The Best Dry-Erase Markers for Glass in 2024

To keep your glass board in good condition, you should use the dry-erase markers for glass. They erase thoroughly from the surface and will have vivid ink that applies smoothly for an enjoyable writing experience.

We reviewed the dry-erase markers for glass based on erasability, how easy the colors are to see, smooth ink flow, and ease of use. As organization experts, we’ve tried various whiteboards as well as dry-erase markers.

Let’s dive right in, so you can find the perfect dry-erase markers for your needs.

Best Dry-Erase Markers for Glass:

1. EXPO Dry Erase Chisel Tip Marker Set


EXPO is one of the most popular brands of glass whiteboard markers among teachers. They’re also well-loved in business settings and for personal use. This set comes with four of the basic colors used in professional settings, an eraser, and a whiteboard cleaning spray.

The ink in these markers flows consistently and is easy to see from across a classroom. They don’t have a strong odor either. You can write bold and thin lines based on which way you hold the marker.

The dry-erase marker and cleaning spray that comes with these markers are of good quality. They thoroughly clean your glass whiteboard.

We wouldn’t recommend these markers on a black glass board because the colors would be hard to read.

Customers confirm these dry-erase markers don’t smell as bad as other brands they’ve tried. They also enjoy the seamless writing experience. The markers provide a steady flow of ink without making a mess.

Like many others, we’ve found these the dry-erase markers for writing a variety of letter sizes. They have a thick chisel tip and high-quality ink.


  • Doesn’t have a strong smell
  • Writes smoothly and reliably
  • Doesn’t leak
  • Writing is visible from across a classroom


  • Not suitable for black glass boards

2. 8-Pack Assorted Colors EXPO Dry Erase Chisel Tip Markers


Do you like writing in fun colors? We recommend this 8-pack of EXPO Chisel Tip Markers. It has purple, pink, orange, brown, red, green, blue, and black markers. They’re suitable for use in classrooms and offices. The markers are low odor and have reliable, smooth ink flow.

Customers love the smooth, reliable ink flow of these markers and say they’re easy to erase as long as you wait until the ink dries first. If you erase too soon after writing, the ink smears.

These EXPO markers are the markers for glass dry-erase boards when you frequently change the colors you write with. If you often use black, then you’ll run out of black ink before the other colors.


  • Eight different colors
  • Bold, vibrant writing
  • Can write thick and thin lines
  • Easy to erase once it’s dry
  • No problems with skipping
  • Low odor


  • Only one black in the pack

3. Amazon Basics 12-Pack Low-Odor Chisel Tip Dry Erase White Board Markers – Black

Are you in need of the markers for black glass boards? We think the AmazonBasics Dry Erase Markers are one of the top choices at a low price. The colors are vibrant and manage to look good on black glass.

12 markers come in the pack with two of them being black and the rest being red, orange, yellow, green, light green, blue, light blue, purple, pink, and brown.

They are designed to not dry out if you accidentally leave them uncapped for a maximum of 2 days. The ink is easy to erase with a cloth and doesn’t have a strong odor.

People who have used these dry-erase markers describe them as easy to use and read. They love having a lot of colors to work with as well.

Consider the AmazonBasics Dry Erase Markers if you need a wide range of color options for writing on a black glass board.


  • Bright and easy-to-read
  • Suitable for black glass boards
  • Low odor
  • Can write thick and thin lines
  • Easy to erase with a cloth
  • Cheap


  • No use for the black markers if you only have a black glass board

4. EXPO Bullet Tip Neon Dry Erase Markers


Bullet tip dry-erase markers are widely used by teachers because they write bold lines that are easy for students to read. These neon colors are ideal for black glass boards but work well on white glass boards too. Those who have a black glass board will like that no black markers come in the set.

The EXPO Bullet Tip Neon Dry Eraser Markers can also be used on mirrors, windows, and any other non-porous surface. They’re designed to be easily erased from non-porous surfaces.

Customers love how the vibrant colors look on black glass boards and clear glass windows. These erasable markers for glass write smoothly and are easy to erase.

The EXPO Bullet Tip Neon Dry Erase Markers are some of the dry-erase markers for black glass boards and glass because the ink is easy to see.


  • Vibrant neon colors
  • Looks great on black glass boards and clear glass windows
  • Doesn’t have a strong smell
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to erase
  • Reliable ink flow
  • Writes bold lines
  • Can be easily seen from a distance


  • The markers sometimes leak ink

5. U Brands Low-Odor Magnetic Double-Ended Dry Erase Markers With Erasers


6 double-ended markers come in this pack with a unique color on each end. The colors include black, red, blue, teal, purple, pink, lime green, brown, and yellow. You can use these dry-erase markers on glass, whiteboards, porcelain, and metal.

