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The Best Heavy Duty Staplers in 2023

by Sarah Jones
20 minutes read
Best Heavy Duty Stapler

If you are looking for the most durable stapler that will keep up with you on the most challenging of days, then you’ve come to the right place. Our quest to find the best stapler began with the testing of dozens of models. It was an exhaustive process, but this list of the 15 best staplers is a worthwhile result.

With it, you will be able to choose from a variety of high-quality staplers that have the durability, versatility, and even the aesthetics that are just right for putting a smile on your face.

Best Heavy-Duty Staplers:

1. AmazonBasics Heavy Duty Office Stapler

AmazonBasics Office Stapler with 1000 Staples - Black

With one of these staplers, it is hard to go wrong with this solid offering from AmazonBasics. It can hold as many as 200 staples at a time, and 1,000 staples are included in the package. The stapler can staple as many as 10 sheets at once.

Moreover, this is the best stapler for bulletin boards because it converts so easily. The matte black plastic body is sturdily constructed while a rubber base that covers the entire bottom of the stapler ensures that it won’t slide across the desk or tabletop.

Designed for use in the home, office, or classroom, this is a basic stapler that is capable of standing up to everyday use. Many people praise this AmazonBasics stapler for doing exactly what it’s advertised to do.

They say that it is a reliable product that doesn’t let them down whether they are attaching papers to a bulletin board or collating important documents. If there is a downside to this product, it is that it doesn’t have an integrated staple remover. Additionally, some people feel that the 10-page at a time capacity is simply too little.

If your home or office routinely needs to collate smaller documents consisting of 10 or fewer pages, then this AmazonBasics stapler likely will deliver reliable performance over the long term.

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2. Swingline Mini Stapler Built-In Staple Remover

Swingline Mini Stapler, Tot, 12 Sheet Capacity, includes Built-In Staple Remover & 1000 Standard Staples, Blue - S7079172

This stapler is so small and adorable that it just might go missing from your desk. If you guard it carefully, you’ll be able to enjoy the security of a one-year limited warranty. With a stout, short shape, this stapler is designed to travel with you wherever you go.

It’s bright blue, making it easier to spot on a cluttered desktop. The body of the stapler is made of high-impact plastic so that it can handle regular use. Able to secure 12 sheets at once, this stapler has a base that’s also a storage compartment for extra staples. Other features include a built-in staple remover and a low staple indicator.

The stapler arrives with 1,000 Swingline standard staples to get you started. Swingline refers to this stapler as the “Tot,” and it deserves this name. It’s small and curvy, which also makes it an ergonomic choice.

Fans say that this is the best compact stapler they have ever used. The extra staple storage is a particular bonus, and people love how portable this tool is. Remarks further indicate that people appreciate that although this stapler is so small, it still uses standard-size staples.

However, office stapler reviews also indicate that the top on some of these staplers has difficulty staying closed.

If you are looking for a stapler that is perfectly portable yet still uses standard-sized staples, then this offering from Swingline is the ideal solution.

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3. Bostitch Heavy Duty Desktop Stapler

Bostitch Ergonomic 20 Sheet Desktop Stapler

An ergonomic as well as an economically sensible choice, this Bostitch stapler is great. Nonetheless, all of its internal parts are made of metal, ensuring durability and reliable performance. This Bostitch stapler can easily be opened to tack notices onto bulletin boards. Also, the staple-reload alert window lets you know to refill the stapler before it is empty.

With the ability to staple as many as 20 sheets of paper at once, this is the best stapler for teachers. The ergonomic shape and raised bumps on the top make it easy to grip this stapler.

On the bottom, you’ll find a rubber pad that prevents slippage. This matte black stapler also features a dual clinch to ensure secure stapling with every use. It has the capacity to hold 210 staples at a time.

Reviews indicate that people love these staplers. In fact, some of them remark on the fact that they have had the older models of this stapler for 10 or 20 years, and they are still going strong. This product is praised for being durable and solid.

Also, many users note that it rarely if ever seems to get jammed. Some critics warn that no staples are included in the package.

Bostitch is a reliable name in office equipment, and this stapler is no exception. It’s made of quality parts and features an ergonomic design.

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4. Swingline Stapler, Heavy Duty Half Strip Desktop Stapler

Swingline Stapler, Optima 40, Full Strip Desktop Stapler, 40 Sheet Capacity, Low Force, Orange/Silver/Black (87845)

This lightweight stapler has it all. It can secure as many as 40 sheets at once, yet it is not overly large. What’s more, you don’t need to use a great deal of force to get the job done. Called a premium stapler by the manufacturer, this model is black, silver and orange.

The housing is made of durable plastic while the metal stapling mechanism is perfect for long-term use. A half strip consisting of 105 staples may be placed into the stapler at one time. The low staple indicator alerts you of the need to refill.

