The Best Life Planners in 2024

We have gathered the top life planners for organizing your life. Read through the list and find the one that will meet your needs and help you to become the person that you want to be.

Best Life Planners

1. InnerGuide 2023 Planner

Become more productive and happier by getting organized. By organizing your life, you will be able to find more time to do the things you enjoy. It will help you to manage your commitments with work, school, family, and personal life.

Live mindfully and have a greater sense of purpose and gratitude. Create the best life for you using the best life planner organizer on the market. Features personal and professional development pages to help recognize your goals. Also included is a journal section.

The planner is available in a spiral-bound or book-bound style. Measuring 8” x 9”, it is a larger planner with plenty of writing space.

Customers all become loyal to the brand after use. They have found that the planner helps them to see all their dreams and to make goals to have those dreams become reality. This planner is like a personal journal that helps to keep you organized and on track.

A tool that aids in accountability for one’s actions. With the use of some tab dividers, the planner is easy to navigate between months and to track all different aspects of your life. Highly recommended by the majority of users.

This life planner organizer will help you to organize everything from goals to hold you accountable for commitments and time management.


  • Plenty of writing space
  • Layouts included help to organize your life and goals
  • Comes in spiral and book bindings
  • Dated and undated versions
  • Durable


  • The large notebook may be hard to carry around
  • The Paper is not extremely heavy; some pens may bleed or ghost
  • Not a lot of designs

2. GoGirl Planner and Organizer for Women

This is one of the best monthly life planners because you can choose to focus on the aspects that matter to you. Also an affordable choice, many people love this planner’s compact size. There’s content here that’s designed to help you lead your best life.

An undated planner, the GoGirl can be started at any time. Use the inner pocket to store small items. Three bookmarks help to hold your place, and the pen holder means that you’ll always be ready to write.

The GoGirl Planner challenges you to focus on what you want your life to look like. You’ll be asked to set goals in several areas from personal to professional. Your health, both physical and spiritual, also is a part of the process. No matter what goals you may have, you can define them here.

With the GoGirl Planner, you’ll be asked to focus on just three to five goals for the year, and you’ll be encouraged to break them down into small, manageable steps. A “Major Action Steps” table and a mind map help you with this process. Then, you’ll get down to the details with the strategy and rituals that will set you up for success.

Monthly and weekly layouts in the GoGirl Planner keep the focus on continuous improvement. Habit trackers, to-do lists, priorities, and goals all will be reflected upon on an ongoing basis. The result is that you begin to lead a more productive and meaningful life.

The GoGirl Planner is designed for a woman who is determined to live her best life ever.


  • Three bookmarks
  • Attractive cover
  • Planning and goal-setting layouts
  • Affordable


  • People with larger handwriting may have difficulty writing in small spaces

3. Clever Fox Planner PRO

The Clever Fox Planner Pro includes everything you could need to meet goals. Available in several colors and large enough to keep track of a busy life, it is the do-it planner.

This life planner includes numerous sections to set goals, plan your month, take notes or doodle, review your month, and a journal section in the back to use for anything you want.

Layouts provided can aid you in becoming the best you that can achieve goals in all aspects of your life. Using healthy habits and positive daily routines you will discover a more productive you.

Customers love this planner and are more excited to be able to understand their habits, note-taking, and making goals. The note area makes it easier to be able to keep everything together and does not need a second notebook.

Though it is big, it makes use of everything that is included in the book. An included pocket is a great bonus for those who need to keep more papers within their planner.

This planner takes all the best features of all the planners out there and has combined them into the best life planner journal. For those wanting to get on track and don’t mind the size, then this is the one for you.


  • Undated
  • Habit Tracker
  • Routine help
  • Goal tracking
  • Journal Pages


  • Large sizes may be uncomfortable to carry
  • Softcover

4. Legend Planner

The Legend Planner comes in a variety of colors, the A5-size Legend Planner promises to help you craft a legendary life. It makes it to this list of best life planners because it doesn’t ignore any aspect of life. From the personal to the professional to the spiritual, it’s designed to help you take care of yourself.

