The Best Password Organizer Books in 2024

It is common to forget your passwords. When you need to do things like check your email or pay a bill, not remembering your password can cause frustration. The password organizer book will make it easier to keep all of your passwords and other login information easily accessible when you need it.

We explored an array of these notebooks to make it easier for you to find the one that best meets your needs. We looked at things like organization and quality to ensure that the ones we list are the best ones to help you track your passwords.

Best Password Organizer Books

1. Clever Fox Password Book


The Clever Fox Password Book with Tabs is a handy and efficient tool for organizing and managing your internet addresses and passwords. With its user-friendly design and thoughtful features, it aims to alleviate the struggle of remembering numerous login details. Here’s a comprehensive review of this password organizer logbook.

Clever Fox Password Book with Tabs is a well-designed and practical solution for organizing and managing your passwords. Its tabbed sections, ample space, and user-friendly features make it an efficient tool for password management.

However, users should be mindful of its limitations, such as the need for manual updates and the potential vulnerability to theft. Overall, this logbook is a reliable option for those seeking a physical, offline method of password organization.


  • Tabbed Sections: The book is divided into alphabetical sections with labeled tabs, allowing you to quickly locate specific websites or accounts.
  • Dedicated Spaces: Each entry has designated spaces for internet addresses, usernames, passwords, and additional notes, making it easy to input and find relevant information.
  • Ample Space: With 120 pages, this logbook provides enough room to store a large number of passwords, ensuring you can keep track of all your accounts.
  • Password Security Tips: The book includes useful tips on creating strong passwords, and ensuring you maintain optimal security for your online accounts.
  • Quality Construction: The book is well-made with a durable cover and high-quality paper, ensuring it withstands regular use and remains intact over time.


  • Excellent Organization: The tabbed sections enable effortless navigation, saving you time and frustration when searching for specific passwords.
  • Convenient Size: The book is compact and portable, making it easy to carry around in a bag or purse, ensuring you have your passwords readily accessible wherever you go.
  • Secure Storage: Unlike digital solutions, this physical logbook provides an offline, private storage option for your passwords, reducing the risk of online hacking or data breaches.
  • Practicality: The logbook eliminates the need to rely on digital password managers, making it suitable for individuals who prefer a tangible and offline method of password management.
  • User-Friendly Design: The clear layout and dedicated spaces for each entry simplify the process of inputting and retrieving passwords.


  • Manual Updates: As passwords change over time, you’ll need to manually update the entries in the logbook, which may require extra effort and attention.
  • Limited Backup Options: While the logbook provides a physical backup, there is a risk of loss or damage. It is advisable to store it securely.
  • Vulnerability to Theft: If the logbook falls into the wrong hands, all your passwords could be compromised. It is crucial to keep it in a secure location.

2. Boxclever Press Password Book with Alphabetical Tabs


The Password Book with Tabs goes in alphabetical order. This makes it fast and easy to make notes about your login information and find it fast when you visit a website.

There is plenty of space for other related information too, such as email settings, full website addresses, and other notes.

This notebook is secure. It does not have any title, so people will not know what it is. It also has an elastic band so that the book does not just fall open.

The paper is high in quality, allowing you to use a variety of ink types. This ensures that you can do things like highlighting and color coding without worrying about the ink starting to bleed through.

While this password notebook is small, there is still a lot of space for writing, according to many consumers. This ensures that you can get all of your login information in one place.

Other people said that it is easy to organize. Just use the different tabs.

This notebook is small, so you can fit it into your briefcase or handbag. It also stays closed thanks to the elastic band.


  • Approximately four by six inches
  • About six ounces


  • It is small and easy to store
  • You can organize it easily
  • There is a lot of writing space


  • The binding may start to fail with regular use

3. BookFactory Password Book

The Book Factory Password Journal has wire binding, allowing you to lay it flat when you are writing. This ensures that you can get to every edge of the paper so that no space is wasted.

This notebook has acid-free, archival-safe paper. Because of this, you do not have to worry about the ink fading prematurely. This ensures that you can always clearly read the information on each page.

There is plenty of space on each page for all important login information. You can even add things like due dates for your bills.

The information that you can input is vast, allowing you to remember all of the important login information for every account that you have, according to many reviewers.

Other people said that it is easy to use. Just input the information in the right area to always have access to it.

This is the password organizer because it is simple. The durable cover also ensures that the information you put inside is protected.


  • 120 pages
  • 3.5 by 5.25 inches


  • It has durable binding
  • The cover is strong
  • You can use it easily


  • Each page only accommodates one account

4. RE-Focus The Creative Office, Password Book Keeper

The Mini Spiral Password Notebook has alphabetical tabs that are laminated. These are located on each side, making it easy to locate the entry that you are searching for.

The pages inside the notebook are durable and strong. You can use several ink types without having to worry about it bleeding through.

Once you fill up this notebook, you can rip the sheets out. Ultimately, you can fit up to 360 passwords in this notebook. The cover is strong so that it keeps all of the pages inside protected against things like wear and sun exposure.

Multiple consumers said that the cover is durable. This helps to prevent damage to the pages inside. Other people said that your writing will not fade. This ensures that you have your login information for years to come.

This is the password organizer book. You can learn to use it within seconds so that you can start creating a hard copy of all of your login information.