Advanced design is incorporated into each feature of this stapler. It includes a comfortable grip and a more efficient mechanism so that you don’t have to put a lot of power behind your stapling.

Also, the ability to staple together 40 sheets at once may be particularly valuable in the office or classroom. Fans of this product say that they routinely ignore all other staplers in favor of this one.

They have even successfully stapled in excess of 40 sheets at a time. The stapler’s low-force design is considered a major advantage.

If you have any mobility issues with your wrists or fingers, you’ll probably appreciate it. On the downside, this stapler does not arrive with staples, nor does it open to accommodate tacking papers to bulletin boards.

This ergonomic choice from Swingline covers all the bases when it comes to collating documents.

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5. Bostitch Office B210R-PINK Bostitch Ascend Stapler

Bostitch Office B210R-PINK Bostitch Ascend 3 in 1 Stapler with Integrated Remover & Staple Storage, Pink (B210-PINK)

Have you ever wondered if it is possible for a stapler to be fashionable? If so, then this cool stapler is ready to answer your question with a resounding yes. The vibrant pink option is a favorite, though you may prefer red, purple, orange, or blue. However, this stapler has more going for it than aesthetics.

In addition to being a full-size stapler, this product also boasts integrated staple storage and a staple remover. This makes it your all-purpose assistant in the office, classroom, or home.

Open it up 180 degrees for tacking posters to the wall or use it to secure as many as 20 sheets together at a time. Ergonomic and lightweight, this stapler has a sleek appearance and is incredibly easy to reload with standard staples. Additionally, it is made with 70 percent post-consumer recycled plastic.

Fans love that this stapler successfully combines both fashion and function. They like how quietly it operates and the rubber pad on the bottom. Remarks about how staple storage is already full upon arrival are full of praise.

Nonetheless, critics say that the rubber bottom, within which the extra staples are stored, doesn’t always stick to the stapler well enough.

This low-cost stapler is a bargain choice that gets high marks for being fashionable and functional.

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6. Bostitch Office Executive Heavy Duty Stapler

Bostitch Office Executive Stapler - 3 in 1 Stapler - One Finger, No Effort, Spring Powered Stapler, Black/Gray (INP20)

If you have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or you just don’t like to have to work too hard, this is the best desktop stapler for you.

That’s because you can operate it with just one finger. Bostitch advertises that this stapler is 80 percent easier to use when compared with a standard stapler, even when you’re securing a maximum of 20 sheets.

The spring-powered design makes everything easier on you, and this model even has a staple storage compartment and a built-in staple remover. You can open up the stapler to tack papers to the bulletin board as well. Choose from traditional gray or black or opt for something more noticeable like pink, blue, green, or red.

This Bostitch stapler is designed to make your life easier. It is powerful yet lightweight with an ergonomic handle.

The handle is covered in non-slip rubber, and the non-slip base ensures that the stapler won’t slide across surfaces. The three-year limited warranty gives you peace of mind. For a great price, this stapler is a bargain.

Because so little force is required with this stapler, people love it. They appreciate that it works equally well on the desk or in the hand. However, some people have mentioned in reviews that loading this stapler isn’t precisely intuitive.

They recommend keeping the instructions that came with the packaging until you get the hang of the process.

This Bostitch stapler is recommended for anyone who has carpal tunnel, or arthritis or just doesn’t want to have to slam down on a stapler to make it work.

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7. Bostitch Office Heavy Duty 40 Sheet Stapler

Bostitch Office Heavy Duty 40 Sheet Stapler, Small Stapler Size, Fits into the Palm of Your Hand; Black (B175-BLK)

Are you looking for a stapler that’s compact but can still handle up to 40 sheets? If so, then you’ll want to check out the best stapler for thick documents.

The Bostitch Office Heavy Duty 40 Sheet Stapler may fit into the palm of your hand, but it’s powerful enough to secure 40 sheets at a time. If you are collating numerous thick documents, then this is the solution that you need.

This stapler features a flat clinch design to press the staples flatter so that paper stacks look neater and thinner. If you’re short on desktop space, feel free to stand this Bostitch model either horizontally or vertically, whichever is most convenient.

Open this stapler 180 degrees if you need to tack something to the wall. A half-strip design, this 40-sheet stapler has a capacity for 105 staples. Customers say that they enjoy this stapler because of its sharp action and the way that it folds the staples flat. It fits well into the hand and is easy to operate.

Nonetheless, some note that they had difficulty using “standard” staples in this model, even though these are supposed to be used with this stapler. The answer may be to use “Bostitch Standard” staples rather than another brand for the best performance.

Small but mighty, this Bostitch stapler is excellent and value-priced.

