The Best Undated Planners in 2024

If you’re like me and you place a high value on freedom, then you must find the perfect planner. People who don’t like rules will find undated planners appealing. That’s because you can start or stop them whenever you wish. Put down your planner for a few weeks or months, and then pick it up again. Your undated planner is always ready to accommodate you.

For one, they can be started in the middle of a year with no discrepancies. Another potential reason, some people may prefer not to associate their progress in any certain area with dates, which can be hard when you’re constantly reminded of the date when planning and tracking progress.

The undated planners give you plenty of room for notes, scribbles, and creativity. Inside the covers, you’ll find room to track your busy schedule and set your goals, priorities, and intentions. After we reviewed several undated planners, we arrived at a top-five list, with the excellent Clever Fox Planner coming in first.

Best Undated Planners

1. Clever Fox Planner 2nd Edition

If you’re looking for a planner that has features that go well beyond a simple calendar, then one of the Clever Fox Planners is probably right for you. There are several unique layouts contained in each version. You can use each one or pass up some of them as you choose.

Best of all, none of the Clever Fox Planners is dated, so you can start, skip, and stop whenever you like. It represents the ultimate in freedom.

Three versions of the Clever Fox Planner currently are available. The weekly planner may be the most popular, as it provides a no-fuss layout that makes it easy to keep track of appointments, goals, priorities, to-dos, and habits. The Clever Fox Planner Pro also has a weekly format, but it features enhanced entries for balancing work and personal life.

Both of these versions last for one year.

Then, there’s the Clever Fox Daily Planner. This is the agenda for people who have crazy-busy days. If you need to track your schedule for every hour as well as stay on track with goals, priorities, and habits, then this is the ideal format for you.

In each edition of the Clever Fox Planner, you’ll find many pages that are designed for you to use however you wish. Keep a journal, gratitude log, sketches, or song lyrics. Take notes at important meetings or formulate a plan for getting a promotion. These pages are all about flexibility and creativity.

At the front of each planner, you’ll have valuable opportunities to create goals for each area of your life. Spaces for personal relationships, career goals, finances, health, and more all are included. Is there a category that doesn’t apply to you? Feel free to skip it. These planners are all about flexibility.

These fashionable planners look great and function even better. Any potential drawbacks are minor, so feel free to dive into one of the Clever Fox Planners.


  • The elegant, heavy-duty paper prevents ink from bleeding through
  • Compact size for easy portability
  • The undated format allows for total customization
  • Extra layouts for goal-setting
  • Prompts to help you stay on track every week or every day
  • Stylish cover available in an array of colors
  • Lay-flat binding makes using these planners easy to use


  • The pen loop sometimes fails
  • The daily format planner only lasts for six months

2. Legend Planner

If you’re looking for a great undated planner, then the Legend Planner may fit the bill. It’s low-priced and is a convenient A5 size. The cover is available in numerous colors that range from vivid to tasteful.

This is a 12-month, undated planner that features an elastic closure and a pen loop. It lays flat when opened and has 120 gsm paper. Monthly and weekly layouts help you to keep track of appointments while self-discovery and goal-setting layouts help you to achieve your dreams.

The Legend Planner starts with several pages where you define what you want. Create a vision for yourself so that you can make it happen. Then, look to the following pages where you’ll make a list of dreams, a mind map, and your one-year goals.

On the monthly layouts, you have room to keep a calendar, make notes, manage a to-do list, and chart your goals. Weekly layouts let you add more detail with goals and to-do lists for the week as well as a habit tracker.

This is an attractive planner with numerous customization options that you’ll love.


  • The clean design of each layout is a huge plus. You’ll probably find that you have plenty of room to record your appointments and events. This also means that you’ll have opportunities to customize this planner to meet your needs.


  • If you need to keep a detailed daily schedule of several appointments, meetings, telephone calls, and other events, this may not be the planner for you. The lack of daily pages means that you have to restrict these entries to the weekly pages where there isn’t enough room for such detail.

3. GoGirl Undated Planner and Organizer for Women

This ultra-feminine choice deserves to be called the best non-dated planner because it has a style in spades. Plus, the uncluttered layouts give you plenty of latitudes to put your spin on the pages. Complete with colorful stickers, you’ll love how this planner guides you toward anticipating what comes next.

In an undated, 12-month format, the GoGirl Planner features your choice of colorful covers and a sheet of stickers. There’s an elastic strap for closure and a pen loop. Monthly and weekly layouts keep you focused while several pages at the beginning of the book help you to clarify your dreams and turn them into attainable goals.

In front of the planner, you will find several pages where you can make your plans for the coming year. This is done through the completion of exercises like “My Life’s Big Picture” and the “My Goals” layouts.

Space also is provided to define your five most important goals and your mind map. Additional pages are devoted to your daily rituals, affirmations, gratitude practice, and your strategies.