If you’re improving the quality of your life, then you’ll be attracted by goal-setting and planning tools. People who have never been much for goal setting may be impressed by how easy it can be when they give themselves time to write down their visions.

Next, go through the step-by-step process of setting goals in each of the key areas of your life. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment from knowing where you want to go and some of the steps that you’ll need to take.

Each monthly layout lets you set down your to-dos and goals while also planning for how you’ll make the month successful. A calendar on a two-page spread lets you see everything that’s coming up at a glance.

Weekly pages have room for more detail. Spaces are provided for seven days on one page. The facing page features the habit tracker, the goals for the week, and the personal and professional to-do lists. You’ll also find a place for notes and for reflecting on how next week could improve.

The Legend Planner guides you to focus on all areas of your life to build a well-rounded perspective.


  • Three bookmarks
  • Plenty of goal-setting and healthy habit tools
  • Five sheets of stickers
  • 20 pages for notes in the back


  • Some people find that the planner doesn’t lay flat enough when open

5. Freedom Mastery 2023 – Monthly Planner

Using scientific studies, the Law of Attraction planner designed a book to increase productivity and happiness. It’ll teach you to focus on the top priorities and be able to delegate the others.

Free up time for your self-growth and achieve more using the weekly planner, lists, and gratitude journal.

Featuring an undated and dated version of the planner it is easy to start at any time. Included is a vision board, a road map to success, a self-discovery guide, goal making, weekly planning, a monthly overview, and reprogramming your mind.

It also includes a PU leather cover, 100 gsm paper, and B5 size.

Anyone who has tried this planner becomes a fan. It can help teach goal setting and includes affirmations throughout. The ability to have health awareness with organizational skills makes this planner even more valuable.

An included inside pocket is great for storing all the important notes or receipts that may be needed. The company even includes tutorials on how to make a morning routine using your planner. It is the do-it planner.

For anyone who needs to be able to boost their motivation, and organization, and to get control back in their life; then this is the planner for them. For the price, you can’t go wrong with this life planner.


  • Plenty of writing space
  • Undated and dated versions
  • Lots of layouts for helping to achieve goals
  • High-quality paper


  • Large B5 size
  • Few alternatives to color or design
  • No pen storage

6. Gazelle Planner

The Gazelle Planner is a 6-month planner that will help to define, prioritize, and achieve life goals and tasks. Keep on track with a guided focus system that helps to take long-term goals and break them down into more achievable sections. Plan your habits and stick to them.

It includes one page per day that will help increase productivity and the ability to review the tasks you have accomplished.

The 1-2-3 step goal system will keep yearly to your daily goals in focus and lead to accomplishment. 6 X 9 size with lay-flat binding makes it easier to write and keep track of your tasks.

Customers enjoy using this planner. It has improved the way that they approach goal-making and being productive.

The fact that it only includes 6 months of planning does cause some issues for some. They would prefer to have the year in one place. The sturdy planner will hold up well to lots of use.

If having only 6 months available to you at a time is not a deal-breaker then this is an affordable life planner for you. Use it to get on track and start good habits.


  • Thick paper
  • Page markers
  • Elastic strap
  • Expandable pocket
  • Project Planners


  • 6-month planner
  • Only comes in 4 colors
  • Can’t easily plan ahead

7. Papercode Daily Planner 2023


Using positive psychology to improve productivity and happiness is the goal of the Simple Elephant Planner.

Learn to produce affirmations, gratitude, and goals for happier living. Using the different layouts provided it is possible to increase motivation and keep priorities organized.

The planner features thick paper that will not bleed or ghost. It also includes a reinforced pen holder attached to a soft leatherette hardcover. Included with the purchase are productivity eBooks and infographics to further help productivity.

Customers love the Simple Elephant planner because it takes an easier approach to teaching new skills to become a more productive person.

The lighter structure to planning is more enjoyable, but will still get the outcomes of the other planners. Included guides are as beneficial as the planner and will boost productivity and how you plan.

