The Best Notebooks for Fountain Pens in 2024

Artists and writers alike can agree that a decent notebook is a necessity, and the quality of a notebook is key. Frequent fountain pen users understand that the caliber of their notebooks becomes even more important.

Fountain pens generally require paper that is thicker while also preventing the ink from the pen from bleeding during writing or drawing.

As an authority on notebooks and planners, we can help you choose the one that works for our fountain pen users.

Through close research of notebooks available today, we analyzed paper quality, cover durability, and available accessories to bring you notebooks for fountain pens.

Best Notebooks for Fountain Pens:

1. A5 Dotted Journal by Scribbles That Matter for Fountain Pens

By far one of the notebooks for fountain pen users, the Scribbles That Matter notebook includes dotted pages with high-quality paper for bullet journaling and more.

This quirky notebook features ink-proof 100gsm paper which helps prevent bleeding from fountain pens. There is a pre-printed index, key, and page on which to test your pens.

Users of this notebook love the ultra-smooth and thick paper which makes for less ink bleeding and ghosting. The two ribbon bookmarks are different colors, which makes it easy for journalists to hold two places in the book.

The many creative features make the Scribbles That Matter journal one of the top notebooks for fountain pen writing.


  • The pen test page allows you to practice each of your fountain pens to see how they will react to the journal’s paper.
  • There is a pen loop so you will always have your fountain pen with you when you’re ready to journal.
  • The notebook has 201 numbered pages for easy organization.


  • The journal is made of faux leather which may not hold up as well as genuine leather.

2. Moonster Leather Journal Writing Notebook

The rustic look and size of this notebook make it perfect for traveling. The thick pages make writing with a fountain pen smooth and easy.

This journal features 120 sheets of acid and tree-free recycled cotton paper with a hand-stitched leather binding. The 125gsm paper prevents any bleed-through, making it perfect for fountain pen enthusiasts.

People who use this journal love the classic look and feel of the leather cover and cotton pages. It is the perfect gift for the artist or writer in your life.

The classic look of this book and the durability of the pages make this among the leather journals for fountain pens.


  • The all-natural leather gives this notebook a classic look and feel and pairs perfectly with a fountain pen.
  • This journal comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee.


  • Because of the hand-stitched binding, the pages on this journal may not lay flat while writing.
  • This notebook is not refillable so you would have to purchase a new one after you run out of pages.

3. Wanderings Hand-Crafted Genuine Leather Journal for Writing Fountain Pens

This thin and sleek leather journal is perfect for fountain pen writing and drawing. The notebook comes in various sizes which can make it perfect for home or travel.

This refillable notebook is made of 100% leather and comes with 90 replaceable sheets of paper. The elastic and leather closure can also be used to hold your fountain pen.

Frequent users of this notebook love how customizable it is and have pointed out that you can burn the leather with any phrase or symbol you’d like on the cover.

Because this notebook comes in multiple sizes and is customizable in many ways, it is by far one of the pocket notebooks for fountain pen users.


  • Because the pages of this notebook are replaceable, you can reuse this gorgeous journal for a lifetime. You can choose from blank, lined, graph, or dotted paper refills.
  • This travel journal comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • The paper is thinner than the paper of other journals on this list, so it may show more bleeding.
  • Because the pages are refillable, they may not lay flat while writing.

4. Clever Fox Dotted Hardcover Notebook for Fountain Pens

Clever Fox is an industry standard for notebooks and journaling and this quality book proves why. Because this book has durable paper, it is great for writing with fountain pens.

This affordable notebook comes with stickers, a pen holder, a pocket in the back for loose papers, and 127 numbered pages to keep your life organized.

People who own the Clever Fox say that it is exactly what they were looking for and they love everything about the notebook. With the various features and the Clever Fox brand, you will love writing with your fountain pen in this notebook.


  • Each page is numbered so you can keep a table of contents in the front of the journal.
  • The 120gsm paper is perfect for writing with a fountain pen with little to no bleeding.


  • Because the journal is faux leather it may not hold up as well as a notebook with genuine leather might.
  • While the journal opens flat for easier writing, the book does not have refillable pages so you will have to buy a new book when you use all the pages.

5. RICCO BELLO Primo Hardcover Dotted Notebook for Fountain Pens

This textured faux-leather notebook combines a classic look with a modern feel. The premium pages are perfect to use with your favorite fountain pen.

The journal features 120gsm dot grid paper, a wide elastic and faux leather closure, an attached pen loop, and front index pages for optimal organization.

People who have purchased this journal have nothing but good things to say. This is an excellent journal for bullet journaling as well as in a professional environment like work or school. The paper quality makes it among the journals for fountain pens.

This notebook includes plenty of features that are well worth looking into. The 120gsm paper will be perfect for writing with your fountain pen.


