GoGirl Planner Review in 2024

One of the most difficult things to do is avoid procrastination. It is natural to want to relax whenever you get the chance. However, this can get in the way of accomplishing your goals. The GoGirl Planner is an easy tool that lets you document your goals, thoughts, and responsibilities so that you can track your progress.

This planner has multiple sections so that you can keep varying information separated. The layout makes it easier to find the exact information that you are looking for.

When you use this planner, you put a strong focus on your goals. By the time you complete this GoGirl Planner review, it will be apparent why this planner is important for your productivity.

Learn about the features, why this planner is different than others, and how real people feel after using it.

What Problem GoGirl Planner Solve and What Separates It from the Rest

The GoGirl Planner has a variety of features and benefits that make it easier to plan your goals and track your responsibilities. Due to the design of the pages, you can break your goals down into short-term steps, making it easier to work toward your larger goals.

This also reduces the risk of procrastination since you will not be overwhelmed with large chunks of work at once. The sections in this planner have a weekly and a monthly focus. This makes it easier to track what you need to do now and your plans for the future.

Overall, this will allow you to manage your time. Since you can plan, you will not have to worry about squeezing things in that you forgot about at the last minute.

Another focus of this planner is on your rituals and positive habits. By working on these parts of the planner, you can work on getting rid of your bad habits and building positive ones. Over time, you will notice a transition into greater productivity and well-being.

These sections are versatile so that you can use them exactly how you want. You have flexibility over how you organize them and track your progress.

This planner does not have any pre-printed dates. Due to this feature, you can start using this planner at any month of the year. There is no wasting months or waiting until January so that you can take advantage of the whole planner.

The planner runs for 12 months so that you get a full year out of it before you need to replace it. Since it lasts an entire year, this makes it easier to create and execute your long-term goals. The paper is a pearl white color and 120 gsm. Due to the quality and thickness of the paper, you can use a variety of markers and pens on it without the risk of bleeding or smudging.

The brightness of the paper will not alter the color of your pens or markers either. With the texture of this paper, you can also use washi tape and stickers. They will not peel off prematurely.

The cover is soft but durable. It is not prone to cracking or tearing even with frequent use of your planner. This planner has an elastic strap closure so that you can keep all of the information inside private and secure when you are not using your planner.

There are various components of this planner, including a habit tracker, affirmations, life-balance goals, a gratitude journal, and daily rituals. You can use these in the way that suits you best due to their flexibility. There is also a notes section for doodling, brainstorming, or other free writing activities.

This planner contains three bookmarks so that you can keep your place and remember other important sections. You get a full sheet of stickers to personalize your planner.

Take advantage of the pocket at the back of the planner to keep your basic planner accessories with you at all times.


  • The planner is undated
  • It is a one-year planner
  • There are 16 cover color options
  • This planner measures 5.3 by 7.7 inches

One of the best ways to evaluate the GoGirl Planner is to get some feedback from consumers who have used it. This will help you to see how it can help you.

One common comment in reviews was that the layout of this planner makes organization easy. You can separate out different information so that it is easy to refer back to as necessary. This feature also makes it possible to remember your daily tasks and responsibilities.

Several people said that they liked the size of this planner. While they sacrifice a little writing space, it is great to be able to carry it around with them at all times. Having a planner with them makes it easier to stay focused on their goals.

Other consumers said that they like the focus on habits. Since breaking a habit takes time and accountability, they believe that this planner makes it easier to ditch habits that were inhibiting them from reaching their goals. Many people also said that this journal allowed them to develop the good habits necessary to be more productive.

Multiple commenters talked about the overall quality of this planner. The cover is durable and will not tear or break apart when you carry your planner with you regularly. The tough paper makes it possible to use multiple ink types without worrying about it bleeding through onto the other side of the page.

This planner makes it easy to carry your key planner accessories with you, according to several consumers. Many people talked about the extended pocket at the back of the planner. Here they could stash a few key pens and other accessories so that they could write in their planner no matter where they were.


  • You can start using it at any point during the years since it is undated
  • Due to its size, you can carry it with you easily
  • There are multiple colors to choose from
  • The paper is thick and high in quality
  • You can use a variety of ink types
  • This planner has a strong focus on goals and planning them out in steps


  • There could be more room to list appointments
  • It is not ideal for large point pens and markers


The GoGirl Planner is a simple option that lets you track your goals and responsibilities for a whole year. It is broken down into different sections so that you can organize your thoughts and tasks with ease.

When you use this planner regularly, you will find that you are more productive and have a greater organization of your thoughts and goals.

This planner is easy to use, and many customers say that they found their goals easier to achieve when using this planner. Now that you have completed this GoGirl Planner review, you know about the features and specifications that you can take advantage of.

Since you can use your favorite accessories with it, you can plan in the way that best suits your preferences. The next step is to pick up a GoGirl Planner so that you can organize your life and start tackling your goals.

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