If you are someone that needs a minimalist approach to planning this will be perfect for you. Learn to track goals and be more productive with fewer layouts to fill out daily.


  • High-quality paper
  • Hardbound cover with pen attachment
  • Free eBooks
  • Uses positive psychology to teach skills


  • Not many colors are available
  • May be too simple for some
  • Weekly view planner

8. LUCKY Life Planner

Lucky Life Planner is one of the best planners to organize your life with. It holds you accountable throughout the year to look at your goals and check to see where you are with them.

Does not require extra writing which some find bothersome. It keeps it simple to build and track habits.

Features pages to plan in detail while keeping the focus on the designated priorities. With the planner, you can track your routines and learn to adjust them. Even includes bonuses like decision-maker, creativity booster, and belief changer to add to your life pages.

Customers enjoy this planner because it is so different from the others available.

There are also printables of most pages and additional downloads to help build a better you. The updated hardcover makes it more durable and the tabs allow for easy searching through the planner. Logical and clever design.

If you are someone who does not want to do a lot of extra writing and is looking for a more concise planner experience, then this will be the one for you.

It keeps it simple while still helping to track habits and make life changes. One of the best planners to organize your available life.


  • Easy, concise layout
  • Durable cover and paper
  • Free printables included


  • Starts on a Monday
  • Not a lot of writing room
  • Only two colors

9. bloom daily planners All in One Ultimate Monthly & Weekly Planner

Beautiful, colorful planners that are designed to inspire. Become the best version of yourself using all the different pages to plan, create goals, and be creative. To add, check out the selection of planners for creatives.

Primarily designed for women, but men are encouraged to use them too, the products are to aid in empowering women to become the best person they can be.

Daily Bloom Planner is the ultimate planner. It includes monthly and weekly undated calendar pages, notebooks, sketchbooks, grid pages, and coloring pages, and still includes goal setting.

It is a large spiral-bound book with thick 100gsm white pages for the best writing experience.

Customers enjoy all the different pages that are included throughout the book. Getting the ability to be able to color or doodle in the notebook without using the calendar keeps the pages easy to read but still gets creativity out.

A beautiful planner that is geared toward the more feminine community. It does not have a lot of planning pages which can be a hassle for some. If you are someone that works a lot on the weekend this will be hard to use a planner.


  • Large planner with a lot of writing space
  • Includes journal and sketch pages for convenience
  • Hassle-free to track appointments or commitments
  • Sturdy paper


  • Feminine designs
  • Doesn’t include a lot of space for weekends
  • Spiral can uncoil with lots of use

10. The Phoenix Planner

The Phoenix Planner is one of the best life planners because it can adapt to changes that may occur during life.

It enables you to be able to figure out your goals and to get those goals achieved. All this is done while being more productive and suffering from less stress because you can focus on what’s important.

The planner features a black cover book with heavy-duty pages that will not bleed when using a pen.

It includes an elastic band to keep it closed and a pen holder. The back pocket is nice for keeping important papers in as well. With a satisfaction guarantee, you can’t go wrong in achieving your goals.

Customers prefer this planner because it can have flexible data sets and can get you on track and guide you through the process.

It includes plenty of writing space and is large enough to fit all the information you need without a lot of extra bulk.

For someone who wants to work on specific goals to achieve in less than a year then this is the best life planner for them. It is also good for people who do not want to plan too far ahead and prefer to plan in 6-month increments.


  • Undated
  • Set goals and work towards them
  • Lay flat design
  • Includes a note section


  • Only comes in black
  • A 6-month planner will need 2 for a year
  • B5 size
  • Hour-by-hour planning

Making the Choice

There is a lot of information in the above list. However, use that information to decide which planner will best fit your needs. Do you need one that will accomplish goals in 90 days, 6 months, or a year? Is planning a year important to you?

Choose the planner that can fit the majority of your needs and remember to hang in there with it. Learning a new skill will not come overnight so give planning a chance and become the best you.

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