These markers are especially convenient for small glass whiteboards you have at home because of the erasers on each end. You can just turn the marker around to erase mistakes.

In contrast to most dry-erase markers for glass, these markers have a contoured cap designed to prevent them from rolling off of the table.

Customers love the beautiful assortment of colors and say the magnets are strong and hold up well. A downside brought up is the red tends to leave some residue behind after erasing it on whiteboards. When it comes to glass boards, the colors are erased more easily.

These dry-erase markers for glass are great for saving storage space since each marker has two different colors. The ink is vibrant, has a low odor, and applies reliably to the compatible surface you’re writing on. You can correct mistakes quickly with the eraser on each end of the marker as well.


  • 12 beautiful colors to use
  • Two unique colors on either side of each marker
  • An eraser on each end of the markers
  • Magnetic
  • Non-roll design
  • Takes up less storage space


  • Doesn’t erase as easily from whiteboards
  • The light blue isn’t easy to read on white glass boards

6. Quartet Fine Point Dry Erase Markers

If you’re looking for the whiteboard markers for personal use, the Quartet Fine Point Dry Erase Markers are a good choice. They have a fine point that allows for smaller writing on a small glass board or whiteboard.

Six fun colors come in this pack: bright purple, magenta, cyan, orange, lime green, and yellow. You can color-code your to-dos or simply change up what colors you’re writing with. Each marker has an eraser on the cap, so you can quickly erase mistakes with precision. The markers are also magnetic via the caps.

Customers say these fine-point dry-erase markers work well on the glass as long as it’s not a black dry-erase board. The colors are vivid and easy to erase.

If you want to fit a lot of writing on a small glass board, consider these dry-erase glass board markers. They have a fine point that draws thinner lines than medium and broad points.


  • Vivid colors
  • Thin lines
  • Good for writing on small glass boards
  • Can store them on a magnetic board
  • Convenient eraser on the cap
  • Easy to erase
  • Doesn’t smell bad


  • Not suitable for black glass boards

7. Arteza Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers

If you know you’re going to be using the markers a lot, this set is a good choice because it has a total of 52 markers and 12 unique colors. The basic colors — black, red, blue, and green — have five of each marker in this set. The remaining colors have four of each in the set: purple, pink, brown, light brown, orange, yellow, light blue, and light green.

The Arteza Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers are some of the dry-erase markers for kids because the ink is designed to be rub-resistant and smearproof. If your kid happens to get ink on them, the ink is easy to wash off.

These dry-erase markers are suitable for teachers and other professionals too. You can read the bold writing from across the room.

People who have tried these markers like that write smoothly and don’t leave residue behind after erasing. Teachers have also been happy with these markers.

The Arteza Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers are an excellent choice for those who need a high number of markers. They’re also recommended for those who have young children because they don’t easily smear.


  • Lasts a long time
  • Beautiful colors
  • Dries fast
  • Rub-resistant ink
  • Suitable for kids
  • Clean erasing
  • Non-toxic


  • The yellow and light blue are difficult to read from across the room

8. BIC Intensity Advanced Fine Bullet Dry Erase Marker

What makes this pack stand out from the rest of the markers above is its visible ink supply window. You’ll always know when the market is low on ink rather than wondering if your marker has prematurely dried out.

These dry-erase markers for glass write smoothly and last a long time. The ink is easy to erase. An assortment of colors comes in the pack, including black, red, blue, green, purple, and brown. Two of the 12 markers are black, which is helpful if you usually write in black.

Customers love the crisp, vivid lines these markers write. They also say that they can’t smell the markers unless they were to intentionally smell them close to their nose.

The BIC Intensity Advanced Fine Bullet Dry Erase Markers are great for writing thinner lines with a bullet tip. As long as you don’t need the ability for immediate erasing, they’re a good choice.


  • Vivid, crisp lines
  • No marker smell while using the markers
  • How much ink is left is visible
  • Two black markers in the pack
  • Erases cleanly


  • Needs to dry before being erased
    • Not visible on black glass boards

9. Quartet EnduraGlide Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers

These dry-erase board markers feature see-through ink gauges and anti-roll caps. 12 markers come in the pack with two being black and two being red. The ink is easy to erase and doesn’t leave streaks behind.

Because of visibility problems with the lighter colors in the pack, we recommend using those colors only for personal use. Teachers will want to stick to the dark colors on a large glass board.

