MochiThings Planner Review

On the front cover of this book, “Large Monthly Planner” is printed in a big, heavy font. The interior is as advertised. It’s a simplistic, straightforward planner without bells and whistles. The exterior of the planner is plain except for the bold, black font on the front.

Alternatively, you could pay a couple of dollars more for the light pink planner which has the same text on the front cover in silver.

Neither cover is particularly attractive. If you’re looking for a planner that enhances your professional image, then you might want to look elsewhere. Additionally, be aware that this planner does not have an interior pocket, a pen loop, a bookmark, or an elastic closure.

When we say that this planner is large, we mean it. It measures nearly eight-and-a-half inches wide by more than 11-and-a-half inches tall. This makes it ideal for keeping on a desktop.

If you like to take your planner with you, this one isn’t too big for that. At slightly bigger than a typical sheet of paper, it will fit into many bags and backpacks. However, you will not be able to slip it into smaller purses.

MochiThings Planner Review:


Keep in mind that this is not the sturdiest planner out there. It only contains a total of 18 pages, and it does not have a hardcover. Accordingly, there is a good chance that this planner will show a lot of wear and tear after just a few weeks if you’re taking it with you wherever you go.

If durability is a top priority for you and you like to carry your planner around, then you should probably look elsewhere.

Each one of these planners is designed to contain 16 months. It is undated so that you can start it whenever you wish or even skip months if you choose to. This is a truly basic, straightforward planner for people who just want to keep track of what they have going on for the month.

No weekly or daily layouts are found within the covers, nor will you discover a chart for time zones or prompts for a gratitude practice.

Goal-setting tools are absent as well. If you’re looking for a planner that functions more like a life coach, then this is not the right product for you.

However, each monthly layout is nicely done. All are undated, so you have a great deal of latitude about how you want to design each day of the month.

Note down the special events and holidays that matter to you while disregarding the rest.

Additionally, you will find that you have quite a bit of room for recording each day’s events and happenings.

Each month is displayed on a two-page spread that is divided into eight columns and six rows. The entirety of the first column is left blank for you to use however you like. The seven subsequent columns are headed with M, T, W, T, F, S, and S for the days of the week.

In all of the blank cells below, you have total freedom to write down your appointments and to-dos however you wish.

While the space for each day’s activities is relatively large, it is important to understand that this layout is not designed to accommodate people who need to schedule several hours of each day. There simply is not room for this level of detail.

Nonetheless, students love this planner for allowing them to keep on top of their class schedule, study groups, and homework.

Certain professionals also swear by the straightforward, no-nonsense design because they can always see the whole month at a glance.

Stay-at-home moms love this planner too. It has plenty of room for keeping track of everyone’s schedule, and it’s easy enough for the whole family to read and understand.

The blank column at the beginning of each monthly sheet is a nice touch for adding extras. This is where you could make to-do lists or write down your focus for the month. Perhaps you will record an inspirational quote, track your habits, or make note of your wins and losses.

Maybe there’s something else that has special meaning to you that you’d like to track. That’s the beauty of blank space. You can fill it any way you like.

Another nice feature of this planner is that it is bound by stitching instead of staples.

If you are carrying around your planner all the time, then this is important because it gives you an added layer of strength and durability.

This also assists in allowing the planner to lie flat when it is opened.

For many people who use planners, this is a critical consideration because it makes it easier to write in the planner while also ensuring that you can use all of the available space.

The manufacturer has been thoughtful about the paper inside the planner as well. Impressively, it is 165 gsm of paper, which is some of the heaviest that is ever used for this purpose. The result is that you can use virtually any pen, highlighter, or stamp on these pages with only the most minimal ghosting and bleed-through.

Some people have even used watercolors to decorate these planners with great success. This paper is just one more way that the Large Monthly Planner allows you to enjoy plenty of latitude and freedom.


  • The large, easy-to-read format
  • Plenty of latitude for creativity
  • The heavy, high-quality paper


  • Large size translates to less portability
  • Rather flimsy for on-the-go people
  • No blank pages
  • No pen loop, elastic closure, or bookmarks

If you’re looking for a really basic agenda, then this MochiThings planner review probably appeals to you. However, you can find smaller, more functional planners with ease, especially if you want some inspiration and direction in your life.

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