The stylish look of this planner is a winner, as are the various well-designed layouts. If a compact size appeals to you, you may love the GoGirl Planner.


  • The goal-setting layouts are particularly well done. If you’ve been feeling like your life is unfocused or as if you’re in a rut that you can’t escape, this may be especially valuable to you. Plus, the monthly and weekly layouts are designed to keep you on track continuously.


  • This planner is a compact, smaller-than-A5 size. While this makes it perfectly portable, it also means that there is less room to write detailed thoughts and notes.

4. Papercode Daily Planner


This cute undated planner has been updated so that you can sharpen your focus on your goals. Inside, you’ll find a vision board and mind map to help you along your journey.

The paper is pretty thick at 110 gsm, and the leatherette hardcover appears to be durable. One sheet of stickers is included to help highlight certain events on your calendar.

Three ribbon bookmarks, a pen loop, and an elastic strap closure make this a convenient choice.

This minimalist undated planner has enough pages for 12 months of monthly and weekly use. With a lowly design that provides you with plenty of latitudes to do things your way, the monthly and weekly layouts are easy to use.

Add your comments, personality, and accessories to make it your own.

If you’re looking for a planner that will help you with goal setting, the Simple Elephant is relatively well-equipped.

It contains about four pages at the front of the book for defining your goals for the year. If you’d like additional guidance or exploration, then you may want to look elsewhere.

People love the simple, straightforward layouts in this planner as it provides an uncluttered look. However, some are disappointed by the lack of a habit tracker and other productivity tools.

The Simple Elephant provides elegant solutions for people who like undated planners.


  • Simple, straightforward layouts
  • Goal-setting tools
  • Nice features like bookmarks, pen loop, and elastic closure


  • No habit tracker or other productivity tools

5. bloom daily planners Bound To Do List Book

A pretty floral design on the cover makes this a non-dated daily planner that’s uncommonly fun to use. With the wire spiral binding included, the book measures just over eight inches tall and six inches wide.

Inside the cover are 186 perforated to-do lists. This means that this book will last you for just over six months.

Each daily page is quite detailed. It includes a place to record the date and the day’s top priorities. Beneath this is a lengthy blank to-do list. A small space for notes and ideas can be used however you wish.

Also included on each page is a column where you can record important times to remember for the day. There’s even a meal tracker or planner where you can record everything that you eat or the meals that you plan to prepare.

If staying hydrated is one of your goals, then you’ll love the water-intake tracker. The exercise and self-care box is where you keep notes about important personal habits. For the last section, you can make a habit out of a gratitude practice.

Because the pages are perforated, you can remove them as you finish them or leave them intact.

Most people love this book of to-do lists because it has just the right amount of detail to keep them productive and happy. However, some people miss having monthly and weekly calendars.

If your main focus is on tackling to-do lists, this is the perfect planner for you.


  • Well-designed to-do lists
  • Places to track all of your habits and important events
  • Portable size


  • No calendars

6. Erin Condren 12 Month Undated Softbound Focused Planner

The Erin Condren life planner is seriously an asset to anyone looking for an undated weekly planner. You have the option to completely customize your planner to make it unique and functional according to what you need. The front is a “Painted Petals” design, with a soft rainbow of colors in the background.

You can choose from two different sizes for this planner. There is a five-by-eight horizontal option and an eight-by-ten vertical option. The vertical option divides your days into three blank sections, giving you the freedom to choose how you want to organize your time.

The inspirational quotes included on the pages help to keep you motivated and ready to smash through goals that you’ve set.

Overall, this is a very functional planner with some excellent features that cater to those who have a free spirit and want the freedom to custom design their planner according to their schedule and lifestyle. The color scheme is gorgeous, although a little extra feminine for some tastes.


  • The aesthetic of this planner is enough to make you instantly fall in love with it.
  • The colors are great together, and the inside is clear enough to keep you focused while still providing a slight hint of character.
  • There are also many accessories available to help enhance this planner further.


  • One thing worth mentioning is that while many planners have a gender-neutral version available, this one does not.
  • The features and benefits are great, but not everyone wants a shiny and sparkly planner to carry around with them. Another thing is that this planner is available only for 12-month options.
  • This doesn’t necessarily pose any issue, it just depends on how you want your planner to be set up.

7. Black Daily Planner by Panda Planner

This planner has a picture of a panda on the cover, which makes it hard not to like it a little more. It’s grey otherwise and has a simply designed inside. The hardcover of the planner means it’s less likely to be destroyed by small fingers, and the 30-day return guarantee is another layer of protection.

One cool feature is that this undated daily planner starts you out with a morning review to think about the things you are grateful for or excited about. This can help in building new healthy habits and boosting mental health.

There is also an end-of-the-day review to help you focus on “today’s wins” and areas that you may want to improve.

Overall, I don’t think it’s my favorite from the list, but it has some key ideas that I would like to see included in other planners. The focus on positivity and efficiency is a great reminder on days when I feel like nothing is getting done. I also like the option to prioritize items throughout my day.