Customers say the darker colors in the pack pop on a white glass board. People who use all of the colors on calendar boards are happy with the quality.

We think these dry-erase markers are a good choice if you have two different types of whiteboards you want to use them on so that none of the colors go to waste. They’re also suitable for personal use since the reduced visibility of the light colors won’t matter on a small board.


  • Bold colors
  • Dark colors are easy to read on white glass boards
  • Doesn’t have a strong odor
  • How much ink is left is visible
  • Won’t roll away from you on the table
  • Cleanly erases


  • The light colors aren’t as legible on white glass boards compared to regular whiteboards

10. Crafty Crown Fine Tip Chalk Markers

Are you in need of a white marker for a black glass board? This set of dry-erase markers includes white, all colors of the rainbow, and pink. These bold, vibrant colors look great on a black glass board. The colors also show up well on white glass boards and clear glass.

Other surfaces besides glass that you can use the Crafty Crown Fine Tip Chalk Markers on are plastic, metal, lead board, and glossy board.

Many people use these chalk dry-erase markers on personal black glass boards with great results. They can write small, and the colors are bold and easy to read.

We find the Crafty Crown Fine Tip Chalk Markers the markers for glass if you like the way the liquid chalk looks on blackboards. It’s the first set on this list that has a white marker — an important factor for some.


  • Bold, vibrant colors
  • Suitable for writing on small glass boards
  • Has a white marker
  • Easy to read on black glass
  • Can be used on multiple types of surfaces
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to wipe off


  • Need to be shaken well

Factors to Consider

The most important factors that influence which dry-erase markers are best for your needs are the tip size, tip type, colors in the pack, and how fast they dry.

Tip sizes

Dry-erase marker tip sizes may be a fine point, medium point, or broad point. Fine point markers draw the thinnest lines, and broad point markers draw the thickest lines. Most people find medium points suitable for their needs. Medium point dry erase markers for glass are easy for people to read in the back of the room.

If you’re using a small board like a calendar glass board, a fine point is better for writing on it. Broad point markers can be used for writing headers while teaching or if you simply prefer the thicker lines.

Tip type

Another characteristic of tips is the tip type. Chisel tips can produce thick or thin lines because they are slanted. You control the thickness based on how you use the marker. Bullet tips write bold lines of a consistent thickness.

Some teachers use both types of dry eraser marker tips, so this is a matter of personal preference. In general, choose bullet tips for bold handwriting and chisel tips for a more delicate appearance or versatility in the thickness of your writing.


The colors in the pack should be suitable for the color of the glass you’re writing on. Neon colors look great on black but might not be so visible on white. Yellow is easy to read on black but usually isn’t on white. Chalk markers are another type of marker that is suitable for black glass.

Remember to consider how fast the dry-erase markers dry before buying them. If you’re impatient, you want to choose markers that are designed to dry fast. Those who need the ability to erase quickly should also choose markers that dry fast.


Do dry-erase markers work on glass?

Dry-erase markers were designed for use on glass. The slippery surface of glass causes regular markers do not to apply well to the surface. Quality dry-erase markers will deliver vivid, beautiful writing on glass. They can also be used on regular whiteboards. Some brands are compatible with additional surfaces like metal and porcelain.

Can you use dry-erase markers on mirrors?

The mirror is a glass-like surface, so many new customers wonder if they’ll work on mirrors. Most dry-erase markers are safe to use on mirrors. You should choose a brand that specifically says they’re compatible with mirrors for the best results.

What’s the difference between wet erase vs dry erase?

Wet-erase markers are made of water-soluble ink and need to be removed with a damp cloth or a damp tissue. Dry-erase markers don’t require a damp cloth to be wiped away. You can use a dry marker eraser to remove the ink.

What can you do if your dry-erase markers don’t work out of the package?

Some people have an initial problem with the markers not writing out of the package, but this is solved by storing the markers tip down for about a week. Keep them stored horizontally after that to avoid the ink from leaking or gathering on the wrong side of the marker. Quality dry-erase markers for glass will continue to write without problems as long as you store them horizontally.

Making the Decision

The dry-erase markers for glass vary depending on what color the glass is and whether you’re writing on a small or large surface. We chose the EXPO Dry Erase Chisel Tip Marker Set as our top pick because it’s commonly used by teachers and professionals. You can use these markers for personal use too.

If you’re writing on black glass, then you’ll want to choose the EXPO Bullet Tip Neon Dry Erase Markers, Crafty Crown Fine Tip Chalk Markers, or the AmazonBasics Assorted Colors Dry Erase Markers.

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