The Best Home Laminators in 2023

Lamination is a widespread practice both at home and in offices to protect your documents. If your profession involves the use of laminators, you will need a high-quality decision since low-grade models can damage your records. As a result, you will need a guide on determining the best machine that will deliver value in your home office.

However, choosing the best laminating device is never comfortable with the numerous options on the market.

When choosing computers or printers, you need to be wise in choosing your laminating machine. In this guide, we carefully review and list the top best home laminators, including their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Best Home Laminators:

1. Scotch Thermal Laminator for a Professional Finish, Use for Home

Scotch Thermal Laminator, 2 Roller System for a Professional Finish, Use for Home, Office or School, Suitable for use with Photos (TL901X)

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This home laminator from Scotch serves its purpose well, covering up to 9 inches in width.

It is one of the best products you can get on the market at a reasonable price based on its high-performance quality. The device has a dual roller design that feeds everything through smoothly.

The machine has an unusual design that is equipped with an auto-shutdown feature. The feature is crucial in preventing the device from overheating as well as saving energy.

Other essential features include a never-jam technology that prevents documents from getting stuck.

The cold and hot compatibility of this feature makes it the best home office laminator that can be used with photos.

At the same time, this laminator features a stylish, sleek design that can appeal to anyone interested in quality products.

It has an updated color and finish that makes a beautiful design. Its warm-up speed of three minutes places it among the quickest on the market.

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2. AmazonBasics PBH-55651 12-inch Thermal Laminator

AmazonBasics 12-Inch Thermal Laminator Machine

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Another product from Amazon’s brand is compatible with all letter sizes, photo-size papers, and business cards. This laminator is compatible with pouches of thicknesses 3 and 5 millimeters.

It is designed with two heat settings to cater to all documents. Three mil-heat settings are used when dealing with standard materials, while five mils are dedicated to thinner papers.

Other essential features of this laminating machine include a release jam lever that ensures papers do not stick in the device.

The bar is an excellent feature in this device that makes it easy to resolve all jam issues when they occur. The laminator has a compact design, making it ideal to use at home or as the best laminator for teachers.

The 4-minute warm-up time associated with this machine is quick enough to get you started when you are in a hurry. It also has a ready indicator light that alerts you when it is prepared to work. If your laminations are

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3. Scotch Brand Pro Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL906)

Scotch TL906 Thermal Laminator, Never Jam Technology Automatically Prevents Misfed Items, 2 Roller System , 9 inch

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This is a classy home laminator that can easily laminate books, documents, and photographs. It is designed with everything you need in a laminator while coming at a high price.

The machine has smooth and straightforward controls that make it easy to create high-quality outputs.

This machine can laminate 15 inches of paper per minute and comes with ten laminator pouches. It is easy to use and gets an excellent stat for your home use.

The laminator’s high-performance build allows it to handle multiple laminations for your home purposes.

It is supported by a dual roller design that feeds everything while coping with unlimited length. This makes it the best lamination machine for laminate signs and banners.

It comes with an in-built auto-shut feature after inactivity, designed to preserve energy and overheating.

There is also an ergonomic release lever that comes with this device, allowing you to adjust the document being laminated and prevent it from getting stuck.

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4. Laminator Crenova A4 Laminator

Laminator, Crenova A4 Laminator, 4 in 1 Thermal Laminator, 9 inches, 20 Laminating Pouches, Paper Trimmer, Corner Rounder

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This laminator can either go hot or cold, depending on what you are laminating. It is one of the few high-quality lamination machines that are from popular brands around.

The device can overlay up to 12 inches per minute, creating reduced efficiency.

It has an impressive 3-5 minute warm-up time and 250 mm per minute laminating speed. As a result, it is one of the best laminating machines for home use.

In essence, this is a user-friendly machine that comprises all the essential accessories. It is designed with a paper trimmer and corner rounder for efficient lamination.

It also comes with a jam-release technology and an ABS lever to release the stuck papers or pouches.

Thanks to its compact size and ultra-lightweight, you have the option of taking it to different locations.

This laminator will help you preserve your frequently handled documents and other precious photos. If you take good care of the machine, including regular cleaning, you can enjoy its value.

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5. Swingline Laminator, Thermal, Inspire Plus Lamination Machine (1701857ECR)

Swingline Laminator, Thermal, Inspire Plus Lamination Machine, 9 Inches Max Width, Quick Warm-Up, Includes Laminating Pouches, White/Gray (1701857ECR)

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The home laminator by Swingline is best used for basic home needs or a small office. It is an affordable option for more demanding laminating needs while delivering high productivity.

The machine also has a fast warm-up time and accelerated laminated process that is perfect for creative laminating needs.

The laminator is both compact and stylish, which means you can move with it in your backpack. It is user-friendly with a single power setting, allowing you to switch pouch thickness easily.

There is also a jam release level that clears any paper stuck in the device.

In essence, this is the best budget laminator when you are on a tight budget, but will serve you to your expectations.

It delivers a fast warm-up time that guarantees an accelerated laminating process. The 2-roller feature associated with the device helps the document to be free of wrinkles when laminating.

