The Best Printers for Stickers in 2024

Organize your life, promote a cause, or create a colorful atmosphere with the right stickers. Finding the best stickers for your needs can be challenging. However, if you make your own, you can customize them to your exact specifications.

This lets you create stickers for any occasion quickly and cost-efficiently. To create your stickers, you need a printer for stickers.

This will ensure that your design translates flawlessly to physical stickers. The best printer will also deliver your stickers efficiently so that you do not wait a long time for each sheet to print.

We analyzed the best printers on the market that you can use for stickers. We explored their capabilities, features, and specifications. This made it possible to provide you with printers that will let you print out your stickers without having to worry about imperfections.

Explore the printer options for printing out stickers. These devices are high in quality and have the features you need for efficient and flawless printing.

Best Printers for Stickers:

1. HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless All-In-One Printer

The HP Officejet All-In-One Wireless Printer is a budget printer for sticker printing. This printer is affordable and it provides professional-level stickers. The stickers print quickly. You can print several sheets within a matter of minutes.

This allows you to get more done in a short time. The ink is high in quality. This ensures that the colors are true and vibrant. The ink does not smudge when you are printing. This leaves you with stickers that meet your specifications and do not become altered when you are ready to use them.

Customers appreciate the touchscreen display. They say that it is easy to use. It makes navigating the different features of the printer easy. This printer is easy to learn how to use, according to several customers. You can figure out the different features within a day or less.

Use borderless printing to get clean stickers when you are printing. You can print stickers in multiple sizes. This printer also allows for two-sided printing.


  • Print in color and black and white
  • It is an inkjet printer


  • You can scan, fax, print, and copy with this device
  • The auto document feeder accommodates up to 35 sheets
  • You can connect to this device wirelessly


  • The black and white colors could be of better quality

2. HP Officejet Wireless Entry-Level Printer

The HP OfficeJet Wireless Printer is a quality digital sticker printing machine. It works efficiently and produces vibrant colors and clean lines. Your stickers will look like they do on your computer screen.

This printer moves quickly, letting you print out several pages of stickers in a short period. The ink dries fast, allowing you to use your stickers shortly after printing them out. You can use a variety of paper and sticker types. This ensures that you get the exact stickers that you need with this printer.

Several customers commented on the brightness of the colors that come from this printer. Everything looked exactly as it did on the screen. The ink is easy to change out. Several people said that finding replacement ink cartridges was easy.

This printer lets you use a wireless connection to print stickers, fax, scan, and copy. You can use borderless printing. Print stickers from your tablet, smartphone, or computer.


  • It is an inkjet printer
  • Print in color and black and white


  • The stickers are of professional quality
  • This is an all-in-one device that lets you also scan and copy
  • It is energy-star certified


  • This printer sometimes disconnects from WiFi when you are printing

3. Canon TS9120 Wireless All-In-One Printer

The Canon All-In-One Printer works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The color quality is high, letting you print stickers with vibrant hues.

Per minute, you can print up to two black and white pages. Overall, this printer is efficient for its size and capacity. To connect to the printer, you only need a USB cord.

Many customers say that this is one of the printers for stickers. You can print them pretty fast and the color quality is high. This printer’s ink cartridges are easy to find. People also say that it only takes a few minutes to put a new cartridge in.

For the price, this is a high-quality printer. It delivers pages relatively quickly and the color quality is high. The bright colors are vibrant, and there is no blurring of colors.


  • Print documents with color and black and white ink
  • This is an inkjet printer


  • You can print from the Google Cloud
  • It also functions as a copier and a scanner
  • This printer produces high-quality prints quickly


  • This printer may fail prematurely
  • The ink does not last as long as similar printers

4. Canon PIXMA MG3620 Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer


The Canon PIXMA Inkjet Printer lets you print from your computer or a variety of mobile devices. You can connect wirelessly, so there is no need to carry around a variety of cables. This printer works with both Mac and Windows.

It is relatively small, so you can fit it into most workstations. The color quality is high. When you print out stickers, the colors look like they do on the screen. This makes it possible to use this printer for personal and professional use.

Many customers say that for the price, this is the ideal printer. The printer itself and the replacement cartridges are affordable. Several people appreciate that this printer can also be used to scan and copy documents.

This lets you scan in your stickers so that you can print additional copies without having to open up your design program to find them.

You can use this printer for a variety of sticker sizes. It also works when you want to use it for envelopes and other small documents.