  • 7” X 5.5” inches
  • 120 pages


  • The sheets are removable
  • The materials are durable
  • It is in alphabetical order


  • It may not fit into a small handbag

5. Mentor Creations My password book


The My Password Book has a lot of writable space, allowing you to insert all of the important login details for each account. You can also input some short notes with each entry.

This notebook is arranged alphabetically, making it easy to navigate. The name line is highlighted in yellow for even faster navigation. The cover is blank, allowing you to have some security. The cover is also durable, making it easy to protect all of the pages inside this notebook.

Several people said that it is the perfect size for organizing your passwords. You have a lot of writing space. Other people like the layout of the notebook. You have some freedom to customize it to your needs.

This password notebook is very easy to use. It is simple in its design, but there is still plenty of direction to help ensure that you always input all of the important information for each account.


  • Seven by five inches
  • 130 Pages


  • You get a lot of pages
  • There is a lot of space for each letter
  • The cover is durable


  • It is smaller than similar notebooks

6. Password Book with Alphabetical Tabs

The Alphabetical Tab Password Book makes it easy to keep all of your login information in a convenient place. It features wire binding, allowing you to write edge-to-edge. This binding is also highly durable.

Use the alphabetical tabs to quickly locate the letter of the alphabet that you are looking for. This notebook has a plastic cover that works well to resist tears, rips, and folds. This also ensures that the pages inside the journal remain protected.

Many reviewers said that you get two of these books. One is larger than the other, giving you a choice of which one you use at home. Multiple people said that these are easy to use. The layout is practical and simple.

You can quickly input all of the important information so that you have a written record of all of your account login information.


  • 5″x7″ and 3.5″x5.25″ inches
  • 120 pages


  • You get one book for travel and one for home
  • The binding is high-quality
  • It is easy to fill out the pages


  • There is limited extra space for notes

7. CURRENT Internet Password Keeper Book

The Internet Password Keeper has 65 alphabetical pages that you use to store all of your login information. There are tabs so that you can quickly access the right letter of the alphabet for the account that you need to log in to. There are 10 additional pages where you can take notes.

The binding is spiral, allowing you to open the notebook fully. Take advantage of this feature so that you can write edge-to-edge.

You can lay the notebook flat when you are writing, according to many consumers. This makes it easy to use all of the pages. Many people say that the layout is simple. This means that you can start filling out this notebook as soon as you get it.

This is the password book because it has everything laid out for you. All you have to do is write down the information on the proper lines.


  • 75 pages
  • 4.5 by 5.75 inches


  • It has a high-quality binding
  • You can store a lot of passwords
  • It is easy to carry with you


  • There could be more space for each account

8. Budget Keeper Password Book Logbook

The Password Book Logbook does not tell you what it is on the cover. This helps to keep the contents more private. There are also elastic loops that help to secure the back and front covers of this notebook.

Use the alphabetical tabs to organize your login information easily. The binding keeps the notebook open until you physically close it.

There is a pen holder so that you always have one attached to the notebook and ready for use. You can also use the placeholder to make note of any special pages that contain passwords that you use frequently.

Many people talked about the built-in features. These make this notebook far easier to use.

Other people said that you can use several types of pens. This ensures that you can use the writing style that you most prefer.

This is the password organizer because it is modern and simple. It also keeps your information private since there is no title on the cover.


  • Eight by six inches
  • Alphabetical tabs


  • This notebook is a discrete
  • It is easy to use
  • The cover does not tell you that it is a password journal


  • It may not fit into all bags

9. Adams Password Journal

The Adams Password Journal is organized alphabetically, making it easy to input new entries and find them when you need to log in. Each page holds four entries. This ensures that it does not get too cluttered, making it each to read.

You can fit this notebook in your pocket. This is especially handy when you use it at work or when you are traveling. In addition to your login information, it also includes tips to help you keep your passwords safe.

Many people say that this password journal is easy to use. Just write down the information on the proper line to record it.

Other people said that they like that you get three. This allows you to have multiple copies just in case you lose one.

This password notebook is small and easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to input all of the information needed for each account.


  • 6.25 by 3.25 inches
  • Pack of three notebooks


  • You get three notebooks
  • There are safety tips included
  • It is small enough to carry with you


  • There should be more pages per letter of the alphabet

10. Internet Password Organizer Logbook

The Internet Password Logbook has a durable matte cover with an artistic touch. It helps to shield the inside information for added privacy.

The pages are alphabetized, making it easy to locate the exact account that you are looking for. In addition to login information, you can also record details, such as when bills are due in this notebook.

You can record a lot of information for each entry, according to many reviewers. Other people said that the paper is high quality. This allows you to use several ink types without issue.

Take it with you so that your passwords are always just a reach away.


  • Five by eight inches
  • 108 pages


  • The cover is stylish
  • You get protection from the cover
  • There is a lot of writing space


  • The binding could be of higher quality


Take your time to look at all of the reviews so that you do not miss any important details. With so many options, you must know the features and specifications so that you ultimately choose the password organizer book for your needs.

Pay special attention to what other consumers have to say so that you can learn about their experience with the notebook.

Once you narrow down your options, it is time to buy a password organizer. Once you get it put together and get your passwords in order, you will find that you save time and never have to worry about forgetting an important piece of login information again.

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