  • There are two ribbon placeholders for this book to help you best organize your journal.
  • The lay-flat design makes writing easy and the numbered pages are great for organization.


  • If you plan to use watercolors or other wet inks there may be minimal bleeding.
  • There are only 80 sheets in this journal and it is not refillable so if you plan on writing a lot you may want to consider a journal with more sheets.

6. Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook

Another great brand name for journaling is the Leuchtturm1917. This modern design is one of the notebooks for fountain pens. The journal comes with 249 numbered pages of 80gsm paper, an elastic closure, and a back pocket for loose papers.

People love this journal for its simplicity and the front index. Customers say the organization is perfect for bullet journaling.

The modern design of this classic notebook is a great starter book for people new to bullet journaling. The range is sure to provide you with the look you want and the pages will work excellently with your fountain pen.


  • Numbered pages and an index page at the front of the book make organization easy.
  • The thread binding assures that your notebook will open flat for easy writing.


  • Because the paper is thinner than other books in this list there may be some bleeding from your fountain pen.
  • There is no pen holder with this journal.

7. Moleskine Classic Notebook for Fountain Pens

This is a timeless notebook and Moleskine is known for making good notebooks for fountain pens. You can get this leather-like classic notebook in a variety of colors to suit your personality and it comes with either blank, ruled, dotted, or grid-style sheets.

Because of this, there is a nearly endless variety of options to choose from to suit your needs. People tend to be die-hard Moleskine users and many say they would never use another brand after trying them.

With nearly endless colors and page types to choose from, you can find one of these notebooks to fit your style and needs. The quality paper is great for your daily fountain pen use.


  • The notebook features a handy pocket attached to the back cover for loose pages or bullet journaling supplies.
  • There is a variety of styles to choose from and each book has a ribbon marker to keep your place while writing.


  • At 70gsm, this has among the thinnest paper on this list so there may be some ghosting.
  • Moleskine notebooks do not come with a pen holder.

8. Tomoe River FP Notebook

This is the perfect notebook for the fountain pen user looking to write letters or long journal entries.

This softcover notebook features dotted grid paper and thin pages that can take fountain pen ink without bleeding through the page or feathering.

People tend to love the thinner paper, which is half the thickness of copier paper, to write letters. The paper is easy to fold without being so thin that the ink bleeds through to the other side.


  • With 48 sheets of paper and a soft cover, this notebook is great for practicing handwriting with your fountain pen.
  • The dotted grid paper makes this a great choice for a lightweight bullet journal.


  • The 52gsm paper is very thin so there may be ghosting on the other side, but your fountain pen will not bleed through the high-quality paper.
  • The soft cover of this notebook may not be very durable to use as a traveling journal.
  • The price is a bit high for 48 sheets and a soft cover.

9. Minimalism Art, Premium Journal for Fountain Pens


This modern, Minimalism notebook is a great travel journal or bullet journal for fountain pen users.

The faux leather cover is durable and the A5, 100gsm paper allows your fountain pen to glide easily across the page.

Frequent users of this notebook say that they enjoy the quality of the notebook at a more reasonable price than others like it. This is a great journal if you are new to bullet journaling.

With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you are sure to find the right Minimalism Art notebook to fit your style and writing needs. This is a favorite among fountain pen-friendly notebooks.


  • The book opens flat and has an elastic closure band.
  • This notebook has 100gsm paper which allows your pen to glide smoothly along the page without feathering, bleeding, or ghosting.


  • There are no pre-numbered pages, so if you want to stay organized you will have to number your pages.
  • This notebook does not come with a pen holder.

10. Maggift Hardcover Notebook

This handsome hardcover notebook is sure to be a new favorite. Whether you are a bullet journalist, artist, or writer, this journal will work for you.

The high quality and environmentally friendly 80gsm paper of this journal will work well with your fountain pen without feathering or bleeding through the page.

Users love the look and design of this notebook and the back cover pocket for carrying loose sheets or other supplies. Many like the quality of this book at a lower price than other notebooks on the market.

This stylish notebook with high-quality paper is sure to become a favorite for your fountain pen writing.


  • The contrasting spine color of the notebook gives it a modern look, and the pen holder against the spine prevents any pages from being marked or marred.
  • 120 sheets of paper allow you to write as long as you want before having to replace this notebook.


  • Because the spine of the book is separate from the front and back covers it can break easier than others, so if you plan to be aggressive with your journal you may want to pick a different one.

Making The Decision

This list of the great notebooks for fountain pens is sure to provide you will all the information you need to make an informed decision about which notebook would be best for your fountain pen writing.

Whether you are looking to sketch, bullet journal, or write, this list of the available planners for fountain pens is sure to have something that you are looking for. Pay attention to paper thickness, quality, and durability of the cover and accessories as well.

So, pick a notebook, get your fountain pen out, and start writing today!

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