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8. Swingline Stapler, High-Capacity Heavy Duty Stapler

Swingline Stapler, High-Capacity, 60 Sheet Capacity, Reduced Effort, Black (77701)

People who routinely need to staple together large documents will love this model from Swingline. As a high-volume stapler, it is capable of securing up to 60 sheets at once. Nonetheless, it is a surprisingly sleek and streamlined product.

Swingline even claims that this is a “reduced effort” stapler so that you don’t have to work too hard.

This metal stapler is incredibly durable. Even if you find yourself turning to your stapler countless times each day, this product is capable of withstanding its use. Swingline says that it requires 30 percent less force to operate this model when compared with traditional staplers.

It is important to know that this stapler only works with Optima High Capacity Staples, 500 of which are included in the box. The stapler is designed to hold a complete, 210-strip of staples.

People use words like “amazing” to describe this stapler. They love its easy operation and the ability to staple as many as 60 sheets at a time. Critics are sometimes annoyed at having to buy “special” staples.

However, standard-size staples are not long enough to cut through 60 sheets of paper, necessitating the purchase of high-capacity staples.

With a small price tag, this high-capacity stapler from Swingline is a bargain.

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9. Mr. Pen- Heavy Duty Stapler with 1000 Staples

Mr. Pen- Heavy Duty Stapler with 1000 Staples, 100 Sheet High Capacity, Office Stapler, Desk Stapler, Big Stapler, Paper Stapler, Commercial Stapler, Large Stapler, Industrial Stapler, Heavy Stapler

This powerful stapler is the one you need for those extra-large jobs. A high-strength spring makes it possible to cut through 100 sheets relatively easily. Nonetheless, this stapler also is sensitive enough for smaller jobs.

Because it must be used with heavy-duty staples, it is not wise to staple together documents with fewer than 10 sheets with this stapler. This Mr. Pen Stapler is backed by a lifetime warranty.

If you are ever dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may request a refund or a replacement. Inside the box are 1,000 staples to let you hit the ground running. This stapler is an undoubted bargain for any office or classroom.

Anyone who has been struggling to collate and secure large documents is advised to give this stapler a try. Made with metal components, it is built to last, and you may be surprised by how easy it is to secure 100 sheets.

Fans of this product are known to say that they wish they had discovered this heavy-duty stapler earlier. From its solid construction to the way that it reliably secures large documents, most people are more than satisfied with this model from Mr. Pen.

One of the few drawbacks that are mentioned is the inability to rotate the staple plate to select either bent staples or flat staples.

If you routinely have the need to staple together documents containing 100 or fewer pages, then this may be the best option for you.

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10. Swingline Stapler, High Heel Stapler

Swingline Stapler, High Heel Stapler, Fun Desk Accessories, Novelty Desk Décor, 20 Sheet Capacity, Plastic, Black (70971)

If you prefer a stapler that puts the “fun” in “functionality,” then look no further. This is an awesome stapler for the individual who has a personality to spare. The high-heel design is unique, and this is a good stapler as well because it’s made with Swingline’s signature quality.

Available in black or red for the price, this is a stapler that makes a statement wherever it goes. This stapler is designed for handheld use only. It can secure up to 20 sheets at a time, and because of its compact size, it holds 105 staples.

Covered by a one-year warranty, you can trust that this is a high-quality stapler. Saying that this stapler allows them to express themselves, there are plenty of people who are in love with this design.

They say that it brightens their day, even though it may not be the most heavy-duty piece of office equipment. In fact, users recommend not stapling 20 sheets with it on a regular basis in order to ensure longevity.

Anyone who likes to make a stylish statement on their desk will likely fall in love with this high-heel stapler.

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11. Rapid Classic 1 Plier Stapler

Rapid Classic 1 Plier Stapler - Boxed (90119)

This back-to-basics stapler is at once heavy-duty and ergonomic. All-metal construction ensures the longevity of this product, which is made in Sweden. Each Rapid Classic 1 Plier Stapler is plated in chrome and costs pretty affordable. Capable of securing 50 sheets at a time, this stapler is an efficient solution.

This stapler also is equipped with an adjustable anvil so that the unit can be opened up for tacking items to bulletin boards. It’s so sturdy and durable that it is used in all sorts of applications from binding legal documents to sealing up boxes for a move.

Arts and crafts projects and even the construction of stage sets are not beyond the capabilities of this stapler. Many people swear by the Rapid Classic 1 as their favorite plier-style stapler. It’s simply the best stapler for 50 pages, and it’s truly versatile too.

However, others are troubled by the movement of the plate. This is a useful feature if you want to vary between crimped and flattened staples, but some people mention that the plate refuses to stay in place.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty, do-it-all stapler, then you may fall in love with this selection from Rapid.

