Best Pocket Notebooks

With so many notebooks out there, analyzing them all takes a significant amount of time. However, because we’ve spent years testing and using various blank books, planners, and notebooks, we are well-equipped to guide others toward a smart buying decision.

Our favorite pick among us is the Moleskine Cahier. It’s an all-around solid choice with plenty of styles. However, the other entries on this list also are fashionable and functional.

Best Pocket Notebooks:

1. Moleskine Cahier Soft Cover Journal – Set of Three


This is the best pocket-sized notebook for numerous reasons. First, it is manufactured by Moleskine, a recognized authority when it comes to blank books, day planners, and the like. Second, you have a choice of several options to make this an incredibly versatile product.

The soft cover comes in several attractive colors. Among them are black, coffee brown, cranberry red, indigo blue, kraft brown, myrtle green, and pebble grey.

Each one offers plenty of style and sophistication before you even open it. On the inside, you have your choice of plain, ruled, or squared paper. No matter how you prefer to take notes, one of these options should be perfect for you.

Moleskin cahier journals have an incredibly slim profile, making them ideal for carrying with you. When closed, the notebook’s dimensions are just 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″. The pages are ivory and somewhat heavy.

If you use an inky pen, then that ink may bleed through. In total, 64 pages are found in the notebook, with the final 16 of these being detachable. Loose notes may be kept in a convenient flap.

This may not be the most heavy-duty notebook out there, but it’s still pretty durable. Its flexibility is a plus if you’re going to stash it in a pocket, and it fits nicely in virtually all purses and bags.


  • Chic cover in various colors
  • Choice of plain, lined, or squared paper
  • Conveniently sized for easy carrying


  • If you favor pens with a heavy ink flow, you may get slight bleeding through the pages

2. Pocket Travelers Notebook


This product deserves a description as the best pocket journal because of its genuine leather cover and rugged good looks. While it’s advertised as a travel journal, you will want to use it for anything and everything.

This leather cover is designed specifically for notebooks like the Moleskine Cahier which measures 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″. Accordingly, you can refill this handsome cover again and again with a fresh notebook.

This leather-bound notebook gets full points for being able to stand up to tough daily use. From the office to the job site, this notebook is right at home. It’s available in black, brown, and dark brown.

The notebook cover comes with a notebook insert that features dot-grid paper. Also available is a zipper case and kraft folder accessory that features a zippered pouch, credit card slots, and more. Not pleased with the size of this notebook?  Check out those stylish genuine leather journals and pick the best one for you.

This beautiful cover is crafted from leather that weathers extremely well. It’s flexible too, which makes it easy to fit into all sorts of bags. Many users like that it comes with an extra elastic closure so that you can pack other things with your notebook.

However, it is worth noting that using this cover does add considerable bulk to slender notebooks.


  • Beautiful, genuine leather cover
  • Provides added durability to paper notebooks
  • Elastic strap closure


  • Adds bulk to tiny notebooks, maybe making them more difficult to carry around.

3. Field Notebook by Elan Publishing


This is another notebook that provides you with plenty of options.

Cover choices include kraft, black, orange, yellow, green, wood-grain, or a combo collection. You also get to choose what kind of paper you want. With dot-grid, graphs, and lines to choose from, there’s something for everyone. At dimensions of 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″, these notebooks easily fit into pockets. The flexible design is perfect for this as well.

With a cover made from heavy construction paper, this notebook isn’t exactly indestructible, but you can pair it with a leather cover to protect it from wear and tear.

Other good news is the saddle stitching that holds the notebook together. This durable binding will likely hold up for as long as you use the notebook.

The 80 gsm paper is thick enough for writing with minimal bleed-through. This is considered the notebook for fountain pen use because of its high-quality paper. Also, if you are interested in notebooks with high-quality paper these cute notebooks for fountain pens, you might find great.

However, some users dislike how dark the dots are on the dot-grid paper. They say that it makes it appear as if their notes are filled with commas and periods.


  • Five notebooks to a pack
  • Decent durability for an all-paper notebook
  • Several cover choices


  • Dots on dot grid paper may be too dark
  • Not the most durable product on the market

4. Pocket Notebook by Elan Publishing – Set of Five

A set of five notebooks with pretty, colorful covers. These are available in the standard pocket size of 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″, but you also may choose a slightly larger 5″ by 8″ size. Each notebook has 24 sheets for a total of 48 pages.

This offering from Elan Publishing is notable for each notebook featuring a unique cover. With designs including fashionable floral, stripes, and dots, these are notebooks that any stylish woman will use with pride.

Each notebook is fastened by staples rather than stitching, which some people may see as a drawback. Nonetheless, these notebooks tend to lay flat nicely for writing.


