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The Best Planners for Creatives in 2023

by Sarah Jones
15 minutes read
Best Planners for Creatives

There comes a time in every creative’s life when they realize they need more organization. A planner is an effective way of taking charge of your days and thus, reducing your stress. When you decrease your stress, you have more room for creativity.

We’ve reviewed the best planners for creatives. This top 10 list is based on our personal experiences as creatives in the organization niche. Keep reading to find the right planner for you. We took durability, style, and effectiveness into consideration when ranking the planners.

Best Planners for Creatives:

1. Lemome 2023 Planner – Planner 2023 Weekly & Monthly with Calendar Stickers

Lemome 2023 Planner - Planner 2023 Weekly & Monthly with Calendar Stickers View at Amazon

If you feel like you’re in desperate need of some structure, the Lemome Academic Planner is a good choice. You can write down the important tasks you need to complete to bring your vision to life. The horizontal layout provides flexibility in your planning rather than keeping you on a strict schedule.

This planner comes with 88 ruled note pages you can use for journaling, project planning, jotting down ideas, or whatever else works for you. Writing down your ideas is important in reducing your stress.

Your mind can relax knowing you won’t forget one of those great ideas you had. You’ll be able to more easily focus on your current tasks as a result.

Consumers are happy with the quality of this planner. Some have said they could write with their fountain pens. The paper is heavy, so most pens won’t bleed through.

The Lemome Academic Planner is one of the best planners for creative people who want to structure their lives more without spending a lot of time using their planners.

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2. Clever Fox Planner – Undated Weekly & Monthly Planner to Increase Productivity

Clever Fox Planner – Undated Weekly & Monthly Planner to Increase Productivity

View at Amazon

Aesthetics are important to a lot of creatives. We think the Clever Fox Planner is one of the best designer planners for creatives. It has a beautiful, yet professional design you’ll enjoy looking at every day.

The Clever Fox Planner has goal-setting pages and comes with colorful stickers. The weekly spreads make you focus on your top priorities for the week and remind you to reflect at the end of the week.

Many consumers say the Clever Fox Planner strikes the right balance between detailed planning and simple, fast planning. It won’t take up much of your time to use, yet it has important boxes like priorities and a habit tracker to keep you focused on the most crucial things in creating your dream life.

The Clever Fox A5 Weekly Planner is perfect for helping creatives stay focused on their goals and the most important tasks to complete. It’s easy to customize and decorate with planner stickers too.

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3. Kodexlode 2022-2023 Planner – Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly Tabs

Kodexlode 2022-2023 Planner - Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly Tabs View at Amazon

Do you have a penchant for spiralbound notebooks? We think this planner is one of the best wire-bound planners for creatives. It has a durable twin-wire binding that keeps the planner together throughout the year. This planner is convenient to use and keeps planning simple.

Consumers say this planner is great for relaxed planning and customizing it to their needs. The planner is durable enough to last the entire year. They also love the notes pages in the back for writing down notes.

Kodexlode 2022 Planner is a simple, affordable planner for creatives. If you thought our top choice was too expensive, this is a good alternative.

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4. Maalbok 2023 Planner – 2023 Weekly Monthly Planner

Maalbok 2023 Planner - 2023 Weekly Monthly Planner

View at Amazon

If you’ve had to pass on the previous planners because they don’t offer enough space for Saturdays and Sundays, consider this planner. It also has space to list your top three priorities of the week to make sure each week is intentional.

The planner also has an inspirational quote on each month as well as monthly tabs. Another nice touch is the quote “Today is a new beginning on the inner pocket.” — helpful in keeping you optimistic each morning.

Consumers like the cute cactus design and find the planner an easy way to stay organized. They describe the paper as thick enough to prevent bleedthrough.

The Maalbok 2023 Planner is one of the best inspirational planners for creatives who want a quick, easy way of staying on top of what needs to get done.

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5. Legend Deluxe A5 Planner

Legend Planner - Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner to Hit Your Goals & Live Happier. Organizer Notebook & Productivity Journal. A5 Hardcover, Undated - Start Any Time + Stickers - Aquamarine

View at Amazon

If you’re searching for the best motivational planner as a creative, we recommend the Legend Deluxe A5 Planner. “Prepare to win, and expect to win” is inscribed on the cover. You can tell this planner was designed for success in your pursuits.

This planner has more detailed planning than The Clever Fox Planner. The weekly planning pages have a habit tracker, to-do lists, and end-of-week reflections. You also have goal planning and self-discovery pages to help you intentionally create a life you love.

People who’ve used this planner like the goal-setting pages and the quality design of the planner. Creatives also like the dot grid paper in the back for sketching important ideas and journaling.

The Legend Deluxe A5 Planner is a great planner similar to the Clever Fox Planner that guides you in discovering what you value and becoming clear on what you want to achieve.

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6. GoGirl Pocket Size Weekly Planner

GoGirl Planner and Organizer for Women - Compact Size Weekly Planner, Goals Journal & Agenda to Improve Time Management, Productivity & Live Happier. Undated - Start Anytime, Lasts 1 Year - Rose Gold View at Amazon

Creatives who are looking for a planner easy to fit in their bags will like this planner. It has goal-setting pages, so you can regularly review your goals for the year.