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12. Swingline Stapler, 747 Iconic Desktop Stapler

Swingline Stapler, 747 Iconic Desktop Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity, Chrome (74720)

This elegant chrome stapler dresses up any desk, making it a heavy-duty desk stapler that’s worth a look. Designed specifically for use on a desktop, it can contain a full 210-strip of staples. A low-staple indicator lets you know when it’s time for a refill. For the sake of efficiency, this stapler is built to bind 25 sheets at once.

Using Swingline S.F. 4 Premium Staples ensures optimal performance. Alternatively, any standard staples that have 1/4″ legs will work with this model. Reverse the anvil on this 747 Swingline Stapler to use it for tacking items to the wall.

Swingline believes in the quality of this product as they offer a 100-percent performance guarantee along with a limited lifetime warranty. For a good price, this high-quality stapler is an undoubted bargain.

It boasts a modern aesthetic with a curvy outline, making it a fashionable choice, yet nothing has been sacrificed in terms of functionality.

People love the contemporary look of this stapler, and they remark that using it is supremely satisfying. The stapler feels good in the hand and doesn’t require too much force to operate. However, more than one user complains that the rubber base isn’t secured particularly well to the rest of the unit.

Despite a few isolated issues with the rubber base, this is the best desk stapler with a solid and beautiful design that looks elegant on any desk.

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13. Bostitch Office B8 Heavy Duty Stapler

Bostitch Office B8 Heavy Duty 45 Sheet Plier Stapler, Full-Strip, Black (02245)

If you’re looking for a good quality stapler, then your search may be finished. This all-metal, plier-style stapler from Bostitch is priced budget-friendly, yet it boasts incredible quality. Unlike some plier staplers, this one has the capacity for a full 210-strip of staples. Use B8 PowerCrown staples with 1/4″ or 3/8″ legs for the best possible performance.

A top-loading chamber makes reloading this model a cinch. Because you can bind as many as 45 sheets at once, this also is an efficient choice. It can be used with equal success on paper bags, cardstock, envelopes, cardboard, and more.

The easy-squeeze lever ensures that you won’t have to work too hard even on those heavy-duty jobs. People love this Bostitch stapler, praising it for how easy it is to use and how much time and effort it saves them.

Nonetheless, some people dislike having to purchase specific staples to use in this machine. Far more people recommend this Bostitch model as the best heavy-duty stapler.

If you have the right staples, these plier-style staplers will work like magic for you.

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14. Sparco Long Reach Stapler

Sparco Long Reach Stapler, 20 Sheet Capacity, Standard Staples, Putty/Black (SPR01316)

Do you ever need to staple together large-format items? If so, then you’ll want to invest in the best long-arm stapler. This particular model from Sparco is highly recommended because of its durability and versatility.

At 12 inches long, this stapler is capable of stapling as much as 12 inches from the paper’s edge. Additionally, it can fasten as many as 20 sheets together at once. The 210-staple capacity is a big plus for those really big jobs. This choice also won’t break the bank.

This is the best long-reach stapler because of its jam-free construction and metal parts. It’s simply a reliable design that works precisely as it should.

People tend to have high praise for this product, recommending it for a broad range of projects that are awkward to staple. Critics argue that it could use a less slippery base for better stability.

When you’re having a hard time figuring out how to staple that large-format project, this stapler comes to your rescue.

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15. Amaze Tech Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

Electric Stapler- Heavy Duty Electric Stapler Automatic Jam-Free Home, School and Office Stapler - AC Powered and Battery Operated - 25 Sheet Capacity - Quiet, Compact and Portable

Complete with a power cable, staples, and an extended warranty, this product earns a spot as one of the best electric staplers. This one is for all of those people who want their stapling to require no effort at all.

With its quick and quiet operation, this electric stapler can bind together as many as 25 sheets at once. It can work on battery power or with the included AC adapter. This compact, sleek model may not have many frills, but it does boast a lifetime replacement warranty.

This electric stapler has a great deal to recommend it. Your hands won’t get sore even after using it for hours. Plus, you can achieve incredible stapling accuracy thanks to the 14-point staple depth adjustment mechanism.

This electric stapler can be a lifesaver in your home or office.

People who have tried this product say that it’s incredibly easy to use and powerful. When issues were encountered, customers say that their problems with addressed efficiently and courteously by the manufacturer.

Fans say that they like being able to load in a full strip of staples and that the depth adjustment is really useful. Critics note that the stapler is a bit lightweight, which means that it can move across the surface of the desk during use.

The automatic stapler is a dream come true for busy professionals and teachers.

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Making the Decision

Which is the best stapler on this list? The reality is that these are all highly-recommended products. However, each one is optimal for a particular purpose. Whether you’re looking for efficient desktop operation or something that is portable and fits easily into the palm of your hand, you’ll find an appropriate choice here.

Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of extra money on a quality stapler. Some of these options have a lifetime warranty, so if you ever run into trouble, you can get a refund or a replacement. That makes these choices tremendous value.


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