The Best Popular Planners in 2024

Being more productive is a simple way to improve your quality of life and feel like you’re doing the most with your time. One such method to improve productivity is using a popular planner. Regardless of whether you need a planner for your work, for your personal life, for a loved one, etc., there’s a planner that will fit your needs.

The most popular day planners have plenty of features to ensure that you can smoothly check off task after task and cover all your responsibilities in a day.

Increasing productivity and structuring your time creates a feeling of control and helps to reduce stress and feelings of being overwhelmed by your daily tasks. We’ve reviewed popular planners by comparing features like page durability, aesthetics, and extra space.

We’re confident you’ll find one of the following popular planners useful for your daily needs and schedule. The following list reviews the top five planners.

Best Popular Planners:

1. The Clever Fox Life Planner – Most Popular

The Clever Fox Life Planner – Undated Weekly Planner and Goal-Oriented Agenda is an undated planner, so you can easily start using it at any time. Improve your happiness, success, and productivity by up to 300 percent with regular use of this planner.

This planner measures five by eight, so it easily fits into most purses and bags. This ensures portability, allowing you to always have your planner on you no matter where you are.

It maximizes organization and accountability by allowing you to set goals daily, weekly, and monthly. When you are focused on what your priorities are, this helps you to avoid procrastination.

This planner makes it easy to also focus on your total well-being by helping you to incorporate gratitude techniques into your day. The affirmation techniques enhance your confidence, allowing you to avoid letting fear prevent you from meeting your goals.

The hardcover is a leatherette material, making it flexible, but also highly durable. This planner has a pen holder, elastic bands, and three bookmarks in different colors. It lasts for 12 months, allowing you to make plans as far out as one year.

The high-quality paper is 120 gsm. This allows you to use any ink type you please without the risk of bleeding. Take advantage of the colorful stickers, the habit tracker, the inner pocket, and the notes section to further the ways you can use this planner in your daily life.


  • This planner allows you to plan for the short-term and the long-term
  • There are multiple colors to choose from for ultimate personalization
  • It features plenty of extra space to hold pens and other important small objects
  • The thick paper ensures that no ink bleeds through, even ink from fountain pens
  • This planner lasts for 12 months
  • A gift box is included to make it easy to give this journal to friends and family
  • Strong glue binding


  • The pen loop might detach prematurely
  • Ribbon may fall out with frequent use

2. Legend Planner – Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

Judging by the number of reviews on this new popular planner, the Legend has plenty of fans. Taking an in-depth look at the contents reveals why. This is a well-designed planner that helps you make the most of every day.

It’s a convenient A5 size that’s likely to fit into most bags so that you can take it wherever you go. Moreover, it’s available in an array of colorful covers that let you express your individuality.

Inside the Legend Planner, you’ll find monthly layouts that feature a calendar along with spaces for notes and to-do lists. At the bottom of the two-page spread, you’ll find sections for your “Most Important Goals for this Month” and “Things I Will Do To Make This Month Great.”

Fantastic tools will help you to focus on your goals to make your life better.

The weekly layouts are just as helpful with their work and personal to-do lists, habit trackers, goals, and reflections. To ensure that you get started on the right foot, the planner contains exercises for discovery and goal setting as well as daily rituals.

Like the majority of undated planners, this one segregates the monthly layouts from the weekly layouts. This is a necessary component of the undated planner. The publisher doesn’t know in which month or in which year you’ll be using their planner, so there’s no realistic way for them to mingle the two together.

With three bookmarks, it’s easy to keep track of the current month, week, and one other section. A pen loop and elastic closure make this planner a great value.


  • Gorgeous covers
  • Thoughtful layouts
  • Goal-setting tools


  • People with especially busy days may find that they don’t have enough room

3. GoGirl Planner and Organizer for Women

The most popular planners successfully combine attractive aesthetics with pure functionality. The GoGirl Planner easily meets both of these requirements. It is also incredibly portable thanks to its compact size. Measuring just 5.3 inches by 7.7 inches, even relatively small purses will be able to tote this planner around without a problem.

It’s available in several fun colors, but even more important is the quality of the layouts inside. These include unique sections at the front of the book with headings like “My Life’s Big Picture” and “My Goals.” The GoGirl Planner walks you through the process of envisioning the life you’d like to have by defining your goals.

After establishing the big picture, you’ll narrow your focus to five main goals for the year. You also may create a mind map and use the “My Strategy” and “My Daily Rituals” layouts to further define how you will achieve your most closely held goals.

The monthly and weekly layouts contain plenty of areas for recording appointments and events in addition to to-do lists, reflections, habit trackers, and goals. Altogether, the GoGirl Planner is an excellent resource.

While some people are concerned that the available writing areas are rather cramped, people with small, neat handwriting shouldn’t have a problem.

To help keep things organized, this planner has a pen holder, one sheet of stickers, and an elastic strap closure. Three bookmarks make it possible to keep track of the current week and month. The GoGirl Planner is a tidy, sensible choice for the busy woman.


  • Includes space for a mind map
  • Contains several pages in the back for notes
  • Thought-provoking layouts to help you live your best life


  • The overall small size makes the writing spaces small too

4. Erin Condren Life Planner

The Erin Condren LifePlanner is softbound for optimal durability even when you use it frequently. There are different cover options, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your personality.

This planner measures five by eight, making it easy to carry around with you everywhere you go. There is also an eight-by-10 option to choose from if you prefer a planner with a bit more size.

This planner is for 12 months. This makes it possible to make plans for the long and short term. There are 176 pages.

You can look ahead to each month with the various monthly calendars located throughout the planner.