The laminator is designed with 30 letter-sized pouches that make it ideal for laminate ID cards or name cards. The 9-inches document width associated with this device allows you to perform a variety of projects.

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6. Apache AL9 9inch Thermal Laminator and 20 Laminator Pouches

Apache AL9 9

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This is a lightweight and compact thermal laminator that you can get for your home. It is considered among the best laminators due to its fantastic price its high performance.

The Apache AL9 can accommodate documents that measure up to 9 inches wide. It can laminate documents quickly, precisely, and bubble-free.

The machine is designed with a quality motor and heating element. It also has two silicone rollers to ensure a smooth process without jamming.

As such, if you get this laminator for your home purposes, you are assured of a high-quality machine ideal for moderate use in the office or home. You can also protect your document from wear and tear, as well as any liquids.

The package comes with 20 packs of 3 and 5 mil laminator pouches with a 6-month warranty. It is also an excellent way to enhance and preserve your presentation of documents.

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7. Swingline GBC Laminator, Inspire, Thermal, Quick warm-up (1701855)

Swingline GBC Laminator, Inspire, Thermal, 9 inch Max Width, Quick Warm-Up (1701855)

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This is the ideal choice for your personal use if you are looking for the best budget laminating machine.

The thermal laminator from Swingline is available in a variety of colors and multiple sizes, giving you value for your money.

It comes with the capacity to laminate 55 inches per minute and a three-millimeter thermal pouch for letter and legal-size items.

The machine comes with a user-friendly and straightforward design that is perfect for home and occasional use.

It has a warm-up period of between 3 and 5 minutes and can accommodate both cold and thermal laminating processes.

The home laminator is hugely used to use as a printer as it has one-step lamination technology. You also have a chance to adjust the machine to cold lamination for any document sensitive to heat.

At the same time, this machine makes use of 3 to 5 mil lamination pouches. It can automatically detect the pouch size to make it a hands-free option.

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Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Home Laminators

If you are searching for the best home laminator, some things must be prioritized. Here are a few suggestions on what should be considered to make an informed choice.

Warm-up time

The amount taken for the machine to warm up should be considered when purchasing a laminator. This time can be used to gauge the performance of the home laminating machine.

Different tools are designed with a variety of warm-up times that ranges between 60 seconds and five minutes. For example, high-performance laminators will take the shortest time possible to warm, which corresponds to the speed with which your work will be done.


The size of a laminator can also come into play when discussing the buyer’s guide because they come in a different format. Some are bulky, while others are small and narrow. While the size does not necessarily affect its capabilities, it determines its storage and portability.

Type of laminator

There are two types of laminators, a thermal and a cold variety, with both offering sealing methods. When purchasing the machine, you need to consider the items you are laminating and whether it will meet your demands.

Speed of lamination

Speed is a crucial component when purchasing home laminators as it is associated with their effectiveness. The laminating speed of these machines is measured in inches per minute.

Jam release button

Always examine the jam release button in a laminator before deciding to purchase. This feature helps in preventing a paper jam

Ease of use

It is also essential that you consider the ease of use when purchasing a laminator. Most of the lamination machines are relatively easy to use, but some may appear complicated.


It is always important to consider the cost of a product to the available options. This is because there are many high-performance laminators at a fairly reasonable price. Others will cost more but guarantee high-quality performance. The more expensive models will have more unique features such as corner rounders and laminate cutters


You might want to look at the warranty when purchasing a laminator to cater to the numerous technical components that come with the machine. The warranty for the machines varies between one and five tears.

Home Laminator FAQ

How many pages per minute will a standard machine laminate on average?

On average, a standard lamination machine can laminate about two pages per minute.

How do you avoid air pockets?

Air pockets are some of the nuisances in lamination that affects the quality of a laminated sheet. Blisters mostly form when there is a lack of enough tension or the paper moves too fast through the machine.

Does having more rollers in the construction help?

Yes, having more rollers improves the lamination process by making it smoother. This is because more rollers exert more pressure, thus reducing any risk of air blisters forming.

How can I clean a Laminator?

It is easy to clean a home laminator if you have the necessary tools. You will need a laminator cleaning solution, a microfiber cloth, and some cleaning pads. Ensure the machine is off before you commence cleaning, then remove the film rolls from their respective chambers. Use cleaning pads to clean the rolls gently. After that, use a microfiber cloth to dry the rolls evenly.

Which is a better option between hot and cold laminator?

Both hot and cold lamination machines can deliver great results depending on their intended use. Hot laminators are applied when the purpose is to laminate a document using heated adhesive firmly. However, it is not ideal for sensitive documents such as photographs as they can be damaged. On the other hand, cold lamination uses pressured adhesive without heating.


It is not always easy to select the right home laminator for your needs. However, with the right information, you will be in a good position to get a good machine to serve your needs. The best lamination machine for home use depends largely on your needs. Based on this review, our overall choice for the best home laminator is the AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine.

This verdict is based on the fact of this machine is versatile and has a plethora of features. The features of this machine are perfect for home use while coming at an affordable price. This review of the best ten laminating machines will help you make the best decision when purchasing a device with excellent performance.

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