or a gift for a writer or artist in your life.

This sturdy metal pen is weighted to balance comfortably in your hand while you write. The grooves in the grip let you write for hours without the pen slipping out of your hand. This pen is 5.7 inches long and weighs one ounce.

Customers love the smooth elegance of this pen and say that they get compliments on it all the time. Many appreciate how rugged the pens are and say that it feels comfortable writing with them.

If you are looking for a durable metal pen with a balanced weight and the ability to choose from a variety of pen refills, the Grafton Pen is perfect for you!


  • This pen comes in gold, gunmetal grey, or silver.
  • Each pen includes a designed-for-life guarantee in case anything malfunctions during the life of the pen.


  • The ink is occasionally known to leak with this pen. Fortunately, this pen takes most ballpoint refills so you can choose your preferred ink.
  • This pen is pricier than other pens on this list.

8. Faber-Castell Loom 149242 Fountain Pen Nib EF Gunmetal Glossy

The gorgeous and rugged design of this Faber-Castell pen makes it one of the EDC fountain pens.

This pen has a metal barrel with a chrome-plated matte finish and a stainless steel extra-fine nib. The cap clicks easily onto the top of the pen while writing and the pen is about five and a half inches long. The grooves in the barrel of the pen serve as a comfortable grip while writing.

This pen gets rave reviews for its smooth writing and durable exterior. Many people agree that this is one of their favorite pens to use every day.

For an excellent everyday fountain pen, the Faber-Castell Loom fountain pen is a great design with a rugged exterior. This pen will last you for years and is sure to be a conversation piece among your peers.


  • This pen comes with one ink cartridge with the option to choose other cartridges with the ink of your choice in the future.
  • The unique design of this fountain pen is sure to be a conversation piece.


  • This is one of the most expensive pens on our EDC list.

9. PILOT G2 Premium Refillable & Retractable Rolling Ball Gel Pens


The Pilot G2 is a popular gel pen for most daily pen users. This black pen has easily become a classic over the years for its smooth writing ink and affordable price. With this pack of 10 pens, you can have this pen as your everyday carry pen and replace any pens you may lose along the way.

This pen has a clear plastic barrel that lets you see how much ink is left so you know when to replace or refill your pen. The pocket clip lets you keep the pen on you at all times and the retractable plunger lets you access your pen quickly and easily.

Users of this pen love the bold lines of the fine-point gel ink for sketching on the go or note-taking. They say that these pens write smoothly and even work well with left-handed writers. Many people agree that this is one of the pens they’ve ever had.

This popular pen is loved by many and has been an EDC for users for years now. With the comfortable grip and the smooth writing gel ink, you will want to write with this pen every day.


  • The comfortable grip of these pens lets you write comfortably for hours.
  • This pack of 10 pens is pretty affordable.
  • Because you get multiple pens, you have back-ups if you happen to lose or break your pen.


  • Because these are made of plastic, there is the possibility that these pens will crack or break with heavy-duty everyday use.
  • This pen is almost six inches long which would make it difficult to carry in your pants pocket.

10. uni-ball 207 Retractable Gel Pens, Medium Point

The final good EDC pen on our list is the Uni-ball 207 gel pen. This pen comes in a pack of 12 so even if you lose or break one of your pens you will have backup pens to carry around with you.

This gel pen has quick-drying ink that is resistant to water, fading, and fraud. The barrel is plastic with metallic accents and the retractable pen has a comfortable grip so you can write for hours without cramping your hand.

People say that this pen works great in many professions as well as for students. They appreciate the quick-drying ink that doesn’t fade so your notes stay vivid for a long time. Many people say that after using this pen they can’t imagine using any other pen for their everyday tasks.

This affordable pack of multiple pens could be your new favorite EDC pen. If you prefer gel ink then these pens offer you a great option with smooth writing ink that lasts a long time. If you lose your EDC pen, easily grab another one from this pack.


  • These pens are available in four different colors and an assorted pack of colors as well.
  • This box of 12 pens is an affordable choice.


  • The gel ink can occasionally skip but if you keep the rollerball clean with a damp cloth that will help with the skipping.
  • This pen is about six inches long which makes it a bit more difficult to carry in your pants pocket.

Making The Decision

This list of EDC pens is sure to have something that will work for you. Whether you are looking for a multi-pack of plastic retractable pens or a more durable fountain pen, there is something on this list that you will love.

There are pens of all sizes for carrying in your pocket, pencil case, or purse, and a variety of price ranges to choose from.

A pen can be one of the most important things you can carry with you on an everyday basis. Having a durable pen that is small enough to travel easily can make all the difference. Find your EDC pen today!

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