The weekly planning section has a habit tracker, to-do list, priority list, and space for additional notes and creativity. Creatives often like using the notes space for drawing and inspirational words.

Customers love the lightweight, compact design of the GoGirl Pocket Size Weekly Planner. They also like that they can use their favorite pens and markers without bleedthrough problems.

The GoGirl Planner is one of the best professional planners and organizers for creatives who need an on-the-go planner.

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7. You Are a Badass 17-Month Planner

You Are a Badass 17-Month 2019-2020 Monthly/Weekly Planning Calendar View at Amazon

Do you want a planner that matches your sassy personality? This planner features sassy quotes that will both amuse and motivate you.

It’s the first planner on this list that has a vertical layout instead of a horizontal layout for the weekly pages. If you have a lot of meetings and appointments, this type of layout is often better. Each day of the week also has a checkbox list you can use as a to-do list.

Creatives love the layout of this planner as well as the fun quotes throughout it. The planner helps them stay on top of essential tasks and schedule their weeks with ease.

This creative planner is suitable for those who find it important to laugh and have fun every day. You’ll like the amusing quotes throughout the planner. It also keeps your life structured in the way you want. There’s flexibility in how you use it.

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8. Blue Sky Day Designer Academic Planner

Day Designer for Blue Sky 2020-2022 Academic Year Weekly & Monthly Planner, Flexible Cover, Twin-Wire Binding, 8.5" x 11 View at Amazon

This planner has a clear pocket cover you can use to insert your own photo. It also has storage pockets and monthly tabs. The inside of the planner has a beautiful, colorful design.

Each day of the week, excluding weekends, has a to-do list on the right and your schedule on the left. The weekly section has an inspirational quote and a box for gratitude as well.

People who’ve used this planner love the beautiful design and say there’s plenty of space for writing everything they need to do. Working professionals, graduate students, and others have all found it suitable for their needs.

This planner is great for creatives who want to structure their lives in a way that’s supportive of success while having a beautiful layout to look at each time they check the planner.

View at Amazon

9. Emily Ley Simplified Large Customizable Planner

Simplified by Emily Ley 2020 Weekly & Monthly Planner, 8-1/2" x 11 View at Amazon

Do you like having a lot of writing space? You’ll like the larger size of this planner.

It has a beautiful, colorful layout that satisfies your aesthetic side. The planner comes with a simple challenge to help simplify your life and reduce stress. It also features a bucket list and to-dos in the weekly planning section for weekdays.

Customers love that this planner helped them simplify their lives and stay focused on the most important things. They also like the attractive design.

If you work from home, the Emily Ley Simplified Large Customizable Planner is a great creative large planner to choose from.

View at Amazon

10. Ban.Do Academic Planner

Ban.do 12 Month 2020 Classic Academic Hardcover Planner with Daily, Weekly, Monthly Spreads, 8.13 View at Amazon

This creative planner has a more freeform style for the weekly planning pages. You’re given blank boxes instead of ruled lines for planning each day. The planner also has tabbed dividers to make it easy to flip to the current month. A fun quiz is included in the planner that lets you know what color your personality is.

Consumers like that this planner is durable and has an attractive design. They found the layout effective in organizing their lives as well. A criticism some have is the monthly boxes are too small.

If you like drawing, you’ll enjoy having blank boxes for each day of the week. The Ban.Do Academic Planner has a layout that’s hard to find among planners.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Best Planners for Creatives

Basic planner or an all-in-one planner

Do you want a basic planner or an all-in-one planner? Basic planners only provide pages for planning your days whereas all-in-one planners offer additional functionality, such as reflection, vision creation, goal setting, and habit tracking.

Horizontal or a vertical layout

Should you choose a planner with a horizontal or a vertical layout? In general, people say horizontal layouts provide more flexibility and are easier to use with custom stickers that create sections you can write on.

Vertical layouts are ideal for those who have a lot of appointments and meetings to keep track of. Choose whichever layout you think best suits your needs and personality.

Extra boost of motivation

Do you need an extra boost of motivation to finish your projects? You’ll want to browse your options in inspirational planners like the Maalbok 2020–2022 Planner, the Blue Sky Day Designer Academic Planner, and the You Are a Badass 17-Month Planner.

Notes pages

Having notes pages is also helpful for creatives because it provides room for you to brainstorm, mind map, sketch ideas, draw graphs of your progress, journal and take notes.

You can use these pages in whatever way works for your personal approach to creation. If you’re a very visual person, dot grid notes pages are better than ruled pages because your drawings will look better on dot grid paper.

Making the Decision

Creatives often struggle with structure but find out that some level of structure is necessary for life. You can achieve your creative goals much faster when you use a planner to organize your life and write down what next steps you need to take in order to complete a project.

For these reasons, we listed the Lemome Academic Planner as our top choice. If you want an all-in-one planner rather than a basic planner, our top pick is the Clever Fox A5 Weekly Planner. The 10 planners on this list are what we think are the best planners for creatives. You’re sure to find one that works for you.


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