  • It is an inkjet printer
  • Print in black and white and in color


  • You can print from the Google Cloud
  • It is easy to set up and use this printer
  • The wireless setup only takes a few minutes


  • The wireless connection may drop on occasion

5. Epson All-In-One Wireless Color Cheapest Printer

The Epson All-In-One Wireless Color Printer is a laser printer that is ideal for printing large amounts of stickers at one time. The auto document feeder for scanning and copying lets you use 30 pages at the same time.

For greater efficiency and to save on paper, you can print on both sides. This is a wireless printer that you can connect to WiFi. It has a 150-sheet capacity, letting you print multiple sheets without needing to stop to reload the paper.

Most customers appear to appreciate the color quality that comes from this printer. Several people also talked about how you can print large amounts of stickers in a short period. Several people said that the ink lasts for a long time. When you do need to replace the cartridge, it only takes a few minutes.

This printer is easy to use. The stickers that it produces are high in quality. The colors are bright, and the lines are clean, delivering stickers that look exactly how you created them.


  • It is a good laser printer for stickers
  • You can use it for color and black-and-white prints


  • It is easy to find replacement ink cartridges
  • You can also use it as a copier, fax machine, and scanner
  • This printer connects wirelessly to a variety of devices


  • This printer prints slightly slower than comparable models

6. Workforce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer

The Workforce Wide-Format Inkjet Printer is the inkjet printer for vinyl stickers. It can handle the specifications of vinyl material without smudging or color blending. You can use a variety of paper types with this printer.

It is relatively small, so you can fit it into most workspaces. The auto document feeder can accommodate up to 35 pages. This feature lets you print out multiple sheets quickly.

Many customers said that the navigation and control features of this printer are easy to learn and use. They appreciate the touchscreen interface.

Some customers said that they like that you can print on both sides of a piece of paper. You can also use this device as a copier, scanner, and fax machine.

You can print stickers with or without borders. They will have a clean appearance. Compared to color laser printers, this printer uses up to 80 percent less power.


  • Print color and black and white stickers
  • It is an inkjet printer


  • It accommodates up to 125 sheets in the output tray
  • You can use this printer with a variety of operating systems
  • The ink is easy to install


  • The rollers may not interact with the belts flawlessly easily time

7. HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Wireless Color Printer

The HP OfficeJet Pro Wireless Printer is one of the printers for stickers due to the high-quality colors that it produces. The ink dries quickly, so after you print your stickers, you can start using them quickly.

Connect to this printer using a wireless or an Ethernet connection. The input capacity is 250 sheets and the output capacity is 150 sheets. This allows you to print dozens of stickers in a short period. You can use this printer for two-sided printing. This allows for increased efficiency when you are printing.

Many customers talked about how this printer is reliable. The stickers that come out have the color and overall quality that you see on the screen. On occasion, errors may occur when you turn the printer off. However, with a quick reset, this printer is back up and running without a problem.

This printer lets you print a variety of stickers, using multiple paper types. You can use it with several operating systems, including Mac, Linux, and Windows.


  • It is an inkjet printer
  • Print in color or black and white


  • This printer allows you to use a variety of paper types and sizes
  • The quality is the same whether you are scanning or printing from the computer
  • The color quality is professional


  • The printer drivers may develop bugs prematurely

8. Brother Inkjet Printer, MFC-J985DW, Duplex Printing, Wireless Connectivity

The Brother Inkjet Printer works with a variety of computers and mobile devices. It prints at a speed of 10 ppm. This ensures that you can print out numerous stickers in a short period. You can connect this printer to WiFi.

This lets you place it just about anywhere in your home or office. The ink cartridges are easy to find. You can remove old ones and replace them within minutes so that your printing is not disrupted.

Several customers talk about the quality of the stickers that come out. The colors are vibrant and there is no smudging on vinyl or glossy paper. Other customers said that it is easy to replace the ink. It is also simple to set up the printer and start using it.

The colors come out as they look on the screen. This printer also prints thick vinyl stickers efficiently.


  • Print black and white or color stickers
  • It is an inkjet printer


  • You can use this printer for personal or professional use
  • The replacement cartridges are inexpensive
  • You can connect to the printer wirelessly
  • This printer lets you print from mobile devices


  • Troubleshooting the printer can be challenging
  • The printer may jam with thick paper types

9. Canon PIXMA Inkjet For Absolute Professionals Printer

The Canon PIXMA Inkjet Printer is a full-color vinyl printer because it prints vinyl stickers without smudging. It also moves quickly. You can print stickers using a variety of media types.

The stickers that come out are of professional quality due to the FINE technology that this printer uses. You can print sheets up to 13 inches x 19 inches. Place up to 20 sheets of photo paper in the printer at a time, allowing for optimal efficiency.