  • You can use the prioritizing section of each day to make sure that your essential tasks are accounted for.
  • In turn, this can boost efficiency and keep you on track with your goals.
  • There are also sections for notes, exercises, affirmations, and focus.
  • You can plan your week in the weekly section, and track bigger goals in the monthly section.


  • Some people may feel like it’s a little too plain, but I feel like the many sections of features help make up for this.
  • There is also plenty of room to doodle and color where you feel necessary. Another drawback is that these planners are only designed to last a few months at a time.
  • Some may prefer this option, but it can also make it more difficult to track goals.

8. Passion Planner Large Undated

This planner is great in that it doesn’t just dictate each space for what you must write down. There is a lot of blank space included to give you control over how and where you want to focus on your life.

This planner has space to break your day down into thirty-minute increments, which is especially great if you’re a busy person or you just like to be precise when you plan. There is also a section at the top of each day that has you write down “today’s focus.” This can be a great reminder to stay on target no matter what comes up.

Overall, a very simplistic and basic product that can still pack a hefty punch in terms of motivation and productivity. I think it’s great that access to PDFs and inserts is included because who doesn’t make a few mistakes when they’re writing? The gratitude and reflection pages are also a nice touch.


  • The planner comes with a “Space of Infinite Possibility.”
  • I think this is a fun way to get people writing or drawing or in some way organizing their thoughts.
  • It gives you the freedom to use your planner in whatever way suits you best.
  • This planner also walks you through creating a passion roadmap, allowing you to own so much more than just a book with a to-do list in it.


  • The included inserts and pages to use for tracking things like water intake are great, but with a black cover and black-and-white pages, I’m left feeling slightly disappointed that there isn’t more color involved.
  • Other color choices for the cover of the journal are also very plain colors.

9. Boost Productivity – Undated Agenda Daily Weekly Planner

Non-dated quality planners like this one don’t come along every day. With monthly, weekly, and daily layouts, you’ll be able to dig deep into your schedule as well as your goals.

Use the monthly layouts to keep a broad overview. This layout even includes a space for planning and one for reviewing at the end of the month.

On the weekly layouts, you’ll have space to establish your goals, set priorities, and review the previous week.

This also is the place to write down your health goals, the habits you’re focusing on, and the daily routines you’d like to establish.

The one-page daily layouts are quite detailed with rudimentary habit and exercise trackers, a priorities list, a schedule, and a spot for notes and ideas. There’s even a space for reviewing the day.

Many people place this entry among the best journals and planners because it helps them to stay on track and get productive. Nonetheless, some people want to see an expanded daily schedule.

If you’re okay with a rudimentary habit tracker and a relatively short daily schedule, this could be a great solution.


  • Well-made and attractive
  • Includes monthly, weekly, and daily layouts
  • Three ribbon bookmarks


  • The daily schedule may not be big enough for some users

10. Undated Planner – Weekly & Monthly Planner Undated

This planner makes my inner OCD child sing. It appears very well-organized at first glance and the colors are great without being too overwhelming. It’s also a very gender-neutral option, making it available to a wider audience. This is a strong candidate when looking for undated planners.

This planner includes some great perks, like a pen holder, an inner pocket, and free stickers to help you keep track. It also has an improvement plan incorporated and plenty of focus on goal setting and achieving each step along the way.

Lastly, there is a space to prioritize your to-do list, organize your schedule, and reflect on the things you are thankful for.

Overall, I think this is a pretty solid planner, despite a few shortcomings. The size is great, and I love the extra push for my planner to help me focus on my goals. This one even has the steps broken down to eliminate several excuses for not crossing the finish line.


  • It may seem silly, but one of the features I love is the pen holder.
  • I would be able to stay on target much more often if I didn’t continually lose mine.
  • I also love the theme of this planner. It’s basic enough for everyone to love but easy enough to customize to your tastes.
  • The size, which is 5.75″ by 8.25″ is also perfect for those who like a little extra room to write.


  • A potential drawback of this is that the included stickers are specifically for 2019.
  • This isn’t a huge deal but does limit much of their availability and usefulness.
  • This planner also doesn’t leave much extra room for notes. Again, not a huge deal, but others may find that to be a deal-breaker.

Insights and Takeaways

Hopefully, you agree that this list was a great representation of the undated planners currently on the market. I like the way most of the options push the user to set goals and follow through on those plans. The gratitude sections are also great because they can help cultivate new skills and hone older ones.

The Clever Fox journal was by far my favorite in terms of style, content, and organization. A planner needs to be motivational without being overpowering, and this planner delivers in that aspect. It also helps that I can track things like habits and priorities.

The focus for these things should be on the positive aspect of them, rather than how you failed, and that’s exactly what this planner does. Overall, Clever Fox is one that I will need to add to my collection.

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