  • Five notebooks to a pack
  • Beautiful, colorful covers
  • Flirty, fun, and feminine look


  • Bindings are stapled instead of stitched

5. Notebook by B-THERE – Set of 12


If you are looking for small notebooks that are stylish and a great deal, then you may love this product from B-THERE. Each set features a total of 12 notebooks with lined pages. Three each of four different cover styles are included. In one set, you get covers with a variety of geometric and floral patterns.

Another set has notebooks with motivating and inspirational sayings on the covers. These may be just what you need to keep yourself going on busy days.

These notebooks are even smaller than the standard size as they measure just 3 and 1/4″ by 5 and 1/4″. Accordingly, they are easy to slip into the smallest pocket in your clothing or in that tiny pocket inside your purse.

These covers have a definite feminine flair, so get ready to show your soft but determined side.

The stitched binding is a high-quality touch in a product that costs a pretty small amount of money. However, some users have noted that if one page is torn out of the notebook, it may loosen most of the others.

People who expect to be able to occasionally remove a page from a notebook without disturbing the remaining pages may want to look elsewhere.


  • Bright, fashionable covers
  • Especially small to fit into the tiniest pockets
  • 12 notebooks in a set


  • Some quality-control issues as far as several pages loosening when one is removed

6. Hardcover Notebook with Ruled Pages by SuperiorMaker

If you are looking for a truly durable notebook, then this hardcover edition may be the right one for you, but if you’re not pleased with the size of notebooks check out those cute hardcover notebooks with a standard layout.

True, it is a bit difficult to put this one in a pocket because it will not conform to the contours of whatever body part it lies against, but some people prioritize having a hardcover because it’s easier to write on or provides extra durability.

This notebook features 192 pages of 100 gsm acid-free paper. The lines are college-ruled, and with paper, that thick, ink is unlikely to bleed through.

The cover is black and made from good-quality faux leather. An elastic binding keeps the cover closed while a ribbon bookmark makes it easy to find your place. A set of labeling stickers is included with the notebook.

Also notable is the 100 percent, lifetime guarantee. If you do not like this stitch-bound notebook for any reason, you may always ask for your money back.

One of the most frequent complaints coming from users of this product is that it does not lie flat when opened, which may be a deal-breaker for some people.


  • A hard, durable cover
  • Ribbon bookmark included
  • Has an elastic band closure
  • Thick, 100 gsm paper


  • This is not a flexible notebook
  • Bulky when compared with other products on this list

7. Field Notebook by Portage – Set of Six

Compared to the other entries on this list, this set of six notebooks is rather unusual. They have a plain, light-brown kraft cover. Also on the cover is the manufacturer’s name, Portage, and the date the company was established.

What also sets these notebooks apart from the rest is their size. They are available in two sizes. One is the standard size with the typical binding on the side.

The other is a smaller notebook, which the manufacturer refers to as “tactical.” The dimensions are just 4.6″ by 2.8″, so they fit in almost anything. Moreover, these notebooks are top-bound to be flipped up and opened.

Each notebook is bound by staples for the ultimate flexibility. Some users say that the paper is not particularly good quality. It is quite thin, so you may have issues with ink bleeding through.


  • Straightforward, no-nonsense style
  • Two sizes available
  • The tactical size is top-bound, which may appeal to some


  • The paper is pretty thin, so ink may bleed through
  • The covers are fairly flimsy and offer little support

Tips for Choosing

For many people, notebooks are an indispensable accessory. This means it’s wise to reflect on your needs before purchasing.

Most notebooks have soft, flexible covers. This means that they can easily slip into and out of their pockets. Additionally, they conform to whatever space they occupy, so it’s comfortable to have them in your pocket.

However, a soft-cover notebook may not be as durable. Also, it doesn’t provide a stable surface for writing. This is why some people prefer hardcovers.

If you like the idea of a flexible cover but want to ensure durability, then it’s sensible to purchase a leather cover. This prevents wear and tear, and it also provides more stability for writing on the go.

Give some thought to what sort of notes you want to take and whether or not you’ll be using your notebook for sketching or other purposes. Notebooks may have a paper that’s lined, dotted, or graphed. Which style is most suitable for your purposes?

Also of great importance is the quality of the paper inside the notebook. The thin paper makes for a lighter, slimmer notebook, but the ink may bleed through the pages. If you like to use both sides of every page, then you probably need thicker paper.


With this list of notebooks, you are ready to decide which product is right for you. Spend a bit of time reflecting on how and where you plan to use your pocket-sized notebook before making a purchase. This will largely determine which of these items is right for you.

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