This planner features a glue binding and it lies flat, making it easy to write on. The high-quality paper is 118 gsm, so you will not have to be concerned about ink coming through the paper.

The notes section, contact sheet, and included stickers allow you to both personalize and organize your planner.

The folder and pouch make it simple to carry pens and other important small items with you. Easily mark your place with the place-holder ribbon.

This planner uses a horizontal format for the weekly layout. This provides ample space to write down everything important.

It also has eight dot grid pages, 10 lined pages, and six blank pages, to allow for the ultimate customization of your planner.


  • This planner lasts for 12 months, allowing you to make plans now and for the future
  • The plan-ahead calendar for the following year makes it easy to plan your life going forward
  • The finished page edges offer a professional aesthetic
  • Multiple calendars throughout allow you to easily create long-term goals


  • Some dates might be missing throughout the planner
  • The months might be in the wrong order

5. Simplified Planner by Emily Ley


The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is a simple planner option with plenty of useful features. There are two edition options to choose from, including the daily edition and the weekly edition. The daily edition measures seven by nine inches. The weekly edition measures six by eight inches.

The daily edition has 70-pound paper, ensuring durability and making sure that ink does not bleed through. It features full month views, space for notes, to-do lists and a schedule, and monthly simplicity tips. It features wire-o binding for durability and to make it easy to write in the planner

Use the colorful stickers to personalize your planner. Inside the front cover is a pocket for pens and small items. The hourly schedule starts at 6:00 am and ends at 9:00 pm. Every day has its page, but the weekends share pages.

The weekly edition has 70-pound paper and it features bookbinding that lays flat for easy writing. In the back, there are 27 pages for extra notes. The front cover has a pocket for small important items and pens.

This planner comes with stickers and monthly tips to ensure greater simplicity. There are full-month views and areas to create your to-do lists, schedule, and even plan your meals. Use the stickers to add a personalized touch to any page in this planner.


  • The pages are pure white, so they allow you to use all ink colors
  • The mylar tabs are sturdy and colorful
  • Both editions feature a hardcover and on the edges are gold foil details
  • The prep work in each edition is simplified
  • Both editions come with a keepsake box that is gold and fuchsia


  • Some of the pages might not be right regarding the days
  • The months may be out of order

6. Inner Guide Life & Goal Planner

The Inner Guide is a dated planner that features a faux leather cover to protect the contents inside. It operates as an organizer, on both a monthly and weekly basis and a journal and appointment book. Its ultimate purpose is to increase productivity, but also ensure that you are spiritually sound. This planner measures 8 by 9.

This planner aids you in prioritizing what you need to do, allowing you to live simply while still getting everything done. Organize your days and increase your productivity, while also becoming in tune with your inner guidance.

You have an overview of what is to come on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. There is plenty of space for writing down your responsibilities and jotting down things, such as quick notes or affirmations.

The goal-setting chart in this planner is unique and it emphasizes nine different areas of your life. You will find exercises in the planner that allow you to create a strong foundation while clarifying your goals.

The elastic closure ensures that the planner remains closed and private whenever you are not using it. Easily mark your place or an important space in the planner with the ribbon placeholder. In the back of the planner is a pocket. This is ideal for small items and some pens.


  • This planner serves multiple purposes for optimal productivity
  • The binding lies flat, making it easy to write in this planner
  • The cover has a unique debossed design
  • It is easy to create goals that are both short-term and long-term
  • This planner lasts for 12 months, allowing you to make plans for an entire year


  • The light-colored ink might be difficult to see in low-light levels
  • The calendar squares are relatively small, limiting space to write down important responsibilities

7. Happy Planner 2023 Daily Planner and Calendar

The Happy Planner focuses on organization and creativity. It features disc binding and a wealth of cover options. When you first open the planner, you can see the year at a glance, allowing you to consider both long and short-term plans.

Every month has a cover and a planning page to easily separate them. There is a section to document what you love, and even what you are drinking and eating.

There is a color for every month, making it easy to find your place in the planner. The daily boxes provide plenty of space to jot down notes and important appointments.

Due to the binding, you can easily pull pages out for easier writing and then put them back into the planner.

The notes pages at the end of the planner allow for extra space to write down important things that are not necessarily associated with a specific day. In the monthly view, there is a large sidebar for notes too.

Other notable features include inspirational art, gratitude lists, and reminder boxes, allowing you to get inspired while becoming more productive.

The planner measures 7 by 9.75, making it portable.


  • This planner allows you to plan for the long-term and short-term
  • The weekend days and weekdays are in different colors
  • Lots of space on the vertical daily planner
  • This is an 18-month planner


  • The weekly view begins on Mondays, but the weekly view on Sundays
  • The days are split into triangles if the month ends on a Sunday or a Monday

Insights and Takeaways

After looking at the popular planners and best agendas, you can more easily make a decision concerning which one is best for you. Consider an undated planner for a little extra flexibility or inner guide planners if you are seeking an option that puts focus on your schedule and your overall well-being.

As you explore the best planners at Amazon, look at features, such as pen holders, extra pockets, bookmarks, and similar elements that can enhance your ability to be organized. The most popular planners also feature elements, such as high-quality paper and durable materials to keep your planner in excellent condition.

The next step is to consider your personal preferences. Think about the features that you need to be as productive as possible. For some people, this means an undated weekly planner, but for others, a little more structure is important.

Lastly, just ensure that the planner you choose is one you will use regularly. Regular use of this type of item has been shown to increase productivity. If you already made your decision, check out these useful planner tips and tricks that’ll make your planning easier!

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