Several customers say that the paper feeds into the printer without hesitation. Once you hit the print button, the sheets come out quickly and without flaws and smudging. Several people said that the software was easy to install.

It only takes a few minutes and it walks you through the process step-by-step. Many people talk about the sticker quality when you use glossy paper. They look like they were printed professionally.

This printer is easy to set up and use. Due to its smaller size, you can place it just about anywhere, making it ideal for small workspaces.


  • It prints in color, black and white
  • It is an inkjet printer
  • The printing resolution is 4800 by 2400 dpi


  • It is easy to find the replacement ink cartridges
  • The auto sheet feeder makes this printer efficient
  • The colors that print out look like they do on the screen


  • It can be challenging to find replacement printer heads

10. Epson SureColor Inkjet Professional Printer

The Epson SureColor Inkjet Printer lets you print professional-quality stickers. You can adjust the width, letting you print out sticker sheets that are more than the standard width. It has multiple professional media options that you can take advantage of.

Some of these include pro-quality prints on roll paper, canvas, art board, CDs, and more. This printer has a touchscreen interface that is easy to use. You can connect this printer to your computer in multiple ways.

Many customers remarked on the versatility of this printer. They can print everything from standard paper stickers to those with a high-gloss finish. The ink replacement cartridges are easy to find. Several commenters said that they learned how to use the printer quickly.

This is the printer for a sticker business because it allows you to print at a solid capacity. It is also easy to learn how to use.


  • Inkjet printer
  • Color and black and white
  • Maximum print resolution is 5760 by 1440 dpi


  • It has archival printing capabilities
  • You can connect via wireless, USB, and wired Ethernet
  • The ink cartridges are high-capacity
  • It prints up to 13 inches wide


  • There may be difficulty with the chip recognizing the toner
  • It may stop printing black and white prematurely

Factors to Consider

What and Why Are You Printing?

To determine which printer is the best, ask yourself the following questions to get started:

  • Are you only printing stickers on occasion, or regularly?
  • Will you be using color or black and white more often?
  • What size stickers will you be printing?
  • What type of sticker paper will you use?
  • Do you need to use something other than the standard page size?

If you plan to print stickers in large quantities, a laser printer is the best option in most cases. This printer type is also ideal if you will be using something other than standard sticker sheets. Compared to inkjet printers, laser printers work much faster.

The ink cartridges also tend to be bigger, so you can print more stickers per replacement cartridge. If your stickers are photo-quality, you are better off using an inkjet printer. This printer type is also better if you need rich colors, or if you plan to use glossy sticker paper.

Evaluate Printer Brands

There are many brands of sticker printers that you can choose from. Check out reviews for the brands online. Weigh the pros and cons of that customer list. This makes it easier to ensure that the printer brand that you choose is high in quality. Pay special attention to the customer service experiences that people have. This lets you know that should you need support you will receive it at the level you need to keep your printer working at an optimal level.

Where Will You Place Your Printer?

You want to make sure that your sticker printer will fit into your workspace. Plan out where you want to set it and take some measurements. Take into account the distance necessary for the sticker paper to come out when you are printing.

On average, this will be approximately 11 inches from the end of the printer tray. If your space is limited, consider an inkjet printer. These tend to be smaller than laser printers. You should also consider wide-format vs. narrow-format printers. If you need a printer that uses paper larger than the standard size, you will need to make room for a wide-format printer.

What is Your Budget?

How much can you afford to spend on a sticker printer? Give yourself a range and use this to narrow down your choices. For example, if you have $200 to spend. Look for printers in the $150 to $180 range. Once a tax is added, these will be at or below your budget of $200.

Is Replacement Ink Easy to Find?

No matter how many stickers you print, there will come a time when you need to get new ink. As you are exploring the available printers, look up the replacement ink. Make note of the cost and availability. Ideally, you want to choose a printer that has replacement ink that is easy to find and within your budget.


Use the knowledge that you gained here to choose the printers for stickers. Consider the efficiency and capacity of the printer so that you can be confident that it meets all of your needs. Explore each of the printers listed here and pay particular attention to their features.

Consider your needs and see which ones match up. This process ensures that once you pick the printer you will use it will work for you. Check out the tips and use these as a guide when you are shopping for a new sticker printer.

When you understand the basics of this type of printer, it will be easier to evaluate the printers on the market. Once you narrow down your choices to the best two or three options, do a side-by-side comparison. This lets you evaluate the features so that once you make your final decision, you can be sure that it is the best one.

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